BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 77 Review: Archana evicted!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 episode highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 episode highlights

Balaji, new captain of the house, with the mercy of Archana!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 Highlights:

Kamal’s discussion and analysis of Ramya’s captaincy; Archana’s eviction – kadavul irukar kumar!; Love bed group’s shocked reaction to the eviction; Rio outing that he has ‘friends’ in the BB team in the midst of emotions! Disappointing performance by Kamal.

Today’s episode started with Kamal’s entry. Today, he wore a black shervani and white kurtha. Very nice. He spoke about ‘Human Solidarity day’. He quoted from Thirukural, Bharathiyar songs and Kannadasan songs.

Yes, nowadays, the art of sharing is being taught from pre-kindergarden itself. My grandson sings ‘sharing is caring’. It is important for elders to teach their children about, and more importantly, set real life examples of compassion and sharing.

Kamal Over to the Bigg Boss House:

Hamam caller:

Hamam caller of the week called from Madurai and asked questions to Kamal and Somu. Bland question and bland answer. But of course, Hamam got its promotion and Vijay TV got its $.

Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil Aari Arjunan

Kamal appreciated Aajeedh:

Kanal appreciated Aajeedh for his involvement in the game last week. He also asked about his tears. Aajeedh said that he was about to play a foul game in the kozhi and nari task, but he felt guilty later, and didn't execute that idea. Kamal appreciated his honesty.

Key point:

Everyone knew that Bala gave the wrong idea to Aajeedh and directed him to take a shortcut. Kamal should have either asked Aajeedh who gave him the idea, or questioned Bala. He did neither. As per Kamal’s words, 4 crore people watch the show. Kamal, who is not just a BB host, but a TN leader aspirant, miserably failed those 4 crore people. The enthusiasm he showed in character assassinating Aari yesterday, he didn’t show, to point out the obvious.

Shivani saved:

Kamal asked Shivani about her crying inside the confession room last week.

She said that she was able share her feelings with BB. Kamal called Shivani’s name 11 times like in mic testing, and asked her if she felt happy. Kamal did this, as in the confession room, Shivani said that Kamal was not calling her name, or talking to her, on weekends. Moreover, Shivani said inside the confession room, that she was always under pressure as she was saved last. So, Kamal saved her early today. He added that he did not save her because of her tears, but that people had saved her.

Key point:

Shivani is generally not spoken to, during the weekends, as she does not participate. When Kamal asks the HMs questions, she is always quiet. Ofcourse, she also does not get into any controversies during the week, and is busy eating mixture through the week. So, Kamal does not really have any opportunity to bring her name. Nothing wrong in fulfilling Shivani’s wish, but kamal should have pointed this out. As the weekend episodes increase in count, it is becoming more and more obvious that Kamal does not watch the show, is not involved, and speaks what his assistants/Vijay TV ask him to speak. I am hoping this is the case, and not the other possible explanation – Kamal watching the show, being aware, and preferring to be morally neutral.

Analysing Ramya’s captaincy:

Kamal asked the Housemates about their views about punnagai manni, Ramya’s captaincy. Yes, Kamal named her punnagai manni! Oh God!

Every one said that her captaincy was fine, except Bala, Aari and Gabri.

Bala said that being captain, she should have explained the rules of Kozi and Nari task properly.

Gabi said that since Shivani and Aajeedh didn't want to merge the cooking team and washing vessel team, Ramya on their request, separated them, without asking her (Gabri), who is cooking team captain. Later, after deciding, she informed all the HMs, Gabi complained.

Aari said that when Aari asked her to clarify the rules in Nari and Kozi task, she replied that she was a contestant then, and did not answer. Moreover, she used very bad word, which hurt him. He said that she apologized for it later. Apparently she said something so bad that Vijay TV censored it.

Kamal said they can leave the matter, as she apologized. However, he pointed out to Ramya that she apologised only after 8 hours.

