BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4 DAY 35, HIGHLIGHTS: Suresh evicted, Aari - Bala fight!


Navarasa Nayagan of the Bigg Boss House evicted!

Today’s Bigg Boss episode started with a fight between Bala and Aari, followed by Kamal nailing Bala and Suchi. It ended with the eviction of veembu thatha, Navarasa Nayagan - Suresh!

Aari-Bala fight:

There was a huge fight between Bala, Samyuktha and Aari. Samyuktha blamed Aari, saying, "aludhu, aludhu, he got the captain post." Badhilukku, Aari asked as to how she (Samyukhtha) became the captain of the house, the previous week? Yes, he is right in asking that. Everyone knows that Samyuktha's captaincy was at Bala's mercy. Then, Bala accused Aari, saying that Aari had projected before Kamal that Bala had lied in two matters, when in reality that was not the case. As usual, Sanam poked her nose, and said that she knew what those two lies were, and that she would explain. Bala got angry, and aggressively kicked a chair. Samyuktha told him that it was a waste (of time) to talk to them, and took him inside. All the other HMs were watching this fight!

Over to Kamal:

Since today’s bigg boss episode centered around vivadha mandram, he was in a lawyer's attire. Ramya pointed this out. Kamal said that both his father and brother were/are lawyers. He thought that he didn’t study law, but atleast he should wear the dress.

He also spoke a bit about Diwali, and asked the viewers to buy simple crackers, that does not pollute the air much (but at the same time, will help sustain the cracker industry and its workers).

"Kamal nailed Suchi" moments:

Kamal started with court cases. Suresh Vs Sanam case was taken. Kamal openly accused Suchi that her judgements were biased, and that she was supporting Balaji. He also added that her judgements (generally, and not the Suresh v Sanam case) were not based on the arguments, but on the votes of other HMs, which was not correct. Suchi said that she does not know much about court rules, and hence preferred to go by karuthu Kanippu.

Even a lay man knows that judgements are given by the judges based on the arguments, Kamal said. Also, I was thinking, Suchi did not follow karuthu kanippu in all cases. In Suresh v Sanam, she gave her decision based on Balaji's supporting arguments for Sanam. She might have known that if she went for karuthu kanippu there, Sanam would have lost, as everyone knows that Sanam pokes her nose in everything! And now she is telling some cock and bull story!


Suresh Vs Gabri case:

Then, Kamal took up Suresh Vs Gabri case, in which Suchi didn’t allow Sanam to speak. Suchi mentioned that Sanam was interfering with the proceedings and provoked her. She said that Sanam didn't respect the gavel (suthi). For this Kamal pointed out the instance where Balaji interefered in Aari versus Samyukhtha. Suchi did not Suthi kaattavillai then! Kamal used the words brilliantly here! 'Suthi', as in, the gavel held by the judge. And 'Sutti', as in pointing out someone's mistake. It was Aari who asked Balaji to come to the medai and give his opinion, when Balaji interfered. Suchi had failed in her duties, Kamal said. Aari then told, "nan nyayama vilaiyadanumnu ninaikaren ". Kamal made a political dialogue here - "satham pottal nyayam amungidumnu ninaikaranga, veliyavum appadithan iruku."!!

Suchi - Balaji:

Suchi then accepted that she had a soft corner for Balaji. She said that when she watched the show before her entry, she liked Bala’s character, and hence was friendly to him. Also, she said that she didn’t think of herself as a judge. She thought of herself as one of the HMs, and had in mind that after the task, she should be able to mingle with other HMs well. So, given these, she preferred karuthu kanippu. Kamal closed the topic saying that Suchi herself accepted that she was biased towards Balaji.

Continuing the discussion of the Suresh vs Gabi case, Suresh said it was unfair of Suchi to accept captain Samyukhtha's additions ('adding kusumbu to the case question') after the closing statements were made. Samyuktha said that she shared her opinion as a HM, and not as a captain. Suresh mentioned that while adding the word, Suchi mentioned that she was taking the captain's view. Suchi agreed to this. Kamal said before Law all are equal.

