BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 67 Review: Anitha and Jithan Ramesh in jail!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday review

Anitha on fire!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, DAY 67 Review: Anitha and Jithan Ramesh in jail!

Anitha on fire!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Bigg boss tamil season 4 yesterday review

Archana’s team defused five robots. Selection of the Best and the worst performers and Anitha was on fire.

Today’s episode started with Day66. Archana in front of the camera, informed that they defused 3 robots - Ajeedh, Nisha and Bala.

Targeting Anitha robot:

Somu and Archana took Anitha into the rest room. Archana asked her to wash her mouth with egg yolk and brush. Somu, gave Archana the idea to ask Anitha to use someone else’s brush. Archana then gave Anitha, her (Archana’s) own tooth brush. Anitha washed her mouth with egg yolk, and brushed using Archana’s toothbrush. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Kamal Hassan repeatedly mentions that kids watch this show? How can Vijay TV air all this, in a family show? What if kids pick this up, and use to bully their classmates or physically weaker kids? Horrible scene!

While doing this task, Anitha unbearably she vomited, and lost one badge.

Archana made Robot Rio to come with empty bean bag, and asked Anitha to comment “Rio robot is bean bag”. While telling this on repeat, Anitha laughed, and lost her second badge.

Bigg boss tamil Som, Archana, Anitha
Bigg boss tamil Som, Archana, Anitha

Targeting Bala mode:

Somu and Archana took Bala into the rest room. They asked him to keep gargling with with egg. The egg yolk got stuck in Bala’s throat, and he vomited as well. They took away the second badge from him. Remember he lost first badge yesterday when he smiled for no rhyme or reason? Bala said that since the egg yolk was stuck in his throat, and he had to vomit to save himself from choking, he should be excused. But Amma Archana removed the second badge from him.

I want to mention here that, yesterday, Archana’s team took both his badges from Bala - one for smiling and another one for not listening their commands, when they asked him to work out. But we viewers learned from a conversation between Shivani and Bala, that one of the badges was returned to him.

நிஷாவுக்கு கட் அவுட்; அனிதாவுக்கு கெட் அவுட்? ஆண்டவரே தட்டி கேட்குற நேரம் வந்துடுச்சு! பிக்பாஸ் - 67

Targeting Rio robot:

Then the human team targeted Robot Rio. Archana literally kept touching Rio’s feet, to change his facial reaction. Gabi said that his face reaction changed. Rio denied it. But Archana’s group didn't accept it and removed one badge.

Afterwards, Rio took permission, and hugged and touched Archana’s feet.

Archana asked Ajeedh to stand before Rio and sing ’swapana Sundari’ song. One line with original lyrics, and and one line in gibbrish language. On hearing Ajeedh singing in gibbrish language, Rio laughed, and he lost his second badge also.

So, Archana’s team defused five robots.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 updates
Bigg boss tamil season 4 updates

Targeting Aari robot:

Finally, they targetted Aari. Jithan Ramesh made Aari massage his legs and was talking to him.

Remember, when Aari was robot, he made Jithan massage his hands? Now it was Jithan’s turn.

Archana called Ajeedh and Aari. She asked Ajeed to sing a song, and Aari to dance. Ajeedh asked Aari which song he wanted. Aari asked Ajeedh to sing any song. Since 2 robots were not supposed to talk between themselves, Aari lost one badge.

Then Archana asked Anitha to read news. One line in Tamil, and one line in gibbrish language. When Anitha was doing this task, the buzzer sound was heard, and task was completed.

Archana’s group totally defused five robots and one badge from Aari. But Bala’s group defused only three robots. Actually they diffused 4 (including Gabi, but Rio decided to save her, and betrayed his team mates).

Bala and Shivani’s conversation:

Bala was questioning Shivani for naming him ’solrae pechai kekadha’ robot. Shivani said that she did so, as he refused to do the task given to him as a robot was. Bala said that initially he did it for fun, but later, did whatever the team asked him to do. I think, that’s why Archana’s group returned one badge the first time.

Bigg boss tamil Bala Shivani
Bigg boss tamil Bala Shivani

Bala asked Shivani not to brand him with a negative tag. Then, the love bed gang would nominate him as the worst performer, he said. Moreover, he said he was yet to overcome the mental block remark made by Kamal during his last session. He also said that when Kamal blamed him, no HM came forward to support him. He was emotional, and cried. Shivani said sorry to him.

Bala’s expectation of other HMs to support him was meaningless. Because, during the captaincy task among Bala, Jithan Ramesh and Ramya, Aari and other HMs told Bala that he hit others’ assigned ball also. Bala refused to listen to anyone. He thought that since Aari was asked to check Bala, he made his mind that Aari would work against him. That ’s what Kamal also meant when he said “mental block against Aari”.

How can Bala except other HMs to support him when his side was wrong? I think he might have thought he would be selected as the worst performer, and hence these emotions?!

