BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 100 Review: Last week heats up ‘outside’ Bigg Boss House!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Day 100 episode
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Day 100 episode

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the entry of Velmurugan followed by Sanam, Suchi, Samyuktha and Ajeedh. BB had the Thanga Suranga task. Followed by old comedy clippings of the Anbu gang!

Today’s Bigg boss episode was a 100th day special episode! Obvious and shameless image pumping for Vijay TV chella kutty Rio was the highlight of today’s episode. Anbarasi Archana was mostly quiet today – it is raining in Chennai!

Entry of Vel, Sanam, Suchi, Sam and Ajeedh:

Aari was sweeping the living room by himself. Somu asked him to come out and join them in their chat. Somu also said that had Aari called him, he would have come to clean. Aari said that the place was dirty, and so he was cleaning. He finished all, except bedrooms. Somu said that he would clean during night time and left.

Is it Aari’s house? Or is he the leader? Why should he call others to clean? Don’t others have eyes? Well, they do! They only don’t have the intent. But when they see Aari cleaning, they panic, worrying that he will get the votes! A bunch of duds!

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Vel Murugan entered. Aari lifted him first. Then, he hugged other HMs. Vel had a new look. Good!

After sometime, Sanam Akka entered. She hugged Aari and said that she entered the House primarily for him.

Then, Suchi entered. Bala as usual, continued his questions from yesterday, and asked her about his image outside. He said that he is scared of his career. Suchi said that everything would be fine after awhile and asked him to focus on his game. She said until the last minute, voting and game counts.

Latest bigg boss season 4 episode
Latest bigg boss season 4 episode

Key note:

Yes, Suchi was right. Voting is open till Friday night. So the contestants should show their best performance till the end. She is a smart lady. Unfortunately could not cope up in the House. They say that there are 3 major ‘quotients’ that help a person succeed. IQ – Intelligence Quotient, EQ – Emotional Quotient and AQ – Adversity Quotient. Suchi was not able to survive the adversity in the Bigg Boss House – Anbarasi Archana. Btw, Suchi was looking good. Sanam stunning. Vel Murugan semma get up.

Then, Samyuktha and Ajeedh entered. On seeing Samyukhtha, Bala left Suchi and moved to her. Sam hugged him and addressed him kulandai kulandai!

Key note:

Really? I have a question for Archana and Sam. Will they bring up their kids to be like Bala? And if he is like their son, why not guide him!!??

Samuyuktha told Ramya that she was mass. Ramya said that she was the only one who appreciated her. Wow! Ramya is smart! She found out that no one else really likes her! Anyways, Rekha said that she too appreciated and called her Singapenn. Well, Rekha is just nice to everyone!

Bigg boss rio aari
Bigg boss rio aari

Ramya was later cribbing that only once when Aari and Bala were fighting, she took Bala away. But Aari branded her as Bala’s friend because of it.

Key note:

Uhm, not just Aari, if I remember it right, even Kamal said it! Why didn’t Ramya question Kamal then. Looks like Ramya, who is half my age has selective memory!

Bala added to this and said that even if they say ‘hai, bye’ to each other, they were being branded as a Group.

Key note:

In kutram sollum task, Bala said that Ramya, inspite of being his friend failed to point out his mistakes and guide him properly. Ramya also didn’t object when Bala mentioned Ramya as his friend. Archana and Samyuktha could not attack Aari directly, as they are no longer in the game. Hence, they were pouring oil onto the fire.

Todays bigg boss episode review
Todays bigg boss episode review

Looks like Bala lost confidence on himself, and the people who voted for him last week. He is asking everyone who entered recently about his status outside. It appears he is in mental agony.

The last week of the reality show – looks like there are several people who are under strong mental pressure – Bala (about his image), Rio (about winning), Aari (about being attacked on all sides). I hope everyone stays strong mentally and emotionally.

Jithan’s news to Bala:

Yesterday in unseen video, Bala was talking with Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) at the dinning table. PP Jithan told Bala that he has 50:50 image with people, but Aari has 100% positive. Bala was shocked and asked PP Jithan how this happened. PP Jithan said that it is because Bala apologizes for his mistakes, which makes it look like he is on the wrong.

