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BIGG BOSS 81: TAMIL Season 4 Review: Best and Boring performers of the week!

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Best performers - Aari, Rio, Somu! Boring performers – Gabi, Aajeedh! Merry Christmas to all!

Today’s Bigg boss episode was quite interesting. After the morning song, golden ball task was done, followed by the selection of the Best and Boring performers. First look poster of Aari’s Bagawan movie was released.

Day 81 : 8.00AM

Morning ‘Adhar Adhar’ song was played. After the song, Bala, Rio, Aajeedh were making fun of Aari. Aajeedh was mocking Aari’s dialogue ’Nan en opinion solren’. Bala and Rio joined him. Gabi passed comments from the kitchen


Yesterday Aari argued for Gabi. He was of the opinion that Gabi was fit for 6th place but placed in the 9th place. Aari felt it was unfair since Rio, Ramya and Somu who were in her group were placed 1,2 & 3rd place. But Gabi did not realize it. I pity her.

Fourth round: (golden ball task)

BB announced that each HM would get one golden ball. As Rio got 1st place in yesterday’s task, he would get additional 3 golden balls, Ramya (2nd place) would get 2 extra and Somu (3rd place) will get 1 extra. This is the sirapu parisu??

Those who caught the ball could select one power card and act accordingly, mostly positive for them. If the HMs didn't catch the ball, they will not get a card.

Interesting points:

First golden ball came for Rio. He lost his chance. But, he had 3 more chances.

Next, Ramya caught her ball. She took the card as per which, she could select one person and make his/her points from yesterday, to zero. Ramya selected Rio and make his point zero.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Bala caught his ball, and with the card, increased his points by 100.

Gabi then got a card, through which she can nullify another HM’s points. She selected Bala, and took his point count to zero.

Bala said that in his next ball, he would make Gabi’s points to zero, and get tit for tat.

At this point, I seriously started to think that Bala has no brains. He typically messes up tasks, but looks like most of it stems from a deep lack of understanding of even the most fundamental things. It was very clear that each HM will get only 1 ball. Except Rio, Ramya, Somu.

Anyways, Rio in his next chance, caught the ball, and doubled Gabi’s points with it.

Other fun twists:

- Rio took both Somu and Gabi’s points in his third ball

- Aari swapped Rio’s and Anitha’s points.

- Somu took 20% from Anitha’s point.

- Rio took 75% from Anitha’s points.

- Aajeedh, Anitha and Shivani missed their catch. Lol. Ball ku badhila mixture kuduthrundha Aajeedh. Shivani catch pudichirpanga

Point details:

Rio: 334

Somu : 97

Anita: 97

Ramya: 83

Aari: 52

Aajeedh: 42

Shivani: 32

Bala: 0

Gabi: 0

BB announced that since Rio got the highest points, he is directly eligible to participate in the captaincy task tomorrow.


Golden ball task was an interesting mind game. Aari played this game well. As per his power card, he could swap the points of 2 HMs. He swapped Rio and Anitha’s points. The reason behind being, Best and Boring performer selection would follow this task. So, Aari wanted to get Anita on his side before that. He succeeded in it.

Rio too played well. He doubled Gabi’s points, but in his next turn, grabbed full points from Somu and Gabi.

Somu also smartly picked the 20% card instead of 75% card. Anita is his friend. Transferring 20% seems ok. But 75% would have caused a rift. And of course he knew that his best friend Rio would grab the card.

Aajeedh could not even catch the ball. Waste contestant in this season. And its funny to think that he feels audience are letting him stay in BBH, for his performance and skills. Veliya vandha unmai theryum.

Best and Boring performers:

Gabi and Aajeedh were selected as the boring performers. Shivani escaped!!!!

Rio, Somu and Aari was selected as the best performers for the tasks and household work.

Rio, Somu and Aari are eligible to take part in the captaincy task.

