New Captain received more masks; Rekha gets eliminated... BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4, Day 14 highlights

BIGG BOSS - Day 14
BIGG BOSS - Day 14

Bigg Boss Tamil Day 14 highlights

Today Kamal started the episode with ’the new normal’, and gave a message on the importance of social distancing, wearing a mask. He spoke about TASMAC. Yes, the kudimagans are in the habit of keeping their slippers for reservin’ their space on the circle and sit under shade in their group. Where is social distancing? Are the circles drawn for the public or their slippers?! They are the main cause of spreading COVID-19. This is only one example Kamal has given.

Similar things also happen in koyembedu market, bus stand and a few more places. Kamal also explained how to wear the mask - covering the nose. And one should not touch inner portion of the mask where our saliva may be accumulated. Though the message on wearing a mask is repeated again and again in different ways, Kamal again reiterated the same. 🙏

”Agathin alagu mugathil theriyum” Suresh was so silent. Hence Kamal asked what was running in his mind. He symbolically acted like Naradhar, saying BB is acting like Naradhar. Others got confused but Kamal immediately understood, responded.


Kamal organised the mask task. HMs should put the mask for whomever they think has not disclosed their real face yet and is acting. HMs should put out a badge for whomever they think is being authentic.

Rio and Aari got five masks - maximum. Aari said groupism and favouritism are there. That's why he got more masks. Moreover, he said since he put the mask on Rio; first, others followed him, thereby playing a safe game. He gave such a longgggggggg lecture, with his karuthu. Only Rekha and Gabri objected to his stand. ”Alavuku minjinal amirthamum visham”. Too much of karuthu is also like that only.

Rio was so pissed off. He said ”I openly told I ve two faces. I controlled my anger inside BBH. So HMs had given him masks based on his statement, as per his version.

Rio gave the mask to Suresh, saying that Suresh showing anger and accepting it as his character, was his strategy to get attention and win the game. As per Rio, that's not Suresh’s real face. Rio is full of hatred for Suresh; it's obvious. He is jealous.

Suresh - Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 14 Highlights
Suresh - Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 14 Highlights

But one thing is weird. Rio got majority votes and was made captain of the house. At the same time, he got more masks from the contestants, saying that Rio is not showing his original face. So so weird.

Sanam gave the mask to Anitha, saying that she is always thinking of how her image and she is not being normal, which is correct. She is always bothered about her image, unable to be free inside the BBH.


Archana got maximum of 6 badges. This is also weird. She just entered into BBH three days back. How have the other HMs gotten to know whether she is showing her real face or is acting? In fact, her name should have been excluded from this task.

Kamal spoke about the comments dropped into the complaint box about Suresh’s captainship. Many said he was dominative. Kamal asked jithan to speak on his comments because he had disclosed his name.

Jithan said Suresh acted like he was the Prime Minister and showed his authority. Suresh was dominating and was pointing out the mistakes of the team except for in the kitchen because he was co-ordinating the kitchen team.

Suresh maintained his silence. Kamal asked the reason for his silence. Suresh said he didn't want to react on his ”avamanangal and asingengal”, meaning Suresh has gone through the comments of the HMs and he did not want to react on it. He Just wanted to ignore.

But Kamal appreciated his idea of making youngsters as the leader for each of the teams.

I think Suresh wanted to give his best when he was the captain of the house. He also accomplished. It's mainly poramai and potti from other HMs. Especially Rio. He wants to dominate and control the BBH but his 'patcha palikavillai' before Suresh.


Moreover, Kamal appreciated Suresh’s support to Gabri in the captainship task.

Kamal asked Suresh how he wanted to be referred as. Thatha or father. Suresh said thatha.

He is just 45 plus but still...!!

Gabri gave an honest reply of how she was upset when her friends did not support her during the captainship task and how emotional she was when Suresh supported her.

Next week for sure Suresh’s name will be there in the eviction list. Sanam and Velmurugan won the ball task. So their names will not be there in the eviction list. Rio is the captain of BBH. So his name will not be there in the eviction list.


This week’s eviction - Gabri, Samyuktha and Sanam were saved. Rekha was evicted from the BBH. First eviction during this season4. Everyone felt bad when she left. She gave her pot to Rio. She broke the undial and gave the coin to Shivani.

Kamal showed her the video of her journey in the BBH for the past two weeks. With this Rekha's journey over.

Rekha - Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4
Rekha - Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Kamal ended the episode with a note on SPB. He also recommended the book Venmurasu, written by Jayamohan which contains 25,000 pages. Additional information is, it is also available online.

Rio started his work as captain and let's see how it will go next week under his captainship.

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