BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 65 Review: Luxury points task- Robot vs Human!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday episode highlights

Today’s Bigg boss episode was fully filled with the Robo vs Human task. It ended up with Archana’s massive emotional break down.

Day 65: 8.05am:

Today's Bigg boss Episode started with the song ’boom boom robotda, from Endhiran’. Apt song for today's episode.

Robot vs Human task:

Today’s Luxury point task was Robot vs Human. Archana was the Robot team’s leader and Bala was the Human team’s leader.

Robot team: Archana, Ramya, Gabi, Shivani, Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan) and Somu.

Human team: Bala, Aari, Rio, Ajeedh, Nisha and Anitha.

According to the task, each robot would have two hearts. The humans had to take the hearts, by bringing any two of the 3 emotions in the robots - happiness, sadness, anger. For each emotion they bring out, one heart would be taken away. If both the hearts are taken away from a robot, that robot would end up in defused state. Another rule was that, at any time, the humans should target only two robots, and extract work from the others. Also, they could target the robots with the emotion, only in between the buzzer sound.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

The targeting only 2 robots at a time was later added by BB (as mentioned by Rio). This caused unnecessary (but probably planned) confusion among the HMs, and caused a huge rift, a lot of it among the Love Bed (LB) members.

BB confused the HMs, ended with the rift among love bed team.

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Humans started targeting the robots:

The Human team asked the robot team to line up, to start the task. Ajeedh led the robots. Shivani had a more distinct and more revealing costume than the other (female) robots.

It was similar to Aishwarya’s in Endhiran. But ya, I am only comparing the costume!

While lining up, Shivani smiled, even before the task started. Oh Gawdddd! One heart removed from Shivani. Anita named the robots and tried to provoke them with the names - Bossy robot (Archana), Puppet robot (Somu), Make up robot (Shivani), Soft hurt robot (Ramya), Raja veetu Kannu kutty Robot (PP Jithan Ramesh), cringe robot (Gabi )! Very apt names!!!!

Rio gave the first instructions. He asked the robots to rotate their heads, and to do some exercise. He gave instructions in Rajini’s voice. Nicely done.

Rio gave a good suggestion to target Shivani first, since she had already lost one heart. Aari and Anitha also said the same. But head Bala didn't agree. He said that he was the captain of the team, and asked them to target Archana and PP Jithan.

He showed clear bossism. Indha teamku oru taskla captain anadhuke indha gadhi na, nalaiku BBHk captain aana, enna aagum! Empty vessels make noise!

Anitha asked Archana to carry her (Anitha) in her (Archana’s) hip. Similarly, Nisha also asked Archana to lift her. OMGGGGG! Seriously, Archana lifted Nisha! Great job. I’m sure I would have become a chutney!!

Bigg boss Som Nisha
Bigg boss Som Nisha

Since Archana was allergic to egg, Anitha got an egg yolk and asked Archana to put a mustache on herself. Anitha, Nisha and Aari tried to bring emotions from her. She gave in and smiled! Bala noticed it, and removed one heart from her.

அனிதாவின் தெய்விகச் சிரிப்பு, பாலாஜியின் தோல்வி, ஆரியின் அர்ச்சனா வியூகம்! பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 64

Archana denied that she smiled. But Bala didn't agree. I too observed that Archana smiled. I am sure you all did too. I hope this sappa matter does not need a kurum padam in 4 days!

Anitha and Ajeedh were separately targeting Ramya in the rest room. They asked Ramya to brush her teeth while singing a song. Anitha vomited while Ramya did that. It was disgusting!

Aari made Somu laugh, and removed one heart. PP Jithan also lost one heart for laughing. Nisha asked Somu to carry her like she was a baby.

Somu lifted her! Very surprising! Again, I would have become a juice, from chutney

Aari was targeting Jithan:

Aari was asked to then specifically target PP Jithan. Aari tried to bring more emotions from him. He asked PP Jithan to massage him. PP Jithan massaged Aari’s hand. Aari was talking about PP Jithan’s Raja veetu Kannu kutty status, inside the BBH, and mentioned the fact that Nisha washed his clothes and plates.

Bigg boss Aari Nisha Jithan ramesh
Bigg boss Aari Nisha Jithan ramesh

Nisha was targeting Archana:

Brilliant idea of Bala. After the Kamal episode, where he called Nisha namathu pona aplam, he’d have known that Nisha would try to give her best. And ofcourse, a clash would be impending with bossy Archana!

Nisha touched a very sensitive matter - Archana father’s death. At times she did go a bit far.

Few examples:

Nisha: where is your father?

Archana: He is dead. He is the hero.

(Here Nisha said she saw sadness in Archana’s face, but Archana denied it.)

Nisha: Appava marandhuteengala?

Archana: illai, Appava mariten.

Nisha: Appa kadaisiyaga pesina varthai?

Archana: seekiram vandhuduven (Nisha repeated the question)

Nisha: What did they say in the hospital?

Archana: Dead on arrival.

(Nisha repeated this question again and again and asked her to answer in Tamil also)

In the mean time, the other HMs of the Human team made Shivani, Gabi and Somu to express another emotion, and removed their second heart.

