BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 105 Review: Aari Wins! Love wins but hatred in the name of love won't!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Winner Aari Arjunan

Aari is the Bigg Boss Season 4 title winner! Bala is the first runner up. Rio is the second runner up. All were sitting at the edge of the seat to see if there will be last-minute twists. Now, everyone can breathe easy. Anbu vellum. Anbu thol porthiya veruppu endrum velladhu.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 105 Review: Aari Wins! Love wins but hatred in the name of love won't!

Aari is the Bigg Boss Season 4 title winner! Bala is the first runner up. Rio is the second runner up. All were sitting at the edge of the seat to see if there will be last-minute twists. Now, everyone can breathe easy. Anbu vellum. Anbu thol porthiya veruppu endrum velladhu.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Winner Aari Arjunan

Today's Bigg boss episode started with the travel of the Makkal Theerpu box wherein the name of the winner was kept in a card. It reached Kamal’s hand and he took the winner card and kept it in his coat pocket. While the box was travelling, a voice was telling that so far from season 1 to season 4, 297 plus crore votes have been cast, and for this finale week of season 4, 31.27 crore votes were cast.

Bigg Boss introduced the evicted contestants on stage, before they took their seats.

Kamal’s entry:

Kamal entered the stage in a black kadhi suit, and looked super handsome.

Today, 17.01.2021 is Dr. M.G. Ramachandran avargal’s birthday. Kamal launched the documentary, ‘Kalathai Vendravan’ on the occasion of the Former Chief Minister’s 104th Birth day. I am proud to say MGR is my all time favorite.

MG Ramachandran Ex CM Tamilnadu
MG Ramachandran Ex CM Tamilnadu

Thanks to Bigg Boss team:

Kamal thanked the entire BB team for their hard work during the COVID situation. He also said that the staff worked on 1:4 ratio (1 person handling 4 persons’ work) due to less deployment of staff.

I hope they were compensated well for it, and not exploited. Many companies are cutting employees’ pay (but increasing their workload) exploiting COVID situation. Great job BB team!💐

Kamal said that he missed the audience, since digital audience were kept in mute.

Kamal asked the evicted contestants to share their experience. Archana said that the memes & troll creators made her famous. Haha. I think the word she is looking for is notorious (infamous!). When it was Anitha’s turn, Kamal conveyed his condolences to Anitha.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Kamal’s gift:

Kamal gave gifts to the finalists. He gave a compass to Rio as he said that he wanted to go to forest once he is out of BBH. To Bala, Kamal gave dumbles. He gave drums to Somu, organic seeds to Ramya, and pen and recycling diary to Aari. Very thoughtful, Kamal!

Finalists family members conveyed their wishes to their person. Only Aari’s wife conveyed her wishes to all the finalists. Rio’s wife boosted him and asked him to smile. But Rio?!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 grand finale
Bigg boss tamil season 4 grand finale

Somu evicted:

Kamal invited Mugen Rao, ex-contestant of season3 on stage. Kamal asked Mugen Rao to get inside the BBH and bring one of the finalists among the five. Mugen Rao went inside the BBH. He sang a song and Somu put music. Mugen played a prank two times. Third time, Mugen asked the HMs to use the QR card and while Somu used his card, it showed as evicted. While leaving out of the BBH, Bala reminded him to give the chocolate paper to Ramya. Somu ran to his bed and took the empty chocolate paper. He gave that to Ramya. Somu said that he wanted to give it with the chocolate, but he ate it. Ramya said that she didn't know how to react in this situation.

Quick note:

Viewers know that Archana grabbed the chocolate from Somu and the Anbu gang swallowed it.

Mugen took Somu out, and Somu met Kamal on stage. Somu said he felt very happy that he could spend 105 days inside the BBH. AV was showed to Somu. As usual it was very nice.

Kamal distributed an award to all the contestants on behalf of BB:

Suresh : trend setter

Gabi : sportive

Somu : Mr. Clean

Archana : best cook

Nisha : stress buster

Samyuktha : best looking (really!?)

Jithan : Mr. Don't care (I will stick with Producer Pulla)

Anita : bold & beautiful

Ajeedh : lovable

Suchi : fearless

Velmurugan : Bigg Boss dude

Rekha : brave heart

Sanam : determined

Shivani : dancing doll

Bigg boss tamil title winner runner up
Bigg boss tamil title winner runner up

Ramya evicted:

Kamal invited Kavin on stage. Kamal asked Kavin to go inside the BBH and bring one of the finalists out.

When Kavin was inside the BBH, he really brought liveliness inside the BBH. He tried his best to make Rio smile. He danced with the four finalists.

Kavin asked the four finalists to search for news paper cuttings hiding at different places. They got all the pieces and pasted it. In that a portion of the cutting was pasted with a sticker. Ramya removed the sticker and read the news that Ramya has been evicted. Oh Oh. I wanna say I feel bad, but no, not really! While leaving the house, Ramya referred Bala to as a friend three or four times.

Quick note:

I can not avoid mentioning it here. Aari once said Bala as her friend, and the ‘neutral’ Ramya got annoyed and showed her anger on Aari.

Kavin took Ramya out of the Bigg Boss House. Ramya met Kamal on stage. Ramya’s brother appreciated Ramya, and said that she earned many fans.

