BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 34 Highlights: It's Kamal's Birthday Special!


Ulaganayagan Kamal Birthday special: Vikram Title teaser: Balaji strongly advised...

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with Kamal’s Birthday celebrations, and throughout the episode, there were wishes pouring in from Nagarjuna and Telugu Bigg Boss, Mohanlal, Kamal’s siblings’ families, and his daughters! Vikram’s title teaser was released. Also, Balaji was grilled for the word Tharuthala, and Samyuktha was reprimanded for her manipulated captainship!

Today’s episode started with Kamal’s mass entry. While he was entering the stage, BIGG BOSS conveyed his Birthday wishes to Kamal, and asked for a treat. Kamal said “I treat everyone equally and respectfully”, and that, that was his treat! See, how he plays with language!

Cake for Kamal:

Our BIGG Boss HMs also conveyed their wishes to Kamal. They prepared a cake for him, which was delivered to the stage. Kamal said he put ‘Anbu’ as icing on the cake and sent it back to them.

Kamal shared that his Birth date - 7th November, is also his father’s death date ☹. He said that he (Kamal) is 66 years old today, and has been in cinema for 60 years!

He said his child, born two and half years ago, has now started walking with the support of the public. He was talking about ‘Makkal Needhi Maiyam’, started two and a half years back!

The HMs, headed by Ajeedh and Suchi, sang a few songs from Kamal’s movies, starting with ‘Ammavum neeyae’ from Kalathur kanamma, ending with ‘yarendru therigiratha’ from Vishvaroopam!

Ilayaraja, SPB and Kamal:

Kamal said he was reminded of Ilayaraja and S P Balasubramaniam on hearing these songs from the HMs. He shared that every year, on Kamal’s Birthday, S P Balasubramaniam would be with him! Last year, S P B was in Hyderabad, and could not be with Kamal. So he sent an audio clipping, wishing Kamal for his Birthday! Kamal played that audio clipping on the stage. It was so touching. Kamal kann kalanginar!


Kamal went on a small break:

During the break, Friday’s events was shown to the viewers. The day started with the ‘kannitheevu‘ song. Shivani did her work perfectly, and woke Balaji up! Gabri and Ramya looked at each other, on seeing this! It is quite bad actually! Just reverse the roles and imagine! If Shivani, or any woman for that matter had an assigned person to wake them up everyday, because they themselves can’t. I’m sure the netizens would have had a field day with it.

Compromise between Suresh and Gabri:

Rio, Gabri and Suresh were talking. Gabri said that she playfully filed the case, and did not expect it to turn out so bad. She said ‘Vilaiyattu vinaiyagiviiadhu‘! She apologized. Suresh said that he knew it, and that he too took it jovially, initially (but the whole kusumbu aspect aggravated things). He also said that with this issue, he came to know about the others! They both hugged, and Suresh became normal. I wish this had happened a couple of days ago. Now it is too late. Anyways, better late than never!

Archana & co., were making a cake for Kamal’s Birthday! (The cake that was delivered to the stage)

Aari argued with Shivani and Gabri for not doing the house cleaning work on time. Gabri got annoyed, and said she completed her work, and that it was Shivani who didn’t, and asked him to talk to Shivani (house cleaning captain) directly. Balaji was sitting, and watching all this quietly! Scared of Aari? Very first day under the new captain, a rift is starting between him and the young women. I think, this week will be full of clashes.

Announcement of the title of Kamal’s next film:

Over to the stage. Kamal announced the release of the title announcement teaser of his next film, to be produced by Rajkamal International. Direction by Lokesh. Music by Aneerudh!

Aneerudh and Lokesh entered the stage with bouquets, and conveyed their Birthday wishes to Kamal. Lokesh said that amidst COVID-19, the teaser was made (as per social distancing guidelines)! They thanked Kamal for acting in the teaser, and giving them the opportunity to announce the title of the film on the BB stage. Kamal reciprocated his thanks to them. They left the stage, and with the permission of BB , Kamal released the teaser. “Once upon a time there lived a ghost… VIKRAM’! Yes the title of the movie is ‘Vikram’. Wow!! Hope it will be as exciting as the 1986 released ‘Vikram’!!

I remember, during BB season 3, Kamal and Shankar (together) announced Indian 2. But due to unavoidable reasons, it was postponed.


Surprise from Telugu Bigg Boss:

Nagarjuna who is hosting Telugu BB appeared on screen, on a zoom call! The BB brothers met via zoom call!

Nagarjuna asked ‘Andhuru bagunara?’ (Ellarum sowkiyama?)

Kamal replied ‘Andhuru Bagundamu!’ (Sowkiyam!)

