BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 44 Highlights: Gabi, Nisha and Anitha good performance!

Bigg boss Day 44 Updates
Bigg boss Day 44 Updates

Mani Koondu Task; Gabi, Nisha and Anitha good performance!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with a song, followed by the Mani koondu task. Out of five teams, only four completed their task today. The fifth team would perform its task tomorrow!

Day 44 started with the song ’pandi nattu kodiyin mela’. A famous and catchy line in this song reads - ’puzhidhu parakaum paaru’! Yea, in today's episode, pulidhi parandadhu, during the kulayadi sandai! Don't get scared! It was as a part of the task.

Mani Koondu task:

Today, Bigg Boss announced the Mani Koondu Task. This task was organised, to make the HMs understand the importance of time management.

For the task, the HMs had to complete the work given within the time frame. Penalty for non-completion (within the time) would be a slashed luxy budget. Remember, last week's luxury budget was Rs. 0!??

Time management plays an important role not just in the HMs lives, but in all of our lives. Even a minute delay can turn your life upside down.

Just to bring awareness, I am sharing the following quotes:

Quotes on time:

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing”

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst”

Details of the team:

The HMs were divided into five teams (3 members each).

Team 1: Sanam, Nisha and Anitha

Team 2: Bala, Suchitra and Ramya

Team 3: Gabri, Aari and Rio

Team 4: Somu, Samyuktha and Archana

Team 5: Ajeedh, Shivani and Jithan Ramesh

Task details:

Each team would be given three hours time for each round, and will have 3 rounds/3 opportunities. To identify the task winners, the average of the three rounds would be taken.

If we calculate, the task runs for a total of 45 hours. (5teamsx3hoursx3chances).

Today, four groups had one round. Tomorrow, the fifth team will perform, after which the second rounds will start.

The HMs acted as the clock. One person acted as the hour hand (periya mullu). Another, as the minute hand (chinna mullu). Third person to shout out the cookoo sound, like in a cuckoo clock and tell the time!

Performance of the first team:

Nisha, Sanam and Anitha were in the first team.

While the first team was performing, Samyuktha was gossiping with Gabri and Ajeedh. She said that Anitha did not show any interest in the task. Ajeedh did not agree.

Haha! I think Anitha is wayyyy better than Samyuktha when it comes to tasks!

Gibberish :

Midway, BB announced that the HMs should talk in Gibberish (only)! Nisha didn’t know what it was. Rio and Somu explained. She picked it up, and did so well!

Gabri did Gibberish extremely well! I think she is well versed in this!

Time consumed:

First team finished their (three hour target time) task in 3 hours 18 minutes! Not bad!

Performance of the Second team:

Bala, Ramya and Suchi were in the second team.

Tea & snacks:

BB announced a special gift of tea and snacks. Exactly at 6pm, one person was to go to the store room and get the things.That person had to sell the snacks to the remaining HMs. Bala took the snacks and tea kettle. Bala sold the snacks, and Somu sold the tea.


Second team completed their tasks (3 hour target) in 4 hours 12 minutes.

Huuuuge Miscalculation! They took one hour twelve minutes extra. On completion of their tasks, Bala lifted Suchi with joy. After knowing the time difference, he was upset!

Performance of the third team:

Aari, Rio and Gabri were in the third team .

Kola Adi Sandai:

During the task performance, a water tank lorry arrived. Everyone fetched water in 'kudams'. It was nice to see Ramya carrying a kudam! Archana and Nisha started a Kola Adi sandai. Not sure if the idea was given by BB or they themselves developed it, but their fight seemed real and beat a real life kuzhai adi sanda. In fact, Archana gave an over performance! Shivani and Anitha joined in as well! Shivani's Kola Adi sandai with Nisha was vera level. Ramya whistled very well! All were in rowdy baby mode. The fake fight seemed to be never ending. No one could stop Nisha!

