Suresh Vs Sanam! BIGG BOSS TAMIL4 Day 17 Highlights

Bigg Boss Tamil day 17 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil day 17 highlights

Today's Bigg boss episode highlights! Swapped King and Demon team! Suresh vs Sanam! Suresh stresses out!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the song ”sari, sari ”. HMs dancing was as usual, ok ok.

After the song, BB announced to swap the teams. The Demons team become kings, and the kings team become Demons.

Kings team: Suresh as King; Archana as Rajamadha; Shivani, Anitha and Gabri as a princess; Aari, Jithan and Ajeedh as the princes.

Demons team: Velmurugan as Demon’s thalaivar, Nisha, Ramya, Sanam, Samyuktha, Rio, Balaji and Somu as followers.

Today’s Demon’s team analyzed yesterday's strategy followed by yesterday's demon team and decided to use five senses to shake the Kings’ side. Ramya gave the idea to use the senses of smelling & hearing.

Ramya only gave the idea, but the execution was done by other demons. I think this is Ramya’s strategy. If any dispute arises, or anything goes wrong, her name will not come into the picture. The person who executed will only be blamed.

First, Archana came and won the task. 👏 She entered back into the kingdom. Here a noteworthy conversation happened between Balaji and Ramya. They felt that Yesterday Archana, as demon said she had no heart to defeat Rio. Similarly today, Rio made sure Archana won. So, partiality and groupism definitely prevail inside the Bigg Boss House.


Aari on fire:

Next, Aari came. Balaji pushed Aari from behind, and Rio squeezed orange juice into Aari’s eyes. 🥵🥵 Aari objected, and commented ”inda madiri kevalama panrathuku verae ethavadhu velai pannalam”. So the Demon’s team didn't claim his movement on these. However, later on, Aari lost the game and joined with Demon’s team. While Aari was in the demon’s team, he refused to spray and denied the orders of demons.👍

First time Shivani opened her mouth:

The princesses Shivani and Gabri were hiding perfumes so that the demons group can’t spray on them. Sanam on seeing this told Shivani that she cannot hide the things. Shivani told there is no such rule. Sanam commented to Shivani that yesterday, the demons group played like they were brainless. The first time Shivani opened her mouth and snubbed Sanam. Good job! Balaji was chasing Shivani to grab the perfumes, but suddenly he picked chilli powder for spraying. But the chilli powder fell on the floor, and Balaji left the place without cleaning. So Somu started cleaning the place. Then, Anitha was asking something to Somu, and he didn't respond. I think he didn't hear what she said as he was busy in clearing the chilly powder from the floor. Immediately Anitha started shouting at Somu for not listening to her. Pavam Somu.

Next Jithan came, won the task and went to his kingdom. 👏

Then Ajeedh came. Nisha, Ramya, Sanam - all were trying to shake Ajeedh.

Yesterday being king, Velmurugan didn't do anything. But today as a king, Suresh was performing well. He was trying to distract the demons by making sounds and hitting them with a stick. He was too involved in the game, which resulted in a nasty scene. Suresh was hitting Nisha and Ramya with a stick made up of cardboard, to distract them. They both took it as a game. But once, the stick by mistake hit Sanam!!!!!!!! Then, everything came down crashing.


Suresh vs Sanam:

Sanam used the opportunity very well. She was shouting. Well, she was screammmmmming, and was talking to Suresh very disrespectfully. (vada, poda). Didn’t respect his age. Suresh immediately said sorry to her. He even stood in front of the camera and said sorry to BB. But Sanam kept shouting. She created a scene. Suresh’s intention was not to hurt or disturb anyone. But Sanam used this to corner him.

Archana came forward for panchayat. So much attitude showed by Archana. Despite Suresh asking sorry to Sanam and BB, again and again, Archana made him ask sorry in front of others. She was getting a kick out of this. Poor Suresh. Nisha kept on telling the hit was not painful, and she took it as a part of the game. Balaji also ”sandulae sindu padiyachu”. He asked Suresh ”do you have brains?”

The task continued. Next Gabri came, won the task and went inside the kingdom.👏 Gabri looked beautiful in the princess costume.

Suresh’s broken moment:

Suresh was upset, and he requested BB to call him into confession room. BB too asked him to come inside the confession room. Before going inside the room, Suresh told Aari that he would pack his things and leave. He was shattered completely. BB asked him if he did this intentionally. Suresh said he was completely involved in the game and was playing with different ideas to distract the demons. He said he hit Nisha and Ramya. They didn't object and hence continued with his idea. He thought he was hitting Nisha, but since all were wearing a black dress and their faces were also not visible, unknowingly he hit Sanam. He said though he asked sorry to Sanam and others accepted, what he did was wrong. So as per his consciousness, he said he wanted to quit the game and go out of BBH. He also added that the HMs are cornering him. Even then, he was under control. He was crying like a baby.🥵


Vilaiyattu Vinayil Mudinthadhu!

Suresh kulla oru unmaiyana, tender, the honest and genuine heart is there. Even then, if one feels Suresh is only acting, I feel the benefit of the doubt should be given, and he should be pardoned. BB’s judgement was perfect. BB said to Suresh, as he had not done intentionally and had also asked sorry, he should continue in the house. Suresh told BB that he would relax for a few minutes and then go. He also said he did not want the HMs to know that he cried inside the confession room. He took some time to comfort himself and entered inside the BBH.

My question is, Archana showed so much attitude and made Suresh ask sorry again and again, in fact, many times. Why didn't she ask Sanam to ask sorry at least once for calling Suresh vada poda, and addressing such an elderly man in singular? Rio squeezed orange juice into Aari’s eyes. That is also a kind of physical violence only. Why Archana didn't ask Rio to ask sorry to Aari?

Let's see this weekend how Alwarpet Aandavar will be handling these matters!

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