BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52 Highlights: Aari or Bala? Who is the hero?!

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52

Today’s Bigg boss Episode started with the morning song, followed by the (continuation of) call centre task. It ended with an argument among Aari, Bala and Sanam.

Day 52, Morning:

Today's episode started with the song ’sodaku mela sodaku’! Yes, definitely an apt song for today’s episode. Wait! Wait! The aptness factor of ‘sodaku’ will be explained at the end of the review.

Valarpu! Valarpu! Valarpu:

Bala, Samyuktha and Shivani were talking about, … wait for it… the ‘valarpu’ and ‘motherhood’ issue. Samyuktha’s comment on valarpu was not correct. She knows it! I think she is just using the motherhood issue (which, Aari in all honesty did not attack) as a tool to avoid criticisms against her. Ethanai vatti araicha mavaiyae araichalum unmai idhudhan Samyuktha.

The way she used the word ‘valarpu’, directing it against Aari’s parents was WRONG. The way Aari used ‘motherhood’, refering to the maturity expected out of Sam was NOT WRONG. Samyuktha had mentioned about ‘valarpu’ not just in yesterday’s episode, but also during the vivadha medai task. She had then directly attacked Aari’s valarpu in a conversation to Nisha.

I hope Kamal brings that up this Saturday, either by asking Nisha, or by showing a kurumpadam. Samyuktha needs to apologize to Aari for her comments.

Aari was then shown talking with Rio. He expressed his displeasure on Samyuktha’s

comment on ‘valarpu’ and blamed Bala for his unwanted interference, when he was talking to Samyuktha about that the previous day.

Aari also shared with Rio that Bala touched his feet for having said ‘ethaiyavadhu neetuven ’ and showing his legs. But, Aari told Rio that it was fake. Bala did that just for camera, and to save his image before the public.

I Think Aari is very hurt by Samyuktha’s valarpu comment. He has not come out of this, even after almost 2 days. He is under stress.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52

Shivani’s sinungal:

Shivani and Bala met in the rest room. Bala told Shivani that he was occupied with other work since morning, and hence could not talk to her. She replied that she didn’t ask Bala about why he had not spoken to her. Bala left the place.

Again, Anbu. Anbu thollllai thaaangala:

Archana and Nisha were talking about, … wait for it… Anbu! I don’t think even Mother Teresa spoke about anbu so much!!

Nisha told Archana that though the HMs have not realized Archana’s anbu, the viewers will know Archana’s abundance of anbu! Archana said that, as the HMs were constantly calling her anbu ‘fake’, the same would be registered among the viewers. Does she think we are that dumb!!?? Viewers know to differentiate between real and fake.

Back to the call center task:

Today ’s Bigg boss house call center task first call was made by Somu to Gabi.

It was jolly conversation. Somu asked Gabi to show her teeth. There was a small gap inbetween her front teeth. Was that why she was named as Gabi (‘gap’i), he asked! lol!

Somu asked Gabi about her dog Nithya. He asked who was taking care of Nithya in her absence. Gabi said that her mom would take care, and that her mom promised to take good care of Nithya.

Somu told her that she looked pretty when she smiled and asked her to cut the call. Gabi cut the call. Gabi called Somu again (as per task rule), and asked if he had any more questions. He said no. Gabi asked him to rate her call, and Somu gave her 3 stars.

Somu came out of the calling room, and other HMs congratulated him, since he made Gabi cut the call before the buzzer .

Later, the other HMs asked Gabi why she cut the call, and she told them that she intentionally did that as she did not want Somu to be in the eviction list.

She said the same to Somu as well, which was a bulb moment for Somu. He told Gabi that she was under impression that it was he, who made her cut the call, and had told others the same. Poor guy. It was obvious that Gabi cut the call herself, to be kind to Somu.

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52

Bigg boss house Love bed group:

Bala, Sanam and Anitha were talking about Gabi’s act. Bala said that Gabi saved Somu from the list for eviction next week, and that the love bed group would propose his name for the ‘Best Performer’.

That group won't nominate anyone for eviction, from their own group, Bala said. He said he was waiting for the time when they nominate themselves.

Hmm.. I think it is natural? Even Bala does not nominate his friends (Shivani, Ajeedh, Sam, Somu).

Second call of the today:

The next call was made by Ramya to Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan).

Ramya asked his name. PP Jithan said, “Ramesh”. She said he looked like Jithan Ramesh!

Ramya asked PP Jithan to recollect a few phrases that were used during the eviction nomination. The phrases that BB shared with them all.

PP Jithan said, “safe game, comfort zone and Raja Veetu kannu kutty.”

Ramya asked which one would suit him. PP Jithan said,

Raja Veetu Kannu Kutty”. Why, she asked him. PP Jithan said that it was because his clothes were being washed by others and a few people inside were taking care of him. So, the person who nominated him might have noted this, and hence used the phrase, he said. The phrase was not used for him in the nomination process, but it does suit him aptly. I mentioned this in my earlier review as well, but I am still disgusted by the fact that Nisha/Archana wash his clothes and dirty plates. Why on earth????

PP Jithan said that generally, when fights happen in the house, he does not interfere, but later talks to the people concerned. With whom has he done that, Ramya asked. PP Jithan said that he has spoken with Bala and Anitha. He also tried speaking with Sanam, he said

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Then, Ramya asked him, if he ever nominated Archana, what the 2 reason(s) would be. PP Jithan said that if we ever nominated Archana, it would be because she is very trusting, and emotional. Archana rombha rombha nallavanganu solraaru PP Jithan! ROFL!

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52

Ramya reasons:

Ramya then asked him for 2 reasons for nominate Rio. PP Jithan said that Rio kept everything to himself. He does not talk openly, and intervenes only when a matter became a problem. PP Jithan also said that Rio is short tempered.

