Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Review: `Kanchana' Suresh `Panchayath Thalaivi' Archana

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights

Today’s Big Boss episode theme: ”no tension; be happy.”

Today’s episode: ”no tension; be happy.”

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with ”dandanaka dandanaka” song. The HMs danced with enthusiasm! Finally. I think it's the effect of The song! Yesterday BBH was in full tension. So to ease the atmosphere, BB might have played this song.

I have strong doubt whether BB appointed Archana as ”Panchayath Thalaivi” of BBH?! Today in the kitchen area, Archana and Suresh were working. Balaji came and called Suresh as thatha, but he didn't respond. Yesterday during Suresh vs Sanam dispute, Balaji asked Suresh if he has any brains. In that reflection, Suresh didn't react. Archana interfered and asked Suresh to give a hug to Balaji. Suresh replied,” if I commit a mistake, I immediately say sorry and would start talking; If I get hurt due to our loved ones, it will take time to heal.” Archana is getting very irritating.

BBH: Anandakudumbam (happy place) or Pottikalam (competitive arena)

Today’s first task was pattimandram. The topic was ”whether BBH is an Anandamana kudumbam or pottikalam?!”

Archana is the Naduvar for pattimandran. (see, BB made Archana as the thalaivar!!)

Nisha, Velmurugan, jithan, Rio, Somu, Sanam and Samyuktha were in Anandamana kudumbam team.

Suresh, Balaji, Aari, Ajeedh, Anitha, Ramya, Shivani and Gabri were in pottikalam team.

Noted speakers were Balaji from pottikalam and Nisha from Anandakudumbam.

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights

Balaji’s Tamil was bad, but the content was good. He pointed out Sanam’s disrespectful words she uttered yesterday and said Anandamana kudumbam would not speak like that against their thatha.

Brilliant performance by Nisha

Nisha’s speech was extraordinary. She proved she is a good debater. Her experience supported her. With humour and with perfect examples, the way she delivered was outstanding! ”kovil endral archanai irukum, kudumbam endral prachanai irukum”, ”Anbana kudumbathil Potti poduvargal, anal vittukoduthu viduvargal” this was Nisha’s conclusion.

Ajeedh was upset that the speakers from Anandamana kudumbam were pointing out that no one wanted to grab the e-pass from him because there is no potti manapanmai among them. Ajeedh felt it was projected as if he got the e pass, not on his own efforts. Of course, Anitha and Ramya defended this. But still, it fully reflected the mind of HMs that the e-pass is still with him on the mercy of others.

Archana copied Mr Papaiah’s style. In between saying Ah Ah, Oh Oh! 😄😄 Ayyyyooo!!

Her judgement was Anandamana kudumbam with arokiyamana potti is always good. She also added that they would make the BB season4 the best one! Sure, Good luck with that!

Groupism in Bigg Boss House:

Next scene was at the dining table. It seems Rio asked all the HMs to assemble at the dining table while having food. His intention was for everyone to sit together and talk, at least while having food. Ramya, Shivani and Ajeedh were missing. From Rio’s talk, we could guess that Ajeedh is not interested in this idea. Ramya said instead of sitting she is standing and talking with others. Shivani told she finished her food and hence left. Rio insisted on sitting there, even after they finished eating, for sometime. Rio said ”few HMs think groupism is there in the BBH. I want to break that opinion, and so asked all to assemble at the dining table during lunchtime.”

Ramya correctly pointed out that Rio was always carrying 'groupism' in his mind, and was always talking about it. Rio got wild and said ok, from tomorrow onwards no need to gather at the dining table for lunch.

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights

Again, 'panchayat thalaivi' Archana came forward and on behalf of other HMs, assured that everyone would gather from tomorrow during lunchtime.

Rio is either ignorant or pretending he is ignorant?! Viewers knew that groupism and favouritism are of course, there in the BBH. Rio wanted to establish that there is no groupism. So being captain of the house, he is putting some efforts. Viewers mindvoice while watching ”We were not born yesterday! The main group in the house is Rio’s, and the members of his group are Nisha, Velmurugan, Somu, Anitha and recently entered Archana! Kutramulla nenju kurukurukum”.

Luxury points:

All HMs gathered in the living room. BB announced 3200 points for luxury budget. However, he had informed that the HMs who have not followed the rules to come forward and reduce the points for their defaults. Anita was often found sleeping. Jithan didn't shave his moustache & beard, and Balaji didn't use a wig during Kings and Demons task. So on the whole Rio reduced 70 points and they started purchasing for 3130 points. Again, some confusion while calculating, and they ended up with 3085 points.

Passing of box task: Suresh ultimate!

Next task was passing the box game. Velmurugam would sing a song. When he stops, the person who is holding that box is out of the game. The contestant who is out of the game would select someone and ask him/her to do some funny thing. Velmurugan singing skills were too good.

First, Sanam lost and was out of the game. She asked Balaji to say ten good things about her. They both are not in good terms. Sanam took the first step and tried to break the ice. Balaji used Alaipayuthae dialogue. ” Nee alaga irukenu naan ninaikalai---------------------”. Balaji took it positively.

Nisha when out of the game, asked Jithan to apply shaving cream on his face.

Ajeedh asked Samyuktha to apply kajal on her face. Balaji drew beard, moustache and namam on her face.

Ramya asked Aari to wear nighty and dance for the song ”mala mala” using the towel as the property.

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil Day 18 Highlights

The winner of the game was Suresh. He was asked to put lady get up from Kanchana and act & dance like Kanchana, by other HMs. Archana, Anitha and Velmurugan helped him with his make up. Lady get up was perfect for him. His performance as Kanchana was ultimate. BB sent sweets to Suresh for winning the game. Thatha asked his perans & pethis to have the sweets. Today we could see the HMs came out of yesterday’s tension and move with each other normally. Especially, Suresh going out of stress is remarkable.

Today’s episode ended happily. Velmurgan was singing ”Rasathi unnai” song while BB switched off the lights.

My doubt is, BB is not showing much footage of Ajeedh, Gabri and Shivani, when compared to other HMs, in general. Why? They are the youngest of the BBH. Ideally, they should have performed well in the tasks. But they are not in the limelight during any of the tasks.

Moreover, Ajeedh is a good singer and Shivani & Gabri are good dancers. Now and then, BB can ask them to perform something. Other HMs should try to pull them at least. Anyways, let's hope at least in coming days they will show their presence in the BBH.

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