BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 101 Review: Thalaivar rocks!


Happy Bogi’! ‘Happy Pongal’!

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 101 Review: Thalaivar rocks!

Happy Bogi’! ‘Happy Pongal’!


Today’s Bigg boss Episode was filled with Thalaivar Rajinikanth. The episode started with a Thalaivar song from the movie Thalapathy and ended with a Thalaivar song from the movie Muratu Kalai. Anitha entered the BBH. An Emotional video clipping was shown which was good. Otherwise, nothing much to write about the episode. The HMs were mostly just nostalgic, with BB playing old videos and filling time. Old tasks were redone, and most importantly, with the HMs getting to know that Aari has mass support outside, they tried to stay clear of him (yaarum Aariya vambuku izukala). Rio and Bala were visibly upset with the revelation of the public support shared by the evicted re-entrants.

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Festival mood:

Before entering into the Review, I want to wish you all ‘ a Happy Bogi’! and a ‘Happy Pongal’!

Master movie has been released in the theatre.

It’s pertinent to mention here that 50% occupancy is allowed in the theatre as per the Supreme Court order and Central Government directions. People should also take care of themselves, and I request everyone to wear a mask and maintain social distancing while in theatre.

Over to Bigg Boss House:

Thalaivar song:

Today’s morning song played a bit late, at 9 AM. ‘Kattu kulle manasukulla’ song from the movie ‘Thalapathy’! Wow!

‘pazhasai Ellam suttu thallu

Puthusa ippa porandhomunu

Ennikollada doi

Oodha kattu veesa

Odambukulla koosa

Kuppa Koolam patha Vachu


apt song for today’s Bogi festival!

‘Thai porakum Naalai

Vidiyum Nalla vellai

Ponga paalu vellam

Polar paayalam’ apt song for Pongal festival!

Bigg boss tamil finale
Bigg boss tamil finale

Rio & Aari:

After the morning song, Sanam, Vel, Aari and Suchi were talking. Sanam was saying that the happiness and enthusiasm was missing in the House, when compared to the first week. Aari said that the HMs in the BBH were scared to talk, as only few more days were left, and they didn’t know how things would be projected outside.

Suchi said that irrespective of whether it was inside or outside, even when people speak positively, it is upto the listener to take it well or not. Positivity and negativity was also the listener’s choice.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Rio, who was in the kitchen thought that they were referring to him and unnecessarily interfered in their conversation. I can still smell his desperation in my home! He said that whatever Aari said, he took it positively. The discussion then turned to Rio and Aari.

Rio asked Aari to be happy for at least the remaining three days and asked him to join with their group and enjoy. Aari retorted that he is ready to join with their group, but would they play with him? Good answer Aari! Rio replied that he spent good time with Aari.

Key point:

Did Anbu group allow anyone who played individually, to join their group? Anbu group had Anbarasi’s rajyam and strict rules that the group members had to abide by. Anbu group protects. But Anbu group also punishes sternly. Key example is Anitha and Somu. They were friends initially when they came to BBH. But Somu was a part of the Anbu group. Anitha was not Somu had to choose. As regards Aari, he was never the person to abide by these rules of the Anbu gang. OMG! I feel like I am writing about some dangerous cult. I sometimes think how different Season 4 would have been if Archana had not been there. Too late now.

When Aari and Rio were in jail, they had a nice bonding. But once they came outside, Anbarasi had strict boundaries. Aari mentioned their happy time in jail two-three times.

Latest bigg boss episode highlights
Latest bigg boss episode highlights

Even after Archana’s eviction Somu and Rio were not able to move freely with Aari. They might have thought that Archana would be watching the show and get angry, and will ‘scold’ them after they came out. Sad. Gabi is a slight exception in that group. She played her individual game though she maintained a soft corner towards the Anbu gang, as they cover up for her dearth of household skillsets, and also helped her with the strength of their number. It was a win for her!

Gabi and Rio were later talking. Gabi said that after the feedback received from the evicted HMs, Gabi, Rio and Somu were upset to some extent, but Bala was completely flat. He was terribly upset and was not playing his game.

