Today episode of BIGG BOSS, DAY 29 Highlights: How Suchitra provoked Bigg Boss housemates?

Bigg Boss wild card entrant RJ Suchitra, Suresh Chakravarthi
Bigg Boss wild card entrant RJ Suchitra, Suresh Chakravarthi

Suchi’s entry caused stir inside the Big Boss House: 6 Nominations... Today, the contestants sought more details from Suchi and tried to know the public view.

The wild card entries are not supposed to talk about the public view or support. However, Suchi was giving hints to the HMs. Was she doing this, per BB's guidance? As a way to cause a stir among the HMs? Her entry caused a big stir inside the BBH, the day ended up in 6 nominations. Now,... Let’s see what happened in the BIGG Boss House last night and today!

Last night: Day 28


I was reminded of the viva exams we have in school, college. Suchi was sitting at one place, and the HMs (one by one) went to Suchi to know what the public thought about them. As if Suchi is our representative!

Rio first approached Suchi and told her that since she mostly spoke in English when giving out his emoji, he did not understand! He asked her for meaning of 'inquisitive'. Suchi explained to him the meaning, and said that to her, it appears that his group was generally waiting for his orders and guidance. Especially, Nisha. She asked Rio to enable Nisha to become independent.

Next, Suresh's turn. Suchi advised Suresh to be how he was before the crying in confession room incident.

Next, Anitha. Suchi boosted Anitha's ego, and asked her to patch up with Suresh.

Next, Bala. Suchi told Bala that his play boy image and his interactions with Sanam and Shivani were cool eye-candy to the viewers. She also told him that she thought that Archana was using motherly affection as her game strategy.

Next, Archana. Suchi told Archana that she (viewers?) felt that she was trying to trap Balaji with his emotions, exploiting his bad childhood.

Actually, I think Suchi was instigating the HMs. She provoked them to bring out the bad side of them, stating that the viewers liked it. She was misguiding the HMs. Is this her game strategy, or BB’s?!

Yesterday, when Suchi entered the BBH, ’kutty pisase’ song played at the background. This super duper hit song was sung by Simbu and Suchi. Today, The BBH was full of fights, after her entry.

Later, Suresh and Balaji were talking with Suchi, wherein Balaji said he made Suresh win the passing of box game (this happened a few days ago, to rekindle the memory of readers). Balaji said he asked Samyuktha to make Suresh won the task. This statement brought a sleepless night for Suresh, as he was upset that he didn't win the task on his own. I think something is off with this Balaji.

Bigg Boss Day 29 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 29 Highlights

Samyuktha’s Hand shake rule:

Simultaneously, in the dinning room Samyuktha told HMs that under her captainship she wanted to break the groupism and favouritism. So asked HMs to shake hands with everyone after brushing teeth. I don’t understand. Groupism and favouritism is in people's mind. Can it be driven it off with simple hand shake? Maybe Samyuktha thought she could use the tactics we generally use on small kids when they have tiffs (kids of Sanyuktha's son's age) on the HMs? Innocent kozhandhainga enga, indha HMs enga!?

Samyuktha asked Atari to come on time for breakfast after his work out. Aari said he would be delayed, and if break fast is over, he could prepare for himself later on. Also he asked Samyuktha not be rude, that too, in front of others. Samyuktha asked sorry and Aari said he accepted it.

Suresh was upset with Balaji’s statement on helping Suresh win a task, and asked Samyuktha if it was true. If it was true, it is not a fair game he said. Samyuktha told him that Balaji asked her to make him (Suresh) win, but it's not possible in the box passing game. So, Suresh's win was earned 100%, she told him. Later, she shared this with Balaji also, and asked him not to behave like that with anyone. This guy really lacks EQ (emotional qotient, I say!)

Sanam’s hit:

Then, Sanam and Balaji were interacting very jovially, and having some fun. Balaji said he hates her and Sanam said the feeling is mutual. Balaji said he was wondering how people saved her. He said he won’t talk to her henceforth (playfully), and she too said she won’t speak with him (playfully). Sanam jovially kick his back. Balaji laughed n walked away.

Today: Day 29

Day 29 started with the song ’En uchi mandate surungudhu’! As per the lyrics most of the HMs got ’sur, sur, sur’ on their head and today's episode was with full of fight. There was so much fight, I needed a few minutes to calm myself after the episode!

Balaji didn’t wake up on time, and so did not join the morning dancing. Samyuktha asked Shivani to wake him up. She also as captain of the BBH, assigned the work of waking him and put battery to his mike, whenever necessary to Shivani. Is this fair? And waking up Balaji seems like a separate and scary task in itself.

