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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 60 Review: Ennama Ipadi Panreengalema!!

Bigg boss tamil season 4
Bigg boss tamil season 4

Highlights! Aari - 1st place and Nisha - 13th place!

Today ’s Bigg boss episode started with yesterday's ranking conversation, where the HMs ranked themselves. Bala’s Birthday celebs happened, and Good day biscuits were given! Oh, and also, Bala created some crazy drama, hitting himself with his own shoes. Archana took her toxic game a notch up.

Day 59:

As mentioned in my last review, the following parameters were taken into consideration for the rankings of the call center task performance:

- Receiver (center employee) holding the call, from buzzer to buzzer

- Caller (customer) managing to make the employee cut the call before the buzzer

- Quality of the call

- Friendliness of call (HMs saving their friends by using this task)

Discussion on ranking:

A looooong discussion happened. A noteworthy (only noteworthy point mentioned was by Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan). During the discussion, a few HMs said that Archana performed well, and had to be placed within 6th place. Bala said that Archana (as a caller) cut the call to save Ajeedh and hence, be placed after 6th. Adhukku PP Jithan retorted that Bala was the only person who didn’t understand and do the task. As a caller, instead of asking questions to Aari (receiver), he just went on a rambling spree and cut the call. He didn’t let Aari speak. Because of this, PP Jithan said that in all fairness, Bala should be placed at 13th! Looool. PP Jithan also said that Aari spent sleepless nights because of the torture Bala put him through ☹.

Bigg boss season 4
Bigg boss season 4

The discussion actually went on and on and on, and so, finally, BB pressed the buzzer. Thank you, BB!! You’re the best! BB announced that their allotted time for ranking was over, and asked the HMs to choose their pedestals and stand, based on their long discussion.

Anbarasi Archana claimed number 1 position, since she attended both the calls effectively. Really!? After using it to save Ajeedh, because Ajeedh saved her friend Rio!? Reeks of corruption and nepotism! I wish everyone had half the confidence of Anbarasi Archana. I say half, as full might be toxic! Let that sink in, for awhile!

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Sanam also though that she did a great job. She admitted that she only acted as the caller (to Samyuktha). Since the second week (current week) Sam was evicted, Sanam did not get the opportunity to receive a call. But, that was not her mistake, she explained. Rio also thought he did a great job – after all, he (and we!) survived Anitha’s call. Aari also felt he deserved to be No. 1. After all, he listened to Bala patiently. Anitha also thought she was No. 1. Edhukkunu enakku theriyala, but she thought so! Anyways, all these people stood in No. 1 spot. Logjam!! Rio and Somu asked BB for a pen and paper. They said that all HMs can put a star against the HM that they thought did very well. That way they could choose No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, etc etc. idha munnalaye yosichirkanum. Appa summa vada suttuttu, time waste pannittu, now they are coming up with these place.

Anyways, BB kalluli mangan kept his mouth shut.

Then, Aari suggested that they could vote!

Ranking on vote basis:

He asked the HMs who supported Sanam for No. 1, to raise the hands. Nobody raised their hands! Gasp! Sanam got angry, and said that she would go and stand in the 13th rank. Rio consoled.

My 2.5 year old grandson behaves like this. Avanukku vendiyadhu kedaikalenna, he will either throw a tantrum, or sit in a corner with an angry face. I am not saying that Sanam is a 2.5 year old. Just that her behavior is like one!

Bigg boss tamil promo
Bigg boss tamil promo

Unexpectedly, Somu said he was supporting Aari. He said that he gave a best and honest performance. Somu raised his hands for Aari, and asked others if they supported as well. Aari got 6 votes. He won, and clinched the 1st place! In another turn of events, previous 1st place contestants Rio and Anitha also raised their hands for Aari.

Anbarasi Archana gave a kovapparvai to Somu. Somu tried to pacify her saying that he was feeling hungry and wanted to finish the discussion fast. Important to note that the love bed (except for Nisha and Archana) voted for Aari.

