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BIGG BOSS Season 4 TAMIL, Day 22 Highlights! Its Suresh vs Anitha Again!

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo

Dasara celebrations ended in 11 Nominations?! Today's Bigg boss episode started with the song ’Madura kulunga’. All HMs danced well! Anita as usual kuthu dance. I will not get surprised if she gets chance in a movie next, for kuthu dance!

Dasara celebrations ended in 11 nominations?!

Today's Bigg boss episode started with the song ’Madura kulunga’. All HMs danced well! Anita as usual kuthu dance. I will not get surprised if she gets chance in a movie next, for kuthu dance!

69% of the HMs nominated:

Before Dasara celebrations, BB wanted to finish his work, the nomination process. BB asked the HMs to nominate two contestants each and put the picture of the contestants whom they are nominating in the fire. OMG!! Archana’s name was not included as she is the captain of the BBH this week.

Who's the idea was it, to put the pics in the fire, instead of spraying paint or putting a cross mark on the pic? Goddddd! Surely the COVID lockdown is getting the bad side out of people!

Anyways, Ramya, Sanam, Nisha, Suresh, jithan, Balaji, Somu, Rio, Anitha, Velmurugan and Ajeedh are in the nomination list. Out of 16 contestants 11 persons are in the list (69%). BB has given a huge task for the viewers.

Samyuktha, Shivani, Aari and Gabi escaped.

Archana wanted to be out today and celebrate her husband’s birthday. Suresh said all contestants were sacrificing to be in the house, for which Archana said it’s not worth it. She started crying. It seems she is upset with Balaji’s kulandai remarks. Suresh consoled her.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo

Sanam was talking to Velmurugan. Still, she is carrying her 15th placement given by HMs in her mind and asked Velmurugan why he raised his hands against her. Velmurugan was so embarrassed and said he was the only person inside the BBH who wanted her to stay for a long time.

Dasara celebrations:

Anchor Anitha.

BB asked Anitha to anchor the programme. Verae yarum kidaikalaiya? Of course, trained Anchors Archana and Rio are there. But BB wants controversies, inside the BBH, for which Anitha is the right person.

Decoration of BBH & painting of dolls:

HMs decorated the house. Anita was touring the house for the viewers.

After the decoration, BB supplied for each HM, one doll for a painting to be used for golu padi.

While painting the doll, Balaji and Shivani were sitting separately and chatting. Shivani asked if Balaji knew any songs. He said he could sing kuthu song. On her request, Balaji sang ’Alagu kannadi’ song. Looks like Balaji Likes Shivani. On Another side, Gabri has an eye on Balaji. Chances are there for ’Mukona kadal’.

While HMs were painting, Anitha asked Archana to say something about her work. Archana told it took hours together, for painting one doll. That's why the real workers start to do make dolls two/three months in advance. So much of labor is required. Hence while buying dolls, it's good to avoid bargaining. Making dolls is still considered a small scale industry, and has less profits.

The HMs were divided into two groups -

gramam and nagaram (village side and city side). Anitha being the anchor was to be the judge.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo

Cooking competition:

Suresh & Archana prepared food from the village side. Sanam & Balaji prepared food from the city side. Other HMs were cheering their teams. City team won the cooking task. Anita said the payasam prepared by the village team was a bit too sweet. Anita got royal reception from the two teams, and she enjoyed being the judge.

Suresh was a little bit upset. He is a chef of course. He said the jaggery kheer made by Sanam and Balaji contained mud and hair. They didn’t filter it Bla Bla Bla. Same time he also told whatever the judgement is, it should be accepted.

’Behind every successful man, one woman is there.’

Next, the male contestants of the BBH had to talk about the female contestants. Everyone said how they were relating to them, as a mother, as sister and as a friend.

Velmurugan, in addition to praising the female contestants, spoke about his wife. She is the reason behind his success, he said. He has inferiority complex since he is from a village and is not able to speak English, and it was his wife who moulded him, he said. He helped her to complete her PhD . He dedicated a song to his wife. Too good.

‘Behind every successful man, one woman is there.’! And, vice versa!

Then Velmurugan sang a song, dedicated for his mother, which was touching.

