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BIGG BOSS Season 4 Tamil Day 24: Archana, Bala Mom - Son Bonding

Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates
Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with yesterday’s fight and ended in Happy mode.


Today’s Bigg boss episode started with yesterday’s fight and ended in Happy mode.

Yesterday, I concluded my review with ’edir parathadai edir parungal’! Yea, today, it was really unexpected. Today’s episode started with a fight and travelled into affection and love.

The heat of the moment:

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started with yesterday’s fight (midnight actually).

Aari started the conversation. He asked Archana & co., to share their opinion, and avoid unnecessary arguments. Archana told Balaji that his reaction was over the top. He had not informed earlier that he is unwell; not did any of his teammates say that they will pitch in for him.

Bala, in turn, said Archana’s comment ’etti pakkarthuku mattum mudiyuma’ was also over the top. I am not answerable to such a captain, he said.

Strictly going by the professional relationship, with me being the captain of the BBH, you ( Balaji) are answerable to me, said Archana.

Sorry, I cannot be answerable you, Balaji replied.

Then, Suresh interfered and tried to control Archana. Ramya tried to control Balaji. Rio interfered and told Balaji he was trying to provoke.

Bala went out of the room and cried.

Rio, jithan and Somu hugged Archana and consoled her.

Mother and son relationship in Bigg Boss House:

Suresh and Samyuktha advised Balaji to talk to Archana and resolve the issue. BalaJi said, his ’Ammi araika veppen’ statement was made in anger, and he didn't mean it. Simultaneously, Archana was telling Rio & co., that she still could not get angry at him. She had a soft corner for him. She also added that she is 38 years old and was treating the 24 years old Balaji like her son. Wow!! I remember Archana hosting Ilamai Pudhumai. Time runs so fast!!

Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates
Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates

Archana then came out to talk to Balaji. Somu, Jithan and Samyuktha were also there. Archana started with Ivan/avan but then, changed to ivar/avar. She said, I think and treat you as my son, I swear on my daughter! ”If you neglect me, where will I go?” They both got emotional, and hugged.

Suresh asked Samyuktha, Somu and Jithan to leave Archana and Balaji alone. They left the place.

Balaji was asking Archana he was wondering why she was showing so much affection to him. He said these things are new to him, and that going forward, he will not hurt her. Archana blessed him to be the winner. So a mother and son relationship developed inside the BBH. Archana’s affection will melt Balaji and give him trust in love. Few viewers may think Archana is wearing mother’s mask, and thst it's her strategy. Just for a game, I don't think any mother would swear on her daughter. If it is, it's a disgusting strategy.

Thangam, Vairam:

Day 24 started with a song ’Thangamae unnaithan thedi vanden Nane, vairame oru nal yunnai thookuvene’ from ’ Nanum Rowdythan’. It's apt for today’s episode. Today Bigg Boss declared the result for the Thanga Surangam task.

Sanam asked Balaji if everything got resolved. Balaji said it ended with a lot of emotions. Sanam rightly said that though his points were valid, his tone was rude. Balaji said that was his tone. He generally gives blunt reply. He also added that BB told him that, inside the BBH, there are no friends, and enemies. Everyone is a contestant. Achacho! What will happen to mother-son bonding and the love track?

Weight of gold:

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to come inside the confession room with their gold for weighing. Individually, all the contestants went inside the confession room and weighed their gold. Then BB asked them to divide into three groups, with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8 HMs in one group.

Easily, the HMs got divided into two groups. But the BB told there should be three groups. While forming the third group, some irk developed among the contestants. Archana wanted to have the HMs who collected the maximum weight of gold in her group, so that her group will be the winners. Balaji also didn't want to be with the HMs who were having less weight of gold. Since he put lots of effort in collecting the gold, he openly said he didn't want to lose the game. He hence joined with Archana’s gang. Balaji hugged Archana and said in a mild voice ’ganda irukkanga! ’Arachana said ’samathairu’. Subsequently, Samyuktha also joined in that group.

Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates
Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates

Unfair game and Clever Archana

Anitha, Nisha, Suresh and Ajeedh were in one group. Only 4 HMs. They had collected 3.990kgs in total.

Aari, Shivani, Gabi, Sanam and Ramya were in another group. They had earned 8.696 kgs.

Archana, Velmurugan, Somu, Balaji, Ramesh, Samyuktha and Rio were in 3rd group. They had 12,751 kgs.

I think this is not a fair game. Yesterday BB asked them to divide into four groups and collect the gold. Today he made it three groups. Gabi, Ramya and Shivani had collected more than Archana. But, she was clever enough to lead and form a group with people having more quantity of gold.

Moreover, there is no equal number of HMs in every group. One group contains 4 HMs; one group contains 5 HMs and one group has 7 HMs. But, BB Vechadudan sattam!

BB said there was a surprise waiting for the person who collected the maximum gold. Probably, Balaji can except a surprise gift from the BB, as he had collected more quantity when compared to others.

Rajangam group

The winner was Archana’s group. BB announced that the winning team could rule the house. They need not do any work for the day. The others would do the work on behalf of them. Rajangam team declared their rule. Rio announced that it would be Full fun and entertainment. The Rajangam team were having food and asked Ramya, Gabri and Shivani to sing and dance. Ramya sang Poda Poda punnakku, and all three danced. Ramya has got good presence of mind.

Another condition was, whenever Velmurugan sang, others should dance. Also, only fresh food had to be served in every meal. Sanam had to do massaging. Aajeedh had to act like juke box. Whenever Archana went out, one of the losers had to hold the umbrella. Rio asked Anitha to give weather report, while simultaneously jumping forward and backward on the divan.

Balaji asked Sanam to say ’sambandamillame argue panna matten ’for ten times. When Ajeedh was asked to sing a song Sanam also joined and danced. Again Balaji asked her to say ’Mundirikottai madiri panna matten.’

Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates
Bigg Boss Tamil contestants season 4 updates

Balaji & Shivani❤️

BB later announced that the Rajangam task was kept in abeyance till further orders. Immediately, the other HMs who acted as slaves started attacking the Rajangam team for their activities. Even after the task was called off, Shivani was feeding Balaji. Samyutha was teasing them.

Later, Shivani and Balaji were talking. Shivani asked Balaji about the issue between Archana and Balaji. Shivani said, initially she thought Balaji was wrong, but later realised it was not so. Balaji told he didn't being woken up in sleep. He was answerable only to his captain, and the team captain was answerable to the house captain. The matter was among three of them. But the whole gang interfered, and poked their nose which he didnot like. She asked if he cried. He said it ended emotionally and told the details afterwards.

Upset Sanam

Outside the house, Sanam was crying, saying that Balaji treated her low by asking her to tell’mundirikottai madiri panna matten.’ Anita was consoling her. Balaji came and asked what happened. Sanam blamed him. Anita advised her that this is just the game. Yaru yaruku advise panradhu?! First, let Anitha understand it is a game show. Balaji asked Ajeedh to go and console Sanam.

Later, Sanam asked Balaji if he is her friend or enemy? Balaji said not either, and that they were just getting connected. Balaji said to Sanam that she should have objected then, but apologised. Shivani was watching them, and commented to Gabri that Sanam should have asked then itself, and should not be dragging the matter.

With this, today’s episode was concluded.

Veedu santoshama irunda BB will get BP. So let's see what are all the plans he is going to execute tomorrow to make the BBH into ranagalam!

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