BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 104 Review: Pens down! Its results day!

Bigg boss tamil grand finale

Today’s episode started with Kamal’s mass entry. He spoke about Ulavar and said Ulave Thalai, Ulavanai Ninai’! perfect quote!

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 104 Review: Pens down! Its results day!

Today’s episode started with Kamal’s mass entry. He spoke about Ulavar and said Ulave Thalai, Ulavanai Ninai’! perfect quote!

Bigg boss tamil grand finale

Today’s Bigg boss episode was just everyone gearing up for the ultimate! Kamal tried to cheer up the contestants after the huge lull that befell them after hearing makkal’s positivity to Aari. Gabi met Kamal on stage.

Ulavar Dinam:

Today’s episode started with Kamal’s mass entry. He spoke about Ulavar

and said Ulave Thalai, Ulavanai Ninai’! perfect quote!

But still, our farmers protest is going on for more than 5 months in Delhi, and more than 60 farmers have died. Though the Supreme Court has passed a stay order on the new farmers Bill, (Velanmai Sattam), formers still are continuing their protest. They know that making the bill dormant is not enough. As of now, the farmers and the country is waiting for a mutual understanding between the Government and the farmers.

Over to Bigg Boss House:

The HMs were preparing for the finale. Beauticians were giving a haircut to male contestants, and pedicure/manicure to Ramya.

Latest bigg boss tamil episode review
Latest bigg boss tamil episode review


Aari was talking before the camera. He said that he has studied only upto 9th standard . Afterwards, he learnt everything by experience. The BB game was also a wonderful experience to him, he said. Whoever’s the winner, he would be happy he said. Wow!

Quick note:

Aari proves that wisdom, good behavior, and integrity have nothing to do with ‘formal’ education. Kudos!

Ulavargal Dinam , Ranuva Nall and Thiruvalluvar Day:

HMs were asked to say few words on these topics. Everyone spoke well. Aari’s speech was very neat. It showed his experience as a social activist.


Bala was talking before the camera. He said that he was happy that his identity is well known now, and that his face is known to all.

Rio & Somu:

Rio and Somu were talking about Gabi and said they missed her. Somu said he and Rio both looked after her like a kid, but Rio said that it was Gabi and Somu who looked after him like a kid.

Bigg boss title winner Aari arjuna
Bigg boss title winner Aari arjuna

Quick note:

Aaga mothathula yarum valardhavan maari BBHla behave pannala. Seems like they were always looking for someone to take charge and lead. When Anbarasi Archana came, they all just happily settled under her. No wonder the result on 17th is what it is!

Kamal met the five finalists through the digital TV:

He said generally, the finalists would be happy when the ex- contestants visit the BBH. But…, in this season it was the other way around.

He asked the HMs about their feelings on the visit of the ex- contestants.

Ramya said that initially she was upset, but after the entry of Samyuktha she bounced back.

Bala said that he too was upset, but said this the life. All a part of the game. Waah! Waah! So much wisdom on the penultimate day!

Aari said that he got energy initially. But when the other contestants got input about what was happening outside, he felt that their attitude to him changed and after that he could not move freely with them.

Rio said that initially he was happy, but when Nisha and Archana asked him if he would be the same (as their brother), after coming out and getting to know the response outside, he got hurt.

Bigg boss tamil bala
Bigg boss tamil bala

Kamal said that whatever the comments outside, he should not change. He should have confidence in him. Everyone is very famous now, he said.

Kamal gave the example of Hindi actor Pran who acted as a villain. Though his name was nice, people won’t prefer to give his name to their children as he was branded a villan. It shows his success in his career, he said.

Kamal then asked the contestants what factor affected them. Rio said that the ex- contestants told that he was trolled a lot.

Somu said he felt good as everything was positive to him.

Ramya said ‘Siripae poinu solli tanga’, and she felt for it.

Permanent state of happiness won’t be there, it is always ups and downs, Kamal said. Moreover, Kamal said that he was improving himself every season. OK, I like Kamal. But no…. idhu konjam kooda unmai illa. We all know that Kamal’s hosting standard in BB1 was far far better and that it has been a downhill.

Bala said that after five years he was showing his anger. His anger over shadowed his good things. But, he isn’t bothered about it. His identity came out and he is happy with it. He also said that he was feeling guilty about..... but Kamal stopped him in midway and said that he would talk about this afterwards.

