BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 47 Highlights: Bala and Suchi in jail!

Suchi and Bala | BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 47

Rio becomes captain of the Bigg Boss House for the second time. Bala and Suchi in jail.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 47 Highlights: Bala and Suchi in jail!

Rio becomes captain of the Bigg Boss House for the second time. Bala and Suchi in jail.

Suchi and Bala | BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 47

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the song ’Karuthavanellam Galijam’, followed by Suchi’s rap song. The highlight of the day was Bala and Suchi going to jail. Oh, and also, there was a captainship task, and Rio won!

Today’s episode (Day 47), started with the song ’Karuthavanellam Galijam’! HMs dance was ok ok, as usual, .

But, ’Karupae Alagu, Gandalae Ruchi!’

Suchi’s aliteration song:

Next, Suchi taught a rap song to the HMs. She put her own lyrics and tune, and sang using Ramya’s name. Ramya, dummya, mummya, semmiya, etc.

Next, Suchi sang using Anitha’s name - Anita Sampath, sarbath, abathu, gethu... She called Anitha and Rio to dance. Few other HMs also joined.

Suchi is a talented lady. But her talents are going vain!

Worst performer:

Next, Bigg Boss announced the worst performer selection. Without making it a regular nomination, BB narrowed the pool to Ramya, Suchi and Bala since their team was placed last in the Mani koondu task. BB asked the other HMs, to discuss amongst themselves and pick 2 (of the 3) as the worst.

Suchi herself admitted her mistake in the task, and took responsibility for the mismanagement of time. Anyways, Ajeedh being the captain of the house, discussed with the other HMs, and announced Suchi and Bala as the worst performers.

Bala asked Ajeedh if the selection was based on Bala himself (aamaa, ivaru oru periya manishan!) or the task. Ajeedh said it was based on the task. He said that he is not mad (nan onnum loose kidaiyathu). Appa every week worst performera select aaravanga looseaa!? He insisted that Ajeedh talk to BB and ensure that only the Mani koondu task is taken into account (Does Balaji not realize that he messed up that task?) Ajeedh seemed quite nervous, very nervous, truth be told! Sanam gave some moral support to Ajeedh. She told him that BB clearly said that the worst performer should be among Ramya, Bala, and and Suchi. Bala was merely trying to show his (ilaadha) gethu and authority on Ajeedh. This guy has a lonnnnng way to overcome his ego.

Bigg boss latest updates
Bigg boss latest updates

Suchi said that BB clearly announced the criteria, and that if they asked again, he would get irritated. Bala shouted at her, and said she was irritating him. I feel so bad for Suchi. She wa so so so good at one point. She was the favorite of Tamil Nadu youngsters at one point in time. People were crazy of her voice, her Hello FM show, and her first song that broke the charts in Jay Jay (movie). She also had her own talk show in Vijay TV. Ennachu!? From there, to now being yelled at by someone like Bala. She seems to be in a very low state, being ignored, isolated, and badly treated by everyone around her. Hope she gets out of this soon.

Apt to note here that 'Amma' Archana didn't come near Bala, or try to support him. Everyone seems so scared of him. ’namba moonjiyilae namae kariyai poosika vendam', they might have thought. The others are also probably fed up with his behavior, and must have thought that he deserved it.

Amma Archana also gave a lot of points to Ajeedh, while selecting Bala as the worst performer. She said that Bala didn't take part in the reverse walking and auto tasks, and slept in until late, and missed a part of his team's clock counting. Sanam interfered in between, and offered to go to jail. So much magnanimity, all of a sudden. It came out of nowhere! I don't understand Sanam's character!!!! Thats all I have to say about her, in today's episode.

I wonder one thing about Bala's refusal to go to jail. Did he expect Ramya to go, in his place? That girl is so involved in all tasks and takes a keen interest. Keep wishing Bala. It shows how out of touch he is, with reality. I think he took it as a prestige issue. If he was so concerned with his image, he should have performed well. "Empty vessels makes noise!"nu oru english pazha mozhi irukku. Bala is the perfect example for this.

Bala and Suchi in jail:

BB asked Ajeedh to get keys from the store room, unlock the jail door, and put Bala and Suchi in it. Bala commented ’Karadi kumbaluku santosham’!

Sanam in the name of entertainment, was irritating Bala. Shivani pulled her inside, but Sanam asked Shivani to stay near the jail, and give company to her. But Shivani left the place. Samyuktha teased Shivani, saying thaniya enna panna poringalo? Ramya also teased Shivani, saying "at least now she will spend some time with them." Shivani sinugaludan said, "ellarum ennai kalaikareenga!"

Suchi and Bala were singing a rap using jail as the lead word.

Now and then, Shivani went near jail. Suchi got irritated, and told Bala "un alu is staring at me. Next time, if Shivani stares, she (Suchi) won't leave her, she said.

