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BIGG BOSS TAMIL 4, Day 21 Highlights: Ajeedh rejoined; New captain Archana!


Today's Bigg boss episode started with a discussion that happened between Aari and Anitha. No!no!no! It's not a discussion. It was a monologue. Only Anitha was talking! She didn't allow Aari to talk. She said ’Manasukkum moolaikum naduvule poradaren’,

‘Nenjamundu nermai undu odu Aari.’

The eviction process: Ajeedh evicted and rejoined; New captain Archana!

Cribbing Anitha:

Today's episode started with a discussion that happened between Aari and Anitha. No!no!no! It's not a discussion. It was a monologue. Only Anitha was talking! She didn't allow Aari to talk. She said ’ manasukkum moolaikum naduvule poradaren’, and So she often sits alone and introspects. But Others think that she is in an off mood. She said she was cornered by others.

Watching her footage for a few minutes a day is causing headache to the viewers. Can we imagine how it is for the HMs spending 24hours with her? Their ears might be bleeding.

It is Always just one-way traffic for Anitha.

Again in the same kitchen area, Anitha told Rio that Archana misunderstood her. Rio asked her to go and talk to Archana. When Anitha goes to Archana, Archana tells her that since Anitha wanted space, she left the place. For this, Anitha said that she meant others when she said she wanted space, n didn’t mean Archana. Archana replied that even if she meant her, she won’t mind and hugged her. Godddd. Unnecessary drama.

Kamal entered with full suit costume👌, and started with a note that today was Saraswathi pooja ana Ayudha pooja. He said he Generally, does not celebrate the festival, but he prays with his work equipment. He also said that we are still importing the latest equipment for cinema, and not manufacturing here, which is sad.

He rearranged the seatings of Velmurugan and Suresh and asked for some space for Anitha. lol. He told her that she is the one who does not ever give space to others to talk. Well said, Kamal.

He also advised her not to be too calculative of space, as It would end with a fight, as in the case of Hitler. Hitler fought for space as he felt Germany, being surrounded by hills, didn’t have enough space.

Wow!! What a big jump by Kamal. Comparing Anitha asking for space, with Hitler causing World War 2!


Then he came to the topic of cornering. Since Suresh was sitting in the corner, he started with him. Suresh said he was cornered by other HMs. So now, he was sitting on their head, so that nobody could see him and corner him. In Tamil, he said ‘nann thala mela utkanthutten.’ For this, Ramya commented yes, you are ‘male’. ‘Aamam, neenga male than’. Mokka joke!



Velmurugan said he was also being cornered by few HMs, especially Balaji. Balaji is outspoken, and he also gets angry soon. He could have expressed his opinion in person instead of in front of others. The way he delivers his opinion hurts. For this, Kamal said body language varies from person to person . Kamal quoted his experience at Kerala, when he went there, before he learnt Malayalam.

He asked if anyone can tell ’yen cyclea pedia’ in English, in one word. Only Archana knew the answer - ‘encyclopedia’. Just for relaxation, he might have said this, and to show languages are just different words.

Vazhai palathil oosi:

Anita said she also feels that she is being cornered by a few HMs. Last week they told her that she was always fighting. This week she was silent, and others told her she was boring. She didn't know how she should be. Kamal asked her to follow Ramya’s strategy. Like how a pediatrician smiles when she/he puts injection on babies. He said Ramya is always smiling, and whenever needed, she would inject. This is called ’valai palathil oosi ’ he said.

Next, short break. During the break, Balaji was telling Aari ’Avangala kudukanun, kudukalaiya namba eduthukanum’. I took the best performer award like that only.

They branded you as ‘advisor’. You should have snubbed them at the beginning itself. They wanted to brand me as ’ kulanthai’. I didn't like it. That’s why I objected. Balaji also confessed that he only branded Aari as an advisor.

After the break, again kamal continued with ‘cornering’. Sanam said she was upset that HMs placed her in 15th position. Kamal rightly said, don't take others opinion. You fix the number in your mind and continue to travel accordingly.

Nermai vendre thirum: Aari saved!

While talking to Aari, kamal said, Aari nu perai vechitu why did you get hot during the task Nada Kada? The demon gang used short cuts and tried to defeat you by squeeing orange juice in your eyes. Had you controlled your anger, and tolerated for few more minutes you could have easily won the game.

Kamal also added that he (Aari) was honest from the beginning. His reputation as a social activist has also been registered among the public.

Nermaiku eppavum parisu undu. Nermai vendre thirum. Crooked persons might brand the good folks, as ’ilicha vai’. But you should not mind, Kamal said.


The best example of nermai vellum was people saving Aari, Kamal added.

Next, Break. Every time kamal took a short break, he teased Anitha, by saying short ‘idaivelli’ not(space), and ‘idaivelai’ (intermission).

After break, Kamal again organised the king and demon game. HMs should keep crown on the heads of those they think are good, and horns on those they think are bad. They should also give reasons. Archana got maximum crowns..Balaji got maximum horns but he also next to Archana got more crowns.

Vanja pugalchi ani:

Interesting thing was, Balaji giving the crown to Rio. The reason Balaji gave was a slipper shot to Rio. He said Rio was able to earn four friends in BBH who listen to him all the time, whereas he could not do it. What he meant was, Rio earned four jalras (Nisha, Velmurugan, Archana and Somu) who put thalam according to his tunes. This is called ’Vanja pugalchi ani’ and sarcasm👌👏

Eviction process:

Before proceeding to the eviction process, Kamal introduced the book called ’Puyalilae oru thony’ written by. Pa. Singaram. The sad thing is the author became famous after his death. Then, he said good bye to the digital viewers.

He teased Ajeedh to predict the evicted this week, as his prediction last week was correct. Earlier Ajjedh said Suresh might get evicted. But now when Kamal asked, he said he might get evicted. And yeah, Kamal showed the card with his name.

Then Kamal asked Ajeedh if he is ready to use his Eviction pass and get saved. Initially, Ajeedh hesitated, but then agreed. Kamal asked him to get the e-pass. Looked like Balaji helped Ajeedh to keep it safe. He (Balaji) took the pass under the camera and gave it to Ajeedh. Ajeedh showed this to Kamal. Kamal officially announced that Ajeedh is safe, along with Suresh and Anitha.


New captain Archana:

Then captaincy task. Kamal said BB asked him to organise the captaincy task intellectually, so he called the three candidates for captaincy task. Archana, Balaji and Sanam.

He first asked them to play saw boo three😁😁 Sanam said she didn't know what that was. So Kamal said she was disqualified.

Then, he showed two fingers and asked Balaji and Archana to touch a finger. Then, he said since he could not feel their touch through video, and so, asked for a coin for tossing. But then, someone from BB said they don’t and can’t have any money inside.

Kamal was mocking the current political situation, and told talaivargal should not be selected like this. Thank God, he didn't ask them to touch his feet!!

Then, he asked the contestants to raise hands for each candidate. Archana won, with 9 votes. Oh god, Already she is acting as Panchayath Talavi of BBH without any authority. Now she has got the authority. Let's see.

Kamal informed that tomorrow, BB would be telecasted for four hours due to festival celebrations. OMGGGG

Happy Saraswathi Pooja! Happy Ayutha Pooja! Happy Vijayadasami!

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