BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Episode 51 Highlights: BIGG BOSS CALL CENTRE

Bigg boss today episode
Bigg boss today episode

BIGG BOSS CALL CENTRE! Today's Bigg boss episode started with yesterday's events, then, moving on to the fight between Bala and Archana. It ended with the fight between Aari and Samyuktha!

Today's Bigg boss episode started with yesterday's events, then, moving on to the fight between Bala and Archana. It ended with the fight between Aari and Samyuktha!

DAY 50-9.15 pm:

Today’s episode started with the night of Day 50 - 9.15 pm! After Anitha nominated Samyuktha in the eviction list, with the help of the Topple card she got, BB asked the remaining 'nominated HMs' to come out of the room, where the discussion had happened for 3 or so long hours. Aari, Jithan, Somu, Bala, Sanam and Nisha came out of the room. PP Jithan (Producer Pulla Jithan) was very angry with Nisha as she let Anitha win the card. Like I said yesterday, PP Jithan is probably worried that he won't have anyone to wash his clothes and dirty plates if Nisha leaves the Bigg Boss House.

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Nisha narrates her side:

Nisha was talking to Somu, Archana and Rio. She told them that Anitha, without any specific reason, asked her to keep the card. She made it look like she was giving it out of mercy and pity. She (Nisha) didn't want mercy from her. Moreover, Bala was kept saying "vittu kudukurae manapanmai illai." So, she made her mind to face the viewers and makkal vote, and gave the card to the news reader. But, Archana, Somu and Rio rightly pointed out that Bala and Anitha were triggering her.

Nisha said that they were repeatedly mentioning that she was playing for Rio (and hence, implying that she should not mind getting evicted). She added that she has Anbu on Rio. "Is Showing Anbu wrong?", she asked her group. Well, showing anbu is not wrong. But showing fake anbu is wrong and irritating. Does anyone think that Nisha's anbu for Rio is true?

Archana interfered, on hearing the word 'Anbu'. She told Nisha that Anbu would win. If she had faith on 'Anbu', the audience would support her, and she would win. Nisha started crying. I think she realized her mistake in giving up the card, and for losing the opportunity. Ramya and Samyuktha consoled Nisha.

She then went to PP Jithan who was angry at her, and explained her mind status. She didn't want anything out of mercy, she said.

Anger doesn’t solve anything.

It builds nothing,

but it can destroy everything.

Anita narrating her side:

Anita told Ramya that Nisha didn't accept the card when she offered, as Anitha did not give any specific reason for the offer. Nisha asked her to take it herself, and hence Anitha grabbed the opportunity, and took it. Well played, Anitha! Anita on seeing Nisha cry, asked her to take the card. When Nisha denied it, she said that Nisha won't be evicted this week. Nisha said that she has faith in the audience.

What does this even mean? 'Faith in the audience'? There are 7 in the eviction list. One person needs to be evicted (if Bigg Boss does not swoon in in the middle and declare 'no eviction'). When the person with least votes is evicted, does it mean that the audience are betraying him/her? Chummave, these HMs throw big emotional words like, 'faith', etc etc. Have 'confidence' in you Nisha. Not 'faith' in the audience.

Thuglak Rajiyama?!

Anita knew very well that the Topple card task was over, and that Samyuktha’s name was added in her place. But, she created a small drama, to make herself look good. She went to the camera and spoke with the BB. She asked BB to reverse the task results, and give the card to Nisha.

BB might have thought "idu enna Thuglak Rajiyama?" BB ignored her.

Anita went to Bala and said that she wanted to continue her game. At the same time, she also wanted to nominate Samyuktha. Ore kallula rendu maanga. Anitha said that the last time she got less votes, and was hence saved last. So, when Nisha offered the card, she didn't want to miss the opportunity, and took the card.

Anita is very well focused, but Nisha is not. That's why when Anitha played mind game with Nisha, she got triggered and missed the opportunity.


Samyuktha was talking to Archana and Somu. She said, "how could he doubt her motherhood", and cried. Thalayum puryala, kalum puryala. We could guess that she was referring to Aari, as the two don't like each other, but there was no context. The details on this came, when BB relayed events from 51st day!

Day 51 :

Day 51 started with the song ’Natpuku prachanai na varuven’. Then, Rio read the day's task.

Call centre Task:

BB announced that for the next two days, the BBH would turn into a call centre.

HMs should divide themselves into two groups. In Day 1, One group would be the Call centre staff, and the other group would be the unsatisfied customers. The Unsatisfied customers could ask any question to the call center people, without any restrictions! The unsatisfied customers should make the call so horrible that the call center staff cut the call themselves, before the buzzer goes off. If that does not happen, the unsatisfied customer, who was not able to trigger the call center person, would be automatically nominated for eviction the coming week. They would also have to wear a board around their neck, saying ’Naan nominate seiyapatten’!

