BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 102 Review: Gabi’s brilliant move. Kudos!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Today’s bigg boss biggest highlight is Gabi walking away with 5 lakhs.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 102 Review: Gabi’s brilliant move. Kudos!

Today’s bigg boss biggest highlight is Gabi walking away with 5 lakhs.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Today’s bigg boss biggest highlight is Gabi walking away with 5 lakhs. She stood her ground against Rio, and did what was best for her and her family. It seemed like an extremely smart decision, knowing that she was not going to be the winner. 21 years of age, and so much wisdom! Pongal celebrations happened inside the Bigg Boss House, and the day ended with a sensational video!

Special note on Gabri:

I generally add the special note on the evicted HMs at the end. But given Gabi’s brilliant move today, I wanted to talk about her in the beginning.

Latest bigg boss episode
Latest bigg boss episode

Gabi is a beautiful girl, and a wonderful dancer. Of all the HMs, the only contestant who danced gracefully during the morning songs, is Gabri. She is a very bold player and played individually, like Aari. She has even put forth Bala’s mistakes to him, which many HMs do not have the guts to. The only negative factor I would say (but understandable, as I will explain in a minute), is her being in the shadows of the Anbu gang. She is 21 years of age, but understands things clearly, accepts reality, assesses what it means for her, and adapts as needed. Her recent diplomatic conversations with Somu and Rio whenever they spoke about Aari, and behavior with Aari after she sensed his outside support was very mature and smart. We can’t say that about any other HM in the House.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 grand finale
Bigg boss tamil season 4 grand finale

I think if she had been older, she would have played more like Aari. But being 21, it is understandable that she liked the solace of the Anbu gang in the BBH that can get cruel and lonely, as we have seen it happen with Aari. Aari, at 34 years of age, was able to handle the isolation and 24 hours of negativity. It might have been extremely hard for a younger person. Being a part of the Anbu gang did come with some cons. Often times, Gabi has been treated as the ‘oppu chappa’ smaller kid who plays with bigger kids. The bigger kids think that their victory is more important, and often trample upon the ambitions of the smaller kid, as, well.. she is small, and can figure things out later when she grows up. Gabi was like that in the Anbu gang. A good example is the ranking after the ball task, where her teammates took 1-3 ranks, and pushed her to the last!

But, when it mattered the most, Gabi showed her strong personality and stood her ground. Being used to the Gabi who gives up things easily to the ‘bigger kids’ Rio was probably shocked when Gabi refused to give him the pana petti. Her true, confident self shone. Great job! I wish her good luck in life!

The episode:

Morning song:

Today’s Episode started with the morning song ‘Adungada Enna suthi’ from the movie ‘Pokiri’! Following two paras are apt for today’s episode!

Bigg boss tamil review
Bigg boss tamil review

‘Kada vetti ponga vecha

Kaali Agatha Pongal ada

Tully kitty ponga vecha

Jallipatti kattu Pongal ada

Vidiya vidiya virundu vecha

Pokiri Pongal Pokiri Pongal’ apt song for today!

Grand Pongal celebrations - Outside and inside the BBH!

Super song and super dance by Vijay! The Small bit of Vijay and Prabhu deva dance in the middle of the song was Vera level!

Btw, Vijay is my favorite actor!

Gabi walking away with 5 lacs:

After the morning song, Ramya and Anitha were putting kolam for pongal. Bala was sitting next to them.

Archana read the note sent by the BB, about the Money box (panapetti)!

The first box was kept on the pillar and Aari opened it. It contained Rs.1,00,000/- label .

Bala before the camera said that had it been ten days back, he would have taken it. Now people saved him, and since he is one of the finalists, he didn’t want to go out even if he gets one crore. Ok ok nambittom!

Todays bigg boss episode promo
Todays bigg boss episode promo

Nowadays, he is talking before the camera a lot and passing messages to the people.

No one took the one lac. Then Sanam brought the money box for the second round. This time Bala opened the box. It contained 5 lacs label.

Sanam was telling Anitha that no one would take, but within no time Gabi took that suitcase. Rio came and asked for the box. Look at the audacity! He said that he wanted to see his daughter and hence go home.

Ya, the same guy who said he will spend just 1 hour at home and then go sit in a forest.