Kamal said Parasu, has also become famous. Kamal meant his and his other sister’s interview where they bashed Vijay TV, You Tubers, people and Kamal. Parasu also knew it, but he tried to divert the topic. Like sister. Like brother. If you have not seen it, do look up on Youtube Bigg Boss Ramya’s sister and brother interview. Ramya will seem 1000 times better!

AV was shown on Ramya’s travel inside the BBH and it was nice. Singapenne award was given to Ramya.

Bigg boss tamil title winner gets 50 lakh
Bigg boss tamil title winner gets 50 lakh

Introduction of the book:

Kamal introduced the book ’Vasipadhu Eppadi’ written by Shri. Selvendran.

Kamal’s journey: Quick note:

Kamal sang one of his kavithai on request of Anitha. Kamal asked Somu to play drums.

Special AV was played for Kamal from season1 to season4. Kamal was wild in season1 and gradually toned it down in season 4. I can’t help but make the connection between Kamal’s change and the decline of the BB Season quality.

Generally, Kamal’s AV would be shown for that particular season only. But this time, AV was shown from season 1. I think may be Kamal won’t be hosting next season? Kamal also said that he had some problem in his leg, and had already undergone a surgery. He was waiting for the BB programme to finish, and will have another operation, he said. Let's wait and see.

Kamal informed that he has opened the House of Kadaar (a new company making kadar clothers) for the welfare of weavers. He specially arranged to make kadhi dresses for the contestants. He asked the contestants to change their dress and come to stage.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 winner Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil season 4 winner Aari Arjunan

Rio evicted:

He invited Sherin on stage and asked her to get into the BBH and follow the instructions of the BB.

Sherin went inside. Bala said welcome to our house. Sherin said that it is her house also. While Sherin was talking to BB, Bala kept interfering. Sherin snubbed him and Bala said she was rude. Sabah!

Sherin just ignored him. Three boxes were kept and Sherin gave a bunch of keys and asked them to open. Rio’s box opened and it was written ‘evicted’. Sherin took Rio out of the BBH. Now only we could see a smile on Rio’s face. So long he was in dull mood.

Rio met Kamal on stage. He was given best entertainer of this season award. AV was shown to him. Kamal asked him to change his costume to a kadhi dress and join with his friends.

Aari arjunan
Aari arjunan

Kamal inside the BBH:

Kamal went inside the BBH to bring Aari and Bala to the stage.

He spoke with them for few minutes. He said that he was under the impression that both would get evicted within 50 days, due to different reasons. Aari for his lengthy/boring speech and Bala for his anger. But later when Aari started questioning, and people saw honesty in his game he became famous. And Bala also got fans for his arrogance.

Kamal generally advised them Veerathil vivegamum, kovathil nyayamum iruka vendum.

Then kamal asked them to change their dress to kadhi costume. Afterwards Kamal asked BB to switch off the light. He asked them not to worry about the dark and said he got torch. How tactically Kamal was canvassing for his party?

Kamal, Bala and Aari were on stage:

AV was shown to Aari and Bala which was very nice. Bala’s was scary to watch. He himself was uncomfortable watching it.

Game changer award was given to Bala and motivator award was given to Aari.

Kamal announced that 16 crores plus votes were received for the first place, and six crores plus for the second place. He held the hands of Bala and Aari and lifted Aari’s hand.

Aari title winner of the season4:

Sanam and Anitha stood and yelled with joy. Kamal and Bala handed over the trophy to Aari. Aari was the title winner and Bala was the runner.

Aari sought apologies from the contestants and their family in case he hurt anyone. He said he didn't have parents and hence saw Kamal as his parent, and touched his feet.

If we think about it, Aari is actually a little younger than Shruti Hassan.

He also said that as Kamal advised, he would realise his responsibility as a winner, and work hard to stay true. He also thanked the people who voted for him.

Bala said ‘nanum nallavanthan’ and thanked the people who voted for him. Anbarasi Archana cheered for him.

Aari called his daughter on stage. Kamal and Aari’s daughter handed over the 50 lacs box to him.

All the contestants came and wished Aari and Bala. With this, today's episode got over. The season is over.

Aari wins bigg boss tamil season 4 title
Aari wins bigg boss tamil season 4 title

Key point:

Total 31.27 crores votes received. Aari got >50% - 16 .50 crores

and Bala got 6 .14 crores. Remaining 8.63 crores votes were received by other finalists. Such a huge difference. People were scared if the channel would do keep a twist in the results. Thankfully, they didn't do anything like that. Aari deserved to win. If he didn’t, it would have been a slap on not just Aari, but also the makkal who voted for him, and the crores of tamil audience whom he has inspired to be honest and show integrity, no matter how hard it gets.

Thanks note:

I have been writing comments in English for the Tamil review of Mr. Suresh Kannan from Bigg Boss season 1. To my surprise, after 15 days of season 4, I got an email from Vikatan office asking if I was interested to write a review in English. From the 16th day, I have been sending my reviews in English, and today is the last.

Thanks to Vikatan for giving me this opportunity. Vikatan didn't know me, didn't see me, and knew nothing about me except my writing. I am grateful, and feel honored.