Next, discussion for second prize, I mean second place! Sanam claimed it. There was a tough fight between Sanam and Bala. Bala said that since Sanam attended only one call, and didn’t play the role of a receiver, she should be placed in 13th rank. Aari said that it wasn’t Sanam’s fault, as there was an eviction in between Round 1 and Round 2. No receiver for her. He supported Sanam, and asked the HMs who felt the same, to raise their hands. She got 5 ‘yay’s, and clinched the second place.

Anita and Archana also competed, but got lesser votes. Aanalum, Anitha’s and Archana’s vida muyarchiya parattanum!

Anita said that whosever’s name was called out first, was winning. Uhm, not really true Anitha. Don’t twist the facts! For first place, Sanam’s name was called first. Did she get it!!?

Since Aari stood in his first place pedestal, Gabi took the role of counting votes.

Sanam vs Bala:

Idhukku naduvula, Bala was shown shouting at Sanam, saying that she kept changing her ideology according to the person. He was pointing his fingers while talking. Sanam got angry, and said ’kaiya neeti pesadeenga’. Bala said ’apadithan pesuven’. Sanam said ’appo enkita pesathinga’. Bala said ’unta pesinaduku enna serupala aduchikanum’. Then, he took his brand new slippers, and hit himself on his face! OMG! What did I just see!?

Bigg boss tamil bala sanam
Bigg boss tamil bala sanam

Sanam took it as Bala symbolically saying that talking to her was like hitting himself with slippers. She demanded apology. But Bala went inside.

I would like to register few quotes on anger:

’Anger doesn't solve anything,

It builds nothing,

But it can destroy everything.’

’It's wise to direct your anger towards problems

-----not people; to focus your energies on

answers-----not excuses.’

’Speak when you are

angry and you will

make the best speech

you will ever regret.’

Do you readers remember, a couple of weeks ago, when Aari was talking with his hands, Bala said ‘Kaiya neeti pesadha. Kaiya neeti pesina, naan veradhavudhu neeti pesuven’, and showed his leg. BOOMERANG!!

On another frame, Archana was blabbering to Nisha. She said that it was unfair that Sanam claimed first and second place, as she attended only one call. Archana said that the other HMs were scared of her (Sanam), and so, voted. Archana also said that Bala was fighting for everything and spoiling things!

Uhm, if there is one person whom the HMs should be scared of in the BBH, it is Anbarasi Archana herself. I have not met her in person. But if I ever do, I will run at a mile per hour, just to save my own sanity! Yes, even with my mutti vali, I will run!

Then, the discussion moved to 3rd place. Anitha won! She got three votes. She stood in the third place. Bala came from inside the BBH. He again shouted at Sanam and said that she should apologize. Sanam said that he should apologize. This went on for awhile.

In meantime, Anitha went on stood on the 3rd place pedestal. Bala said that since he was not there for the voting, he wanted a re-election. He stood in the re-election, and won. He clinched the pedestal.

Now, it was Anita’s turn to get angry. She said that she didn’t want any rank, and sat aloof. For the fourth place, Gabi called Anitha and Archana as contestants. But since, Anitha was so stern and said that she didn't want to participate in this, Archana clinched it. Again, I am reminded of my 2.5 year old grandson.

This went on.. Finally they came to 13th place! Shivani and Nisha fought tooth and nail for it! ROFL! Finally, Shivani took the 12th place, and Nisha was left with No. 13.

சனம் - பாலாஜி ஷூ சண்டைகள்... அனிதாவின் 'லூஸு'கலாய்... பிக்பாஸ் நாள்- 60

All ranks were filled by then, except for No. 10. The HMs asked Anitha, but she refused. Anbarasi Archana commented that because o Anitha, they were not able to complete the task. BB pressed the buzzer, and BB put an end to the ranking task. No one bothered Anitha after this!

Archana's double game:

Bala and Shivani were later walking in the lawn. Archana conveyed her Birthday wishes to him, put viboothi on his forehead, and hugged him. While hugging her, Bala rubbed off the viboothi!!

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Archana was later injecting poison into him saying that he was called her love bed HMs as a group, and crying groupism, but was missing out the other group – Aari’s group! She mentioned Aari, Sanam and Anitha.