But Gabi said that she wanted to see her mom. Rio was stupidly arguing with her and made a bigger fool of himself. He said that she has only her mom, but he has many people that he wanted to see. Reeks of insensitivity!!

Gabi’s reply was excellent here. She said that she has only her mom, and her mom has only her. She is the only one to look after her mom. It clearly implied that she needed that money .

Anbu gang asked Gabi to reconsider her idea, but Gabi was stubborn.

Archana’s dialogue ‘when did she grow up?’ has a clear answer – when Archana got evicted! lol Gabi is thousand times better than Rio and Somu with regard to her maturity and sensibility.

Bigg boss tamil season4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season4 contestants

Gabi was one of the best contestants in the Anbu gang. Anyways, Gabi was emotional when she was about to leave. Bala, Somu and Rio hugged her. BB confirmed her decision and asked her to come out of the BBH through the main gate. She broke her hundi and distributed the coins to everyone.

Aari hugged her and said she was mass inside the BBH, and kissed her.

While Gabi was leaving, Bala asked her to vote for him. Poor guy, trying to get whatever he can. Sanam asked her not to do that mistake!! Haha

After Gabi left, Archana commented that people were leaving their group one by one and going out. And they were just watching. Well, that’s the game, darling!

Nisha was correctly questioning Rio:

‘Enda ippadi irukae, paithiyakaran Madirai iruke’ she said. Again Rio said that he wanted to go home. Rio said that had he been nominated and got evicted he would have left the house happily.

Then Producer Pulla Jithan and Archana motivated him. Jithan said it would be a Gethu moment for him on the stage and advised him to be happy for the remaining two days.

Key note:

I feel Archana thought that all the top finalists would from their Anbu group and one of them would be the winner. .. the group had a big problem. Her. She was the one who spoiled the game. Before her entry they were playing individually, except Nisha, who was continuously tagging with Rio.

And with Rio, I think he is upset that he might not win the title, and was possibly feeling that walking away with money will help him save face. Bala was also upset for two days, but now seems fine. Ramya seems to be in happy go lucky mood. Among the finalists, Ramya and Aari didn’t interfere with Gabi’s decision, and didn’t give her any unnecessary advise. They knew it was a smart move.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 title winner
Bigg boss tamil season 4 title winner

Pongal celebrations:

BB announced the task on Pongal. Samayal potti, uriyadi potti and slow cycling. HMs had to be divided into two groups.

For Samayil task, Sanam was the judge.

For uriyadi BB announced Jithan as a judge. But since he expressed his wish to participate in the uriyadi task, Aari became the judge.

For slow cycling Samyuktha was the judge.

Rekha team members:

Aari, Somu, Jithan, Rio, Nisha and Archana

Ramya team members:

Sanam, Anitha, Suchi, Velmurugan, Samyuktha, and Ajeedh

Samayal potti :

They made Sakarai Pongal. Ramya’s team won in samayal potti.

Uriyadi potti:

Ramya from her team and Jithan from Rekha‘s team participated in the uriyadi. Ramya won. After this Aari and Ramya played silambattam. Velmurugan sang sandu pottu song- Kamal’s. Aari played well. He knew this game.

Slow cycling:

Velmurugan and Aari participated. Aari won.

Key note:

BB could have arranged the 5 lacs money segment after this Pongal celebrations. Gabi missed it. Viewers too missed her presence.

Velmurugan was continuously singing according to the situation. Very nice.

Confrontation video:

After the Pongal celebrations, BB showed the collation of all confrontations in a video clipping. Aari felt uneasy. Other HMs also would have felt, but he showed openly.

It was very sensational. Bala was there in almost all clips, from the beginning to the end. Aari was there in the second part. Suresh, Bala, Anitha and Rio occupied the rest.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha Sampath
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha Sampath

Bigg Boss announced that their anger and confrontation were reactions to the specific incidents and is not a character reflection. He said they should not carry any hatred outside the BBH, which was a advise.

After this video Anitha stood before the camera, and said that her anger was not intentional, and due to frustration caused inside the BBH, she reacted like that, and sought apologies from the people. She also said that her father admired the way she played and understood that her anger was due to frustration. She said he regularly watched the show except for her eviction.

With this today’s episode was over. One more day to go for the finale.