Again Rio said he asked Aari to join with them and enjoy the last three days.

பிக்பாஸ் டைட்டிலா, விஷ பாட்டிலா... காற்றில் பறக்கும் ரூல்ஸ்! - நாள் 101

Key point:

Aari was the only person who didn’t ask for any feed back from anyone. In fact when Nisha tried to tell something to Aari, he asked her not to tell. Pretty much every one in the Anbu gang and Bala gang received and asked for feedback. But what Bala and Samyuktha did were objectionable. In unseen video yesterday, Samyuktha told Bala that if he receives 1000 votes, Aari receives 4000. She said he is the cleat winner.

Todays bigg boss tamil episode review
Todays bigg boss tamil episode review

Those who come from outside are not supposed to give any feedback about what’s happening outside. But Samyuktha has been supplying Bala with the answer sheet in a key exam. If Vijay TV is quiet about it, it means they must have guided her to do this. What is the strategy behind this?

Aari fans are tensed and emotional. Maybe they did that to push Bala to take the 5 lakhs and go, so that their chella kutty Rio will come runner up?

Anitha’s entry:

Around 11 am, Anitha entered the House. Everyone hugged her and consoled her. Aari and Bala both were not seen. Anitha asked Sanam for Aari. Aari was inside the rest room. Bala was sleeping. Shivani is not there to wake him up! He thinks the game is almost over. Only a few days left, so no need to follow any rules.

But he didn’t follow rules even on a normal day.

Anitha, Aari and Suchi were talking. Anitha told that her last fight with Aari attracted negative comments. People didn’t accept her apologies and she could not handle people’s comments and his father’s demise simultaneously. Only her husband was managing, she said.

Bigg boss tamil
Bigg boss tamil

Naada, kaada task:

Nisha read the task. Same old task. The demons’ group should make the King’s group to smile.

Archana, Suchi, Samyuktha, Anitha , Gabi, Aari, Jithan and Ajeedh were the Raja group.

Nisha, Rekha, Ramya, Rio, Somu, Vel and Bala were Arakkans.

First Ajeedh went from the king side. Within a minute, Bala made him laugh. BB also commented that they had provided such a costly dress, and it was wasted. Atleast he could have pulled on for some time, said BB. Ajeedh joined with the demons group.

In between the task Bala and Ramya were talking. Bala said Ramya was named as Visha bottle. Moreover he said Ramya was his real enemy who named him Bala mama. Ramya took it lightly. She didn’t bother much like Bala.

Bala could able to squeeze almost all the informations from the evicted contestants.

Samyuktha’s turn. She too smiled. But she said it was boring in the Raja group. So, she smiled and joined the demons group.

Gabi didn’t smile. She won. Followed by Gabi, Suchi and Aari came and won the task.

When Aari came from the king’s side no one went near to him. They said that anyways he won’t smile, so it was waste trying. Only Vel tried to make Aari smile.

Aari Sanam Anitha bigg boss
Aari Sanam Anitha bigg boss

BB announced that the king group won the task.

Achariya world School education task:

Only the six finalists participated in the task. Their eyes would be closed. They had to kick the football into the goal post. Evicted HMs would guide them. Gabi put two goals and won the game.

HMs got pizza pockets as a gift.

Emotional video clipping:

BB showed an emotional video clipping which was very nice.

It seems that Somu and Gabi were not talking to each other. It was not telecast. After the video, they both spoke and Somu demanded sorry from Gabi. She said sorry and they both hugged. After the video clipping, Anbu gang hugged , jumped in the garden area. Then they went to the rest room area, and hugged and jumped there as well.

With this today’s episode got over.

While lights were switched off, Velmurugan sang the song ‘podhuvaga Enn Manasu thangam, oru potyinu vandhuvitta singam’ from the movie ‘Murattu Kalai ‘ , Thalaivar Rajini movie. Today’s episode started with Thalaivar song and ended with Thalaivar song. Great!

Tomorrow Pongal celebrations inside the Bigg Boss House!