BIGG BOSS Tamil Season 4, Day 73 Review: Kozhi and Nari task continued!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Highlights: Kozhi and fox task continued today. Ajeedh’s plan to play an aggressive game, became buss! Major fight between Archana and Somu, became buss!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with Day 72 evening. Sivani and Ajeedh were walking on the lawn and talking. Ajeedh was telling that so far he has just spent his time eating and sleeping. Wow.. adhu ippa dhaan therinjidha!? “Now, more than 70 days are over, at least now we should play an aggressive game” Ajeedh told Shivani.

I seriously think that if not for Archana’s arajagam, Ajeedh would have been the lowest (in votes) and sent away. Of course, if not for Vijay TV’s arajagam as well. Can you imagine, a mixture party like Ajeedh surviving in BB beyond Sanam? Same applies to Shivani as well!

I also remember two alternative quotes – for Ajeedh. A) “Now, it's too late” B) “Maybe, Better late than never”. I leave it to the viewers to take the one they like, for Ajeedh.

Day 73: 8.00am

Kozhi veda kozi song was played as the morning song. Kozhi and Fox task continued.

Rio kozhi and Shivani kozhi:

Rio and Shivani got the golden eggs today. Aari had discussions with the other fox(es). The Ladies group - Archana, Ramya, Anitha and Gabi joined one group. Aari asked them how they planned to attack the kozhis. Aari wanted to play a fair game, and have the kozhis attacked by one fox at a time. So, he said that those with the least $ should get opportunity to go first. Others agreed. Ajeedh was having the least amount. So, they decided to send Ajeedh first, to attack Rio kozi. Second Anitha wanted to go. But Somu and Aari had the second least amount, and wanted to go as per agreement. But Anitha pursued. So, Somu said that he didn't want to get involved in this, and said he preferred to play individually.

`கன்னுக்குட்டி' அனிதா... ஆரி ப்ரோ, அர்ச்சனாவின் சபதங்கள்... பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 73

Bigg boss tamil live updates
Bigg boss tamil live updates

Bala said that he also would play individually, and would target Shivani kozhi. Even Aari should have opted to play individually. Big mistake.

Bala easily touched Shivani’s mutta, and got 200 rupees from Shivani.

Did anyone have any doubt about it? Shivani seems to lose so easily in any task. Even the one where she was a robot, she lost her hearts very fast. And there was so much fight to attack Rio among the HMs. But no one claimed Shivani. Looked it like was unsaid among the HMs that it should be in Bala’s scope.

Next, Ajeedh tried to attack Rio but Rio pulled his tail before Ajeedh could do anything. Ajeedh lost his game.

Next, Anitha attacked Rio from the back, and Aari from the front. Both attacked simultaneously. But Rio pulled Anitha’s tail. Anita claimed that she touched the egg first. Aari claimed that he touched it first. Rio said he pulled Anitha’s tail before she touched.

In slow motion of the video, it did look like Anitha touched it before Rio pulled her tail.

Anyways, Rio went in front of the camera, said that since Aari and Anitha both were claiming, he did not give the amount to anyone. More over, he said as per rule only one fox could attack at a time. Since both Aari and Anitha attacked, he said that they deviated from the rule. Rio asked BB to decide.

Bigg Boss kept quiet, but sent only one egg (for Shivani’s lost egg). HMs understood that this meant Rio was still a kozhi with an egg.

In meantime (before BB sent one egg only), Aari asked Rio for the money. Rio said that he was waiting for BB’s decision. Aari mentioned that yesterday, he was attacked by the whole group, and Rio didn’t object. Rio said that from the beginning, he was maintaining this.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

In this issue, Rio is absolutely right. From the beginning, he was telling that foxes should not attack in group. Also, he did the right thing by giving it to BB for review. Rio was the only player who played a fair game. Aari should have also done the same thing yesterday. He missed it. Thatungal thirakapadum, kelungal kodukapadum!’

BB sent one egg to Gabi, since Shivani was out. Anita, Ramya and Archana were shouting at Aari for his attack on Rio, when Anitha attacked him. Aari said that he went, as he got the least amount next to Ajeedh. But Ramya said that he didn't say that clearly. Ramya and Archana attacked Aari for playing an unfair game. Aari shouted back and said that hereafter he would not go in order. He would play his own game. Better late than never.

After awhile, around the dining table, Rio, Somu, Gabi and Archana were eating. Aari was standing there. Archana said Aari should not have attacked Rio kozhi when Anitha went. Archana said, ‘narianaulm manam irukanum’. Aari said ’enaku manam illai’ and left.

Archana is always in the habit of passing indecent comments against the HMs. Very bad. She is the real galeej (not Sanam). Horrible language.

Archana also said to Rio that at any cost, Rio should not give the money to Aari. My god! So much naya vanjagam!

Aari was sitting in the corridor with Bala, Gabi and Shivani. Ramya commented ‘nariku moolai venum. But enaku illai’. She pointed out at Aari, and later said she was commenting on herself.

Typical small fox attitude. Typical Ramya attitude. Always passing sly comments, but no guts to say anything in front of anyone’s face. Like I said yesterday, she is the one person in BBH, who is more dangerous than Archana!!

Aari got annoyed and said that he has no brains. I don’t think Aari is good at fighting! He needs a little bit of Bala, and Bala needs a bit of Aari!

Then, Rio and Gabi started their game.

Bala and Aari planned together to attack Rio. 50:50 sharing basis. Aari stood behind Rio. Bala laid down in front. Within a fraction of a second, Bala touched the egg.

Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode review
Bigg boss tamil yesterday episode review

Bala and Aari shared the money.

Gabi then put an agreement with Ajeedh and Somu, that either Ajeedh or Somu (her two best friends) would touch the egg. Gabi would give 50 rupees each to Somu and Ajeedh, and keep 100 rupees.

