BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 80 Review: Rio in First position! Injustice to Aari & Gabi

Bigg boss tamil Season 4 Highlights
Bigg boss tamil Season 4 Highlights

Groupism. Favoritism. Utter lack of integrity.

Yesterday's Bigg boss episode started with day 80, 5.00 AM.

Morning song played at 8.00 AM followed by the continuation of Ball and Catch task. Rio, Ramya and Somu got 1,2, and 3rd place respectively.

Shivani: spoilsport:

Morning 5.00 AM, the ball sound came and the HMs were running out to catch the ball. When Bala tried to catch the ball, it hit Shivani’s hand and Bala missed the catch. Bala got irritated and blamed Shivani for spoiling. Shivani got hurt, went inside the rest room and cried. Later, Bala asked sorry to Shivani. Their saga is getting worse than an azhuva love story. Pleasssssse.

Morning 8.00 AM ’ Odi Odi vilaiyadu papa’ was played. HMs were tired as they had not slept the whole night. Generally also the HMs don't show interest in dancing.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Kadalaiparupau had major role today:

Aari informed (complained) Bala that for the past two days kadalaiparupu was left soaked in water in kitchen, and was spoilt. Bala said that Aari had kept his plate with food on the dining table last night. Aari said he forgot he had left over and apologized. It was now spoilt ( Aari tasted it) and so he threw it.

Bala then asked kitchen captain Anitha about kadala paruppu. She said it was a mistake, but argued saying that anyone could have kept it inside, and that she didn't like Bala’s tone, and refused to say sorry.

Ramya on knowing that Aari had informed this kadalaiparupu matter to Bala, said that Aari wasted rice/food the night before. Bala said that he already enquired the matter with Aari, and asked him not to do that in future.

Bala told Aari that he asked Anitha about the kadalaiparupu matter. However he informed Aari that they too pointed out about Aari wasting rice.

Continuation of the ball and catch role:

Bigg Boss asked the HMs to divide the points among them, and intimate.

Aari said that they got 110 points and would share it equally. So each member in Team B got 22 points.

In Team A, Rio, Somu and Gabi got 54 points and Ramya got 53 points.

Latest bigg boss tamil season 4 updates
Latest bigg boss tamil season 4 updates

Last round:

Aari read the rule. HMs names would be displayed on the board. They should run near the tube and catch the ball. Here Somu played foul game. He caught three balls continuously against one ball. He got balls that were meant for Anitha and Shivani. Somu demanded that he caught the balls meant for him. Kurumpadam was played and it was made clear to the HMs that Somu picked up balls from the floor. Of course, Somu didn't get points for it.

1 to 9 placement:

BB announced the HMs to place themselves from 1 to 9 ranks based on this task. Rio demanded for the first prize. Aari said Rio got more balls because he was allowed to stand in front of the tube by his team mates Ramya and Gabi. But those two ladies supported Rio saying that he deserved it. Nothing wrong per se, until we see Gabi being pushed to 9th rank.

Aari’s statement was correct. Rio and Somu stood in front of the tube, taking turns, and made Gabi and Ramya stand at the side and back. Rio got angry and said Aari was cornering him. Aari asked Rio to convince him and take number one position.

The HMs decided to go by votes.

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Aari stood for position 1,2,3,4 and 5. Finally he got only 5the position.

Rio-1st place, Ramya-2nd place, Somu-3rd place, Bala-4th place, Aari-5th place, Anitha-6th place, Ajeedh-7th place, Shivani-8th place and Gabi-9th place.

BB announced special concession for 1 to 3 rankers, which would be informed later.

Bigg boss live updates
Bigg boss live updates

Key note:

Team A got more points. But placing was not team wise, and was by individual participation in the tasks.

Rio claimed that his team got more points as he caught more balls. Aari’s point was that Rio could get more balls because his team ladies supported him and made him stand before the tube.

`பாண்டியன் ஸ்டோர்ஸ்’ முல்லையாக `பாரதி கண்ணம்மா’ காவ்யா!

Aari was right in his point. But he didn't know how to present, as usual. The HMs also think that whatever Aari says would always be wrong. So they didn't accept the logic in his question. So, Gabi was thrown into no. 9 position.

Yes, Gabi was in Team A only. She supported the team a lot and picked more balls from the ground. But Her team members didn't support her in ranking.

Moreover, Somu caught the balls meant for Anitha and Shivani. He cheated. But, he was voted for 3rd position.

Team B lost the game because Bala touched the red ball. He messed the task for them. But he got 4th place. Shivani, Anitha and Ajeedh who voted for Bala saying that though he touched the red ball, afterwards, he bounced back and cheered other players. He didnt sleep or take rest whole night.

It was clear favouritism, and they showed their hatred openly towards Aari.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

The first mistake committed by Aari was team selection. He should have selected Ramya and Gabi instead of Anitha and Shivani. Moreover, he was very unlucky. Bala came to his group. This guy does not do one task right.

I think Aari deserved 3rd place. Rio played well. Ramya supported her team nicely. Somu didn't deserve 3rd place because he played foul game. Nobody questioned this. The HMs didn't want Aari to come in 3rd place, so voted for Somu. Imagine, if Aari had played foul, The HMS would have ripped him. Kamal would have character assassinated him.

The HMs voted Bala for 4th place though he touched the red ball. Imagine, if Aari had done this, The HMS would have given him last place. Kamal would have given him a lonnnnnng lecture.

Bigg boss latest episode review
Bigg boss latest episode review

In my opinion the just placing should be:

Rio-1st place, 2nd place-Ramya, 3rd place-Aari, 4th place-Somu, 5th place-Gabi, 6th place: Bala, 7th place: Anitha, 8th place: Ajeedh, 9th place: Shivani.

Anyways, Kamal for sure would discuss this during his session. Let's see.

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