BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 78 Review: 5 contestants in the nomination list!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Anitha turning into Chandramukhi!

Yesterday's Bigg boss show highlight is nomination process, followed by the ’Maatniya Task’ which resulted in Anitha turning into Chandramukhi! Aaaaaah!

Morning song and dance:

Today’s episode started with the song ’vethaliyae potendi’! Bala generally doesn't wake up in the morning. But today, he was seen dancing with others. Was it the song, or the joy of Archana leaving? After the song, love bed group said good morning to Archana. But that group has never wished Nisha till now. Why?

Somu was telling Archana in the camera, that it was Gabi who prepared tea for him. Vaathu mandaigal!

Bigg boss tamil latest updates
Bigg boss tamil latest updates

Latest Bigg boss tamil season 4 show updates and news!

Shivani vs Anitha:

In the bedroom, Bala took chocolate from Shivani and Shivani shouted at Bala and yelled playfully. Anitha came from the kitchen, and lied down in the bed. She told Balaji that she would get giddy if someone yelled. She asked him to convey to Shivani. Bala informed this to Shivani, who said that it was not her look out.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha sampath
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Anitha sampath

Anitha said that she got hurt by Shivani’s comment. Bala asked Shivani to apologize to Anitha. Why is Bala acting as the mediator here? Shivani pointed out that it is Anitha who yells the most in the house. But still she apologized. Why can’t this girl stand her ground?

Later in the kitchen, Shivani was pouring milk in the glasses. Bala was standing with her. Anitha told him that dosakarandi was not there, and asked him to call the vessel team to wash it. Shivani, who is from vessel team didn’t respond, as she was pouring milk. Aari came and washed it.

வேட்டையாடு வெறியோடு மோடில் அனிதா, ஷிவானியோடு மோதும் பாலாஜி, டிஆர்பி சண்டையில் ஆரி! பிக்பாஸ் – 78

Shivani vs Bala:

Bala asked Shivani how many milk packets were there, and how much milk she took. Shivani said that she didn't know about the availability and was only volunteering to help Gabi. But she got annoyed by Bala’s tone and left the place. Gabi gave the details to Bala.

Bala then went to the garden area to pacify Shivani. Shivani said that she was not in kitchen team and didn't like his way of asking. Bala said sorry to her. I don’t think it is just the milk packet problem. It is Bala asking her to apologize to Anitha earlier, that spilled over. Bala should mind his own business, especially in matters like this concerning Shivani. Else it is going to backfire on him.

Bigg boss tamil Shivani
Bigg boss tamil Shivani

Bala called everyone and asked the kitchen team to clean one or two vessels in case of urgency. Bala said it's the duty of the kitchen captain Anitha to keep account of milk rationing. Anitha said that she didn't know how to make coffee or tea, and hence cannot maintain rationing of milk. So, Gabi took that responsibility.

Who would have known that learning to make tea and coffee would be so valuable! But if we think about it, Anitha who 2-3 weeks ago, cooked food for 12 people single handedly, said she doesn’t know to make tea or coffee. Onnume puriyaleye!!

Bala later shared with Shivani and Ajeedh that he wanted to change the kitchen team captain but didn't do, to avoid unnecessary fight.

After today’s Anitha and Aari fight, I am sure he is counting his stars, for not going ahead and changing the captain. Anitha is not bad per se. But seems extremely volatile.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Nomination list:

BB called the HMs for nomination. It was closed nomination. Aari, Anitha, Gabi, Shivani and Ajeedh have been nominated. Let the show begin!

Key note:

Anitha has been upset since morning, due to the Shivani matter, kitchen matter, and most importantly, the week’s eviction list. Anitha would be like this until the weekend. God!

And Bala has slowly started showing his dominance as the leader. Mercyla vandha leadershipke ivlo gethu!

Ramya’s nakkal:

Christmas decorations were arranged grandly in the open lawn of the BBH.

Ramya along with Ajeedh went near Santa clause (statue) and asked Santa Claus, if he knew which HM goes inside the confession room, to nominate, talks about all 7HMs on and on and on and on and on, but finally nominates 2 and comes back. Then, she said that it was not Aari but, herself. Ajeedh said that her nakkal was not a soft hurt, but vera level. They both laughed.

Irritating laugh. Ajeedh, the most undeserving Housemate to continue in the house, is sticking so far, only because there are so many worse elements to be kicked out. Even this week, he was the target to be evicted… But Anitha’s bad time!

Since Gabi’s name came in the nomination list, Rio and Somu were teasing her. They were asking her to go out and meet Archana, Nisha, and Somu’s dog, before going to her house. Somu said he would give her a list on Friday with people she should meet before she went home.

``ரஜினி - அர்ஜுனமூர்த்தி தொடர்பு லேட்டாகத்தான் தெரிந்தது!’’ - விளக்கும் ஹெச்.ராஜா

Live bigg boss updates
Live bigg boss updates

Matikiniya fun task:

This potentially fun task, turned into a serious task. Anitha got very emotional and hyper. Aari also didn’t back out soon, and things got worse. The house went into high tension mode.

Several chits of papers were in a bowl with a word written. The HMs should play a small kiddo game with each other 1:1, and the winning HM had to pick the chit and frame a question with the word, and ask the losing HM to name another HM who would be apt for the word/question.

Aarambame sari illai, as Aari and Anitha had an irritated exchange of words. Nothing much there. It was like 2 people who don’t like each other, being snappy.

Most of the sensitive questions came to Aari. Probably, Aari’s answers were shown more as he is generally honest and replies well.

