BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 76 Review: Kadavul irukara Kumaru?!

Bigg boss Tamil Season 4 Kamal Hassan
Bigg boss Tamil Season 4 Kamal Hassan

Today's Bigg Boss episode started with the morning song ’selfie pullae’, from the movie Kaththi.

Bigg boss Highlights:

Today started with the Friday clipping, followed by Kamal’ session. Kamal analysed the open nominations, Best and Boring performers and the horrible Nari & kozhi task. Rio and Aari were saved, which boiled Archana’s blood.

She was disgustingly going around the dining table and asking each HM, ‘kadavul irukara kumaru’, as apparently Aari getting saved today shows the unfairness of the kaliyug!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Morning song:

Today's episode started with the morning song ’selfie pullae’, from the movie Kaththi. Such a hit song! Vijay as usual, graceful dance! But as for the HMs’ dance – its been 70+ days. No improvement in their dance skills. I think BB should just edit out the morning dance. So bad!

Hershey’s company sponsored some products today.

`இங்கிலாந்தில் புதிய வகை கொரோனா வைரஸ்; மீண்டும் கடும் கட்டுப்பாடுகள்!’ - இந்தியாவில் இன்று அவசர ஆலோசனை #NowAtVikatan

Over to Kamal:

Don't rely on promos: key note:

It's pertinent to mention here that generally BB promos look adhirangam. But, the actuality is mostly just a buzz. Today’s episode was a key example for this.

Kamal told us (the viewers) that four crore families are watching the show, and hence, there should be ethics in the game. He felt that the HMs were not following the rules, and would be questioning them.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Kamal’s costume:

Then, Kamal went inside the BBH through the digital TV. The HMs as usual appreciated Kamal’s costume. Kamal said that he was waiting for this, and said that his suit was made out of pure kadhi. He appreciated the weavers and recommended the HMs and viewers to support them. He also said that his father wore only kadhi until his death.

Kamal congratulated the 3 HMs, Archana, Ramaya and Bala for getting selected as the Best performers, and Archana additionally, for winning the captaincy task.

Haha. So many wishes, before evicting her tomorrow. Nothing is certain, but word is that Archana has been evicted.

Analysing open nomination:

Kamal started his discussions with the open nomination. Everyone said they liked it. Ajeedh said that though he didn't accept the reasons, it was good.

Of course why would Ajeedh accept the reasons? He thinks that he is an amazing performer whom audience love!

Then, Kamal asked Archana about her comments on the number game. She said that she didn't remember what she said exactly. But clarified that Bala’s group nominated their group, and vice verse.

அருகருகே வியாழனும் சனியும் - 400 ஆண்டுகளுக்குப் பிறகு நிகழும் வானியல் அதிசயம்... எப்படிப் பார்ப்பது?

Bigg boss tamil season 4 eviction
Bigg boss tamil season 4 eviction

She also said that her group never discussed among themselves about whom they were going to nominate. Bala also said that 200% his group never discussed about the nominations. Kamal said that though they didn’t openly discuss, they could have had tacit understanding on whom to nominate. Bala agreed.

Aari said that Bala never nominates Sivani or Ajeedh and that they in turn, never nominate him. Bala himself had said this to Aari. Bala also agreed.

But, Aari faced the consequences for this comments later.

Aari also said that Bala nominated Anitha as the boring performer, which was not relevant. Anita also expressed the same. She said that she didn't get the chance to clean the rest room, whereas Bala nominated her saying that she failed to learn it. Ramya also supported Anitha on this matter. But kamal skipped the topic, saying that it was not a key issue, as Anitha was not sent to jail.

Kamal appreciated Shivani and Gabi for taking their nomination sportively.

It's obvious that the lovebed group won't nominate themselves, and same also goes for Bala’s group. But both the groups would nominate Aari and Anitha every week. They both are the solo players, which is highly commendable.

Analysis of Nari and Kozhi task:

Kamal asked the contestants to name the HMs who in real life, have the quality of kozhi and nari! He said that Nari’s main quality is cunningness – thandiram, and Kohi’s is to always protect it's family.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

Bala and Aari got equal votes as nari. Archana got maximum votes for kozhi. Whattttttttttt???? Yes, she is protecting her lovebed group!

Anita named Aari as nari. Anita backstabbed Aari in this. She said that Aari is camera conscious, and that while discussing one issue he would bring the old issues, and insert them in, to get the camera attention.

Kamal said that this would make Aari, the History teacher! Lol

Aari named Anitha as nari. Aari gave her tit for tat. He said that being media person, Anitha knew which matters would be focused on, and shown to viewers, would select the topic accordingly, to get the camera attention. Moreover, when she was the captain of the house, she ensured that everyone wore mic, and was not sleeping during the day. But she herself would sleep during the day (during others’ captaincy).

The Love Bed group was having a great time!

