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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 46 Highlights: Ever smiling Ramya stole the show!


At last Mani koondu task over, Team 4 declared as the winner.

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the continuation of Mani koondu task. Bigg boss announced team 4 as the winners. There were also some Luxury budget tasks, and a few mini tasks!

Today's Mani Koondu task started with the Third team -

Aari, Rio and Gabi, acting as the clock. Rio was playing cuckoo role.

BB asked the HMs to perform a slow-motion dance. Shivani and Bala joined hands and performed their slow motion dance.

Time taken by the 3rd team:

The third team completed their task in 3 hours 29 minutes. Not bad.

The fourth team started their counting.

Next, fourth team, Archans, Samyuktha and Somu started their time counting. Somu was the cuckoo clock in this round. He also imitated the other HM's task performances, for fun. Until a few days ago, Somu was an integral part of the mixture gumbal. But, off late, he has really picked up!! It is also possible that earlier, Vijay TV was not showing much, as Suresh was taking up a lot of screentime. Now with more and more HMs being evicted, BB is showing Somu, Ramya and Gabi more. Anyways, they are doing well.

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Time taken by the fourth team:

Fourth team completed their 3 hours task in 3hrs 6 minutes. Beautiful!!

Fifth team started their counting:

Next, Fifth team, Jithan, Ajeedh and Shivani (mixture gumbal) started counting their time. Shivani took over the cuckoo role.

Suchi’s polambal to Bigg Boss via camera:

Yesterday, Suchi was giving a running commentary to BB during the reverse walking task, and told him that she wanted to stay inside the BBH, as it was entertaining to watch the HMs. But today, her position and the scenario was different. She was telling BB that she wanted to leave the house!

She told Bala that everyone was seeing him as a stunt man. She said it in a negative connotation, but Bala took it as a credit. Suchi then said to BB, "thalaiyilae adichukalam polae irukku, ana adichikalai! Lol! Ethanai vattidhan adichikka mudiyum? Thalaithan valikum."

She lamented that even Bala misunderstood her. When Suchi entered the Bigg Boss House as a wild card entry, she had made up her mind to become friend with Bala, based on the episodes she saw, while outside (also because he was popular among the youngsters??). But that clearly didn't happen. Actually, it is not just Bala, most (if not all) of the HMs avoid her. Not sure if it is because of her behavior inside, or her image outside. But, Suchi is isolated in the Bigg Boss House.


Time taken by the 5th team:

Fifth team completed their Mani koondu task in 3 hours 19 minutes. Good job! With this, the longgggggggg Mani Koondu task got over.

DAY46 in Bigg boss house:

Today BB played oru kuchi oru kulfi song in the morning. Suchi danced alone. After the morning dance, Archana, Rio and Somu were discussing the Mani koondu task, and said that everyone was tired. Two days of the task, seemed like a week for them. Poor HMs. For us viewers, it might not have seemed hard, But for the HMs doing the tasks, it definitely would have been extremely hard.

Yamaha Promotion Advertisement:

The HMs were given the task to promote the yamaha fashion scooter. Aari, Archana and Sanam were the judges. Ramesh, Nisha and Anitha were the helpers. Two bowls were kept. One bowl contained chits with the names of the male contestant. Another bowl contained chits with the names of female contestants. The helpers had to take a chit from each bowl, and pair the names picked.

The male contestant of each pair picked had to convince the female contestant of the special features of the scooter, and convince them for a ride. The pair which does the best job explaining the features of the scooter, would be the winner.

Pair 1 - Somu and Shivani

Pair 2 - Rio and Ramya

Pair 3 - Bala and Samyuktha

Pair 4 - Ajeedh and Gabi

Ajeedh, jithan and Gabi won the price. Jithan played a supporting role in their concept.

The winning team's concept was this :- Gabi was waiting for the bus. Ajeedh was talking to his brother, Jithan (on phone), and said that the girl he liked, was standing at the bus stand. To attract her, he was sharing the features of the Yamaha scooter with his brother. While talking to his brother, Ajeedh's mobile ran out of charge. He asked Gabi to lend her phone. Gabi gave her mobile, and asked Ajeedh if she could ride the scooter. He said ok, and (he) sat as a billion rider.

Nice concept, and much better than the others'

Bigg boss announced the result of the Mani koondu Task.

Winners of the Mani koondu task:

Team 4 - Archana, Samyuktha and Somu stood first. Total time difference (compared to real world clock) for three rounds, was only 18 minutes. Splendid!

5th Team, Jithan, Shivani and Ajeedh came second. Their total time difference for the three rounds was 56 minutes.

3rd team, Aari, Rio and Gabi got the 3rd place. Total time difference for the three rounds was 1 hour 1 minute.

1st team, Nisha, Sanam and Anitha got fourth place, with a total time difference of 2 hours 23 minutes.

2nd team, Ramya, Suchi and Bala got 5th and lasttttt place. Total time difference for their three rounds was 3 hours four minutes. My god. That was wayyyy off.

BB announced Archana, Samyuktha and Somu as the winners.

Best 3 Hours:

Here comes the twist. Ideally, BB should have announced the 5th team (Jithan, Shivani and Ajeedh) as the runner up.

Instead, BB announced the 3rd team ( Aari, Rio and Gabi) as having the ’Best 3 Hours’, as in the first round, they completed the 3 hour counting in 3 hours and 1 minute. They were commended for their amazing perfection, which, yours truly also pointed out.


Qualified contestants for captainship task:

So, the 6 HMs - Archana, Samyuktha, Somu, Aari, Rio and Gabi became the contestants for the captainship task. Iduthan, Edirparathathai Edirparungal!