Nisha’s questions were too sensitive to Archana. Rio asked Somu to act like Human (that was his instruction), before Archana, when Nisha was targeting her. Somu asked Nisha why she was asking such questions, and asked Archana why she continued to answer such bad questions. Nisha didn’t know that Somu was asked to play the human role, and got scared when Somu questioned her. Even then, Archana didn’t give up. She is a really strong personality.

But, Nisha claimed that Archana showed sadness, and Bala removed second heart from her.

Bigg boss Archana Bala Shivani Rio
Bigg boss Archana Bala Shivani Rio

Nisha came out, sat in the rest room, and cried. She felt bad for asking such questions to Archana, and sought excuse from her (Archana’s) father. Rio came and enquired what had happened. Then Nisha told that her questions were not intentional, and that she took her father’s topic for the sake of the task. Rio consoled her, and asked her to take it as a part of the task.

What is the meaning of intentional? It means to do on purpose; deliberately! Ofcourse, what Nisha did was done with complete awareness. She brought Archana’s dad up to bring emotions on Archana, and to win the task. Yes, it was a nasty things to do. But nastya game a win panradhukkaga senjittu, aprom intentionala pannalenna enna artham! Koozhukm aasai, meesaikum aasai.

Then, Rio asked Nisha to pretend as if she was angry with Aari, and asked her to fight with him.

Nisha fought with Aari, for questioning PP Jithan about his Raja veetu kannu kutty status, inside the BBH. Nisha asked Aari who he was, to watch and target PP Jithan’s royal status in the house. Aari asked PP Jithan why Nisha was getting angry when he spoke about PP Jithan. While talking, Aari said that like love birds, they both (PP Jithan and Nisha) were roaming inside the BBH. PP Jithan he didn’t show any reaction.

Then, Rio took PP Jithan out, and asked why Nisha was shouting at Aari, and why PP Jithan had not asked her about it.

Here, PP Jithan’s acting was at Vera level. He walked like a robot, and explained to Rio that Aari and Nisha were playing to make him angry. Since he was a robot, he didn’t react to them.

Very cool he was. Indha actinga movies la kamichi irundha naala vandhurpaan! Especially since he is producer pulla. Hope Aari’s love bird comment would not cause any rift between them at later stage.

Bala and Archana were later talking:

Bala said that if removing Archana’s second badge was wrong, BB would interfere. Bala and Archana both expressed their point of view on the second heart in front of the camera. BB didn’t give any reply (which means Archana lost her game).

After Archana lost her game, she said that the game played by the human team was unfair. She said that at a given time, Humans could target only two robots, and had to extract work from the other robots. But they were targeting all the robots.

Rio clarified clearly that initially they made a mistake, and targeted all the robots. Then BB called him, and explained that only two robots could be targeted at a time. He said that BB also asked the team to remove the second heart from Gabi, Somu and Shivani. And so, Rio removed the second heart from them. After that, Rio said that they targeted only Archana and Jithan Ramesh. Archana lost her two badges and got diffused. Archana didn’t accept Rio’s explanation though.

Bigg boss tamil today promo
Bigg boss tamil today promo

Then, she (Archana) went on the offensive, for touching on her father’s death for the task. She shouted at Nisha for bringing this topic. Just to win the task, she brought her personal life, which was not fair, she said. Nisha said that she too felt bad, and cried for that. Rio, Bala and Gabri tried to console Archana. Rio said he didn’t know what topic was going on between Nisha and Archana. Archana asked everyone to leave her alone for awhile.

Nisha silently sat on her bed and cried. Other HMs left the room. With this, today’s episode was over.

Kamal already warned in the Samyuktha session, to not drag family members inside the BBH matters. Nisha should not have brought father sentiment, especially when he passed away so suddenly in an accident. It is tragic. Moreover, Nisha’s questions were too sharp, and she made Archana repeat difficult answers. It was border cruelty. But Archana did show her anger inbetween, though was mostly under control. She didn’t break during the task.

We could see this in two angles. Archana was waiting to complete the task and then burst out. She also wanted to win the task in any way. When Nisha touched a very sensitive matter, what was the necessity to continue the task,? She continued her role, even after Bala removed the badge from her. She could have broken the task in between and asked Nisha to stop it.

Though Nisha claimed that Archana showed her emotions, and Bala had removed her badge based on what Nisha said, Archana waited to complete the task (the buzzer), because she wanted to claim that she didn’t show any emotions, and get the badge back. Archana after submitting her plea to BB , shouted at Rio for playing an unfair game, targeting all the robots at a time. After hearing Rio’s clarification only, she diverted the topic, focused on her father’s sentiment, and went on an offensive. She is just a sore loser.

Another way to see it is,

Archana really got hurt and burst out, after the task.

Anyways , Nisha’s questions were not correct, though her intention was not bad like the ‘valarpu’ comment of Samyuktha against Aari.

Archana was angry at Nisha (a lot) and at Rio (to some extent), which may cause a split in the love bed group (or may not). It is highly possible for Nisha to fall at Archana’s feet asking for forgiveness, and to make things go back to normal in their group. From what I have seen of Nisha, that is possible.

Tomorrow Bigg Boss will in all likelihood ask the human team to act as robots, and the robot team to act as humans. Let’s wait and see! Archana pazhi vaangiduvanga!

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