Performing Pooja:

Suresh organised this very well. 100% dedication. 100% traditional. First, they kept the dolls they painted on the steps. 16 lamps were there and each participant lit one lamp. Then Archana was holding the pot to be kept on the top of the step. Suresh was holding a plate containing rice that had to be put in the pot, and started calling the ladies one by one. Sumangali Anitha come, he said. She came and put rice from the plate to the pot. Then, one after another, all the ladies did this, irrespective of their personal faith or age. 👏👏 As being done in village side he called Shivani, kanni ponnu come! True involvement!

Then he called Ajeedh, being youngest of the group and ask him to pour water. Archana kept the pot on the top of the step. They displayed the food items on the leaf. Suresh asked to give kulavi sound. Everyone did. Velmurugan sang a song. Pooja went well.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo


Village life and city life.

Aari spoke well about the village life and the close knit ties among the people there. He also spoke on the celebrations of festivals in villages .

Ramya spoke for the city side. She spoke extremely well. She touched the Jalli kattu issue and how the entire city supported for the village. Whenever there is any issue in villages, the town people help them by bringing awareness in social media etc, she mentioned.

Since Anitha was compereing, she said before going to the next programme, she wanted to say a few things on behalf of the city side, and said, Suresh while doing Pooja, called her ”Sumangali, ” Anitha come and asked her to put rice in pot. Had she not been a sumangali, and was amangali, if her husband was not alive, would he not have called her, she asked! She went on to talk about how in villages, widows are not treated well, and disallowed to participate in functions. She spoke about her mother in law who was not allowed to participate in her engagement, as she had been widowed recently. While the points she brought were valid, she dragged Suresh’s name unnecessarily, and tried painting him negatively.

She also said the villagers who come to work at city, initially wont move freely with city people. It takes them time, she said. But, Isn't it natural! When someone as new to a place, they take time to understand and adjust the new people and new place. If anything it is on the city people to welcome and help the new people from the villages settle down.

Dance programme:

Gabri danced from the village side and Shivani, from city side. Since both are the good dancers, they performed very well.


From city side, Somu and Sanam acted. Somu, as Bigg Boss and Sanam as the contestant. It was ok ok. Edhuvum sollikara madhiri illai.

From village side, they performed on the topic ‘Kalvi, Selvam and Veeram‘

Archana acted as Amman and Suresh as Asur. Brilliant performance by both of them.

They completed the drama with Asuravatham.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo

Ajeedh then sang a song on how Chennai city welcomes newcomers, from city team.

He sang well.

Then during the break, Suresh expressed his displeasure to Archana, about Anitha. He said he was controlling his anger and asked Archana to talk about this. Archana asked him to give sometime. We should not react immediately, she said.

Rio, Aari and Nisha told Anitha that her points on widows mistreatment were right, but the way she projected Suresh and took her family as an example was not correct. She should have spoken in general.

All the HMs felt the same. Everyone discussed amongst themselves that while Anitha’s points were right, her delivery was bad.

But Sanam and Balaji were instigating Anitha and said nothing was wrong on her side. Balaji same side goal, why suddenly? Joined hands with Sanam?

Suresh refused to come out from the room, even for taking food. Archana compelled him, and he half heartedly joined.

Dash mash:

Next dash mash programme. Gabri asked Suresh to have a seat. Suresh showed his irritation and anger on her. Afterwards he asked sorry to Gabri. He got hurt, due to Anitha’s act. Poor man. Village side won the game. Suresh thoroughly enjoyed this game despite his mental agony.

It felt that the Dasara programmes didn't have proper sign off. Wondering if they would be continuing tomorrow.

Rio personally advised Anitha to say sorry to Suresh since the way she projected Suresh was wrong, though the contents were rite.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo

Rio spoke with Suresh also, and said Anitha wanted to talk to him and to say sorry. But Suresh said he didn’t want to talk to her and asked Rio not to compel him.

Anitha asked Rio to stay with her and asked sorry to Suresh but Suresh said he didn’t want to speak with her and left. Behind his back, Anitha laughed teasingly, and went inside the BBH with Rio.

Archana assured Suresh she would ask Anitha about this but she didn’t. She had a bitter experience in the Suresh and Sanam issue. Anyways this issue for sure will be there for the whole of this week.

Anitha’s points on the treatment of widows is correct. But, it is definite, that she used this to project Suresh in bad light. Unnecessarily she dragged his name, which shows she still has a grudge on him.

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