Rio-Ramya 👌

Kamal praised Rio and Ramya for their work as lawyers (during the task) and touched Rio Vs Nisha case. Rio said that Suchi had earlier commented that Nisha was always waiting for his orders, and to prove her (Suchi) wrong, he filed the case!

Archana saved:

Later, Kamal praised Archana for her performance in the FM fun task, and said she was saved.

Adimaiyin Kadhal: Ra Ki Rangarajan:

This week, Kamal introduced the book ‘Adimaiyin Kadhal’ written by Ra Ki Rangarajan. He wrote this book in the punai peyar, Mohini! Ra Ki Rangarajan had co-ordianated with Kamal, in the movie Mahanadhi. At that time, kamal, without knowing that 'Mohini' is the punai peyar of Ra Ki Rangarajan, praised the book to Ra Ki Rangarajan. Then, Ra Ki revealed that it was he, who wrote the book. Later, Kamal said that he had a chance to write the preface for the book.

I have read Ra Ki's short stories. They are excellent!


Nailed Balaji:

Sanam complianed to Kamal that Balaji kicked the chair during his fight with Aari, since she interfered!

Bala said that he casually hit the chair. Kamal told Balaji that body language is the most important. Even a few things done normally, can come across as very harsh and aggressive. He also said that Balaji is young, and that while it may be difficult to be aware of his body language at this age, it would help him, if he put in efforts towards it. Kamal also mentioned that he does not like to advice people, and asked Balaji to take it as a tip.

Kamal saved Aari. Aari said that he wanted to leave the house, and mentioned about Samyukhtha saying that he became captain by using is tears! He also said that he would touch Samyuktha's feet, if Kamal felt that his (Aari's) shouting in the court was wrong. Kamal said that he is against touching feet, and asked Aari to just verbally apologize to Samyukhtha.

Aari then said that he likes Balaji, but wanted to point out his negatives, so that he could change.

Kamal asked Balaji about what Aari said. Balaji said that he liked Aari as well. Then, Kamal saved Balaji, asked Aari and Bala play together! And then saved Anitha.

Veembu thatha Suresh evicted:

When 3 contestants remained in the eviction list without being saved, (Somu, Sanam, and Suresh), Kamal showed the card having Suresh's name. Suresh was very happy to be leaving the house. Ramya said she knew the reason for the happiness!

Archana cried (oh god!), saying that he (Suresh) didn’t eat the food prepared by her this week. lol. When Suresh was inside the house, and hurt, she didn't bother about him, and now she was crying! Only Gabri's tears seemed genuine, and Nisha consoled her! Anitha was telling Somu that she was worried about him (as he was not 'saved' by Kamal like she herself was!) Ha ha ha! She thinks very high of herself! Over confidence!

Suresh broke the Hundiyal, and threw the coin backwards, the way newly wed brides throw a bunch of flowers in Christian marriages. Sanam picked it.


Fabulous video clipping:

Suresh was later on stage, with Kamal. Kamal asked him as to why he fell silent after Archana’s entry. Suresh said that both Archana and Suchi are very authoritative. And that there were also a lot of internal fights between the two groups. He said that he thoroughly enjoyed the game, though. As per practice, a video clipping was shown to Suresh . It was fabulous, and touching. Really, I think his eviction is the loss of the Bigg Boss, and not vice versa!

Kamal rightly told him that it was good for him to come out of the BBH at this time, while he still had fans ! A prolonged stay could have brought out an ugly side, due to the constant provocation of others. Then, Kamal said good bye to Suresh. After he left, Kamal told the viewers that he was not the reason for Suresh's eviction. The actual reasons are either inside the house, or outside. “Vivadiyungal! Vanakkam!", he said, and finished the episode.

All the Best Suresh:

After Archana’s entry Suresh definitely underplayed his game. Maybe because when Archana enetred, she put’ the trending now’ name board . She said that it could be positive or negative, It is possible that Suresh thought that it is negative.

And it is being said that Vijay TV is starting ‘cook with komali’ season2, and that Suresh might be a key participant in that programme. In a way, the eviction seems to be good for Suresh, due to future opportunities. The BBH is stressful, while cook with komali, can be fun! Wishing Suresh, 'All the very best' for his future!

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