Todays bigg boss tamil episode promo
Todays bigg boss tamil episode promo

Quick note:

But he didn’t touch this topic afterwards. May be it would be telecast tomorrow. Or, maybe it was cut in editing.

Kamal then said that Aari put a gate around himself and didn’t ask anyone what was happening outside, and didn’t directly get info. Aari said that when Anitha and Sanam came, he felt it was nice reunion. Anitha said that her father liked him very much. Aari said that Anitha would be like his younger sister and their relationship would be continued even outside the BBH.

Kamal said they should be thankful to the audience who brought them to this stage, as the finalists.Kamal said they were looking like balloon without air, especially Rio and asked them to cheer up.

Kamal motivated them. He said that This platform is very rare chance. After coming out, what they do counts, and would stand before the people and get greater recognition, he said.

Quick note:

Its nice that Kamal is motivating the contestants who felt bad about learning the public opinion outside. But it is super weird that no one seemed to be bothered by the fact that it is against the BB rules to ask what was happening outside, and the ex consultants were also not allowed to share too much. Kamal didn’t either pretend to talk about it. Or, maybe the rules are no longer in place, and they forgot to tell us viewers. In this season, several things have been mokka. Adhula idhuvum onnu.

Bigg boss tamil Kamal Gabi
Bigg boss tamil Kamal Gabi

Positives among the contestants:

Kamal then asked the contestants to tell if there was anything to be reconsidered among the five finalists.

Bala said he had a rift with Aari. He already asked sorry to him. For Aari, he was villan and for Bala, Aari is villan.

Somu said that he had no problem with Ramya. With Bala and Aari, he initially had problems but now he was friendly with them.

Rio said that he has problem with Bala and Aari. After going out Rio’s friendship with Bala would depend on how he acts. Rio also said he was not comfortable with Aari’s lengthy speech.

Ramya said she had problems only with Aari. Two times she fought with him, one time she sought sorry. In second incident she didn’t ask as she felt she was right.

When they go out it would be fine she said.

Quick note:

Weird thing is, Kamal asked this question to everyone. But not to Aari. Or was it edited? If Kamal didn’t ask just him, it is not fair on Kamal’s part. If Kamal asked, and the channel edited only his answer, it is not fair on the channel’s part.

Gabi met Kamal on stage:

Gabriella wore a saree and came on stage. Kamal asked ‘Has Gabi not come?’

He said they both were in green color costume. (patchai Pasel).

He asked about her eviction with 5 lacs.

Gabi said that something is better than nothing, and said she was happy that her family felt proud of her.

Kamal appreciated Gabi’s smart move.

At the same time, Kamal asked why she didn’t run upto the end and show her sportsmanship.

Quick note:

If taking the money mid-way is so unsportsmanly, why is Vijay TV even offering it? In my opinion, this is also the game strategy. Evaluating your chances of winning, and deciding to part with a smaller fund mid-way is also a brain based decision. Ofcourse, the ex-consultants spoilt most of it by revealing way too much.

Gabi said that she was one of the finalists, and was happy with her decision.

Bigg boss suresh
Bigg boss suresh

She met her friends – the 5 finalists through the digital TV.

All were admiring her new look in a saree. Aari called her Gabi kutty and said they missed her presence at the Pongal celebrations.

Video clipping was shown to her. Very nice. The editing team really did a great job.💐

Gabi said that Kamal was spreading positive messages and hopeful feeling every week. Kamal said he felt happy for her comments and that it is his duty.

Kamal announced that tomorrow the winner would be announced and finale programme is for six hours tomorrow from 6.00 pm to 12.00am.

With that today’s episode was over.

Key points:

In the promo Kamal said that some twist was there in today’s episode. I was searching for the twist with a magnifying glass! Nothing.

Ramya was the only female contestant in the top five. 💐

It looked like Kamal’s main objective today was to motivate Rio. But looked like he failed. Rio seemed very sullen through the end.

Rio is in the media and he would have faced many trolls, positive & negative comments. How could he get so upset on hearing the ex-consultants’ comments? Is he scared to face the people? He has a long way to go. He requires more confidence for his future.

Anyways, this is one of the worse seasons of BB, and it is finally getting over. The tasks were sub-par and rules were also more like guidelines than rules. Starting from not wearing mics to sleeping, the ex-consultants revealing the public response, every supposed rule was broken.

Editing team however did an excellent work. I think they shouldered the whole season.

Tomorrow is grand finale. Already the results are leaked. We all know the winner and runner and second runner. For tomorrow’s Finale- Get ready!