Archana, Rio, Samyuktha and Aari have already been captains of the BBH in earlier weeks. It would be nice if Somu or Gabi won the captainship task. It would be nice to see Gabi (a young girl) lead the house.

My Note:

At the same time, I was happy that my interpretation of the task and the winners matched with what BB had in mind. As I mentioned in my earlier review, the team’s performance was based on how far from the real world clock their counting was. It didn't matter whether they went above or below. The accuracy of the counting, was what mattered.

Bala’s justification:

Bala’s idea of counting the 3 hours in jet speed, in round 3, to compensate for their mess up in Round 1, didn't work. It only made things worse. Bussssssss Bala! Just like last week, he failed to understand the task.

But appidiyum, Bala didn’t accept his error. He was justifying his act to Ramya. "If we take average of the time difference, our score is less,... blah blach blah,... we did well,...blah blah blah". Ramya just said that he was giving justification for everything! As usual with her smiling face.

Simple theory:

Imagine this Bala - the earth rotated slowly today, and the sun didn't set for 20 hours. Tomorrow, to compensate, the earth increases its speed, and the sun sets in 6 hours. Can you imagine what havoc this will cause in people's lives? Maybe not in Bala's happy life, but in the lives of farmers, foresters, fishermen, etc etc etc? Moreover, no living being will even be able to stand without losing balance, if the earth increased its speed.

And, no other HM interpreted this task the way Bala did. He seems either out of touch, or too hasty to understand the task given.

Anyways, Kalam ponn pondradhu, kadamai kann pondradhu’.

At least now, Bala should realise his folly. But, based on his reasoning to Ramya, apparently not. Ippadiyum sila manithargal!

Ramya and Samyuktha were later talking. Suchi joined with them, and told Ramya, that since she (Suchi) was counting the time for their team in the Mani Koodu task, she should take the responsibility for the defeat. She even said she was ready to take the worst performer tag. But Ramya said that Suchi alone could not be held responsible. Bala slept during round 2 and came late. When Suchi was talking, Samyuktha left the place in the middle. A Minimum level of decency was not there with Samyuktha. She was showing her hatred openly.

Luxury budget shopping task:

Based on the performance of the teams in the Mani Koondu Task, BB allotted the luxury points to each team. They had to shop within those points. If any of the team shopped more, the entire points given to that team would be taken back. The shopping time given, was one minute only.

Archana, Samyuktha and Somu - the winning team got 1000 points.

Jithan, Shivani and Ajeedh's team got 800 points.

Aari, Rio and Gabi got 600 points.

Nisha, Sanam and Anitha got 400 points,

Ramya, Suchi and Bala team got 200 points.

One after another,the team members went inside the room, where, in a tree, cards were hanging with the name of the items and the points.

Jithan, Ajeedh and shivani's team collected items for 825 points against their allotted 800 points. Jithan calculated and found the error before their one minute was over. But, BB did not allow them to keep the card back in the tree. Once a card was cut from the tree, it was cut, BB told.

Other team members shopped within their budget. Jithan, Ajeedh and Shivani's team lost their 800 points. And, the HMs generally share the luxury items amongst themselves. So what they lost, was not just their loss, but the loss of the whole house.

Ramya stole the show:

Ramya, Samyuktha and Ajeedh were later talking inside the bedroom. Ramya asked Ajeedh whom he would select as the worst performer. Ajeedh said Suchi and Shivani. Samyuktha asked what Shivani did. Ramya said, "she didn't do anything. That’s why." lol!! True, mixture gumbal.

Shivani's only full time job inside the BBH is to entertain Bala. Even while she was playing the cuckoo role, she was announcing the time only to Bala. Ramya said that she told Shivani that the clock was for the whole house, and not just for Bala.

Samyuktha said that Ramya has the knack of passing comments with a smile. Ajeedh said that others would get into trouble if they did the same.

Ramya added that Shivan’s full attention was on Bala mama! Also, sometimes, their lives are not real, but fake, Ramya said. She felt that they both were doing this just for content, which was at the end of the day, not even interesting, she said.

She said it was irritating and boring to watch their behavior.

When she was talking about this, Bala and Shivani were playing odi pidichi. Ramya commented, "thangchi Anna kuda vilaiyaditu irukanga!"

I only wondered one thing. Samyukhtha and Ajeedh are close to Bala. Will they back stab Ramya, after commenting about Shivani and Bala, along with Ramya, and laughing with her?


Senju mudi oru pidi pidi:

BB organised a few mini-tasks from other reality shows. Each task had to be completed within a minute.

If they won, whatever edible item that was mentioned in the card, would be supplied to all the HMs. Only Bala and Anitha won the task.

Parota chicken mixed:

Final task in today’s episode: All the male contestants had to balance the balloon between each other’s mid riffs, and circle the dining table once. They completed the task successfully. All the HMs, in chorus, asked BB to send parota chicken mixed dish immediately.

Archana, during the luxury budget task, said that she will make parotta chicken if they get chicken in luxury budget. They didn't. So, to compensate, BB gave them a simple task, and supplied parotta chicken to them!

Content Kadhal:

Today's episode was stolen by Ramya. She spoke the truth about Shivani and Bala.

It was obvious that they were doing it for content. Yes, it is a content kadhal. After Archana and Suchi told them that their relationship was being shown as a love track, they were doing more.

Let's see, what happens in the future

Am waiting for Bigg Boss to ask the Housemates to nominate the boring performers tomorrow.

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