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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 43 Highlights: 7 Housemates in eviction list!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43

Bigg boss tamil Season 4 Day 43 highlights! Kadhal kannai maraikudu : Sidumoonji Max : 7 in eviction list

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with Anitha’s loneliness rant, Somu's consolations, nominations for the eviction process (which gave the Panchathandiram task idea to BB), and ended with Shivani joining in Samyuktha's and Ramya’s club!

Anita upset, Somu pacified:

Today’s episode started with Anitha lying on her bed alone, with a sidusidu face. Somu went to her, and asked why she was upset.

Somu is like an 'Evalao adichalum thanguvan’ person. Anita has been rude to him several times in the last 43 days, but he still tries to pacify her, everytime!

Today, Anitha’s reason for being upset was that Somu and Rio mentioned her name when Kamal asked in yesterday’s episode, whom they thought nominated them for eviction the previous week. Idellam oru reasona! Uppu chaapu illada matter!

Somu said that she had not spoken to him for a few days, and so, he had thought that she nominated him. Then Anita said that she had sent a message through Nisha, to Rio, that she wanted to talk to him, but he had not come.

Indamma enna Alliraniya?! Ivanga poi pesamatangalama?!

Somu cheered her up, made her smile, and left the place.

Jithan analyzing Anitha’s character:

Rio and jithan were talking about Anitha. Rio said that the previous week, after the fight during Patti Sollai Thatadae task, he had said sorry to her, just to close the matter. Jithan said that if they get her used to this (no-fault sorries from others), she would expect it everytime. Jithan also said that she was unpredictable, and thought that she was always right. So, he (Jithan) maintained a distance with her.

Later, Nisha, Archana and Somu joined the convo. Archana told Somu that despite her warnings, he was maintaining friendship with Anitha. Nisha said that there was nothing wrong in Somu maintaining his friendhsip with Anitha. But Archana didn't accept that, made a face. So Somu left the place!

What's with these people, trying to dictate to others, on whom they should be friends with?? Everyone is an adult here!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43

Viboothi: Archana’s game strategy?!

Later, Archana was talking to Rio and complained about Somu. She said that when others called him a puppet, they stood by him. But, now, when there was a rift between Rio and Anitha, Somu was not acting like a bridge, to help sort out the differences. But, Rio supported Somu, and didn't let him down.

That night, before going to bed, Archana went to everyone, and put viboothi on their foreheads. Somu said, "mental", chellama. Archana said, paati than nalla pudhiai kodukanum", and put viboothi. "Neethan irukiyae", Somu replied. Sabbah! Thaangala. I think, Archana is using this viboothi, as her game strategy! Pasama? Veshama?

Day 43:

Day 43 started with the song ’enaku unmelathan, unaku enmelathan’. As usual, the ladies put a samiyattam. Especially, Suchi!

After kuthattam, Anitha sat on her bed, with a sad face. Sanam and Suchi were talking to her. Sanam asked, sad a? Anita nodded her head, and said that she had sent a word to Rio through his friends, asking him to come talk to her, but he had not done so. Sanam asked her to go and talk herself. Again, is Anitha an alli raani!?

Rio avoiding Anitha deliberately:

Anita asked Rio if he could spare five minutes to talk. Rio said that after breakfast, he could spend five minutes. Later, while cleaning the greens, Rio told Somu that his friend (Anitha) had come to talk to him. Somu asked him to not call her his friend. He too has gotten fed up with Anitha!

Rio corrected himself, and said that Anita wanted to talk for five minutes. He said, he would talk after breakfast. But he did not go.

Instead of telling her a 'No' to her face, he indirectly avoided her, he said.

Dosa & uthappam:

Archana and Nisha were making dosa and uthappam. When Bala asked for one more uthappam, Suchi interfered and said that she wanted Dosa and said she had not started her breakfast yet. Bala immediately leave the place, and everyone thought he was angry. Suchi offered her plate to Bala. He said he wanted to have utthapam, and would have later. Such took one dosa, and left the place.

Ajeedh being the captain, got tensed and requested the HMs to have breakfast one after another, and to avoid a crowd, as there were only 2 tavas.

Whether small or big, some argument or fight has to happen in the kitchen. Otherwise, BBH does not feel like BBH

Eviction process:

BB asked the HMs to nominate two contestants each, for eviction.

Rio, Aari, Bala, Samyuktha and Somu got 2 votes each. Anita got 8 votes. Suchi got 9 votes.

Some interesting facts of the nomination process were:

- Shivani rightly pointed out that Suchi did a sharp U’ turn in the honest/honesty issue. She nominated her. I mentioned this U turn in my review yesterday, as well!

- Samyuktha nominated Anitha, saying that she was sidumoonji max!

- Aari nominated Bala saying that for Bala, "Kadhal kannai maraikudu!" Aari’s reason was perfect. When kamal asked Bala yesterday, what had happened outside, that triggered the 'honesty' fight, Bala did not rat out Shivani. He wanted to protect her. Aari felt that Bala was compromising on his game, for 'love'.

BB later announced the nomination list, and also in general gave the reasons (for nomination), without connecting the nominated HMs!

In Suresh Chakravarthy words ’pathavachitiyae parattai’!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43

Rio vs Bala: pusvanam!