Bigg boss tamil highlights
Bigg boss tamil highlights

The Call centre staff, on the other hand, have to maintain their cool and calm. After the call, they should again call the customer, and ask them if they were satisfied with their reply, and say that they need some more details, and also ask them to rate them with stars.

In real life, it is the customer service employees who will be penalized if customers express dissatisfaction. In the BBH task, things were the other way around. The customers would be penalized, if they fail to irritate the call center employees and cut the call!

BB asked the HMs to divide among themselves:

Aari, Archana, Rio, Nisha, Somu, Sanam and Ramya were the unsatisfied customers, in Day 1 of the task.

Bala, Samyuktha, PP Jithan Ramesh, Gabi, Anitha, Ajeedh and Shivani were the call centre staff.

First call: Archana vs Bala:

First call, was to Bala made by Archana. Archana asked about Bala wanting to nominate her, if he won the topple card, in the previous day's topple card task. In the task, Bala had said that he wanted to nominate Archana, as she was playing the Bigg Boss game, with her friends in the center.

Bigg boss tamil todays highlights
Bigg boss tamil todays highlights

She asked Bala to name her friends. Bala said she was playing for Somu, Rio and Gabi. He said that Archana was creating fake family bonding with other HMs, and creating a mental block in others from seeing her faults. Archana asked him to give his reasons for saying so. Bala said that though Somu does not perform well in tasks, Archana and gang vote for him as the best performer, so that he can become captain. Archana denied this, and said that Somu did well in Pati Solla Thattathey task. Bala also mentioned about a 'love bed' where all the conversations of the group happen.

Suchi mentioned 'gossip bed' in her chat with Kamal on Sunday. Are they referring to the same thing? But the terms used ('love' / 'gossip') are poles apart! Anyways, Archana told Bala that in the love bed, anyone can come and share their feelings. Not just Somu.

Archana then asked Bala, as to why Somu would want to nominate her as well, for eviction, if she had created a family bonding. For this, Bala said that Somu made a drama saying that others were speaking ill about Archana's Anbu, and hence he wanted her to go out and be happy with her family.

Moral values:

Then, Archana asked Bala to show the name he had scribbled in his hand. He refused 3 or 4 times, but Archana insisted that he show. Then Bala raised his shirt flap and showed his hand before the camera. Archana said that she wanted to prove that Bala has moral values, and so, asked him to show his hand with the name.

Bigg boss bala
Bigg boss bala

What the hell! It does not make any logical or moral sense? Did Bala ask Archana's help to prove his moral values? And Archana forcing Bala to show something that he had kept confidential, is beyond disgusting.

Fake love & fake Anbu:

The conversation continued. With whom Bala has the most affection, in the BBH, Archan asked. He said he had 90%, on Shivani. Did he not have faith in love, to give her 100%, Archana asked. Bala said he didn’t have faith in love, He would always have two visions.

Then, what was his game strategy, Archana asked Bala. He said that it was to just play. "Appa nangallam enna, samaika vandhirukoma?", Archana asked. Then, Archana asked Bala if he mentioned to Samyuktha and Gabi that her anbu was fake. "Solli irukalam", he said.

Well played Bala!

Thankfully, the buzzer went off, and the call got cut. As per rules, Bala called again, and asked Archana if she had any further questions. She said she had questions, but would discuss with him personally. He asked how many stars she would like to give him. She said two stars.

As far as the task is concerned, Bala played very well. He was cool and calm, throughout the conversation with Archana. Archana tried her best to get him irritated, but couldn't succeed. Well played, Bala! Well played.

Archana vs Bala:

After the task, a heated argument between Bala and Archana happened. Bala questioned her mentality about asking personal questions, referring to her asking him to show his hand with a name scratched.

Archana said that before he was to show his hand, she was going to stop him. She said that she had morals. She promised on her mom and her daughter. Oh god, not this again!! Bala replied that he knew her game. I think Archana is using her Thai Anbu in the wrong way!

Somu vs Bala:

Somu said to Bala that he didn't make a drama about Archana's anbu. One thing we should appreciate here - Somu didn't shout or create a scene. He conveyed his message in a neat way.

When Bala was talking to Somu, he referred to Archana as Archana Akka. Archana got wild, and asked him not to call her Akka. Her name is Archana, she said!

Gabi vs Bala:

Bala asked Gabi, "unnai Nambi oru vishayathai sonna, anga sollitiyae?" Gabi said that she didn't initiate the talk about him, with Archana. She said that Archana asked Gabi if Bala had told her that Archana's Anbu was fake, and Gabi had answered 'yes'.

Gabi also mentioned that Bala himself had called her and Ajeedh as kulandais, to Shivani. Bala apologized, if she felt hurt. Gabi said that she did get hurt.

Unaku vantha ratham, aduthavanukuna thakali chatniya?!

