BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 31 Highlights: Aari won the day!

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31
பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31

The day in Bigg Boss house started with the song ‘ Pona Povudhunu’. Suresh danced well, and other HMs were ok ok.

Today’s Bigg Boss Episode was a continuation of yesterday's and dealt with three more cases. Amidst nail-biting USA Presidential elections, the BIGG Boss cases were also exciting and had heated arguments exchanged. Today was Aari’s day, and Balaji received his overdue 'bulbu' moment!

Aari won the day! Josier Suresh upset!

The day in Bigg boss house started with the song ‘ Pona Povudhunu’. Suresh danced well, and other Housemates were ok ok.

Suresh was asked to act like a josier. With a Footnote that he had no faith in astrology, he started his act. ’Joshiam pakalaya joshiam’?! His predictions about Nisha and Somu were very funny. Suresh, I think, thoroughly involves himself in all activities and gives his 100%. He does not see his age as a barrier, which is very good.

BB ordered to start and continue the Vivadha Mandram task.

Somu vs Balaji:

Everyone, including judge Suchi, were in their respective positions in the court. Somu argued that he could not understand Balaji’s comment about him being a puppet. Somu asked Balaji to explain it to him several times but in vain.

Balaji said that he already spoke about this to Kamal, about Somu being influenced by his group. He said no other clarification was needed.

Judge Suchi invited the other HMs to join either party, as supporters. Most of the HMs, including Gabi (Balaji’s friend), supported Somu. Balaji had no supporters! Ajeedh, Shivani and Samyuktha stayed neutral.

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31
பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31

Rio's argument:

Rio argued as Somu's lawyer/representative. He said that when Archana called Balaji a ’kulandai’ in the pattimandram, Balaji felt bad that this would be projected badly to the audience watching the show and that he will be branded a 'kulandai'. Understanding this, Archana also apologized to Balaji. Rio said that Balaji calling Somu a puppet, would have a negative impact on the viewers, and give Somu the 'puppet' branding. Valid point! Treat others the way you want to be treated, Balaji!

Balaji defended himself that he didn't have any bad intentions and that he just wanted to point out that Somu was being influenced. Nambittom!

During this court session, Sanam was talking to Gabi. Judge Suchi warned her to maintain silence. Sanam raised a question after this, and judge Suchi asked her to walk out, due to contempt of court. Judge Suchi didn't allow anyone to talk after this and asked the Housemates who thought that Balaji used the word 'puppet' to mean that Somu was allowing himself to be manipulated, to raise hands. Almost all the Housemates raised their hands. Somu won the case. (Balaji’s mind voice: onna sendutangaiah).

Balaji commented to Shivani that ’Singam singla than varum’.

Mmm... Thalaivar dialogue ku ippadi oru sodanai! Balaji has forgotten one thing. Confidence is good, but overconfidence is not good.

During the break (from court), Balaji was lying on his bed, and Shivani was feeding fruits to him. He was upset that Gabi (his friend) had supported Somu. Balaji always maintained that friendship is different, and tasks are different. But when it affected him, he wasn't able to take it. Also, he has stabbed Suresh behind his back several times. What goes around, comes around, Balaji!

On the other side, Archana was advising Sanam to not open her mouth inside the court, as judge Suchi was getting annoyed. Sanam agreed.

By the way, did anyone wonder what happened to yesterday’s rift between Sanam and Archana? Looks like they both compromised! And... what was the second poi? Thalai vedichirum pola irukae!

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31
பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31

Aari vs Samyuktha:

Aari made a compliant against Samyuktha that she was cornering him.

He said that after becoming the captain of the house, she asked him to come to breakfast on time, after his workout. He said that many other HMs were also coming late for breakfast, but she singled him out. Samyuktha denied this. Anita spoke for Aari, and Balaji spoke for Samyuktha.

Balaji in his supporting arguments for Samyuktha, spoke about how Aari interferes in other business, and spoke about how Aari supported Sanam in the 'tharudalai' issue. He went on to defend himself about how he said the word in a jovial manner. No, I didn't type wrong. You did read this right. Balaji sambandhame illame spoke about the tharudalai issue, instead of sticking to the complaint being heard in the court. Sabbah!

Anyways, Aari used this opportunity to show the signifance of voice modulation in saying 'tharudalai' jovially, versus seriously. And when saying it with a serious tone, he looked at Samyuktha. lol. I think other ladies didn't like it.

Then, Anitha argued on behalf of Aari and pointed out how Balaji did not really make any arguents for Samyuktha, and was talking about his issue with Sanam. Uhm, so, what arguments did Anita make for Aari? Nothing! She also just focused on what Balaji irrelevantly spoke in his arguments! I think these people need to go back to school, and learn basic logic.

Anyways, it was judgment time

This time, again, judge Suchi did not want to use her brain, and asked the HMs to raise their hands, (Did Samyuktha corner Aari?) and vote. Samyuktha won.

During the break (court break), Aari and Balaji had a heated argument. Both were calling each other a hypocrite! Aari rightly said that he had some ethics (immediately Balaji said ’vechiko’) Does Balaji think that this is some kind of an audition for a mass movie's hero role? Appa, thangala!

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31
பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31

Suresh vs Gabi:

Bigg Boss announced everyone to gather at the court room.

Everyone took their positions. The case, Suresh vs Gabi started. This one was so bizarre, I feel weird writing this. It felt like a 1st standard fight. So, Gabi wrote in her complaint that Suresh gets angry unnecessarily (often), but later apologizes. She gave the example of an incident where she offered a seat for Suresh, but he yelled at her, later apologizing.

Suresh agreed this was the case. He said the incident of him shouting at Gabi had happened after the Sumangali issue with Anitha, and so, he was pissed. Anitha objected to him bringing the Sumangali issue again, to gain audience attention. Suresh said he was not detailing the incident, and was just mentioning it for context. Oh god!!

Anyways, it was judgment time, and when judge Suchi was asking the HMs to raise their hands to vote, captain Samyuktha interfered and asked her to also ask the HMs if Suresh did 'kusumbu'. Suresh objected to this last minute addition. But judge Suchi overruled him. The HMs voted that Suresh gets unnecessarily angry and has a kusumbu mentality. Suresh was very upset with this. He yelled at Gabi when she tried talking to him, and asked her to never talk to him again (thus proving the judgment to be right).

Next scene, Balaji was lying on the bed and Shivani was sitting next to him. Gabi and Ajeedh were watching them through glass. Gabi was commenting that they both were not bothered about anything. Ajeedh went inside and asked Gabi not to come in with him (as Balaji was angry with her). Balaji told Ajeedh that he and Shivani were in vacation mood.

Suresh was 'polambifying' to the camera about the biased judgement given in the Suresh vs Sanam case, and now in the Suresh vs Gabi case.

பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31
பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 31

Rayen’s Birthday:

Simultaneously, a few HMs were sitting in the living room and chatting. Surprisingly, the TV switched on, and Samyuktha’s family was shown. Today is Samyuktha’s son's Birthday. Samyuktha was crying on seeing her son and her family. Her mom wished all the HMs. With this today’s episode concluded.

I have a question for Bigg Boss. Most of the judgements in the Bigg Boss House was given based on the votes. Why didn't he interfere and say that it is not correct? Judgments should be given by judges, based on arguments. Judge Suchikku hammer panna theriyudhu... contempt of courtnu solla theriyudhu... aana judgement kodukka theryala. I laughed a lot! Did you all?

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