Bigg boss tamil Bala
Bigg boss tamil Bala

Key note:

Gabi’s participation in the task was very good. Her team mates Rio, Ramya and Somu got 1, 2 and third place whereas she was selected as the boring performer. Aari argued for her with Rio yesterday when ranking task was held. But even Gabi didn't understand this and supported Rio. But her team mates didn’t repay the support. She ended up last. Today, the fact that she was placed last was used against her to make her the boring performer. So sad. I added a few tags to yesterday’s review – favoritism, ageism, etc etc. I would now also like to add sexism to it. Imagine swapping a guy in Gabi’s place? Would he be ok? Onnum pannadha Aajeedhey acts like he is the next hero of kollywood.

Aari while nominating her for boring performer, said that Gabi failed to fight for herself during ranking.

Ramya nominated Shivani and Aajeedh as boring performers.

Somu was unanimously selected as the best performer by all the 8 HMs. Again, didn’t he just cheat and get caught yesterday?

Ramya and Aari got 4 votes each. It ended a tie break. It went for revoting. Aari won. Surprisingly,

Aajeedh for the first time nominated Aari as the best performer. He didn't nominate Ramya who is like his sister, because Ramya nominated Aajeedh as the boring performer. Ramya lost out. Small fox kanaku thappa pochu.

Aari was the last person to pick a person for the best performer. He had 4 votes and Ramya had 3 votes at that time. Aari could have nominated someone else instead of Ramya, and won. But he has so much integrity, he voted for Ramya, even as it ended with a tie for him.

Anita nominated Bala as boring performer, and gave a big, long list.

She blamed Bala as a biased captain. She said in particular that when a few HMs were sleeping, he named them all, but not Shivani. She also pointed out that he himself would come late for task. She kept charging him. When Bala interfered in between she said in a sturban voice ’naduvulae pesadeenga captain, practice what you preach’! Clap! Clap! Whistle! Whistle!

BIGG BOSS 81: TAMIL Season 4 Review: Best and Boring performers of the week!

Only Rio nominated Aari as the worst performer stating that his continuous questioning and arguments were boring. Later Aari said that he got hurt by his comments and asked if Rio was mentioning the argument that happened during the task or throughout the week. Rio said throughout the week - the argument he had with Anitha, etc etc etc. He mentioned the argument with Anitha specifically, wherein Aari dragged her family. Anita’s comment on Rio after his nomination 'comedy panitu porar’!Lol!!

Here, it was very clear that Aari didn’t mean to talk about her family, but was referring to a conversation Anita had previously had. I think Rio just brought it up again, to keep it fresh in people’s mind. And of course, he did not want Kamal’s team to forget it!

After Anitha’s lengthy speech, Bala had tears in his eyes. Outwardly it looked like Bala did do a sincere job. I think Kamal would bring this up this weekend.

Gabi got 5 votes as the boring performer. Aajeedh, Bala, Shivani and Anitha got one vote each as the boring performer. Recounting was to be held. Gabi who was the clear worst performer, sat separate, and voted in others’ boring performer vote count. But later, when it came down to Bala and Aajeedh, Bala objected to Gabi voting for the worst performers (as she herself was selected). Gabi asked Bala why he did not object earlier. He pointed it out only when it affected him. Bala said that it did not strike him earlier. Nothing wrong in it though.

Bagawan movie first look:

Next, Aari’s movie Bagawan’s first look poster was released. It was good. All the HMs congratulated him. Aari said the movie was about first Illuminati. He thanked Vijay TV for giving this platform to release the poster.

Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan

Next Levista’s instant coffee promotion:

Levista’s instant coffee promotion task was announced. Ramya and Aari were in one team. Gabi and Anitha were in another team. Somu was Santa clause.

The teams had to make coffee and cake. Santa tasted the coffee & the cake and selected Gabi and Anitha as the best team.

Levista arranged Christmas and New year cake for the HMs.

The contestants cut the cake and enjoyed.

With this today's episode was over.

Tomorrow is captaincy task. Let's see who will become the captain of the house!

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