BIGG BOSS Season 4 TAMIL, DAY 25 Highlights: Anitha speech, Housemates Reaction

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Anitha Sampath
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Anitha Sampath

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the song ‘Mutta kannalae’. Suresh danced better than others, standing in one place.

Archana and Anitha went overboard!

There is a limit to everything. Archana making Nisha brush her (Archana's) teeth was yuckkkk; Anitha’s lengthy emotional speech on her husband until Samyuktha stopping her prove that there should be a limit for everything!

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started with the song ‘Mutta kannalae’. Suresh danced better than others, standing in one place.

Nisha brushing Archana’s teeth:

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to continue with the task 'Rajangam'. Archana asked Nisha to brush her teeth, and to wash her face. OMG! Nisha was trying to do it comically, but it was surely a punishment for the viewers. There is a limit for everything, BB. Was it necessary to telecast this? Disgusting! Kadavulae! When will 2020 come to an end?


BB asked the loser HMs, to share the Nallagunam of the Rajangam team HMs.

Ramya said Rio’s vidamuyarchi is very appreciable. Rio asked for details. Suresh cut in between and said, "so far you have not done anything. So Ramya, is asking you to achieve something." ‘Sandulae Sindhu’! Suresh is a master in this.

Shivani and Sanam said Balaji is honest. But the way he is expressing his opinion, and tone is not correct.

Sanam praised Archana too. She said Archana is very giving, and gives whatever anyone asks for. Immediately Balaji mentioned that one day, Sanam was complaining that Archana refused to give lemon to her. Sanam didn’t react to this at the time, but later asked Balaji why he was always trying to mess with her. She said she got into trouble now, as Archana was asking her for more details on the lemon issue. Balaji said that he stated facts, but Sanam pointed out that the matter happened a few days ago, and there wasn’t any point dragging it now. While speaking, Sanam was pointing out her fingers, which irritated Balaji and made him angry.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights

While this heated argument was going on between Sanam and Balaji, Jithan was enjoying their fight, said the dialogue from the film ‘Kushi’. ‘ithunundu idupai pathadu ivallo perusayiruchi’. Lol!😀

Later Shivani was holding umbrella for Bala as a part of the Rajangam task. Archana asked him to keep Shivani as his Helper for the whole day. ‘Palam naluvi paalil vizundadu pol’ Balaji was enjoying the situation.

‘Arpanuku Vazvu vantha Artha rathiriyil kudai pidippan’. Seeing Shivani holding the umbrella for Balaji in the house was like that.

Balaji asked Shivani to sing a song. Shivani sang ‘Love panna enakum assai iruku’. Immediately Rio told Somu, ’ Machan underline’.

Viewers mind voice ‘ Shivani padinadhu Kooda ok. But following that, Anirudh’s original song was played at the background.......too much BB!

Rio and Jithan treated Nisha like a comedy piece. When she was cutting the veggies, Jithan asked her to stand and Rio asked her to sit. Basically she was putting ‘toppukarnam ‘while cutting the veggies. 😀

Anitha, Ramya and Shivani refused to remove makeup, and the Rajangam team asked Aari to put women's make up on his face, as a punishment. So the ladies were putting make up on Aari. Aari stood before the camera after this, and was pulambifying!

Balaji asked ladies to grind Masala in the Ammi. Only Nisha did that happily. Other ladies didn’t know how, and I think that they thought it was beneath them.

Balaji said he himself would learn and do it. He learnt from Nisha and did. He is very sportive. On seeing him, Shivani and Ramya also tried. While Nisha was grinding, she was telling Balaji and the other ladies, that grinding on ammi is good for back bone, and shoulders. Actually it is a good exercise. True!

I remember during my teens, I would grind Masalas and batters for idli and dosa in the Ammi and Attukal. Nowadays, we have all these facilities and there is no need for Ammi and Attukal, epecially in cities and bigger towns. It’s time saving. But, then, to keep fit without these natural exercises like ammi araikardhu, we spend time in gym.

