BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 66 Review: Robot vs Human task - roles swapped!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday review

Archana 100% fake. Rio 100% favouritism!

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 66 Review: Robot vs Human task - roles swapped!

Archana 100% fake. Rio 100% favouritism!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday review

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with yesterday’s night, wherein both Archana and Nisha were crying. Shivani was upset with Bala’s comment - Gundu robot!

Yesterday, Bala’s team defused 3 robots. BB swapped the roles today. Archan’s team became the humans. Bala’s team became the robots. Archana’s team managed to defuse two robots. With that today’s Bigg boss episode was over.

Their target was to diffuse four to win.

Day65: 8pm

Some, Nisha & Archana:

Nisha was crying inside the bedroom. Gabri was consoling her.

Archana and Somu were inside the rest room. Archana was crying, wondering how Nisha could bring her father in this, and being ‘hurt’. She also said that Nisha was repeating the same question, again and again, and caused a lot of hurt. Since Somu was in a robot role, he took Bala’s permission to speak.

Somu said that Aari also did the same thing to him, that he (Aari) tried to ask about his kuttu (dog) several times, and emotionally bring him down.

Bigg boss tamil Archana Nisha
Bigg boss tamil Archana Nisha

I read one tweet from a celebrity, that Somu is the definition for fool. I think that tweet is correct. Somu is comparing his living dog with Archana’s father who is dead! Unbelievable! In the movie Penguin that released a few months ago (horrible movie, don’t watch if you have not so far), when Keerthy Suresh’s child goes missing ☹, her friend compares the sadness to her breakup with her boyfriend! When I watched the scene, I wondered how some writers are so out of touch with reality to write like that. But looks like there are really such people (like Somu) who are clueless on what to say, when.

Rio was also consoling Archana inside, saying that he didn’t know that Nisha was touching her father’s topic. Somu and Bala were later singing. The buzzer went off. Robot vs Human task was temporarily suspended.

Later, Archana and Nisha were standing outside, and Nisha was crying. It was raining outside. Archana said that her father had come in the form of rain. Nisha shouted “Appa, Appa! manichidunga!”

OMG!! Too much of drama, both of them! How can Nisha, who has not even met Archana’s dad, cry and feel so much! And if she did, why did she have to pull him in the task!? And Archana too, who completely used her dad in today’s task when she was the human!

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Bala & Shivani:

On another frame, Shivani was angry with Bala for calling her ‘gundu robot’. Bala said that it was only for the task. He asked her not to take it seriously. But Shivani went inside. Bala was cribbing about this before camera, and afterwards to Rio.

Shivani was feeling bad about this one comment, and got angry. When she comes out, and see the comments made by the netizens, on her, how would she feel?

Archana was shown consoling Shivani in her love bed, and said that tomorrow they would give tit for tat.

Bigg boss season 4 highlights
Bigg boss season 4 highlights

Archana must be feeling happy that Shivani (from Bala’s group) was in her kitty (even if it is temporary).

Somu & Archana:

Somu and Archana were talking in the corridor. It was raining outside. Archana was sharing memories of her father with Somu. Bala came there, and Archana changed the topic. Bala asked why her eyes filled with tears. Archana said her eyes were sweating.

Really, no one in the BBH can beat Archana in her speech. She is capable of giving a spontaneous and intelligent reply. She is very intellectual lady. No doubt in it. And ofcourse, she also has the great talent to cook vadas in her mouth (vayalaye vada sudra talent!)

Day 66: 8.05 am

Archana & Anitha:

After morning song, Archana and Anitha were in the kitchen area. Anitha asked the ‘Bossy robot’ to wear her robot dress. Archana said she would wear, and asked her not to worry. Anitha guessed that Archana got annoyed, for calling her Bossy robot. A Small argument happened between them.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 updates
Bigg boss tamil season 4 updates

Archana later shared this to with Producer Pulla Jithan (PP Jithan). PP Jithan named Anitha as pillaipootchi somberi!! Somberiya?? Yaaru yaara solradhu!? Olaga maga somber is PP Jithan.

Rio and Bala asked Somu to say Nuvantae nakku chala ishtam’ (I like you a lot) continuously, with Ramya, Shivani, and Gabri standing in front of him. Rio and Ajeedh said they would make Gabri laugh, and asked Aari to emotionally break her down (as they had to incite 2 emotions in each of the robots).

PP Jithan was asked to tell each and every on ‘Maapu enaku appu’ ! PP Jithan did it nicely, and it was fun to see.

Ajeedh & Rio:

Later, Ajeedh and Rio made Gabri smile with their antics. But Gabri denied. She even put mother promise on Rio’s hand, and said that she didn’t smile. Rio got scared, rubbed, and washed his hands. He advised Gabri not to put promise on her mother. He said that she did smile, but since she denied, Rio left.

Whats with these people and mother promise? How old are they? Am I watching a children’s show?

Bala, Somu & Shivani:

On the other side, Bala used Somu robot to make Shivani smile and get angry.

Bala asked Somu to scan Shivani and tell what was the malfunction in her. Immediately, Shivani laughed, and Anitha removed one heart.

Bigg boss tamil season vikatan review
Bigg boss tamil season vikatan review

Then Bala asked Somu to scan and tell if Shivani robot was gundu or Ollie . Somu said Ollie. Then Bala asked him to lie and say if Shivani robot was gundu or Ollie. He said medium. Lol! Shivani got angry, and she herself removed the second heart. She was the easiest target by far!

