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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 79 Review: B for ball, C for catch Task!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

National Mathematics Day 2020 is celebrated on December 22 to commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujam.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Yesterday episode Highlights:

Following the morning task, there was the Ball catch task. Absolute Lack of content. As usual, editing team played cunningly in the promo. They are the real winners.

Morning song:

Today's episode started with the song ’Mukala mukabhala’ from the movie ’kadhalan’. Superb dance by Prabhdeva. But the HMs danced with no enthu, as usual. Why waste such songs?

After the morning song, shivani and Ajeedh were playing and having a random conversation, poetry telling. No content today. So no other way for BB. Had to showed them playing.

B for ball and C for catch task😁😁

Ramya read today's task. The HMs had to divide themselves into two groups. Three different size balls would come through the long tube. Small size balls - 5 points, medium size balls - 10 points and bigger size balls - 20 points.

Bala being the captain, discussed how to divide the two teams. Aari said four female and four male contestants were there. So, Each group could have two male and female HMs. Bala being the captain could join any one of the team’s per his wish. Everyone agreed. Then Bala asked if the HMs were fine with any team. Everyone said ok. Bala said that since during Kamal’s session, a few HMs said groupism and favortism was there while dividing the group, they had to avoid any such issues this time. So he made Somu and Gabi as the leader of the two teams and asked them to select the HMs. But Gabi said that a few HMs may not like to come to her team. She was reluctant to be the team leader. It was obvious that Gabi didn't want to play against Somu. Even Bala’s act to break the love group was evident.

Bigg boss tamil latest episode updates
Bigg boss tamil latest episode updates

Somu and Aari team leaders:

Then, Bala made Aari and Somu the team leaders. Aari selected Anitha, Shivani and Ajeedh. Somu selected Rio, Gabi and Ramya. Bala rotated a bottle. The mouth end faced Aari. Hence he joined Aari’s team. Again Gabi was murmuring to Rio that Bala separated Aari and Somu because they both were good players.

Rules framed by the team:

Bala was very cautious that rules should be followed fairly because of the mess in kozi & nari task. Bala being captain wanted to avoid disputes.

Bala divided the portion where the tube was fixed, so that the team don’t cross territories.

Both the team framed the rules and came into mutual agreement. BB asked them whether they understood the game.

They decided that only two persons, one from the each team, would stand before the tube, and others will stand at the sides and the back, within their territory.

Bala vs Rio:

But Rio blamed Bala two or three times, saying that he crossed the centre line and entered into their territory. Bala said that he didn't cross the line purposefully. Bala said that if that was their standard of scrutiny, then Rio too purposefully pushed his hand to catch the ball. Gabi shouted, to support Rio. Aari interfered and said sorry to Rio on behalf of his team.

BB was not sending the balls continuously through the pipe. BB would send the ball whenever he wanted to. Once in a hour or twice in a hour. But before sending the ball, BB would give a sound.

Latest bigg boss episode review
Latest bigg boss episode review

First round score:

Later in the night, Team A (Somu group) went inside to prepare and have dinner. But Team B (Aari group) were waiting in the lawn. On hearing the sound, Team A came running from inside.

At the end of the first round, team ’A ’ got 90 points and team ’B’ got 50 points.

During the break, Bala and Aari were talking. Bala told that the other team was playing like school children. They were blaming that his shoulders were hitting on Somu. Aari told that since Bala got broad soldiers, while trying to catch the ball, Bals’s shoulder was hitting others.

In the Next round, Bala asked Aari to stand before the tube and others at the back and side.


The first round was shown in the promo, and it looked like Rio and Aari were fighting during this task. After seeing the promo, Aari and Rio fans were fighting with each other like Rajini, Kamal fans in early 80s. Bala’s fans were also teasing Aari’s fans.

Aari’s fans were shouting that Vijay TV is trying to spoil Aari’s name in the promo editing.

But in the episode, it could be seen that the fight was between Rio and Bala and Aari sought apologies from Rio. I am reitrating here - fans please don't go by promos and react. Please see the full episode and react.

Second round:

During the Second round, BB announced that the balls fallen on the ground could also be collected. This time Bala said that the balls fallen in their respective territory could be collected by the respective teams. Red ball should not be touched as per rule. If they touch or catch the red ball, whatever point they had won so far, would become zero.

Anita was asked to check if anyone was touching the red ball from team A.

Gabi was asked to check if anyone was touching the red ball from team B.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

Aari vs Somu:

Team B was standing before the tube and waiting for the ball. Whereas Team A was having their dinner. When they heard the sound, Team A came running from inside. There was no space for Team A. Somu was shouting at Aari, because as per the rule framed by them in mutual understanding, only one person should stand before the tube and others at the sides and at the back. Aari said he didn't touch the ball. only the person who stood before the tube tried catching the ball. Others were waiting to pick the balls that fall on the ground.

Zero points for team B:

Rio asked his team not to touch any balls to avoid touching red balls.

Whereas, the overconfident Bala said they could try to catch all color, because they got only 50 points. And, during the second round, a red color ball came first. Bala touched the ball and his team B lost their full 50 points.

BB announced that throughout the night the balls would be coming now and then. Team A were lying next to the tube and sleeping. Team B were enjoying among themselves. They were singing and dancing. Bala and Anita were shouting inside the tube to send the ball.

With that today's episode got over.

Bigg boss season 4 live updates
Bigg boss season 4 live updates

Key note:

Team A (Somu team) was playing the game seriously, whereas Team ’B’ played in jolly mood. Somu and Rio played well and caught many balls. Aari also caught few balls, but in vain. Bala touched the red ball and team B lost all their points. As usual Bala made the team task a mess.

At the same time, Team A took rest and saved their energy to continue their play. But Team B did not take rest, and were singing, dancing and shouting.

Bigg boss live review
Bigg boss live review

Tomorrow BB for sure would make the rule tough and wait for some fights among the players. Let's see if BB’s wish is fulfilled tomorrow!

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