Aaah! Ivankittalam advice kettu, Bala is digging his own grave. Avlo dhaan naan solluven.

Bala asked sorry to Sanam. She asked what for, this ‘new’ sorry?

Hahaha! I miss Sanam!

Todays bigg boss tamil season4 promo
Todays bigg boss tamil season4 promo

Thanga pudayal task:

Old task only. Perusa solrathuku onnum illa. BB said it was one of the best tasks they had done, and asked the HMs to play it again.

Creativity blockku idhu our saaku!

Rio read the rules. HMs had to divide themselves into five groups and enter the room, group by group. They had to search for cards until the buzzer was heard.

Gabi being captain, divided the group. She asked Aari if he was fine with the group. He nodded his head. Again, she asked. Again, Aari nodded his head. Rio mundiri kotta interfered and asked why Aari was not responding to her. Aari said that he was answering to Gabi, and asked him why he was interfering unnecessarily. Later, Rio kept interfering in Gabi’s lead, and finally Gabi just handed it over to Rio. I think he is getting desperate to win.

Anyways, the task took place. Different eatables were named in the cards. HMs acted very excited looking at it. BB supplied it to them. Mokka Mokka Mokka. Bala as usual deviated the rule. He didn’t find any card. Even after the buzzer sound, he searched for a card. He left the room only after getting a card.

Buzzer ellam yaarku!? Bala annanuka?

After this task, Rio went and spoke with Aari confronting him about his ‘rudeness; Aari called out Rio’s adhiga prasangi thanam, and said he should have minded his own business. They both apologized to each other, and settled the matter. Poor BB was probably hoping for a bigggg fight!

Bigg boss nisha
Bigg boss nisha

Key points:

Already BB is supplying food to the HMs as it is the final week. Plus, the delicious snacks too! Yumm! Enjoy HMs!

And.. seriously, Rio!! His desperation can be smelled at my house here, 1000s of miles away. He needs to calm down. Gabi is the captain of the house. Why was not he allowing her to work independently and lead!? Is he that scared?

Bala as usual break the rule. That’s Bala. Even after the buzzer sound and despite Suchi’s warning searched for the card.

Velmurugan’s funny moment:

All were assembled in the living room sofa. Velmurugan was telling about his wife’s teasing comments about him after he returned home. His wife said that he was shown on the screen only once in a week. Ajeedh said that his family told him that he was shown once in 2 months!

Ajeedh, of course didnt perform well. Age was a factor. For Vel, the inferiority complex was a factor. And people like Bala n Ramya treated him very badly.

Funny video clipping:

BB conveyed his wishes for 100 days completion. Then BB played a video clipping and showed the comedy portions of the HMs. Sorry, not all the HMs but only of Rio, Nisha and Archana. Now, I can also smell their desperation at my house. They are trying very hard to make Rio win, or at least make him a runnerup. Makkal v. Vijay TV on full swing!

Rekha cried: Rio hugged:

BB announced the HMs to share their comedy time inside the BBH. Rekha instead of sharing comedy, shared a sad moment. She said that after he went home, her daughter didn’t speak with her for two weeks and her husband also blamed her for getting evicted soon. She then said that long back, when her daughter was a child, she was sick. So, the grandmother (Rekha’s mother) stayed with her to help. At that time, her father was also not well, and was in Kerala. Since he didn’t have anyone to support him, he passed away. Rekha said that till now, she feels guilty about it. She started crying and everyone consoled her. Rio hugged here tightly and Rekha said ‘moochu muttudhuda’. lol

Bigg boss tamil season4 updates
Bigg boss tamil season4 updates

Semma mokka:

Then Archana shared her funny moments inside the house. Suddenly, BB said Nishu I love you. Nisha has told many times that she loves BB and asked BB to tell that he too loves her. Today, he said. Nisha felt very happy and rolled on the floor. BB then asked Nisha, how was his comedy? Semma Mokka for Nisha. And Semma mokka for us too!

With this today’s episode got over.

ரேகாவின் துயரம், மீண்டும் அர்ச்சனாவின் அன்பு கேங், ஆரியின் அப்செட்... பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 100

What a drag of an episode. Three more days we have to tolerate this! Saturday if finale shooting I think! Yay! Count down started!

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