I find it a bit weird that Somu’s best friends in the house are two 18-19 year old kids!

Anyways, Archana group (Archana, Ramya, Shivani and Anitha) surrounded Gabi. Anitha touched the egg. Gabi was shouting that they can not attack her in group. Where was the order, she asked. Even Aari and Somu questioned the same. Archana said that since they were four in her group, and two in another (Ajeedh and Somu), there was no commitment in the order.

Archana and Ramya are both really cunning foxes. They kept changing the rules according to their convenience and the person. Very unfair game by both.

Somu and Archana were talking. Somu asked how Archana allowed Anitha to touch Gabi’s egg. Anitha interfered. Somu asked her not to interfere as he was talking about a different issue. A small argument happened between Somu and Anitha.

Archana said in a cool tone that their game plan changed. Archana has zero ethics, I think. Archana also uttered one comment to Somu , pombalaikum ambalaikum ‘physical’ sandai vanda pombalai thappa irundhalum ammalaiathan thappunu solvanga.

Wow! Archana was indirectly threatening male contestants. Very cheap mind. And of course, there’s also the fact that by saying this, she was giving prominence to the 0.01% of women who misuse laws that are kept to protect them and to bring fairness. People like this give society the opportunity to conveniently quote the bad exceptions as examples.

BB supplied eggs to Archana and Anitha.

Bala had an agreement with Shivani. Since he had lot of currency, Bala said that he would share it with her, and both could try and touch Anitha’s.

Here Bala’s tactics was that he separated Shivani from the ladies team. He knows that Shivani can not handle alone. So, Bala put a deal with her.

Here Shivani was fine with Bala’s idea, as she could get 50:50 with him, but with ladies, only 25%. Moreover, Bala can easily touch the egg.

As expected, Bala touched the egg and shared 50% with Shivani. Sweet of him to help Shivani out. Ippidi ellam Shivaniku kaasu vandha dhan undu!

I guess Bala has got the most $. Let’s see what special power BB is going to give!

Next, it was Archana’s turn as kozhi. She put a deal with Ramya. Ramya had to protect Archana from others, and Archana will let Ramya touch it eventually. They both would share 50:50. Somu and Ajeedh put a deal. Whomever touches it should shared 50:50 with other. Archana Kozhi covered herself with hay(vaikol ) and coconut branches.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Archana
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Archana

After buzzer sound, Rio and Ajeedh removed the vaikol, peripherally.

Rio inserted his hand inside the vaikol and claimed that he touched the egg. Archana said he didn’t touch the egg. Then Somu inserted his hand and claimed that he touched the egg. Ramya saw that the egg was broken, and claimed that Somu broke the egg.

Archana grabbed the opportunity and said that Somu broke the egg. Somu said he didn’t. He took the broken egg and said before the camera that he touched the egg with his left hand, and could not have broken it.

Archana was shouting at Somu. He got annoyed and threw the egg down. Archana turned the conversation to her photo on the egg, and acted offended that shouted at high pitch, how could he threw the egg where her picture was there. Somu threw her picture!

She yelled! Wow! Enna moolai. What a presence of mind.

Somu got stunned with her blame. Archana gave 200 rupees to Rio because he claimed first that he touched the egg.

But Rio gave it to Somu. Somu and Ajeedh shared it.

More than anything, it struck me how much of a risk this task was. Especially with Archana’s tactics. It was risky from a sexual harassment perspective. Either someone really doing something bad, or someone claiming that he/she was touched the wrong way. Remember the Meera Mithun incident? Knowing BB and Vijay TV, maybe that was the angle they were routing for, when they started this task! Disgusting!

Then, Somu, without any spine, asked sorry to Archana many times. He didn’t literally touch her feet, that’s all.

Who broke the egg? Archana or Somu?

The egg was made up of thermacoal. By touching it simply, the egg won’t break.

So I think Somu didn’t broke the egg. Archana was holding the egg super close to her, and covered with vaikol. Archana might have broken the egg.

Hope Kamal would show kurumpadam here. But not sure much will be visible.

Confession room:

Bigg Boss called Anitha and asked her what she would say first, if she met her husband. She said she would first ask sorry, and then even touch his feet. He advised her not to show her anger and not to cry, but she did both inside the Bigg Boss House. Hence she would ask sorry. Bigg Boss called her kannu kutty to make her happy.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha

She laughed as usual, which was scary. Please Bigg Boss, don’t make her laugh. Thankfully my toddler grand son was not around. Pona vaati avan ketta Anitha laughke, he still has nightmares sometimes!

Then Bigg Boss called Archana. He asked her to close her eyes and visualize that she is going back to her flat in Arcot Road, taking elevator, reaching her home, and pressing the calling bell. If her daughter opened the door, what would be her reaction, he asked. She said that she (daughter) was grown up! She missed her a lot.

Within 70 days her daughter grew up! Lol. Archana exaggeration a yaralum minja mudiyadhu! Daughter enna new borna? 2 months la growth difference theriyardhuku! Isn’t she 13?

Archana sent message to her daughter to take care of herself and her father.

Bigg Boss asked Archana to keep what she visualized and continue her play.

Archana said she thought could play the game by showing Anbu. But she failed. She also said that she hasn’t seen so much fight in her life, as she is seeing here.

Paadhi fightku ivanga dhaan Karanam!!

Bigg boss tamil Archana
Bigg boss tamil Archana

Archana said going forward she would start play as soldier’s wife (her husband is in Navy, I think). My goodness. Why is she degrading the soldiers, and their wives? If she played with ethics, most of the fight will not happen.

With this today’s episode got over.

Today I didn’t mention the valid points separately. It was in built in my review.

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