Ajeedh vs Sanam:

Ajeedh was showing the HMs how to break the glass kept inside a container, by singing. He made HMs to sing. Suresh Karna koduram, Jithan good!

During this, task Balaji and Sanam were talking. Balaji referred Sanam as ’Tharudalai’. A lot of others were also speaking amongst themselves. Ajeedh got angry, and yelled at Sanam to shut up. Woah! First time Ajeedh got angry. But, easy there boy! Sanam shouted back and said few other HMs were also talking and asked why unnecessarily he was pointing out only her? She was upset and moved from that place. Then Ajeedh opened the container and showed that the glass kept inside got crack.

Later Samyuktha told him that it was not fair to shout only at sanam as few more HMs were talking. Ajeedh said sorry to Sanam.

Bigg Boss Day 29 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 29 Highlights

Sanam vs Balaji:

Sanam asked the other HMs what is the meaning of 'Tharudalai' as Balaji called her that while they were playfully talking. They said it means useless. Immediately, she got wild and started shouting at Balaji. He was telling he made that comment jovially, but as always Sanam reacted very late. ’Tube light.’ She felt offended as he commented this in front of others. There were lots of exchange of heated arguments and words. It was horrible! Suresh, Samyuktha and Aari were trying to stop them. At one stage Balaji mentioned that she hit him on his back as well and he did not take it seriously. Sanam asked him to hit her back, so that it would become nullified. Balaji said he was not mannerless to do like that. All along he was shouting at her disrespectfully.

Aari vs Balaji:

Aari tried to step into the Balaji fight. So, Balaji showed his anger on Aari and called him biased. There was back and forth shouting going on for awhile.

Suresh vs Suchi:

Ramya, Suchi and Nisha were in the kitchen and Suresh was sitting on the sofa. Ramya told Suresh that few over riped tomatoes were in the fridge and asked him whether it could be used. Suresh said he could make thokku with that tomatoes and asked Ramya to take it out from the refrigerator. Suchi raised her voice and said those were rotten and could not be used. People would fall sick, she said. Suresh said he did not see them, and just took Ramya's words who called them over riped and not rotten. Ramya said it was her mistake. She did not know it was rotten, so said sorry to Suresh. Suchi was quite rude with Suresh for no fault on him!

Bad day for Suresh:

Already, Suresh was upset with Balaji’s statement that he made him win the box passing task. And this tomato thing was unnecessary for him. Suchi was unnecessarily rude. Normal tone laye solli irukalam!

Suresh complianed to Samyuktha, Aari and Rio that unnecessarily Suchi was rude in the tomato matter. Then he went inside. Samyuktha and Shivani were there. He raised his voice, and told to Shivani that if anybody tried to use her as commodity, he won't kept quite. Shivani didn't understand what Suresh was saying, and asked Balaji what this was all about. Balaji told her that Suchi told him that his interactions with her were popular with the viewers, eye-candy and asked him to continue. But Balaji told her that he will not play with emotions. He told Shivani that Suresh was there with him that time and was referring to it.

Suchi got angry on knowing what Suresh told Shivani and felt he was making a mountain out of a molehill. She nominated Suresh. Nisha also nominated Suresh saying tomato matter was very small and Suresh made it an issue. From first week Nisha is naming Suresh in the list, except when he was the captain of the BBH. That time also she felt bad that she could not nominate him. Again and again. Why!!??

Bigg Boss Day 29 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 29 Highlights

The eviction votes:

Aari 8 votes.

Somu, Balaji, Archana and Anitha 4 votes each.

Suresh 2 votes.

Archana thanked for having nominated her with kumudu!

Rio’s name was not there, and it was a surprising shock to him. He said he was starting to not understand the game anymore like Velmurugan! It was getting confusing to him!

Aari vs Samyuktha:

Samyuktha asked Aari to join with the cleaning team, to clean the BBH. Aari said cleaning would be done during the night time. He also said the previous team (Vel's) didnt clean the previous night. He asked her to ask them to clean it and then hand over to the current cleaning team. On hearing this last week's team started cleaning. Archana, Rio were helping. Randomly, Aari shouted at samyuktha that she was supporting Archana, and Samyuktha got wild and raised her voice. There was Exchange of words and heated arguments between the two.

All were shouting Kathi, kathi. Only kathi (knife) was missing!

Last week 'Mundirikottai' was discussed in kamal’s session. This week it may be ’tharudalai’!

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