It was going on in a jovial way. Then, an important question was put by Shivani, and Aari was to give the answer. The word picked by Shivani was demotivation. Shivani asked Aari whom he thought was demotivated and why.

Aari said that Anitha was demotivated. He said that she was feeling bad thinking about how her anger and cries were reflected outside. He could have stopped there. But in Aari’s long winded talking style, he went on. He said that recently Anitha cried to Archana saying that her parents and hubby asked her not to go to BB, but she came, etc etc. While saying this, Aari mentioned Anitha’s hubby’s name.

Latest bigg boss episode  promo
Latest bigg boss episode promo

That’s it!!!! Anitha lost it. She did not let Aari finish his sentence and asked Aari not to name her husband or bring her family into it. She said that Kamal advised not to do that. But Aari said that he didn’t say anything wrong, and that he was describing what Anitha had shared with Archana. Anitha said that it was a personal and intimate talk with Archana.

Key note:

The logical flaw here on what Anitha said is evident. Nothing said in the house is fully secretive as everything can be telecast. Also, Anitha does not know what is telecast and what is not. Also, it was clear that Aari didn’t talk anything ill about her family, but was in his long winded way, sharing Anitha’s demotivated feelings. But, given that Anitha was getting emotionally hyper and acting like Chandramukhi, Aari should have ideally let the matter go. He kept pushing his point, which aggravated things further, and Anitha looked like she was going to have an uncontrollable rage. Then, a couple of HMs, stepped in to pacify the matter. Things outwardly de escalated.

Other HMs recommended Aari to give his answer without touching her family. Then Aari said that Anitha was thinking of her family, and was getting demotivated.

Anitha said that Aari had a vengeance on her, since she named him as nari before Kamal. Aari said that for TRP she was behaving this way.

Many sensitive questions were asked during this task, and Aari gave clear replies.

Gabi got the word injustice. Gabi asked Aari to mention an unjust incident that had happened in the BBH. Even after the fight between Aari and Anitha, he said that sending Anitha to jail was injustice.

Key note:

Aari didn't degrade Anitha’s family. What he wanted to tell was that Anitha was worried about her family. He brought her husband’s name to share the Archana conversation, to show that she was demotivated. But, it is also possible that Anitha shared a few more intimate things about her family (to Archana), and was probably worried that Aari would share all of it in front of the HMs during the task, which will have a higher chance of getting telecast. We wont know for sure. This might definitely be picked by Vijay TV and Kamal this weekend, who are looking to put down Aari in any way they can.

Aari should also change his way of talking. He talks like a boring professor. Talking crisply and keeping to the point is also an art.

During the whole task, the way the HMs framed the questions, and also their answers were targeting Aari. It was really surprising how as a single man Aari is bearing this much pressure. I am not sure how many of us will be able to bear it. Oviya found it hard in Season 1. For sure, Aari’s wife would feel for his state inside the Bigg Boss House. Aari got trapped in the Matikiniya task. He is a really strong guy.

Aari, Rio and Somu:

Later, Aari, Rio and Somu were talking in the lawn. Aari said that Ramya never questions Bala, even if he was wrong. He said that she thinks he would be the winner, and hence always supports him. He also said that Anitha always brings up her fights again and again and does not let go of issues. But she generally does not discuss with him, as he speaks logically.

Aari’s analysis is good. But he was discussing it with the HMs who think Aari is their rivals, and were under the impression that he was the reason for Archana’s eviction.

Ramya and Anitha:

In the bed room, Anitha was telling Ramya that Aari eaves dropped on her convo with Archana. She was under the opinion that her convo with Archana was not telecast. Lol. Anitha speaks so loudly that people outside the BB set will hear her. And Of course we all know that her convo was telecast. 2.5 minutes, to be exact! And what is with her always thinking from the editor’s perspective! However, Ramya predicted that Aari would ask sorry before the camera.

Key note:

Aari is good at analyzing. But it is surprising that he openly discusses his analysis with other HMs, even those who do not like him. Even while nominating Aari today, Rio said that Aari destroyed his confidence and sportsmanship. Of course Aari won't know this.

He probably is talking to them as he has no one else inside. He needs someone to share his feelings.

One funny thing about Anitha’s rant is, Archana last week stood before the camera and addressed Anitha’s husband. “Prabha, vazkailae kastam varalam, anal kastamae vazkai ungaluku.” She said that she could not find any matching word for his patience despite her 20 years of anchor experience. Ofcourse, Am not justifying or supporting Aari. When Anitha asked him not to talk about her family, he should have immediately stopped it. Instead Aari got tensed and wanted to establish that his intention was not to degrade her family members. It aggravated things.

Anyways, a fun task ended seriously. As usual ’Kolithi potutiyae kumaru (BB)! ’BB got the content. Had this issue not been there today, it would have been difficult for the editing team.

Day 77: midnight 2.20:

Aari was standing before the camera and asked apologies from Anitha’s family. He said he wanted to say sorry to Anitha but she would drag different issues and it would lead to an argument. He said he had no intention to degrade their family, but said sorry to Anitha’s family.

With this today’s episode got over.

Key note:

Aari was under pressure for sure. Might be having sleepless nights. Midnight, till 2.20 he didn't sleep. Anitha was closer to Aari than others and shared most of her views with him. Aari also discussed his analysis about the HMs and many issues with her. She should have known Aari’s character by now.

Morning onwards Anitha was out of mood since her name was in the eviction list.

Tomorrow, will this issue be dragged or settled? Let's wait and see.

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