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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 103 Review: Shivani vs Bala!

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Before entering into todays bigg boss review, ‘Happy Thiruvalluvar Day’ - 15.1.2021

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the morning song followed by the Patti sollai thathade task (ya, the same one). BB showed an Emotional video clipping. The re-entrants left to go back to their homes. Suresh made a cameo entry on the final visitors’ day.

Today’s Episode started with the morning song ‘Aluma doluma’ song of Thala Ajith.

Quick note: Thala Ajith‘s general concern over social welfare is remarkable.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Most beneficial contestant:

After the morning song, Aari, Suchi and Anitha were talking. Aari was telling his travel inside the BBH will always be an unforgettable event. He also said that he will never forget the court scene and his jail visits of four times.

Suchi registered that Aari was the only contestant who has benefitted the most among all contestants.

Sastha Appalam promotion:

Rekha fried Sastha appalam and all the HMs tasted it.

Sastha appalam supplied lunch to all the HMs.

Bigg boss house tamil season 4
Bigg boss house tamil season 4

Shivani’s entry:

Along with food, BB also sent Shivani inside the BBH. She was covered with a mat. On seeing Shivani inside the mat, Suchi got a jerk, and other HMs took Shivani out of the mat.

Shivani hugged and enquired about everyone except Bala. Ahaaaa.

Shivani was later talking to Rekha and Velmurugan. Bala went there and tried to talk with Shivani. She just enquired about him, and asked why he looked dull. He said that he has not slept properly for the past three days. Shivani moved away that place.

Suresh entry:

Suresh Chakravarthy entered into the BBH finally, and everyone hugged and welcomed him. His entry was like latea vandalum latesta moment.

Bigg boss tamil suresh chakravarthy Sanam
Bigg boss tamil suresh chakravarthy Sanam

Again Patti sollai thatade:

Oh no! Are they really not able to think of new things? BB announced the task wherein Rekha and Ajeedh were given the thieves role.

Patti role was given to Archana (same same) but her younger sister’s role was given to Rekha. Rekha’s husband role was given to Suresh!

Rekha and Ajeedh were able to steal the pathiram successfully the second time. But after stealing, Ajeedh was cribbing before the camera that though this task was being played for the second time he could not understand the task.

Sigh! Poor guy. He failed to use this opportunity as well.

காதல் குழப்பத்தில் பாலாஜி... ஆரிதான் வின்னரா? பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 103

Bigg boss bala shivani
Bigg boss bala shivani

Shivani Vs Bala:

In between the task, again Bala asked Shivani what the problem was (why she wasn’t talking to him). She said that his comments to Ajeedh that she was a school girl and didn’t even have the maturity level of Ajeedh’s was very bad.

Shivani said that she is elder to Ajeedh and that the minimum age required for entering into BBH is 18. Again Bala said that he thought her mom pressurised her by sending her inside. Shivani got wild and drilled him. He said sorry and moved.

Bala didn’t participate in the Patti sollai thathade task. Suresh consoled Bala and said that he would talk to Shivani. Even then he couldn’t bounce back.

Bigg boss tamil review
Bigg boss tamil review

Poor guy is being hit on all sides.

Sanam asked Shivani to ask Bala to take part in the task, but Shivani said that he was Sanam’s son (in the task) and asked her to call him.

Quick note:

If Shivani had played like this, she would have been a finalist!!

Key note:

Shivani is a very decent and matured contestant. But she was overshadowed by Bala and missed the golden opportunity.

Bala’s comment about Shivani to Ajeedh was to just safe guard himself from Shivani’s mom’s allegations.

Rio didn’t open his mouth at all, in today’s task. The first time this task was played, he performed well. But today, he bombed. He was completely down.

Bigg boss tamil grand finale
Bigg boss tamil grand finale

Rekha, Jithan and Velmurugan performed well. They might have felt bad that they didn’t utilize their chance well, and hence when they re- entered as guests they wanted to show their presence.

Especially Velmurugan. He was singing nicely with apt songs in all the situations. Ajeedh also is a singer, but he failed to utilize the opportunity even now as a guest entry.

Emotional video clipping:

Today BB arranged to play the emotional situations’ video clipping which was very nice. Especially the entry of Rio’s wife and Aari’s daughter was very nice.

Then, BB asked the ex-contestants to leave the BBH. Before leaving, Archana hugged and kissed Bala and said that he is always welcome to her house and he is one of her family member.

Bigg boss tamil Aari arjunan
Bigg boss tamil Aari arjunan

Anitha wished Aari and said that he should come with a cup.

Nisha even after closing the gate, yelled from outside and asked Rio to comb his hair and dress properly.

With this, today’s episode was over.

Key points:

Except Gabi, all other contestants were there. BB could have invited her on the last day, or have accepted her decision to take 5 lacs, but allowed her stay along with ex-contestants.

So many exceptions happened in this season 4. Gabi’s stay could have been one of it. Who plans things like this in BBH, I wonder. Are they half asleep when they think through the script?

Latest bigg boss tamil episode promo
Latest bigg boss tamil episode promo

A very noted and bad exception in this season was allowing the ex-contestants to reveal what’s happening outside. Before entering into BBH, strict instructions should have been given to the ex-contestants not to reveal what’s happening outside. But they disclosed everything, which made Bala and Rio completely out of mood .

Nisha reflected viewers mind. Rio has been very dull and has acted with zero enthusiasm. Everyone knows what’s happening outside. Rio might have thought to take the money box when it increased from 5 lacs to 10 lacs, but Gabi made a smart move and took it.

The final note given by the Bigg Boss after the emotional video clipping was so touching.

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