Moving on, Shivani and Balaji were walking in the lawn. Balaji said, "if I become the captain of the house, I will make all the ladies to grind in the Ammi," and asked her opinion. She said "if I say anything, then you would fix me." ‘Ushar party.’ Then she said it is a good thing, but tough. Frankly, I think it is a bit sexist. Why only the ladies!?

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights

Luxury budget:

BB called all the HMs, and announced their points according to the quantity of the gold they owned. They could pick a cards showing the pictures of the food item that matched the points they won. The selected items would be supplied to them. Balaji got the maximum points of 395, and Aari got the least points of 55. Balaji said he will use 50% of the points he won for the entire house, and will keep 50% for himself.

In general, Archana told the HMs to select the items needed for BBH. Gabri selected the items needed for her. Nisha was cribbing to Archana that she picked ginger garlic paste & bread for the house. But others picked whatever they prefered. What will I do with ginger paste, Nisha wondered. Archana consoled her. In a competitive house like the BB, altruism does not have much place. Thats the format and foundation of the game.

‘Whom you are missing?‘:

Archana was inside the confession room reading the next task. It read that every HM should (in front of other HMs) say whom she/he missed the most. While reading, Archana started crying :-(

Gabri and Ramya said they were missing their moms. Ramya said that when Archana took dhrusti during Pooja celebrations, she was reminded of her mom. Daily, her mom would take dhrusti for her, when she gets back home, she mentioned.

Then, Jithan told he was missing his dad. He talked about how his dad developed in his life. Initially, his dad had only a cycle. He worked very hard to ensure his children got good comforts in life. He said he was also missing his kids. For them, he (Jithan) is the hero he said.

I remembered my own dad. My dad used to drop me and my brother in school, in his cycle everyday. My younger brother would sit in the front, and me, in the back. We would go triples. We didn't have much, but those were the happiest days.

Rio said he was missing his mom. Her mom would always want to talk to him, and he would get angry at her. But now, when he is in BBH, he realized that his mom does not have anyone else to talk to, except for him. After he goes out of the BBH, he would be sure to listen to her blabbering, he said. He also added he is missing his wife and daughter.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights

Samyuktha said she was missing his son. And, first time, she shared that she is quite well to do. She also said she missed her husband, and how he was in the earlier days of their relationship.

Suresh said he was missing his wife who lives in Melbourne, Australia alone! He said he also missed his son. Balaji reminded him of his son, he said.

Nisha said she missed her mom, husband and kids. Her husband and son won’t talk much, she said. She said her son does not want her to work, as she does not have time to accompany him to his school and spend time.

Archana said she missed her mom and husband. After her father’s demise she (Archana) took charge of her family, and ran the house, though she was just a teenager. She said she wanted a break, and entered into BBH. How is BBH a break!? Isn't it supposed to be an extremely stressful and competitive game? May be it is the diversification!

Then, Anitha came. First, she said she missed her mom. Then she told she was missing her husband and started sharing her husband’s Puranam. Her speech was soooooo lengthy and the HMs felt very uncomfortable and bored. Ajeedh and Ramya were sitting together and were laughing. Ajeedh was wondering, why such a lengthy speech from Anitha for the title ‘whom you are missing?’ Ramya said she was feeling hungry, as it was close to dinner time, and Anitha was going on and on and on and on. Shivani was sitting next to Balaji, and they both were commenting and laughing.

Gabri and Suresh were yawning. Moreover Suresh is a diabetic patient. Samyuktha, Jithan and Rio's gang were restless.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 | Day 25 Highlights

Didn’t Anitha catch any one's reaction during her speeeeeeech? Unbelievable!

Samyuktha lost her patience and told Anitha, "sorry to interrupt, but your speech is so long da". Anitha said sorry and finished her speech. Then she told Samyuktha that she was talking for her family members and for the viewers, and had to abruptly stop because of the HMs. She felt BB could have edited it if their team thought it was lengthy.

So, it feels like her thoughts were on content and editing. She wanted to deliver a proper speech with full content. Even if BB edited a small portion, she would still get good air time among the viewers. Her mind is tuned with content, image, edit, promo, etc. OMG!

I am sure Tomorrow Anitha will make this an issue and crib about how her speech was interrupted. I hope she realizes that what she says and does in the BBH can be embarrassing for her family.

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