Bigg boss tamil contestants nomination list
Bigg boss tamil contestants nomination list

Ramya said that she herself could not understand the rules properly and it was confusing. Kamal said that being the captain, she should have gone through the rules properly and explained to other HMs.

Key note:

Kozi and Nari task became a mess because Archana deviated from the rules, and Ramya went with it. The whole task was a super flop. Kamal didn’t point this out.

Also, I can’t believe he just let go of the abusive language Ramya used (the one that Vijay TV cut, as inappropriate for the audience). Really?? He should have advised the HMs to be more careful while talking to each other. Even Archana said “narinalum manam irukanum”, pointing to Aari. Kamal ignored all these. Definitely, a disappointing show from Kamal.

Anitha and Somu saved:

Four eggs were kept. Kamal asked Aari and Rio to break the eggs.

First, Aari broke the egg. Kamal asked him to check if any paper was inside. Aari said No. Rio broke the second egg. Nothing was there in it as well.

Aari then broke the third egg and got a piece of paper. Anitha was saved! Kamal called Bala, and asked him to break the fourth egg. He broke it in his style – by sitting on it! When Kamal asked him to guess the name, he correctly said Somu. Yes, Somu’s name was there in the paper, and Somu got saved.

Kamal left for the break.

Archana was telling Rio, Somu and Gabi that she would get evicted. She said that she wanted Aajeedh to get saved.

Did you believe it? But looks like the love bed gang believed!

She later told Rio, when they were alone that he should win the game. She said “theriyutha, theriyutha, puriyutha, puriyutha!”, to Rio, who was just blinking.

Shivani, Ramya and Anitha were discussing about eviction. Anitha said that the Robot Human task of previous week may have given a bad name to Archana, and that she may get evicted. Shivani said that Aajeedh being, young, people might have thought to save Aajeedh.

Lol, its not about young or old. People just don’t care enough about Aajeedh. They are too busy evicting the bad elements.

வெளியேறிய `அன்பு'... `சோழர் பரம்பரையில் ஒரு எம்.எல்.ஏ' பாலாஜி! பிக்பாஸ் - நாள் 77

Kamal on stage:

Introducing a book:

He introduced the book ’JJ sila kuripugal’, written by Sundara Ramasamy.

He sent off the virtual viewers and entered into the BBH.

Tamil Book JJ sila kurippugal
Tamil Book JJ sila kurippugal

Aajeedh saved: Archana evicted:

Kamal asked Aari, Bala whom they thought would be saved. They both said Aajeedh. Kamal then showed the card with Archana’s name. Archana said that she would be meet kamal in a minute.

She is such a bold lady, and didn't get emotional. Well, she didn't show it in her face, and put a brave act and kept her head high. This part is commendable!

She consoled Rio, Somu and Gabi who were emotional. Archana gave all the coins to Gabi, as she thinks Gabi as her daughter.

What about her son, Bala?!

Archana didn't pack her things at all, and asked her friends to send it. She was over confident that she would not get evicted.

BB before opening the main door, said All the Best to Archana, and gave her virtual hug.

Archana met Kamal on stage.

Kamal asked Archana if Anbu was her game strategy. As usual, Archana said Anbu vellum. Video clipping was shown on her journey inside the BBH. Excellent video clipping. Very nicely edited.

Archana met the HMs through digital TV. She wished everyone positively. But, to Aari, she said “everyone is saying you are nermai, nermai. Nermaiyai veliye konduvanga. Don't get angry. Smile and show your bunny teeth”, she said.

Bigg boss tamil kamal
Bigg boss tamil kamal

Kamal asked her to nominate a captain in her place, Ramya or Bala. Archana made Bala as the captain of the house.

As is usual, Kamal have her a positive farewell. With this, Kamal said bye and left.