Ramya then asked two reasons to nominate Nisha.

PP Jithan said that she would cut when others were speaking, to get attention to herself. PP Jithan also said that Nisha does not play independently. Ramya asked who in the house supported Nisha (in general). PP Jithan said Bala, Aari, Rio, Archana and he himself were helping her in the game.

Ramya then asked PP Jithan to give two more reasons to nominate Rio. Seriously, why did the editors not remove all this boring convo? Mattha footage ellam idha vida mosama!?

Anyways, PP Jithan said Rio missed his family. He got emotional when he spoke about his family.

Ramya asked PP Jithan to give two more reasons to nominate Nisha. For all my indifference towards Jithan, I seriously commend him for patiently answering these questions. I think Ramya’s tactics was to make Jithan fall asleep, or die in boredom, before the buzzer went off.

PP Jithan replied to Ramya (on Nisha), that if anyone spoke in anger, Nisha would move from that place, and would sit aloof. She won't listen to that person, or ask for the reasons. For giving the second reason Jithan took time. Pinna, evlo dhaan yosippan! Ramya asked him to not take so much time to respond. She pushed him to reply fast. His group members got tensed, when he was paused.

After a few minutes of thinking, he said that in the name of comedy, she was torturing and irritating others. Finally! Immediately, all the HMs who were watching this, burst into a laugh, including Ramya.

Ramya then asked PP Jithan to give one reason to nominate her.

PP Jithan said she was a silent killer, and as Kamal said, she would put an injection with a smile. “Your talent is separate”, he said.

Ramya said she couldn't get him irritated and cut the call. WOW! I applaud PP Jithan on this! After the call, PP Jithan called Ramya and asked her if she had any more questions She said, “no”. He asked her to rate his call, and she said she would give 10/10, but since the highest was 5, she would give him 5 stars! BB informed Ramya that she was nominated for eviction the coming week. When PP Jithan came out, Rio, Somu and the rest of his group felt happy, hugged him, and congratulated him.

Nominated Ramya:

BB asked Archana to give the name board to Ramya. Ramya put it around her neck.

PP Jithan played well. Generally, he is a calm person. Very tension free! So, it would be difficult to irritate him, and make him cut the call.

What I have noticed of PP Jithan – he does not involve himself in any issues. He is like a spectator, and watches others. We viewers watch BB from outside. PP Jithan is watching it from inside the BBH. That’s the only difference!

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52
BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 52

Aari vs Sanam & Bala:

Aari, Sanam and Anitha were talking.

Aari was talking about ‘valarpu’ matter to Sanam. He said that when he asked Samyuktha about the ‘Valarpu’ matter Bala interfered without any need. Aari said that his body language was bad. Sanam said that Bala’s body gestures are different, and Aari’s are different. There was nothing more to it. At that time, Bala was passing by. Sanam called out to him. Unnecessary! “veliyilae pora onanai eduthu thol melae potta kadhai”yai, Sanam called Bala. Bala said that he interfered, as he wanted to resolve the problem. Moreover, Bala said that it would have projected wrongly on Samyuktha, and so, he interfered.

Their arguement had led to a fight with Rio and his group. Aari imitated Bala’s finger sodaku, and how he invited anyone who wanted to become a hero/heroine, to fight with him. Bala said that he didn't do or say that. Sanam and Anitha, both said that Bala did and said like that.

This conversation got out of hand, and Bala said that Aari generally twisted things. The argument heated up, and went on.

In the heat of the fight, Aari sarcastically said, Bala is the hero, and he (Aari) was the villain, and not a good person. Bala said that Aari finally spoke the truth.

Sanam does not listen well. She unnecessarily pokes her nose into things, and creates a mess. She did the same, here as well. The argument then turned to Sanam vs Aari. Sanam claimed that Aari said that she was biased. Aari got fed up and left the place. When Sanam was arguing with Aari, Bala’s group (Samyukatha, Shivani, Ajeedh, Ramya), and Bala himself were laughing. Paah. Sickening.

Later, Anita, Bala, Sanam, and Jithan were talking. Bala said he didn’t put sodaku and say the things Aari claimed that he (Bala) said. Anitha said that Bala did say those things. Bala apologized to Anith and left.

Now, go back to the day’s morning song. ’Sodaku melae sodaku’!

Sodaku played an important role at the end of today’s Episode.

Aari or Bala, who is the hero?! An analysis!

Since Bigg Boss seems to be mainly moving around Aari and Bala, I decided to analyze, who between those two, is the hero. The two of them have also been repeatedly using the words hero/villain the last few days. Moreover, if you check the unofficial votes for this week’s eviction, it shows Aari leading strong, with Bala in second position.


Aari’s strengths:

He gives preference only to the actual issue at hand, and does not see the ‘person’ In other words, he is unbiased. If something is good, he will appreciate. If something is not good, he will tell it on the face.

Aari’s principles are good. He has a good maturity level. He has the ability to face both success and failure, equally.


He expects everyone to be like him, which is not possible and correct also. Aari does not understand, or accept this.

Bala's Strengths:

‘Speech’ and communication are his strengths. He is very talented.


He doesn't bother about the matter (Exact opposite of Aari in this). He decides based on the person. If he likes that person, and if that person supports him, he will stand by her or his side, irrespective of whether their act is right or wrong.

His maturity level is low.

Bala does not like defeat. His only aim is to win. He does that at any cost.

Now that this show has crossed more than 50 days, as of now, Aari seems to be hero for the viewers. But Bala has his own fan following as well, mostly because of his bold attitude, outspokenness, arrogance, and ofcourse, his curly hair!

As far as Bigg Boss is concerned, their individual successes depends on time, and of course Vijay TV’s TRP and future strategy!

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