``ரஜினி - அர்ஜுனமூர்த்தி தொடர்பு லேட்டாகத்தான் தெரிந்தது!’’ - விளக்கும் ஹெச்.ராஜா

Key note:

Next week we can expect serious argument and fight between Aari and Anitha.

Kamal, then asked Aari and Bala’s opinion for others naming them as Nari. They both said that they felt happy.

Kamal went on a break. During the break, Archana told Somu and Rio that Aari should not have mentioned ‘media person’ while taking about Anitha. She said she was going to confront Aari about this.

I think almost everyone in BBH is from media industry. The right word to characterize Anita uniquely, is ‘news person’.

Rules of kozi and nari task:

Kamal said that no one followed the rule well in the nari and kozi task, except for Rio. He appreciated Rio for following the rules properly. Then kamal asked Aari and Bala about their experience as Kozhi, as they got the role first. Aari spoke about how everyone attacked him in group, going against the rules. Gabi and Rio mentioned about Aari’s comment on physically violence. Aari said that he got hurt as well, and it was expected to happen when everyone attacked in group.

Shivani said that everyone became money minded. That’s why, she said, they deviated from the rules.

Yes, she is correct. To earn money, Archana changed the game strategy.

Archana and Ramya said that previous day, Aari objected for joint attacking, but the next day he himself joined them. While attacking Rio’s egg, Anitha went to attack him. But, Aari also went to attack, which was against rule. Aari accepted it and told kamal, that he did that as no one else was following the rules. He said that he apologized to BB for the same.

Kamal said mudalae thakapatavanuku kobam irukadhan seiyum.

At the same time, kamal also said that though Aari was affected, he should have stuck to the rules, and not joined the bandwagon with others.

Kamal read the rules and said that they were very simple. He asked the HMs to not deviate from the rules henceforth.

Then he spoke the promo dialogue!

Archana on behalf of all the HMs promised that they will follow the rules. Looool! Kamal left for a break.

During the break, Archana and Ramya started questioning Aari. They blamed him that he too deviated the rule, but blamed them for deviating.

Aari said that as there was no other way to earn currency, he joined with them. However he accepted his mistake, and also informed BB. But the other HMs didn't believe him.

Here Bala’s acting was disgusting. He sarcastically said that Aari was the only person who is very honest, and a Harichandra. He thanked BB for giving him the opportunity to be with Harichandra.

Aari said Bala’s acting was good.


Here my question was every one accepted that Rio was the only person who did not break or bend the rules, in the nari and kozi task. But Archana was selected as the Best performer. Even Rio nominated her! Why didn't Kamal question this? The only performer with pass mark in the task is Rio! But possible that Kamal forgot this point, amidst his preparation for the campaigns. Also his assistants/Vijay TV helpers might have conveniently left it out from his pointers!!

Rio and Aari saved:

Kamal asked the HMs who were in the eviction list to sit together. Kamal said that he would save two HMs - Rio and Aari and left the stage. Only Rio, Somu and Bala congrajuated Aari. Others just left the place.

Ivlo poramailam odambuku nalladukilla HMs!

Bigg boss Aari Arjunan Rio
Bigg boss Aari Arjunan Rio

Bala regretted:

Few HMs gathered around the dining table. Bala was talking to Ramya. He regretted asking sorry to Aari yesterday.

You would have learnt in chemistry class that potassium is the most volatile! But that is no longer true!

Ramya was telling ‘nee avasarapatute’. However, he wanted to express his mind which was very cute she said.

Kadavul irukkara Kumaru?!

Archana went to each and everyone and asked ’Kadavul irukara Kumaru?’, and genuinely waited for their reply.

What an irritating lady!? Aari save pannadhu avalo periya thappa!? Anyayama? I found this thoroughly disgusting!

My daughter found this offensive for another reason! She thought that asking people about their fundamental religious beliefs on a public television was morally wrong. My daughter is agnostic. What would Kamal have said if she (Archana) had asked this question to him? He is a known atheist. This is not my thoughts per se, but I felt my daughter’s opinion gave a different perspective to this, and I thought of adding it here, as Vikatan’s readers are varied!

With that today's episode got over.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest update
Bigg boss tamil season 4 latest update

Key note:

1.The reason why Bala got annoyed with Aari, and joined hands with Ramya & Archana was, Aari mentioned that he was favoring Shivani & Ajeedh and not nominating them. Moreover Aari said that Bala nominated Shivani as the best performer, while others nominated her as the boring performer. He might have remembered the ‘kadhal kanna maraikudu’ comment. lol

2.Archana, as I understood from her performance inside the BBH, cannot handle defeat. Today she showed her hatred towards Aari very openly, beating her own past records. This, I think will make seeing Archana’s eviction even more sweeter tomorrow. And yes, fingers crossed!

HMs would get to know tomorrow, whether ’kadavul irukara kumaru?!’

அடுத்த கட்டுரைக்கு