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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 27 Highlights: Kamal appreciates Anitha

Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights

Popcorn Politics by Kamal; Tremendous appreciation to Anitha; 6 HMs saved.

Bigg Boss Weekend! As expected and as predicted in my review yesterday, kamal thoroughly used the Bigg Boss incidents to tie with current politics. Today was the 1st innings only! Lets see the 2nd innings tomorrow!

Kamal started the episode symbolically, eating popcorn. He said that though theatres are still closed due to COVID-19, Bigg Boss is bringing cinema effect to the public. Pasam, veeram, Alugai masala (in the kitchen) and fighting - everything is there inside the BBH, except for climax chasing. There is also Amma Pulla, Anna Thangai, budding love, and slight politics (during captaincy tasks and selection) providing full entertainment to public, he said. He said there are two groups inside the BBH, who want their own to become the captain.

He said Big Boss got tremendous appreciation, Ofcourse, it is a mixed bag - but they focus on the positive and uplifting messages. Once again Kamal reiterated that BB is not scripted. But the winner is, right!? Anyways, he said the BB team is in the news, which is welcoming.

Today’s episode started with yesterday’s night. Archana, Rio, Somu, Jithan and Nisha were talking together. Archana was massaging Somu’s head. It seems Nisha hit Jithan jovially, but he took it seriously, and moved away. Nisha felt bad and told her friends that she hit Jithan jovially.

Amarkalamana Arambam!

The next day (DAY 27) started with the song “Ragala Ragala”! Perfect song for today’s episode. Kamal’s session was full on "Ragala".

Nisha was upset with yesterday’s incident (the jovially hitting Jithan incident). Rio consoled her, and said she should think before doing anything. She went to explain herself to Jithan. Jithan asked her to tell sorry and go. Joke!

Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights

Melliya Kadhal:

Archana was folding Somu’s clothes. Uhm, why!!?? Why does anyone have to do anyone else's personal work? It enables others to be lazy and take the person doing the work for granted. Atari’s opinion about Archana is perfect! Archana is always doing something or the other. Previous day, she was massaging his head.

Anyways, She found chocolate in his dress, and asked where from he got that from. He said someone had given him three weeks ago, and he was keeping it safe. His friends Rio, Nisha and Archana were teasing him about saving the special chocolate. They asked who had given him that. Before Somu could mention the name, BB showed Ramya walking. So the viewers easily guessed it was Ramya. Then Somu accepted that Ramya gave him the chocolate and that she wanted him to give it back to her, when he leaves BBH, wishing her All the best. He said there was nothing more. Archana was teasing him "Asadu valiuthu". And ya, his face was really like that!

Archana and Nisha asked for the chocolate as they are doing so much work for him. Again, why!!!! He hesitated, but his friends made him open the chocolate cover and give it to them. His friends were Kalachifying him. Nice moment!

Is there Meliya Kadhal developing between Somu and Ramya? Let’s wait and see.

Sumangali - Mangalagaram:

Over to Kamal. Kamal started "Mangalagaramaha arambikalam". Directly, he started with Anitha’s view on inviting "sumangalis" first for the Pooja. He asked the opinion of the other ladies inside the BBH. Archana, Nisha, Gabri and Ramya told that Anitha's views were welcoming, but that stage where she spoke was not for that. They also added that she took her life as an example, which also could have been avoided. Shivani and Samyuktha said her views are welcoming and there was nothing wrong in speaking on that stage, during Dasaratha celebrations.

Kamal also said that if something is good for the society it can be spoken at any stage. It was Periyar who started window empowerment. Kamal said he is “paguthariwadhi” and appreciates whomever speaks about such things at any stage. He said, "I appreciate Anitha for using the BB stage and am also using this stage for the same." He clapped for her. He said had periyar been there now, he would appreciate Anitha. On his behalf, Kamal and the team were appreciating her.

Anitha started crying. Kamal said that her 'crying' is wrong. Again she started crying. One thing I am wondering. How do these ladies inside the BBH get tears immediately, all the time, without glycerin? Like I said in my previous reviews also, I think Anitha was right bringing the topic, but felt she was overacting a bit today! Summave eppidi kanner varum?

Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights

Kamal also consoled Suresh at the same time.

Kamal said Suresh was involved in the character and hence said 'Sumangali'. Suresh also said that he was brought up by his widowed mother and knew the difficulties they are facing in their life. Suresh could have stopped with this. But he added that he is the follower of Kamal and also like Kamal, has forward thinking. Ice!Ice!

