BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 48 Highlights: Aari and Rio saved!

Bigg boss Tamil Season 4 latest updates
Bigg boss Tamil Season 4 latest updates

Aari and Rio saved!

Aari and Rio saved!

Today’s episode started with Kamal’s entry followed by Friday's clipping, Kamal’s weekend - part 1 session. Today, Kamal saved Aari and Rio. On the whole, today’s episode was vedikadha pattas!


Today’s episode started with the entry of the handsome Kamal, in business casuals. Kamal insisted about the importance of 'neram'. Nowadays, time could be seen from the watch, mobile, clock, etc, etc, he said. In olden days, time was ascertained through sunrise and sunset. In India, it is still possible to some extent, because day and night is more or less equal, he said. But in cold countries (North America/Europe), using the day light to ascertain time is near to impossible he said.

True, especially during the Fall and Winter seasons, one hardly sees the sun there, leave alone using it to tell the time!

Friday clipping:

Kamal asked BB to show the Friday clippings. Friday started with the song, ’Thangamari udhari’.

Archana vs Somu:

Then, few HMs were having breakfast - parotta chicken that was supplied by BB, a day earlier. Samyuktha said that she didn't keep her share as someone told her that it was not good to keep it in fridge. Huh!! Who is this someone, and why should she listen to them? Does she not know the use of a refrigerator, and that it is mainly to store food!? Whatever!

Archana asked Somu, if he was eating her share? Somu said yes, as he had already finished her share. He asked, 'enna solli kamikariya?'

Archana got angry. ’Nanae kuduthuthu nanae solli kamipena'nnu, she angrily replied and left the place.

Somu had his share already. Archana gave him, her share as well. But Since, another bowl was inside the refrigerator, she had the doubt if Somu was having someone else's.

Somu said that he just made a joke. Then, bayangarama purai erichi, for Somu. Archana came back, and ’nann thitinaduku evalavu effecta?'

What a kadi?!

Never ending lemon issue:

Aari and Anitha were talking. Nothing ground breaking. They were just discussing the old lemon issue. The one that was discussed last weekend by Kamal.

Kaalam seekram odudhu. So many things are happening within a span of a day. But not for these two. They re-discussed the lemon issue and said sorry to each other. Seri. At least inime indha topic varaama irndha sari.

Over to Kamal.

Kula adi sandai:

First, he started with the kula adi sandai, and said that the HMs performed well. He said that though it was intended as a joke, the message conveyed was bad. In reality,such fights for water cause serious pain, he said. True!

B/W movie:

Kamal appreciated the dialogues based on Black and white movie. He appreciated Rio for his acting as MGR.

Kamal shared his own experience with MGR. While shooting sakala Kala vallavan movie, Kamal got hurt, when he tried to hit a glass door in a stunt scene. MGR called him and enquired about his health. When Kamal was on call with MGR, a few reporters were also there. After the call, Kamal shared with the reporters that MGR had called him. That time MGR was the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, he said.

Next day, the incident was published as a kisu kisu. Again, MGR called Kamal and said that it was unnecessary to share his (MGR's) concerned call with reporters, and scolded him.

All time favourite great Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran(MGR):

My all time favorite actor is MGR. Not just for me, but for all family members who belong to my generation. My older brother's Watsapp profile picture is MGR. His caller tune is ’naan anaiyital adhu nadanthu vital ’. Everyday, when I am write BB review, I hear MGR songs. MGR's songs create a certain energy, I feel.

Anyways..., Kamal appreciated Anitha’s act as M.R.Radha. He also shared how M R Radha and MGR met in a function, and MGR took the seat next to M R Radha, though, the organisers arranged their seats in the opposite sides! Those readers who are too young to know the history between MGR and MR Radha, do Google it.

Mani koondu task analysis:

Next, Kamal touched the Mani koodu task issue. He appreciated Aari, Rio and Gabi for calculating 3 hours, the best.

He appreciated the winners of the task - Archana, Samyuktha and Somu.

Then he came to Bala. He didn't grill Bala, as expected. Only, a gentle touch. A feather touch. He asked him not to break rules, as they would also affect his team mates.

He asked the HMs to advise Bala. Ajeedh said that Bala should not go out of the box. He Advised him to follow what was in the rulebook. Ramya too, said the same thing.

Kamal thanks these HMs for their advice to Bala. Ramya said that it was not an advise, but just a tip, as Kamal used to say.

Lifela Nalla Varum, Indha Ponnu!!