Key point: Archana’s travel inside the BBH:

Kamal always sends the evicted HMs with good gesture and positive vibes. Today also, he did that very nicely. The video clipping was extraordinary. Of course, Archana gave lots of content when she was inside the BBH, especially during the tasks. Her contributions in tasks and house work were outstanding. A tough contestant. She is good in cooking and other household work. She is very bold, active and has an extraordinary command in language, both Tamil and English. Her way of delivering speeches, spontaneous replies are unmatched. She entered the BBH as a wild card entry on eleventh day, and was inside the BBH for 67 days. She caused stir inside the house in these 67 days.

She should have played the game individually, instead of forming a lovebed group. This was the main cause for all her talent and efforts to go in vain. While the love bed group helped her from coming in weekly eviction lists, it damaged her name and reputation. Knowing that people still remember Julie’s lies, Archana’s image might linger for awhile. But ofcourse, that might even be a good thing for her run in Vijay TV.

Bigg boss tamil Archana
Bigg boss tamil Archana

She was very biasedm even within the love bed group. Her first preference is Rio. She acted like she wanted to bring him forward, and make him a winner. She had full control over the lovebed group. Achana and Nisha washing the clothes and echcha plates of the male contestants, and the daily massages caused displeasure among the viewers.

Archana also didn't like Aari for the reasons known only to her. She showed her hatred openly. On one side, she spoke about Anbu, Anbu, but on the other side, she showed hatred on a few HMs. She should have shown her Anbu to all, equally and played her game individually. She would have if Anbu was her true personality. When it is fake, ofcourse, ottaigal vizhum.

Anyways she was quite a good contestant. She should have used her talents in a positive way, but unfortunately used it negatively. Otherwise, she would have been a finalist.

Over to Bigg Boss House:

Rio, Somu and Gabi were discussing Archana’s eviction. They were telling that for the past 20 years, she was maintaining her family as a single lady, and shining in the industry. How could she be get evicted when others were still inside the BBH, they were wondering. The trio were mainly talking about Aari. Symbolically, the camera was showing Aari sweeping the floor. Rio said that without Archana he was blank and didn’t know how to continue his play.

Wow! What a bommai! Nice tuning, Archana.

Rio said now he knew only BB’s voice, and that the crew were known to him, were his friends as he has worked with them before.

Great! Now, we know for certain that Rio would be in finals, and win in all likelihood.

Key point:

How stupid are these HMs? Voting is not based on the personal struggles of the contestants in their life. In that case, each HMs has suffered in their life, in different ways. Voting is based on the performance inside the BBH and how they are playing the game.

Back to Bigg Boss House:

On the other side, Aari, Ramya, Anitha and Bala were talking about Archana.

Anitha was reviewing Archana eviction. She said that Archana played for her lovebed group, and didn't play for herself. Ramya too agreed to this.

Aari told that generally ladies would sacrifice their life for their siblings and husband. Archana also did that.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Archana eviction
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Archana eviction

Ok, the level of cluelessness these people have is astounding! They really thought this about Archana?

Bala said ‘ippa sothuku enna panradhu?’. Archana was good in cooking, and all were having nice food. So Bala’s concern was food.

Allocation of team:

Everyone gathered together. Bala allocated the team for cooking, vessel washing and cleaning the house. He said cooking was main, and that cleaning could be done once in two days. He made Somu as the vice-captain. Bala also said to Somu that in case of any issues, Somu should bring it to his notice, and Bala would set right the issue.

Key note:

Bala after trying to be captain several times (after giving it up for Sam long back), finally became the Captain with the mercy of Archana. In fact, Ramya got second place and should have become the captain. But Since she was the captain last week, Archana might have selected Bala.

Rio, Somu and Gabi were talking. Gabi said that only they were emotional. Others were playing. Camera showed Shivani, Aajeedh, and Bala fighting with pillows. They were in a playful mood, enjoyed their play, and laughed.

With this today's episode over.

Tomorrow is the nomination day. For sure Anitha and Aari’s names would be there. Bala being captain will escape. Good for Shivani, who will get votes from his army.

Let's wait and see!

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