Then Kamal asked Suresh why he didn’t accept Anitha’s apologies. Suresh said 'Nalla mattuku oru soodu!' Since he had already burnt his fingers three times, he didn’t want to talk to her again.

Break. Anitha hugged Balaji and cried again. She thanked him, as he only supported her in this matter.

Appreciating Weavers:

After the break Kamal spoke about his costume. He said though the costume appeared to be western, it was made by the Indian weavers. Even the colouring used in non-pollutant, he said. Yey!

“I do regard spinning and weaving as a necessary

Part of any national system of education” _ Mahatma Gandhi

There is only a thin line between being straight forward, and arrogance:

Kamal took Bala”s issue on cleaning work. He said one has to complete his duty before going to sleep. He advised Balaji in his own language. "When others told that your attitude was not correct and was rude, you said “vechikonga”. But, when you get Anbu, freely, without demanding you keep it in your pocket.", Kamal said.

"Archana after knowing your childhood story, which she watched when she was outside, has a soft corner for you. Viewers were waiting for a big fight, but Archana stopped the fire with Anbu. Even, if it is her game strategy, getting Anbu is very difficult. So, you enjoy it", he told Bala. He also gave a tip to Balaji that there is a difference between being straight forward and arrogance, and should know the difference. Good advise!

Iru Thalai kolli erumbu:

He asked Velmurugan about his situation of being trapped between Balaji and Archana. Poor fellow. He said he was scared of Balaji when he woke him up. He was scared that Balaji would beat him up. But Archana asked me to wake Balai up. Uraluku irandu pakkamum Idi. He was in that situation. Poor guy! Innocent smile!

During the break, Archana was telling to her friends that she was getting dragged into everything and wanted to leave. She said she was also missing her husband’s birthday. After the break, kamal said that going out was in people’s hand. They are the one controlling the numbers.

Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights

Selection of Best and worst performer:

Kamal asked how the best and worst performers were selected. Ramya answered that the best was on the basis of the task. Bala and Nisha did the best, so they both got selected as the best performer.

Samyuktha said Aari didn’t get involved in the Rajangam task. So he was selected as the worst performer.

Kamal asked how Somu was selected as the best performer. Archana said based on the overall performance they selected him on vote basis.

Kamal asked who all voted for Somu. Only very few lifted their Hands. The HMs got confused. Aari once again explained Kamal ‘s question. But still there was confusion among them. Archana could have explained properly as she was the captain at that time. But she might have been upset that her name is being dragged in almost all issues. So her mind was not focused, I think.

Actually if I remember it right, five contestants were nominated for overall performance. Somu, Shivani, Samyuktha, Ramya and Jithan. Within them, Somu got the maximum votes of five, and hence was selected as the best performer. The HMs got confused and could not explain this to Kamal properly. Even Aari and Archana could not explain. Kamal said Ingeyum kulapama in selecting the candidate for the captain? Podi vaithu pesudal.

Lemon Matter Saved Sanam:

Kamal then brought the lemon matter between Sanam and Archana. Sanam said that she asked for half a lemon, but Archana refused, as they needed it for lemon rice. For that, Sanam said 4 to 5 lemon was enough for lemon rice , that she needed only half a lemon. Archana then said ok, but still Sanam felt uneasy and didn't take it. Archana said that she didn't expect this to become a big issue. Sanam said that it was Balaji who acted like a mundiri kottai to share this with Archana.

Kamal praised her for learning the sarcastic meaning of “mundiri Kotak” and first saved her from eviction, as a token of appreciation.

He then split the remaining 10 contestants in eviction list into 5 groups (2 each).

  1. Nisha n Rio

  2. Suresh n Anitha

  3. Vel n Balaji

  4. Jithan n Somu

  5. Ramya n Ajeedh

Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights
Bigg Boss Day 27 Highlights

Kamal saved one from each pair - Rio, Anitha, Balaji, Jithan, and Ramya.

Tomorrow we will know who will be evicted. It has been aired that Murugar’s Ayutham name kondavar is evicted. Officially, we will know tomorrow. This pairing into 5 groups, is a nice game strategy by BB It would surely have impact among HMs.

With this, Kamal said good bye. Anitha was very happy. Aari and Anitha were discussing about somu since Aari thought chances are more for him for eviction. In their opinion, Somu after joining Archana’s gang lost his individuality.

Tomorrow we could expect chapati matter to be discussed. And Chapati is bigger than lemon! So we can expect big drama!

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