Nomination ragasiyam:

Kamal spoke about the 'kadhal kannai maraikudhu' reason given during last week's nomination. He said kadhal ’kadhai kilichuduchi’. He pointed out that Rio misunderstood that Bala said kadhai kilichuduven, though, he didn't say that. Kamal said that it was very nice of them to get compromised, but Rio hitting the glass door, was not correct.

He advised Rio to store up his anger, and show it when it was necessary. Rio accepted his mistake. ’Kobam kannai maraikum!’

Cuckoo cap task:

The HMs should wear the cuckoo cap and pick a card (with the names of other HMs). They have to then share a secret of the person whose name they picked. All played a super safe game. No secrets were revealed. The viewers seem to know more about the HMs. It was super chappa.

A couple of note worthy (relatively) incidents. Archan got her own name in the card. She said that she has the tendency to go and talk to everyone. If someone does not respond well, she feels dejected. She also said that her motherly love for Bala will continue for ever.

Sabbah! I think it will continue until the BBH.

When it was Bala's turn, Bala asked Kamal if he could hold the cap in his hand. He did not want to wear it, as it took him a while to straighten his curls. Kamal asked, 'idulayum rules breakaa', but allowed him to do as he wanted.

I personally dont like Balaji with straight hair. I dont think it suits him.

Secret revealed:

After the task, seeing how mokkai and 'safe' it was going, Kamal himself said, ’intha task edupadalai. ’

However he said, the secret of who said 'kadhal kanna maraikudhu' was still not revealed. Instantly, Aari (like a mundrikotta) raised his hand. Kamal said that he didn’t ask for any revelation!

During the break Bala was talking to Anitha, and venting about Aari. He said that Aari himself had had a love marriage, and why he would pass such a comment about Bala. If he had doubts, he could have asked Bala directly.

Not only Aari, every HM talks about their love story. There are comments inside and outside BBH.

Nowadays Anitha is getting close with Bala. Initially, it was with Rio. Then, with Archana, Sanam, Aari and Suchi. Now, Bala. Let's see how long she can pull on.

Gloves and kathi task:

Kamal organised another task. Gloves and Kathi were kept. Each HMs should give gloves to the person whom they think are tough contestants, and kathi, to whom they think are not a competition.

Bala got the most gloves, and Nisha got the most kathis.

Most of the HMs felt Bala is an honest player, though his way of expression, is rude.

Only the HMs think highly of Bala. But not the viewers! His support has all but vanished from outside the house!

Regarding Nisha, HMs felt that she is not serious about the game, and is hesitating to give her opinion.

I think she plays the safest game. She also hides behind Rio, which seems to be her game strategy, Even Rio seems irritated with this, offlate.

Importance of the Voting:

After the break, Kamal said voting is very important, and asked everyone to vote in the coming elections.

He also said that the Election commission has arranged 'name checking' this weekend, and the 12 & 13th of next month. Everyone should go and ensure that their name is registered in the voters list, Kamal said.

Quotes on voting:

’The vote is precious.

It is the most powerful

none-violent tool we

have in a democratic

society, and we

must use it.’

-John Lewis

’The ballot is stronger

than the bullet’

Abraham Lincoln

Aari and Rio saved:

He asked the HMs whom they wanted to be saved. Only Rio, Somu, Bala and Samyuktha’s names were told. Each group told their friends' names.

Gloves with numbers were kept on the table. Inside the gloves, the names of the housemates in the eviction list were there. Kamal asked Sanam to take glove no.7 and open it. She opened it, and inside, was Aari’s name. He was saved. Then, kamal called Ajeedh and asked him to also take glove no.9. He opened it, and Rio’s name was there. So today, Kamal saved two HMs; they thanked the viewers.

With that, today’s episode was over. Yesterday, a few scenes of how Salman Khan (Hindi Bigg Boss), and Nagarjuna (telugu Bigg Boss) dealt with their contestants when the contestants behaved badly was trending online (on Youtube and Bigg Boss Tamil fan pages). It was terrorizing. Nagarjuna in fact asked a contestant to immediately pack his bags and get out of the house. Based on Bala's behavior in the house last week (including his constant berating of Suchi, whom, even a small child, can point out as being a bit unstable, a lot of Bigg Boss fans (including me) thought that Kamal will seriously reprimand him. Even if he does not ask Bala to leave the house (like what Nagarjuna did), we at least expected him to give him a strong dose. But hmmhmm. Nothing happened. Absolutely nothing! It was extremely disappointing.

Tomorrow is eviction result. But it has already been aired, that Suchi got evicted. It's good for Suchi to come out, as she is very isolated inside the BBH. It is also aired that another wild card entry will be coming in tomorrow. Let's see how the entry of the new entrant works out!

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