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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 40 Highlights: Its Diwali time in Bigg Boss house!

bigg boss tamil Day40 review
bigg boss tamil Day40 review

HAPPY DIWALI! New captain Ajeedh!

Before todays Bigg boss episode review, I would like to convey to you all, A very Happy Diwali!

Today's episode started with Suchi venting to Anitha.

Anita herself is a 'pulambal case!' Jaadiku etha moodi!

Suchi felt that Bala is unnecessarily shouting at her. She also said that whenever she talks to Bala, Shivani interferes. She was wondering if Balaji thinks that Suchi was flirting with him, and was trying for him. She felt like vomiting, at that thought, she said!

Suchi - Bala Relationship:

Anita responded that Bala is young (compared to Suchi), and is like her brother. She was confident that Balaji does not think that Suchi had romantic interests. I don't really agree with this. The traditional age factor between men and women as a criteria (that men should be older) is losing importance these days. Based on Suchi's behavior it is highly possible that Balaji might think (maybe not say it out in camera) that she might be interested. I felt that the other day, when Suchi was acting 'very angry' about Gabi asking Balaji if he was answering honestly, Shivani walked away, because of Suchi's touchy behavior. Its just what I feel. But, I might be wrong. And anyways, irrespective of whether she is romantically interested or just wants to be friends, if someone (Balaji in this case) is avoiding her, isn't it only a matter of self respect to not chase them?

Anita conveyed Suchi’s thoughts to Bala. Bala said that he will talk to her, since she was feeling lonely. He also told Anita that he did not shout at Suchi, but her (Suchi's) constant questions and teasing with Shivani was irritating him. When Suchi does not back off when he mildly asks her to stop teasing, he is forced to raise his voice, he said.

Day 40 in Bigg Boss House:

Day 40 started with the song ’petta parag’. Even this song failed to bring any enthusiasm among the HMs. Bala and Suchi were chatting. Suchi asked him why he only yells at her, while so many other HMs tease him with Shivani. Balaji denied this and asked her to specify any specific incident when he yelled at her. When Suchi could not think of any, he generally adviced her to talk only when needed!

When this conversation was happening between Balaji and Suchi, Ramya was putting a kolam for Diwali. Somu and jithan were watching it. Shivani was dancing in the rain.

Suchi’s loose talk with Shivani:

Suchi called Shivani, and said that no one was speaking with her, and asked Shivani to talk to her.Shivani sat before her. Suchi suggested an interview, to fill the time and conversation, and asked Shivani what her strategy is, to stay in BBH till the finals. Shivani replied that her strategy was to just be herself. Slowly, Suchi started creeping into the Balaji topic! She said that Balaji was not talking to her. When Shivani asked the reason, Suchi said that it was because she pointed out to him that it was unnatural for Archana and Balaji to have a huge fight (when Archana was captain), and then suddenly put on the mother-son bonding. Shivani said that she also felt the same. Suchi then said Balaji was only shouting at her, but was nice to Shivani. She also added that the show was projecting the 2 of them as a love track with music and extra effects! Shivani denied that there was anything going on between her and Balaji.

Then, Bala came to Suchi and asked what she and Shivani were talking about. Suchi asked him to ask Shivani.

When he asked Shivani, she (Shivani) shared their conversation about the Archana Balaji mom-son bonding. Balaji said that when Archana was shouting, 'son', 'son', he could not say anything. It was like vaazhapazhathil oosi, for him.

Shivani told Balaji only about this part of her conversation with Suchi. She didn't mention what Suchi told her about the show projecting them as a couple. Why did she not share this? If there is nothing going on between them, what is there to hide? Something is fishy!

Nomination for captionship:

BB then asked the HMs to nominate the contestants for next week's captainship. Majority of the HMs nominated Ajeedh, Gabi and Nisha. I think Gabi’s name was proposed mainly because she fought with Bala and Shivani in the honesty incident, and people have started seeing her in a new light. It is good!

Capitancy task :

Capitancy task was conducted.

Nisha, Ajeedh and Gabi wore helmets with needles. They had to burst the balloons tied on the string (using the needles on their helmet), and collect the coins that fall from the balloon. Whomever collects the most coins, would be the winner. Ajeedh collected 29 coins and won the match. Gabi played very well, but collected only 27 coins. Nisha paavam - everytime she gets nominated, but loses out.

I am looking forward to Ajeedh's captaincy. He is young. Lets see how he handles the unruly HMs. The general opinion in the BBH is that Ajeedh is in Bala's group, and that, he acts like his sishya. Lets see if he will be biased or unbiased, this week.

