BIGG BOSS TAMIL DAY 28, Highlights: Velmurugan Evicted, RJ Suchitra entered

Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights

BIGG BOSS TAMIL DAY 28, Highlights: Velmurugan Evicted, RJ Suchitra entered

In Today's Big boss episode, I actually expected more from Kamal, in terms of political punches, and in terms of setting the contestants right. As yesterday, he discussed the lemon issue in detail, I thought today, he would discuss the chapati issue. But, I am a little bit disappointed. Instead Velmurugan’s eviction was touching, and Suchi’s entry definitely caused a stir among the HMs, especially Archana! Her face expression when she saw Suchi was not happy by any means. Irrespective of her hugging and lifting Suchi when she came near her, she was definitely shocked and thrown off seeing the bold and unpredictable Suchi as her new competitor. It was quite surprising to see Nisha did not know who Suchi is!

Kamal’s mass entry:

Today's episode started with Kamal’s mass entry. He was soooooo handsome. The HMs also felt the same and commented on Kamal's looks. He started with monsoon rain topic which has already started in TN. He said water satagnation problem mainly comes as buildings are constructed in lake areas such as in Otteri, Velacheri (Chennai). Real Estate is not Real, was his punch dialogue.

Based on my reading and personal experience, water stagnation is not only in areas where the buildings were constructed in low line area, but also in other places with bad drainage facilities. During Vardha cyclone (in 2016), the K.K. Nagar area (Chennai) where I am living in, had water up to knee level. My work place was in Ambattur (quite far). I could not take leave, as I was the Manager, and I would start everyday, by 8 AM and would return home at 11 PM. I would take different kinds of transportation. Pallavan bus, auto, share auto, lorry, and ofcourse, nataraja services.

Kamal started to talk about the captainship task, but then changed his mind and said he wanted start with a good thing. He praised the Kitchen team for their good work. Aari also appreciated Rio for his idea of meeting all HMs in the dinning table during breakfast time. 👌

Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights

Analysis on captainship task:

Then Kamal came to captainship task. Straight away he asked Balaji why he made Samyuktha win. He said Somu is a puppet in his group (Archana's) and he nominated him for eviction. So he didn't want Somu to become the captain, and hence helped Samyuktha to become the captain. He also said groupism is there. If Somu was selected then he would be influenced indirectly by that group. When Kamal asked him to name them (the group members), Balaji named Rio, Nisha, and Vel but hesitated to name Archana. Amma Pillai pasam interfered. But Somu denied and said there was no such influence. Rio and Archana strongly refused any groupism. Archana said everyone is grown up, and no one could influence anyone. Hahaha!

Sanam Rocks:

Sanam said that two groups were there in the BBH, and she is not in any group. Since Bala named one group, Sanam named the other. She said the other group is Bala, Ramya, Samyuktha, Shivani , Gabri and Aajeedh.

She also added that Bala's - the angry young man of that group, reaction would be mild when it comes to his group, and several notches ruder when it comes to another group. Sanam was very confident! Rio, only Rio clapped for Sanam’s speech. I agree with Sanam! You go girl!

Kamal asked Ramya why she selected Samyuktha for the captsinship task, replacing Nisha. Ramya rightly pointed out that had she been aware than Bala was not interested to participate, she could have swaped Bala instead of Nisha. She added that Bala would generally perform well in tasks. Ramya said Samyuktha is good in decision making, and so, she swaped Nisha for Sam.

Media Nagarigam:

Then he spoke about the 'who you are missing the most' topic. Kamal said to Samyuktha that it was not fair of her, to stop Anitha’s speech. Audience could do it, and feel like it was a drag, but as a co-artist, Samyuktha had no power to do so. Samyuktha said it was diner time, and that Suresh is a sugar patient, and everyone was tired and sleepy.

Anita interfered and said Nisha and Rio took more time, but no one stopped them. They didn't give me space, she told. Then kamal took an example from Ramayana and said Anumar while conveying the message to Rama that he had met Sita, just said ’Kanden Seethaiyai’ to relieve Rama of his tension and curiosity fast. Similarly, he advised Anitha to talk in a crisp 'headline' fashion. Kamal’s advise to Anitha was perfect.

Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights

Imitation task:

Kamal organised a task where there were several cards, each card carrying the picture of a HM. Each HM had to pick a card, and talk on behalf of the person whose picture they found. They had to talk on why the person should be in the house, and go out. This task was not that catchy. Balaji spoke for Aari, and Rio spoke for Balaji. Both showed their grudge. Velmurugan spoke for Ajeedh and Archana for Suresh. Both were good. Very genuine. Others ok ok. No comments.

Eviction process:

First, Kamal saved Nisha, and then Suresh. Suresh was sitting between Ajeedh and Somu. While Kamal was announcing the third saved person, Suresh was holding both Ajeedh and Somu tightly. Kamal asked why?

Suresh said pasanga! Good feel! Next kamal saved Somu. Lastly, it was between Aajeedh and Vel Murugan. Kamal asked how they were both feeling. Aajeedh said he didn't use his potential inside. He realised this now, and would perform better if he could get another chance. Uhm, didn't he already get this chance last week!!?? God! Velmurugan said he might get evicted. Then Kamal officially called Velmurugan’s eviction.

Spontaneously, next second, Balaji ran and lifted Aajeedh with happiness. It looked so awkward. It was not right to show happiness like this, when someone is sad. It just shows his maturity level, and lack of impluse control.

Archana as usual cried. But jithan also was in emotion. Velmurugan was supposed to break his hundi and give the coin to someone. He broke the hundi but asked the HMs to take it, whomever wanted. Aari got the coin.

Introducing a book:

Before Velmurugan came out to meet Kamal, Kamal introduced the book ‘Alagar Koil’. written by Tho. Paramasivam. The organisers also had arranged for the author’s speech on virtual video, which was good.

The brief detail about the author is given below for the benefit of the readers:

Tho. Paramasivan (simply called as Tho Pa, was born in1950). He is an Indian anthropologistand writer of Tamil ancestry. He was a professor in the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University.

Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights

Dr.Velmurugan on stage:

Velmurugan met Kamal on the stage. Kamal played a video clipping for him. Velmurugan felt sad that his children might feel bad that he came out of the BBH so early. Kamal rightly consolled him saying that he won the hearts of four crore people. Then Kamal asked about his achievements. It was a big list and he even has a doctorate from the American university. On knowing this, Kamal addressed him as Dr. from then on. Good gesture!

Out of mt curiocity, I gathered the details from wiki about the achievements of Velmurugan and reproduced below for the readers interest! As kamal said, he earned the hearts of four crore people!

2007 – American University (Doctorate) Award

2009 – Edison Award for Best Introduced Playback Singer – "Aadungada"

2010 – Naattuppura Nayagan Award (by President APJ Abdul Kalam)

2011 – Naattuppura Nayagan Award

2014 – Best Play Back Singer 2014 Award

2017 – Marabu isai Nayagan Award

2018 – Best PlayBackSinger 2018

2019 – Radio Mirchy Award

2019 – Edison Award for Best Introduced Playback Singer – "Kathari Poovazhagi"

2019 – Kalaimamani Award

2019 – World Guinness Record (Tamilkalai oyilaattam)

2020 – Periyar Awards

2020 – Mirchi Awards – "Kathari Poovazhagi" (Asuran)

2020 – T Awards – "Kathari Poovazhagi" (Asuran)

Wild card entry:

Then came the introduction of wild card entry Ms. Suchi. The audience have been expecting this for a long time. Puli varudhu, Puli Varudhu ! Vandu vittadhu! She told Kamal that the BBH house is in a shaky status. She would go and set right it. Lets see if she is set righting the shaky BBH or if she will shake it further! Suchi also presented the receipe Book to Kamal.

Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights
Bigg Boss Tamil day 28 highlights

Suchi entered the Bigg Boss House cheerfully. It appears that she knew Suresh, Archana and Aajeedh very well. But Nisha didn’t know about her. It seems Nisha is concentrating only on her work but not vigorous on social media! She would get to know about Suchi leaks shortly from other HMs!

As usual BB had given a task to Suchi. She had to give different Emoji cards to the suitable HMs. Nothing more to say on it, except that she gave 'silent killer' Emoji to Ramya. Yes Ramya is a silent killer. And nothing wrong in it. Thats her survival strategy in BB.

Let’s see how Suchi’s entry causes stir inside the BBH! Tomorrow nominations for this week's eviction. Waiting to know the list of nominees!

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