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Day 67: 8.00AM

Selection of the Best and the Worst performers:

After the morning song, HMs were asked to select the Best Performer from the Robot and Human task. Ramya and Bala got the maximum votes and were selected as the Best Performers. BB asked to select one Best Performer from the overall activity of the week, including household work.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Nisha was selected as the Best Performer for the overall activity of the week.

The HMs took the captaincy task (memory game), robot and human task and the household work into account.

BB asked them to select two worst performers. Anitha and Jithan Ramesh were selected as the worst performers and sent to jail.

Anitha on fire:

While Rio nominated Anitha as the worst performer, he said it was because of the provocative names she gave the robots during the robot and human task. He said that he asked her not to do so, but she still did. Here, Anitha raised an objection saying that naming the robot was team work, and not her individual work. In fact, Nisha only named Shivani, makeup robot, Ramya soft hurt robot and Somu, puppet robot she said. Bala was the captain of the human team on Day 1, and her to name the robots, she said. She told Rio, korthu vidadenga. Nisha immediately got angry, and shouted at Anitha and asked not to talk this way (against Rio). Oh god, Nisha!!

Anitha clearly said she felt like that, and hence said so. When both the ladies were arguing, Bala interfered, and said that being the captain of the house, he asked Anitha to name the robots.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

Bala also raised a valid point that Rio at the start of the task, said that they should not name the robots, provocatively. ( Bossy robot -Archana matters) But, Bala took the final decision to do so, as the team leader, and so, Anitha did so. He also said that Rio asked them not to talk about Archana’s dad in the task, but Nisha overlooked it!

Here, Anitha asked a very valid question to Rio. She asked him as to why, he didn’t nominate Nisha as the worst performer for talking about Archana’s dad (violating his ask), when he (Rio) clearly was trying to nominate Anitha for violating his other ask (not to name the robots).

Rio said that since he already nominated Nisha’s name as the Best performer, he could not nominate her as the worst!

What a sappa answer! He is such a waste player. He also said that he wanted to nominate Aari as the second worst player, as he didn’t like his tactics to make Gabi angry.

How many realized that Rio nominated for worst performer, two players from his own team! This guy is well versed in same side goals! Back stabbing mannan!!

Then, Anitha in tit for tat nominated Rio as the worst performer. Anitha said she was nominating Rio because he picked making Gabi laugh (easy task), and pushed the tough task (making Gabi angry or sad) to Aari. Anitha blamed that Rio tried to stay in his comfort zone. Rio played safe game, she said, and so, she decided to nominate him for the worst performer position.

Perfect reason. I pointed and detailed this yesterday. For a recap, see my yesterday’s view.


Jithan Ramesh and Anitha went to jail. Before going to the jail, Anitha was talking to Bala (actually shouting). She said that the love bed group was playing a number game .

Then She spoke to Ramya, and said that she (Ramya) did the captain’s role well . She said that she also did the kitchen work along with playing robot and human task. Anitha further said that the love bed group wanted to send out the individual players, and they wanted to enter the finals. Last week, they had sent Sanam out, and now, they were targeting to send her (Anitha) out, she said.

Today, whatever Anitha spoke against the love-bed team was 100% correct.

One more prominent contradiction I noticed today, was Somu nominating Aari for the worst performer.

While nominating the overall best performer Somu said that Aari did well in the robot & human task and also the other activities at BBH. But he didn’t do the captaincy task well (memory game), which Nisha was good at. So, Somu said he supported Nisha for best performer.

While nominating the worst performer who didn’t perform well, again, Somu said that Aari didn’t do well in the robot and human task, and so nominated Aari as the worst performer.

Uhm! Make your mind Somu. Or, just get proper lessons from Archana before opening your mouth. And try not to forget your lessons. Since everything is recorded, you are only embarrassing yourself in front of the viewers!

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Two things are obvious here:

One thing is that Archana was not directly involved, but made Rio and Somu nominate Aari as the worst performer. Thankfully, he didn’t get the majority.

Archana is a dangerous person, beyond doubt.

Second thing is, the love bed team didn’t like the questions Aari put before Gabi, and hence targeted him. Rio, Somu and Gabi nominated Aari as the worst performer. Since Anitha and Jithan Ramesh got more nominations for the worst performer, they went to jail.

I think Ramya and Bala being selected as the Best performers is perfect. But overall best performer was Nisha!!?? In which world???? So undeserving. She touched a sensitive topic, and also wasted a whole day in drama!

Before ending today’s episode, to ease the situation or for relaxation to the viewers, BB showed the conversation between Bala and Shivani. Bala was telling that chances were more for Shivani to go out. Shivani said if she goes out, he would also be evicted shortly as well. He said podi. she said poda. Cute!

With this, Today’s Episode was over. The Bigg Boss episodes are getting harder and harder. The love bed team, in my view is getting worse and worse, bordering repulsive. I don’t know how good this is for Vijay TV!