Happy Birthday Sanam:

Today is Sanam’s Birthday. BB sent a cake for her. Bala didn't turn up initially. Sanam waited for him, and cut the cake once everyone gathered. Sanam’s family virtually wished her. BB also conveyed his wishes.

Anita, Suchi and Bala were later sitting on the bed. Suchi demanded that Bala say sorry to her. Bala said sorry, and Suchi said "Nanum sorry". She then hugged him, and kissed him on his cheek. Bala didn't like this. His facial expression changed, and he wiped his cheek. Hmm... I think something is off with Suchi. I hope she finds her ground soon, and the bold and confident Suchi from the 'Radio Mirchi' and 'Coffee with Suchi' days comes back.

Marupadiyum lemona?!

The scene that followed was quite confusing as BB was showing multiple locations and overlapping fights. I will try my best to narrate it here!

In the kitchen, Anitha, Samyukta, Aari, and Sanam were arguing/fighting. In the bedroom, Nisha, Archana, and Rio were chatting. Suchi entered the kitchen scene, and joined the fight (happening in the kitchen!). Samyuktha then moved to the bedroom.

What happened was this:

Real confusion to put everything in order. Even Aari got confused resulted in fight between Anitha and Aari.

After playing the video clipping three /four times, I got the clarity of the issue.

The day when the HMs received the provisions, Nisha with the permission of Sanam (who is in the kitchen team), took four lemons and kept it separate, in the fridge.

Aari blasted Anitha and Suchi:

Today, Samyuktha asked Anitha for a lemon. Anita said that there was no lemon in the fridge. Samyuktha disputed this, as Nisha had made lemon juice for Jithan. Then Anitha checked the fridge, and found lemons inside the fridge. Aari was standing there. Anitha raised her voice at Aari, and questioned him for not advising Nisha against taking lemons from the fridge, meant for all HMs. Anita said ’neenga ethaiymae kanduka matengaringa!’ Aari got wild, and blasted her.

Suchi interfered, and said that she shared Anitha's opinion in this matter. Aari blasted her as well. As usual, Anitha started crying. She said that when Aari was alone without any support among the HMs, she stood by him. But now, he was shouting at her. Sanam consoled her. The culprit here is Sanam. Nisha took four lemons with her permission and knowledge. But she didn't tell this to anyone when the fight happened. She stayed silent!!!!

On hearing all this commotion, Rio came out and explained the whole matter, including Nisha taking Sanam's consent before taking the lemons. This lemon problem seems to be huge in BBH! I think BB should ask all the HMs to apply lemon on their head and bathe!

Rowdy Archana:

Ramya was playing with Anitha’s teddy bear (gifted by BB). Archana grabbed it from her, and started playing. Then, Somu came in between, snatched it from Archana, and gave it to Ramya. Archana said that if wanted to continue getting massages from Archana, he should grab the teddy from Ramya and give it to her. Somu then took the teddy back, and gave it to Archana. Ramya smiled, and said that Archana was the rowdy of the house. This girl is brilliant, in giving strong counter, while keeping a pleasant face. I really need to take a class or two from her!

Vasanth & co., task:

Two teams with 3 HMs each, were competing for the best sales team task. Remaining HMs were the customers. The customers would come to the store, and the HMs in the sales people role would try to sell them the products, using the EMI, discounts, slogans, etc etc etc. The customers would then select the best sales team.

Sales men group: 1.Rio, Anitha and Gabi

Sales men group:2.Somu, Samyuktha and Jithan Ramesh

Group 2 won the task. They got gift voucher from Vasanth &co., The company also sent cake for the HMs, for Diwali!

Thala Diwali celebrations:

HMs celebrated Diwali by lighting lamps.

Next, BB wished the HMs a Happy Diwali, and appreciated that the rava laddu and muruku prepared by them were very tasty.

Next, they played the lucky wheel spinning game. The HMs had to spin the wheel. When the wheel stopped rotating, they had to peel the sticker on the number pointed at, by the arrow .

Most of the HMs got only Diwali greeting card. Busssss. Sanam got lemon. Perfect gift for her!

Anita got a nice Diwali virundu. Suchi got sweets. Jithan got cool drinks. Somu got DJ music.

BB played music, and all the HMs danced and enjoyed. Suchi also sang, while others danced. It started raining while they were dancing. The HMs continued dancing in the rain, and seemed to enjoy. BB supplied Diwali cuisine, and everyone enjoyed their first Thala Diwali of BBH, season4.

BB then said that the Diwali celebrations have to an end!

Tomorrow is kamal's session. No eviction this week. So, a good chunk of the weekend tension is reduced for the HMs.

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