Bigg boss house got new Boss, Aari: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, Day33 Highlights

Bigg boss tamil day 33 review
Bigg boss tamil day 33 review

New Boss of the Bigg Boss House - Aari!

Bigg boss was mainly focused on selecting the best performers of the week, and selecting the Captain for next week. It also had the Preeti zodiac cosmo task, and ended with the (non) resolution of veembu thatha ’s kusumbu matter.

The day in Bigg boss house started with a song ’oh oh Sanam.’ As usual, Shivani woke Balaji up! Suresh didn't dance today as well and sat alone with a rigid face.

After morning warm up, Sanam was teaching dance steps to the housemates, for the song ’Nila adhu vanathu melae.’ The housemates sang ’Maman otandi peria looseandi’, and made Sanam dance. There’s nothing more to comment on this!

No papaya:

Nisha offered papaya to Suresh, but he refused to take it. Hmmmm. I think, he is waiting for Kamal’s session. Only on hearing Kamal’s take on this matter, and getting his aarudhal, he would become normal, I’m assuming.

Sam cautioning Bala:

Samyuktha, before the best and worst performer selection, told Balaji that he might get the worst performer ‘award’, as he was found sleeping a lot, and was not wearing his mike many times.

Bala said he won't accept it, as last week, he won the most luxury points in the thanga surangam task. So, even if they received less luxury points this week, he said he will make it up next week! Yaaravadhu ivanukku konjam class edunga, on how the worst performer selection happens! Also, last week is last week!

“En kadhaila naan vilanda”!

Simultaneously, Aari was standing before the camera and said that, Balaji’ self-confidence has now turned into arrogance. His body language also changed, Aari said. The fight between these two has escalated! In Balaji’s story, he (Balaji) would be the hero, and Aari would be the villain. I remember Ajit’s dialogue in his movie Viswasam, “En kadhaila naan vilanda”!

Aari also added that during Kamal’s upcoming session, if it is proved that the way he delivered the word ’tharudalai’ in the Vivadha Mandram task is ‘wrong’, he will touch Samyukhtha’s feet and the Tamil Nadu people’s feet.

Bigg boss house got new Boss, Aari: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, Day33 Highlights

No worst performer:

BB Master was weird today. May be he was trying to be kind towards Balaji, or is just biased. He announced that no one would get jail term, as everyone performed very well in the tasks. But… he then went on to cut 500 points from the luxury budget.

Best performers for the week:

Aari, Nisha and Somu were selected as the best performers, based on their contribution in the tasks, and overall household work.


Ramya, while nominating Somu as the best performer, said ’OM’! Big secret has been revealed! Somu’s nick name is ’OM’!

Bala was telling Samyuktha and Shivani that everyone cornered him for not participating well in the captainship task, and for making Samyuktha win (against Somu). So, he supported Somu this week, for the captainship.

’Unakku vandha ratham, adhuthavanuku vandha thakkali chatneya ’ :

Samyuktha cried, when Aari got selected as the best performer, which enabled him to compete for the captainship next week. She said that no one spoke for her when he called her ‘tharudalai’ in the vivadha mandram. I have a question. When Balaji called Sanam’ Tharudalai’ in front of everyone (which was the start of the whole issue), Samyuktha being the captain of the house, said nothing. She did not come to support Sanam. But now, she expects others to question Aari for calling her the same? ’Unakku vandha ratham, adhuthavanuku vandha thakkali chatneya ’ Samyuktha?

Promotion Advertisement:

Today’s task cum branding was the Preeti Zodiac Cosmo brand. Three group containing three members each, were asked to prepare salad, wheat dough, and veggie, using the Preeti Zodiac.

Archana’s group made fruit salad. Sanam’s group made the wheat dough. Suresh’s group made the veggie. The other HMs tasted the salad, veggie, and tested the texture of the dough. Anita declared Archana’s team as the winner. Archana, Somu and Aari (Archan’s team) got the Preeti Zodiac mixie as a gift. Preeti supplied cuisine to the other HMs.

Rope task for selecting the captain:

Ok, I have a lot of issues with this task, and its inherent bias. I’ll come to it later.