Two valid points to note, from the argument between Bala and Gabi. Bala felt bad that Gabi (possibly) shared her conversation with him, to Archana. Didn't Bala do the same to Aari yesterday? He revealed what Aari told to Bala, Sanam and Anitha to the entire BBH.

Also, when Archana called him kulandai, he got hurt and asked her to not refer to him like that. But he did the same to Gabi and Ajeedh. Double standards! Unaku vantha ratham, aduthavanukuna thakali chatniya?!

When Somu and Gabi started questioning Bala, he said that they joined a group, and were cornering him. Rio got wild, and said that Somu and Gabi were speaking for themselves, and not as a group. But later, Rio's group joined the fight.

Bala called himself, the hero of the BBH. He said that others fought with him, to get content, and to come in the limelight. "Hero heroine aganumna en kitta vanga," Bala said. Bala than producer! Lol!!

BB asked Archana to put the name board on her neck saying "nominate seiyapatten!" Who thinks she might get evicted next week? Talks are that Vijay TV already saved her once from eviction, and sent Suresh out in her place. Lets see what happens.

With that, first call got over.

Second call: Sanam vs Samyuktha:

The second call was from Sanam to Samyuktha.

Sanam directly asked Samyuktha, the meaning of kaleege. Samyuktha said, nasty talking.

Sanam said that a lady talking kaleege about another lady is bad. Who gave you this right, she asked. Samyuktha said that during the topple card round, whatever Sanam said about Samyuktha was not good. She also said that Sanam looks beautiful, but her language and talks were not good. Sanam asked Samyuktha, if she was not ready to accept criticism, why she entered the BBH?


Samyuktha said that she has high sports man spirit, and even became the captain of the house once. She (Samyuktha) always vigorously participated intasks. Sanam said that everyone knew how she became the captain. It was unfair, Sanam said. Samyuktha said that there were no strict rules about captainship tasks. So, there was nothing wrong in the way she became captain. She also said that she didn't expect this level of jealousy and hatred from others, when she became the captain. She said that others behaved 'oru madhiriya' to her. Those people who behaved liked that didn't have good valarppu, she added.

Sanam said that the way Samyuktha became captain of the house, was not acceptable, and that was probably why others behaved like that.

Sanam then said that she (Sanam) was an easy target for Samyuktha, and so, she was calling her kaleej.

Samyuktha replied that Sanam was not an easy target. She said that even Bala and Aari were scared of her. "Even" Bala and Aari! lol. The 2 alpha males of the House!

Sanam asked Sam to not change the topic, and stick to herself (without taking refuge under other contestants like Bala and Aari).

Buzzer went off. Call got cut. Samyuktha called back Sanam, and asked if her questions were answered. She said no, but would talk with her afterwards on this.

Samyuktha asked about the rating. Sanam gave Samyuktha one star.

After the task, Aari asked Samyuktha what she knew about his mother, and how she say 'valarpu sariyilae.'

Samyuktha said that she didn't mean him. Aari said that she meant those that pointed out her wrong way of becoming Captain, which clearly meant him.

Answer to the Motherhood: (refer day 50 details)

Samyuktha said that the previous night, he too had questioned her motherhood. Aari said that he didn't question her motherhood, but only spoke about her maturity level, being a mother, and compared her to Ajeedh. Bala interfered. He asked Samyuktha to move on, and started speaking on behalf of Samyuktha. Vandhutaaru, rowdy panchayat talaivar!

Aari questioned Bala's interference. Bala said he was spraying, and left. Ramya and Samyuktha laughed!

Bala called Aari ugly. Aari said it didn't matter, as Bala had extraordinary arrogance.

Ramya interfered, and asked Aari about his comment on Sam's motherhood. Again, Aari clearly explained that he was comparing Samyuktha, a mother, to Ajeedh (an 18 year old), and said nothing about her motherhood.

Sanam asked Samyuktha to apologize to Aari. She did. Actually they both (Aari and Sam) apologized to each other.

Bala and Samyuktha were later talking outside. Samyuktha said that Aari is fake. Bala said that they both had apologized to each other, and adviced to leave it there.

Sanam came out, and put the nomination tag around her neck, as she had also failed to trigger and irritate Samyuktha, to make her hang up the call.

With this, the day's episode was over.

Bigg boss house contestants
Bigg boss house contestants

Nasty behavior of Bala, Samyuktha & Ramya:

Samyuktha and Ramya laughed loudly for Bala’s mokka comment against Aari (you are spraying). Horrible. They both are so nasty. Ramya's true colors are slowly coming out, due to the rains in Chennai! Sayam velukkudhu.

During vivadha media task, Samyuktha commented to Nisha that Aari’s valarpu was not good. Aari does not know it. What would happen if he comes to know!

Only two calls have gotten over so far. Too many fights already. Let's wait for the other calls. Of course, BB won't show all the calls. They will telecast only the spicy ones!

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