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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 38 Highlights: Gabi Vs Balaji & Shivani!


Thirudanuku thirudan Balaji! Balaji & Shivani vs Gabi!

Today's Bigg boss episode started with an enquiry by Paati with her family on what happened to the documents. Though Bala agreed that the documents were with him, he refused to give it, until he gets to know who stole it in the first place. And, no conclusion today as well, for the ’paati sollai thathadae task!’

Today’s episode, as mentioned yesterday, was the continuation of the last episode. Archana patti asked the family members to share their suspicions (on other family members), to help identify the HM who stole the documents.

Suchi said that she had her doubts on Bala, Ramya and Rio. Jithan Ramesh told that he suspected Somu.

Thirudanku thirudan:

Ramya secretly requested the BB to close the task for today. After sometime, the BB announced that the ’paati sollai thathadae ’ task would be stopped for awhile. After everyone relaxed, Balaji searched for the property documents, and found it under Somu’s bed. Wisely, he removed the documents and kept the empty file back under Somu’s bed.

Gabi watched this, and informed Ramya and Somu (remember, they are the thirudan 'family'!).

Bala took the documents in a wise manner, but he did that after the game was paused. Totally unfair, and against the rules!


Word play with 'honesty':

Ramya and Gabi told other HMs that they knew who had the documents. They said that Suchi, Shivani and Ajeedh, along with Bala, went outside with the document. Bala said that when he searched, he saw only the file cover under Somu's bed. Somu defended himself saying that he didn't know how the empty file cover came under his bed! Balaji then asked the HMs to be honest, and insisted the thief who took the documents from the locker, to come forward. ’Honesta irungappa!’ were the words he used.

Gabi responded to this, asking Balaji to be honest. ’Nee Honesta sollu’!, she said, as she witnessed first hand Balaji taking the documents from under Somu's bed. It was surprising that no one asked how Balaji could continue playing when BB had halted the task. Vaathu mandai HMs!

Vaththivaikum Shivani and Suchi:

Bala, Shivani, Suchi and Ajeedh were talking outside. Shivani told Bala that Gabi was questioning him about his honesty, which was not right. Suchi also instigated Bala, saying that Gabi doubted his integrity!!!! Idhuve oru 'steal the document' tasku. Idhula enna integrity? Bala got wild, went inside, and questioned Gabi for doubting his character. lol! Gabi said that she didn't doubt his integrity, but had just asked him to speak honestly and tell the truth about possessing the documents. Shivani interfered and supported Bala, for which Gabi asked her to stay out of it. Shivani said that her name got dragged into this, and hence she has the right to interfere. so she was interfering. Both the ladies fought in tara local language.

Ramya correctly questioned Bala on why his tone changed after he came from outside. She asked if 'his friends' instigated him. Bala then interfered in the Shivani Gabi fight, and took Shivani out. Somu and the other HMs consoled Gabi, and told that nothing was wrong on her side.

But none of these people interfered when the fight between Bala, Shivani, and Gabri happened. Only Sanam did (as usual poked her nose)but Gabri told her off.


Suchi triggering Bala:

Such was burning like Ennaiyil poritha appalam. She said Bala, how Gabi could talk that way to him? Uhm, apdi enna pesitta ava? It looked like Suchi’s blood was boiling strong! Anita came to talk to Bala, but Suchi did not allow her. Bala got irritated and shouted at Suchi. He asked her to shut her mouth. But later, he consoled her. Even Shivani got irritated with Suchi’s over reaction, and moved away from that place. Suchi does not like Gabri. She mentioned during the nomination process as well. She called Gabi 'toxic'. Why?? I think she (Suchi) was using this opportunity to rile up (usupethal) Balaji against Gabri.

Samyuktha’s advise:

Balaji, Samyuktha, Sivani and Ajeedh were talking. Samyuktha rightly advised Bala to be careful with Suchi, as she (Suchi) was unnecessarily triggering him. Bala said that he feels awkward when others interfere in his matters. Shivani got angry on hearing this, and she had interfered to support Bala. Balaji corrected and said he didn't mean her. A cute argument happened between Bala and Shivani! Sam and Ajeedh laughed on seeing their chellafight!

Day 38:

Day 38 started with the song ’Adida naiyandiyai’. Archana danced on the pot. It was good! Ramya put kolam, and wished the viewers A Happy Diwali. Somu complimented her, and said that though she wears western clothes, she also has a traditional side.


HMs were sitting together, chatting, and pretending to pass thambulam. Nisha said that after taking thamboolam, " nakku sivandha, tamboolam koduthavaridam Anbu adigam irukum." Somu then asked if Ramya’s face became red (blushed), instead of asking "nakku sevandhucha!" Every now and then, he keeps dropping romantic statements to her!


Back to the task ’Patti Sollai Thatadae’:

BB announced the resumption of the paati sollai thatade task. Archana asked her 'daughter' Nisha, and Son-in-law, to reenact the scene where they had just landed from abroad. For them (the HMs) it was a simple rewind, and imagination, but for the viewers, it was a punishment. Nisha and Rio's 'foreign' costumes, Nisha’s twist dance, and their English accent as 'NRIs', oh my goodness!

I personally feel that it is wrong to think that foreign returns talk english in a way that others don't understand. I think in reality, it is some 'elitists' in India who show arrogance and put on fake accents when talking in english. The actual NRIs seem manageable!

Pleading for the documents:

Archana was then, asking Bala to handover the documents. He said that unless he gets to know who took it from the locker, he won't give it back. Archana said that it was she who took the documents from the locker, to keep under Somu’s bed. No one believed her. Then, Suchi said that it was she, who did that! Bala said that he knew that it wasn’t her, and asked her to sit quietly.

Archana asked Sanam to talk to her son Bala.

Sanam & Jithan (Bala’s parents in the task) asked him to hand the documents over to Archana paati, but he refused. He said that the property could be grabbed in two ways: 1) thaja panni 2) stealing. He said that he preferred the 2nd one.

Kudumbama, sotha?

Anyways, then Archana went with Anitha, to convince Bala to return the documents. Bala asked Archana Paati whether she wanted her kudumbam or sothu (property). She said she wanted kudumbam. Then Bala responded that he wanted only sothu!

Archana paati was disappointed with his reply and went out to discuss with her family. All HMs were lost, thinking about how they could get the documents back. Archana paati gave a suggestion that the other HMs could hold Bala tight, and when he was immobilized, remove the document from his pocket. Others, especially Rio objected. He said that it might come out wrong, fearing a potential manhandling issue.

Rio, then jovially said "nambaa ellorum kudichutu jolyya irukalam, as the next day, we are leaving." Other family members agreed.


Seriously? Given the current circumstances, most people are against drinking, and are advising against it. Even Kamal is talking against drinking. And kids watch the show. If 'tharudalai' got so much screen time from Kamal, who said that kids should not learn these things, what about saying "kudichutu jolyya irukalam" in front of the whole family? Even if Rio said it jovially, what was the editing team doing?

Rio and Aari then gave the solutions to Archana paati that they could file a complaint in the thasildar office that the documents were stolen, and get a new one.

BB then announced that the ’paati sollai thathadae ’ task would be paused for the day. All the HMs prepared Diwali patchanams (muruku and rava laddu), and just chilled after that!

With this today’s episode was over.

Tomorrow let’s see how BB is concluding the task!

Will BB question Bala for stealing the documents when the game was paused?

I am very impressed with Ramya, Somu and Gabri for holding their ground and not confessing that it was they (Somu) who had taken the documents from the locker!

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