Uhm, I don't think so. Aari recommend Sanam for second place. Even Anitha fought for it. Later, as we know, Anitha moved to third place, and eventually went out of the task. But I don’t know if Bala is mature enough to analyze all this! Archana was wearing an Amma ‘VESHAM’ and feeding ‘ViSHAM’.

Happy Birthday, Bala!

May God touch your life

With peace, hope, prosperity and love.’

Then, everyone went inside. Bala’s Birthday cake arrived from his sister. He cut the cake, and gave the first piece to Shivani. Everyone wished him. His sister and friend conveyed their Birthday wishes to him. Bala asked sorry, if he had hurt anyone. He also said that he would keep on hurting, because the game was like that.

Of course he was right. Living in a closed house for hundred days (days vary for each HM, depending on their stay) with the same set of people is very difficult. I recently had to quarantine for 14 days when I travelled, and those 14 days were unbearable. Imagine, 60+ days!

Day 60: 8.00am:

The day’s morning song was ’Ennama ipadi panreengalema’! All HMs danced. Strange thing was, Aari was dancing with Rio, Somu and PP Jithan. Finally, a boys gang is forming inside??

This song was apt for today’s episode. I have detailed the reason in the conclusion paragraph!

Anitha, Ramya, Aari, Bala and PP jithan were talking. Anita said that in today's promo, Sanam and Bala would be there. Looks like this is all Anitha worries about. Screen time, content and image. Many are like that, I’m sure. But Anitha is saying it openly! PP Jithan said that Sanam was acting like a sandai kozhi.

Luxury points:

BB announced that this week there was 2600 points allocated for the luxury task. But since Nisha, Bala, Shivani and Anitha cut the calls when they were the callers, and as Somu, Gabi, Nisha, Archana, Ajeedh and Ramesh cut the calls when they were receivers (to save their friends), he was cutting 200 points for each of them. 10x200=2000 points. All that the HMs got was 600 luxury points. With that, they got sathumaavu and rava!

Nisha was later blabbering before the camera. Rio knew that it was for her 13th ranking. Nisha said that since Aari told that the person who cut the call when being the receiver and caller, should stand last, she took that place. Rio said that he also later realized that her position was right, based on what BB just said.

Ippavadhu orachidhey!

Morning task:

Ramya and Anitha were acting as an anchor and news reader. Anitha was giving commentary on what was happening inside the BBH. Archana, Somu, Bala and Ajeedh were acting as the background public who were trying to show their face in the camera. Just a time pass task. But after the stressful call center ranking, they got some opportunity for a light-hearted task.

Good day happiness ambassador award task:

Britannia good day announced positive award for the winners. Gabi was the anchor. There was a spin wheel. Each HM had to spin the wheel. The person whose picture the needle stopped at, had to select a positive award and give it to an HM.

Nisha was declared as the overall winner, and was awarded the Britannia Good day Happiness Ambassador Award.

Other HMs were gifted the Briania good day biscuits.

Ennama ippadi panregalema!!!!!

A few Surprises today.

1. PP Jithan argued for Aari, with Bala !

2. Somu, Rio, PP Jithan, and Gabi from the love bed group voted for Aari !

3. When Nisha said she was upset with her 13 the ranking, Rio said that her ranking was justifiable!

4. Aari was dancing with Rio, Somu and PP Jithan. The Love bed group!

5. Aari was sitting with Bala, Ramya, Anitha and PP Jithan and talking about the fight between Sanam and Bala! The surprise here, is this combination and the content of the conversation had the potential to become an atom bomb. But it was a cool and calm conversation. No one kicked anyone, no one hit themselves with slippers, no one cried.

A few weird and strange incidents:

1. Rio, Somu and PP Jithan started to play their game, individually!

2. Ramya during Shivani’s call, said that she wanted to evict Aari and Ajeedh. But today, she cast her vote for Aari, for first place!

3. Bala didn't fight with Aari, or other HMs for placing Aari in first place!

Surely the game pattern of a few individuals changed. Now, 60 days are over and it's good to see the change.

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