Bala said, don't refer to Shivani as 'Un alu’. Bala shouted at BB that Suchi was taking his life (uyira vaanguraa) and torturing him.

Samyuktha and Shivani were talking. Shivani said she could not clearly hear what Suchi told Bala inside the glass door, but thought she said "xxx". Shivani was quite accurate in what she thought Suchi had told Bala (about Shivani staring).

ஒட்டுமொத்த விகடனுக்கும் ஒரே ஷார்ட்கட்!

Bigg boss latest updates
Bigg boss latest updates

Samyuktha asked Shivani, why Suchi was against her. Shivani said that she knew the answer. Samyuktha didn't ask any further. I think everyone knows why Suchi does not like Shivani.

Bala was again seen screaming that he was going mad, because of Suchi. (Enaku thaniya group irukunnu solra )Shivani and Samyuktha stood outside and consoled him.

Later, Bala was sleeping, and Suchi "visirindu irundanga!" Does Suchi have any self respect!?

Suchi sang the song ’Unnai nanariven, ennai andri yararivar’, and later switched to the song ’Alutha manasu thangathae'. She started crying. Seriously Suchi, what happened to you? I hope she gets out of the house soon. I'm not sure she can survive for another week inside.

Friendship Band:

Anita visited the jail. Suchi asked Anitha to give back the friendship band, if she (Anita) was not going to wear it. Immediately, Anitha returned the band to Suchi and left. Sanam told Suchi that it was not good to take back what she gave. Suchi told BB that she wanted to tie the friendship band to him, and tied it to the camera. Sigh!

Captainship task was organised:

A block was kept on a wooden plank. Each contestant had his/her own plank and block. At the start of the buzzer, the contestants had to walk from one end to the other, holding the plank with the block. Then they should stay there till the buzzer rings again, after which they have to walk back. This would continue until there is a winner. The winner would be the person whose block stays in the plank throughout the walk to the other side.

Archana, Samyuktha, Somu, Aari, Rio and Gabi were the contestants for the captainship task. Archana followed by Samyuktha, somu and Gabi lost the game. The wooden plank was touching Gabi’s body when she walked - as in, her body was giving support to the block and kept it from falling. Aari told Gabi this, but she denied it. It was quite obvious actually. None of the other HMs or contestants pointed it out, except Aari. Aari and Rio held the block for more than half an hour. Aari, while moving from one mark to another moved very fast, when he heard the buzzer. The HMs cheered him. I think Aari became over confident. The next time, he again walked fast, but the block fell down.

Bigg Boss tamil Day 47 Updates
Bigg Boss tamil Day 47 Updates

Vada poche! Rio became the captain of the house, for the second time!

Rio becomes captain of the house for the second time:

Rio while allocating work for next week, put Ajeedh for rest room cleaning. Aari said that Ajeedh had already been in the rest room cleaning team, but Somu had not. So, Somu and Samyuktha were given the rest room cleaning work. Sanam, Ajeedh, Gabi and Bala were given general cleaning work. Sanam voluntarily joined the team. Bala will probably think that Sanam would do all the work. But, Sanam Akka is like a ’cat on the wall. ’ We cannot predict her!

Hyundai Car promotion task:

Each team had two contestants. One person would be the photographer, and the other person would be the model. Shivani, Gabi and Ajeedh were the judges. The wining team would get a Magnetic pair of shares!

Ramya & Somu, Ramesh & Archana, Samyuktha & Aari, Anitha & Sanam, Rio & Nisha made the 5 teams.

A Photo session was organised. Aari & Samyuktha were declared as winners, and got the gift from Hyundai.

Few HMs finished their dinner. Around 9.45 pm, BB supplied parottachicken, chat items and faluda.

Those who had dinner were feeling bad. Those who had not, were happy. Idhanalenna. Fridge la vechu ssapudlame?

Bigg boss latest updates
Bigg boss latest updates

Bala and Suchi out from jail:

BB announced Suchi's and Bala's release from the jail. Bala was telling that it was peaceful in the jail, and was asking why he was released early. Ivan alambal thangala. Ulla pogum bodhu bayangara arbattam. Veliya varumbodhum arbattam.

Ajeedh opened the jail gate and told Bala Parottachicken, and chat were there. He asked Bala what he wanted. But, Bala just ignored him. Suchi went inside BBH and danced with Sanam. Suchi was very happy that she was released from jail. Bala said that his things were still inside the jail. Shivani already fetched it for him. With that today's episode was over.

Tomorrow is Kamal session. Hope he would drill Bala for his atrocities during the Mani koondu task, and crappy behavior while in jail. But one thing that I have observed with Bala, is that, during the week, he would act like a sher (singam). In weekends, when Kamal comes, he becomes a chuaa (mouse!)