The task is this. An HM should tie a long rope around the candidates’ waist. Suthi Suthi tie pannanum. Then the candidates would be each placed next to a circular pillar. They need to transfer the rope fully, from their body, to the pillar. As in, they should revolve around the pillar to methodically transfer the rope to it. Adhaan task, for winning captaincy.

Bigg boss house got new Boss, Aari: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, Day33 Highlights

Two key issues here.

1. Captaincy requires a lot of brain and diplomacy. It needs strong IQ and EQ. Why does BB always decide captaincy based on physical strengths?

2. Nisha is a new mother, who has recently given birth to a child. When she is competing for captaincy, should not the task be one in which she can adequately compete, given her physical restrictions as a new mom? She could not complete the task, and fainted ☹

I think Bigg boss should consider the gender, and physical attributes of contestants before selecting the task, to make it a fair game. Imagine 2 people, one standing 6 ft tall, and other standing 5 ft tall are competing for something. If the winner is to be the person who can reach the tallest shelf without any help, who is going to win!? It then becomes a competition where the winner is decided even before the competition begins.

Anyways, Aari asked Balaji to tie the rope around him. Balaji said, ‘enakku katta teriyadu’. But, Aari persisted. Finally, Balaji relented.

Aari won the task. Somu’s rope got caught in a knot midway.

Aari’s captaincy:

Aari selected the teams for the coming week - kitchen, house cleaning, vessel washing, and toilet cleaning. Aari did a wise thing, and put Balaji, Samyuktha, Shivani and Ajeedh in one group. The four of them are friends, and would work well with each other. He made Anitha, Somu, Jithan Ramesh, and Shivani as the team captains. First, he made Ajeedh as the captain of his team, but he (Ajeedh) wanted Shivani to be the captain.

I think, Aari gives importance to Anitha. Since Aari, Anitha and Sanam are not a part of any internal group in BBH, the 3 of them seem to have formed a close knit now. Good for them!

Grama Panchayath:

He also selected the three vice-captains , Anitha, Somu and Shivani. The vice-captains’ job is to check at the end of each day, if other HMs have any grievances. Like Grama Panchayath! Kamal’s favorite topic. I think he may touch this topic this weekend, and appreciate Aari for this move!


After dinner, Samyuktha and Suresh were talking about the kusumbu matter. Samyuktha told that she didn't know that she could not give her comments after the conclusion statements were given by the 2 parties. Suresh told that as a captain, she should have known. Even otherwise, the judge should have known. Immediately, Samyuktha started crying, feeling bad that she was not aware of any rules, despite being the captain. Suresh said that he never said anything about Samyuktha not knowing ‘any’ rules. He said he was talking only about the Vivadha Manram. Anyways, Samyuktha said she got hurt (!!), and Suresh said that he too got hurt, and went inside the house.

Balaji and Shivani were later consoling Samyuktha. Suresh came out and said that there was no reason for her to cry. He got hurt on her ‘kusumbu’ comments, and left the place. Samyuktha, Balaji, and Shivani laughed behind his back. I can understand Balaji and Shivani being immature. But, Samyuktha?

Bigg boss house got new Boss, Aari: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, Day33 Highlights

What is Court?

Suresh told Archana & group about ‘these’ people laughing behind his back. She said that kusumbu was not a bad word per se. Suresh said that the meaning of the word, and its connotation (whether it was positive or negative) was not explained in the court. For that, Archana raised her voice and said that it was ‘vivadha mandram’ and not court!

Well, sure, but I think it is just word play! Vivadha Mandram verus Needhi Mandram! While the task was called Vivadha Mandram, it ‘heard’ personal complaints, and was set up like a Needhi Mandram, and not a vivadha mandram! There was a judge, and not a Naduvar!

Anyways, Suresh got angry when Archana raised her voise. He asked her not to do that, and left the place.

With this today’s episode got over.

Tomorrow is Kamal’s session! He has a few words such as tharudalai, kusumbu, etc, to explain and play with! And we all know how great he is, with language and vocabulary!

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