Nisha’s hip:

Jithan, to control Nisha, gave the idea to touch Nisha’s hip. Nisha’s weakness is her iduppu, like it was for Vadivelu in the Mudalvan movie. She apparently cannot perform, or even be normal when someone touches her hips.

Few episodes back she had shared this. Immediately, after Jithan gave this idea, Archana and Shivani started touching Nisha’s hips. She could not continue her fight after that.


Third team completed their three hours task in three hours and one minute. Amazing perfection!

Performance of the Fourth team:

Archana, Samyuktha and Somu were in the fourth team.

Black and white movie Dialogues:

Nisha solo performance:

Bigg Boss gave another task to the Housemates. He asked the HMs to use dialogues from black & white movies, and act the dialogues out.

Nisha used the structure, tone and modulation from Parashakti (Odugiral odugirlal! - the court scene dialogue ) and gave a dialogue on Vijay TV! She did very well!

Anitha & Aari:

Next, Anitha and Aari. Anitha as M.R.Radha, and Aari as her father. Anitha's accent was good. (with cigarette in her hand). She mocked the BBH. Haha! She said that there were just 2 restrooms for 15 persons. So Unhygienic! In London, it was not like that! She also said that (as a part of the dialogue), there were 60 cameras in the house. Absolutely no privacy. Instead, the 60 cameras could have been moved to villages (that didn’t have CCTVs, to control crime rate), she shared.

Positive :

Her theme could be taken in both positive and negative light.

It is not just in villages, but some places in cities lack CCTV cameras as well. Sometimes, actually many times, high traffic public areas in cities (railay stations, etc) either dont have CCTVs, or dont have them in working condition.


But coming to her point on cameras in BBH, well, they are essential. Even with the 60 cameras, we all know what happened in Season 1 , Season 2 and season3!

Rio , Jithan and Gabri's performance :

Rio spoke in MGR's voice. Jithan acted as Nambiar. No dialogues for Jithan and Gabri. Only body language. Rio and Gabri performed well.

Time consumed:

Fourth team completed their three hours' task in three hours and eight minutes. Brilliant!

Kitchen area:

Nisha was murmuring that there were no vessels to cook, in the kitchen. As everything had to be done according to the schedule, they could not wash the vessels when they wanted.

So, captain Ajeedh asked for permission, and BB allowed them to wash two vessels. She made dough to make rotis. Due to time constraint, whomever was free, was making the rotis. Ajeedh came to help as well. But Suchi grabbed the dough from Ajeedh's hand. Gabri asked Suchi why she behaved that way. Suchi said it was not purposeful. Gabi said it looked deliberate. Suchi said sorry to Ajeedh, but he left the place. Gabri later complained about this to Rio.

Whether small or big, some fight or argument or misunderstanding always happens in the kitchen area.

Rest room:

Bala was cleaning the bath room. Shivani was sitting alone. Bala voluntarily came, took her hands and started dancing. Like a doll, Shivani danced with him, and went back to her place, after the dance. Bala said that he wanted to cheer her up, and left the place.

Rio’s Birthday wishes:

Today it is Rio’s wife Birthday. He stood before the camera and conveyed his Birthday wishes to her. With this today’s episode was over.

Sanam ‘s jolly mood:

Sanam teased Bala when he sold the Sundal. "Kadalaidan saria podalai, sundalavathu kudu!" Sanam was in full jolly mood!

Sanam was in a jovial mood today. In between the task, Bala threw a ball, which hit her, but she was chill about it!

This week, her name was not in the eviction list. So, she is like a free bird.

HMs tight schedule:

HMs full concentration today was on the task. So they didn;t have any time to gossip or fight. Ramya, Bala and Suchi's team didn’t perform well. But it was just the first round. Lets wait for Round Two And Round Three. Tomorrow, the fifth team would perform their first round. Ajeedh, Shivani and Jithan. These three are generally called the mixture team. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow!

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