Nagarjuna and the Telugu BB contestants conveyed their Birthday wishes to Kamal. Nagarjuna said that five contestants were in the eviction list (in Telugu), and asked Kamal to announce the name of the contestant whom he was saving, and showed the card to Kamal. Kamal announced that ‘Aarika’ was saved, and she felt very happy.

Kamal’s family members - his brother Charuhassan , his sister Nalini, and niece came on the screen and conveyed their Birthday wishes. His sister said that the coming year, his (Kamal’s) Birthday shall be celebrated in Paramakudi!

Kamal on his duty:

Finally, Kamal turned to the contestants, and started his duty. He asked the HMs about their mood, and they said that they were in ‘Saturday mood’! He asked if he should start with sandai or samadhanam? Sanam asked him to ‘drop everything’. But Kamal said that he would start with sandai. Balaji smiled! Kamal said, ‘siripai off pannunga!’. Semma bulb to Balaji! He deserves it. Balaji’s face turned red.

Sanam said that she hit Balaji jovially, but the next day it went ugly after he uttered that word ‘XXX’. Balaji was silent. Kamal said that he asked Balaji to switch off his smile, and not his speech. Balaji said sorry, finally!!, for using that word.

Kamal said he didn’t want to repeat that word, and hence tried to avoid it. Kamal said that it was a bad word, and children (on seeing the show) should not learn the word. But unfortunately, Sanam said it twice. She said that morning, when she was in the restroom, Balaji sang a song using that word. Balaji said that it was not intentional. Jithan Ramesh supported him. But Sanam did not accept that it was unintentional.

While Sanam was talking, Balaji’s body language was very ugly!

Kamal told Balaji that it is not enough if one (Balaji) dresses well, and that one (Balaji) should also behave well! Nalla mattuku oru soodu! Hope from now on, Balaji will not act arrogant!

Birthday wishes from daughters:

Then, a short break. During the break, Kamal’s daughters Sruthi, from Hyderabad, and Akshara, from Mumbai, wished him. They said they were in shooting, but following the COVID-19 protocol!


Manipulative captain:

After the break, Kamal asked Samyuktha about her captainship. She said she was not happy and felt bad. She said there were too many allegations against her. Kamal directly attacked Samyuktha, saying that her captaincy was manipulative and biased. He also said that Balaji helped her win the captaincy for his own benefits, and now, his enemies had became her enemies. Then, Samyuktha said that she was not biased, and that she even assigned the work of waking him up, to Shivani. Haen! What is this? This, according to me, is a bias. Would she be assigning people to wake up every other contestant who was behaving like Balaji? Entitled?

Kamal didn’t nail this point. He missed it!

But, he asked Samyuktha as to why she didn’t raise her voice when Balaji called Sanam, ‘XXX’ on Sanam, in nadu veedu. Samyukhtha said that she advised Balaji separately! Only God knows!

Kamal then asked Aari about his rift with Samyuktha, and if he was carrying any grudge.

Aari said that it was Sam, who was targeting him, and that he (Aari) was merely defending. Kamal advised him to argue only on an as needed basis, and not always. Kamal didn’t allow him to speak further.

I felt that today, Kamal dealt well only the ‘XXX’ word issue. Other issues were half baked, like Sanyuktha’s bias, or the issue of Balaji blaming Aari.

Kamal said that today, he was not saving anyone. The eviction process would be dealt tomorrow. The HMs got confused with his word play. They thought that there was no eviction, as it was his birthday week! Aasai dhaan! Then, Kamal clarified. Kamal said he would be discussing the court cases tomorrow!


After he said ‘Goodbye’ to the contestants, Malayalam actor Mohanlal came on screen to wish Kamal.

Kamal felt very happy and commented that he didn’t receive Birthday wishes from Karnataka! I would like to fulfill his wish.

On behalf of all Kanadigas, I would like to convey Birthday wishes to Kamal:

‘Janmadinada subhasayagalu’ Kamal!

And, Kamal has acted a lot, in Hindi also. His first film in Hindi, Ek thujae kaliye, was a super duper hit. So, I would like to wish him in Hindi also...

‘Janamdin Mubarak‘ Kamal.

Kamal also appreciated his pathrikai nanbargal in today’s episode, saying that they supported him from the beginning. He said that it was one, Mr. Sampath Kumar, a reporter, who took him for a photo shoot, before his entry in the movie ‘Arangetram’.

He also mentioned that his house at Eldams Road, was like a Reporters’ club, before his marriage (to Vani Ganapathy?). Three months before his wedding, he told the reporters that he was getting married, but asked them to not leak it out. And,… no one did! This would be almost impossible today, he said. He thanked everyone, and ended today’s episode.

Tomorrow, lets expect suda suda vivadha mandram discussion. And of course, the eviction process would also be there. I’m sure you all know who is being evicted! So, no suspense in it!

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