'Kadhal kanna maraikudu' comment irked Bala, and he started shouting, saying that no one is in love. Appadi edavadhu thought irundu ’kaadulae vizunda, apparam edavadhu kepen’ he said. "Kiruku pasanga!" Bala commented.

For Bala’s kiruku pasanga comment, no one got wild. But the "kadulae vizunda apparam edavadhu kepen" comment was misunderstood by Rio as "kadhai kilichiduven", and he got hyper. Rio hit the door that was near Bala and Shivani.

On hearing the sound, everyone came and asked Bala and Shivani what had happened. Bala said that they both were talking, when Rio came and hit the door. He (Bala) could also break things in response, he said.

Sanam was later consoling Bala, and asked why he thought the comment was directed at him. It could have been for anyone, including herself, she said. Bala said a curt, "who would love you?/"unnallam yaar love pannuva"?

Thimuru dhaan ivarukku! Thalaikku mela eri irukku. My god!!

And Sanam is right. Why does Bala assume it was directed at him?

Kutramulla Nenju kukurukudhu!

And why did Rio get so hyper? Rio told Gabi, Ajeedh, and Archana & co. that Bala had said kadai kizichituven! So, he got angry. But others said that no one heard Bala saying this. Rio went to Bala and clarified. Bala said that he didn't made such a comment. Then Rio apologized, and both compromised.

Bala clarified his stand to Shivani:

Bala clearly told Shivani that he didn't love her. In case he falls in love with her in the future, he would inform her. Anyways, "love varaadhu. Only friendship," he told her, and left.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43

Alliteration (aduku mozi):

Bala and Shivani were playing. Shivani was having a coin in her hand, and got hurt, when Balaji pressed her hand.

Suchi thought that "sidumoonji to max" comment was made against her. So she wrote a kavidai, using the words max, tax, socks, packs, lacs and snacks. Bala sang it as a rap, and Sanam danced.

Sanam was really surprising. She didn't perform the task party sollai thatdadae because of Bala’s role as her son. She was out off mood that day. But today, Bala sang, and she danced. Even when Bala got angry on Kadal kannai marsikudu comment, it was Sanam who consoled him. Nice for her to move on!

Shivani was helping Archana in the kitchen. Seeing her (sad) face, Archana asked if she had a fight with Bala. Shivani said "no, nann Balavoda sandai poduvena?"

Disturb pannathae:

Shivani and Bala were talking in the garden. Shivani said he hadn't bothered about her ( kandukalai). So, she came out.

She said her hand was bleeding. He asked, "bleeding!!??" She said that he was not even aware of that. They had a small fight there. Shivani told Bala she will not disturb him anymore. Bala said ’ ok, disturb panathae’. I think Shivani got upset after Bala told her that there was no love between them.

Round table conference:

Archana and Rio planned with captain Ajeedh, the next day's breakfast, and decided to make bread and omelet. In between, Suchi said that she took some bread already, and didn't want breakfast the next day. Archana said that they could manage, without any problem.

Archana and co., with the captain arranged a round table conference, in the dinning table to decide the Menu for the next day!

Anitha’s eccentric reaction:

BB called Anitha to the confession room. She had such an extreme reaction for it. Even when inside the confession room, she laughed and acted as if she had gone insanel! What behavior!!!!

BB for God's sake, please don't call Anitha to the confession room.

BB asked her to take the file that was on the table, and asked her to read it before the HMs, in the living room.

Panchathandiram task:

BB gave a few famous dialogues from movies, and asked the HMs to match the dialogues with their co-contestants, giving reasons for the match:

Few dialogues:

Nanum rowdy than dialogue: Archana gave it to Suchi.

Summavae irukarthu evalo kastam theriyuma : Bala gave it to jithan

Building Strong, basement weak : Rio gave it to Somu

Thiruvarur partyla kuptanga (karagatakaran dialogue): Shivani gave it to sanam

Kosu tholai thanga mudiyalai : Somu gave it to Nisha

Anitha after taking her dialogue, laughed too much. Bala rightly compared her laugh with a Dog barking!

Kelavi Neelama pesina moochu vangum : Rio gave it to Anitha

Amali thumalila mixture saptindu irukan : Anitha gave this to Somu

Ulaga maga nadipuda samy : Suchi gave it to Samyukhtha

Enaku unnmai thernjaganum : jithan gave it to sanam

Nee pudugarthu elamae thevai illadha anithan : Aari gave it to Sanam.

Sanam got the maximum. But she took it very jovially.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Day 43

Aari doing yoga:

Somu asked Ajeedh and Gabi to watch Aari doing yoga. They were laughing, on seeing Aari doing yoga. What is there to laugh? They both are young, and could learn from Aari. Even if they were not interested, I dont think there is anything to laught. Silly peeps!

Welcome Shivani:

Ramya, Shivani and Samyuktha were singing the song loveu, loveu, kolaveri. Samyuktha welcomed Shivani to their club!

Then the trio sang ’Kanai kalanga vaikum paiyan venanda, kaneer anjali poster ottum nanban podunda!’

With this, today episode got over!

It was obvious that Shivani is attracted to Bala. But today, Balaji clearly said that he didn't love her. But his behaviour and body language has been different all this while. Was he just leading her, and now that it is becoming obvious, he is trying to play it safe, prioritizing his game? Anyways, Shivani didn't create a scene, and it looks like she is trying to move on! Huge storm expected!

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