Aari, Gabi & Rio:

On another side, Aari was trying to break Gabri . He said she was not a strong contestant, and was unfit for the game. He kept on saying this. Rio and Ajeedh came to see what was happening and left. Gabri frowned. Aari reported to Rio. Rio asked Gabri not to frown.

I don’t know why Aari didn’t claim that Gabri lost her game, and called Rio instead. I don’t know why Rio too didn’t declare that she lost her game, but simply advised her not to frown. Frown is short of anger, is it?


Later, Archana, Nisha, Gabri and Rio were discussing Aari’s method to question Gabri. Gabri said that Aari was telling her that she was unfit to continue in the BBH, and that she was not a strong contestant.

Rio said that , that was the reason he came, to save Gabi from Aari. He said that he wanted to take her inside, once she smiled and lost at least 1 badge.

What Rio did was very unfair, and his intention was wrong. Aari didn’t touch any personal issue or body shame Gabi (like Nisha did with Archana, or Bala did with Shivani). He spoke only about what was happening inside the BBH.

Rio put a same side goal. He was not playing the task at an individual level. He was playing as a part of the love bed. He is unfit to play this game! Also, Gabri laughed even before Aari questioned her, to make her sad or angry. Rio and Ajeedh both witnessed it. Just because Gabri denied it, and put mother’s promise, Rio didn’t remove her badge. Then, she frowned, which again Rio overlooked. Moreover, he was now telling Gabri in front of Archana and Nisha that he wanted to save her from Aari. If he was so worried about Aari why did he assign the sad/angry emotion to Aari, and take the laughing emotion upon himself? He is unfit to be in BBH.

Bigg boss tamil
Bigg boss tamil

Buzzer sound was heard. Bala’s group defused Archana, PP Jithan and Shivani.

Roles swapped:

BB announced to swap Humans into Robot, and Robots into Human. During their discussion, Archana told her group not to target Aari and Bala. First they decided to concentrate on the weaklings - Ajeedh and Nisha, followed by Anitha.

Bala , Nisha & Ajeedh:

Before they started, Archana said that they would tickle, just the way Bala and his group did. Then itself Bala smiled, for nothing. He and Shivani seem similar in this regard. So Archana group changed their plan and decided to target Bala and Nisha first, since Bala already lost one heart. They replaced Ajeedh with Bala, for first round.

First they targeted Nisha. Actually Somu didn’t do anything. He just stood in front of her. She laughed and lost one badge.

Then Archana started questioning her. She touched her own father’s topic.

So much for being hurt for dragging her father in the game yesterday. Shameless lady!

She asked whether Nisha felt bad for dragging her father yesterday during the task. Nisha said she felt very bad. She said that Archana’s father was like her father. Archana said that Nisha had not even met her father, and how he can become like her father. He is only ‘her’ father, Archana said.

Archana asked Nisha to hang, holding a rod.

Archana claimed that Nisha’s face reaction changed. She showed anger and sadness in her face. Gabri said so as well. So, they removed the other badge.

On another frame, Somu asked Bala to do some exercise, but Bala denied, and said that he was malfunctioning (Smart!). So, Somu removed the other badge also, from him.

Archana, Somu and Gabri in front of camera said that they diffused two robots.

Gabri told in front of the camera that Balaji frowned two or three times.

Wow! So, now frowning is an issue!! Heights of hypocrisy.

Then, they targeted Ajeedh. Gabri and Ramya made him smile easily. Then Archana brought egg, asked him to break it, and gargle with it. Since Ajeedh was allergic to egg, his face expression changed. So, Archana and her group removed another badge from Ajeedh.

I completely condemn what these people are doing? Do they even know how serious food allergies can get? Playing with people’s illnesses and allergies – why is BB staying silent!?

With that today’s episode was over.

Archana’s group defused three robots, Bala, Nisha and Ajeedh. So the two teams are in equal position. If they defuse another robot, Archana’s group would win the luxury points task, Robot vs Human!

I think they can easily win, as her team seems more cut throat and smarter than Bala’s. And ofcourse they don’t have a same side goalie like Rio in their team!

Noted points in Today’s episode:

Rio 100% favouritism:

Rio told Gabi that if she lost one heart by smiling, he would save her from Aari. He was putting same side goal to help his love bed gang, but keeps singing the ‘no groupism’ song. I wish Kamal questions this, and shows the kurumpadam to show Bala and others, Rio’s betrayal. But then again, Kamal mostly works based on what the ear prompters tell him, and they try to save Vijay TV pillaigal! We can only wish!

Archana 100% fake:

When Nisha brought Archana father’s topic, Archana broke emotionally (after she tried to manipulate the game in a few other ways), and asked if Nisha only got her father‘s sentiment to play with, to win the task. But today, she brought the same father’s topic to Nisha, to win the task. Where are the ethics? Hope Kamal questions both Archana and Nisha on this. Again, we can only hope. My guess is that Kamal will question Nisha, but not Archana. Lets see!

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Bala as usual, messed up the luxury budget task. As human, he did ok. But as Robot, he was a miserable failure. He didn’t even wear his robot dress. Only after the commencement of the task, he wore his dress. He smiled for nothing, and lost one badge. He refused to do the exercise (a very simple ask), and lost another badge. This guy lives in a different planet, I believe!