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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 82 Review: Aari becomes the captain of the house!

Bigg boss tamil seaon4
Bigg boss tamil seaon4

Today's Episode started with Day 81, midnight. BB asked the HMs to give secret gifts to each other. Around 2.30 AM, everyone was packing their gifts. Interesting combination of giver and receiver!

Bigg boss house Christmas celebrations - Secret gifts to HMs, Captaincy task and Christmas dinner! Also, there was Bala’s preparatory home work for Kamal’s episode!

Today's Episode started with Day 81, midnight. BB asked the HMs to give secret gifts to each other. Around 2.30 AM, everyone was packing their gifts. Interesting combination of giver and receiver!

List of HMs who gave secret Christmas gifts:

· Bala to Somu

· Ajeedh to Anitha

· Rio to Ajeedh

· Gabi to Rio

· Aari to Bala

· Bala to Somu

· Anita to Aari

· Ramya to Anitha/ Shivani

Ramya informed BB in the confession room that she packed the gift for either Anitha or Shivani, as she had a strong sense that Anitha might get a gift, but Shivani might not. Strong EQ! Smart!

Since Anita got a gift from Ajeedh, but Shivani didn’t get any, BB gave Ramya’s gift to Shivani. Ramya thanked BB for considering her request.

· Ramya didn't get any gift. Bala, Shivani and Ajeedh immediately prepared a gift for her, and presented it. Sweet!

The Christmas-New Year Holidays are generally so festive. Irrespective of one’s religious orientation. Whatever be the history of its genesis and spread worldwide, it is just so joyous. And ofcourse, if the BB HMs can put aside their issues, even if for a few hours and celebrate, can’t we!? Merry Christmas everyone!

Sweet moments:

Aari got a washing brush and ear buds as gift. He said he was surprised that someone gave him a gift, as he was not really in anyone’s good books. Whatever he got, he was happy, he said.

Gabi altered her dress to fit Rio’s baby daughter and gifted it. So sweet!

Cake preparation:

Bigg Boss called Rio and Gabi and asked them to divide into two groups, and prepare cake. BB told them how to prepare the plum cake.

As per BB’s recipe Rio and Gabi’s group prepared the Christmas cake.

Rio’s group: Ramya, Shivani, Somu

Gabi’s group: Aari, Ajeedh Anitha and Bala

Gabi tasted Rio’s team’s cake and said that only half the side was baked.

Rio tasted Gabi’s team cake, said it was nice, and declared the team as the winners. Self help!

Captaincy task:

Very interesting task needing both physical and mental strength.

Three empty glass bowls were kept on three snow men. A Box with small sized thermacoal bubbles was kept at a distance. The selected contestants for Captaincy task Aari, Rio and Somu had to carry the thermacoal bubbles in a spoon and transfer the same into their bowl. They each had to walk in the specific lines for the transfer.

It was difficult to walk within the line, since there were strong chances to hit each other. All three crossed the line.

At the end of the buzzer, BB asked Bala, the current captain, to check the bowl and declare who transferred maximum thermacoal bubbles.

Bala said that Aari transferred maximum thermacoal, but crossed the line many times. Bala said that Somu also crossed the line 4-5 times. If we ignore the line crossings, then Aari is the probable winner, Bala said. Bala’s mind voice: Ayyo, Aari win pannitaane. Enna panradhu theriyaliye. Let me mention about the line crossings. But, ellarum line cross pannitangale. Ayyoyo.”. Lol!

BB congratulated Aari.

Aari becomes the captain of the house.

Bigg boss tamil Ramya Pandian
Bigg boss tamil Ramya Pandian

Aari allocated the team for cleaning and cooking. Aari said that he himself with Ramya, Anitha, Somu and Rio would manage cooking and vessel washing, and asked the remaining HMs to do cleaning work.

BB asked Bala to hand over a gift kept in the storeroom to Aari. It was the gift for the new captain of the BBH – a voucher for Rs.10,000/- from Jayachandran Textiles. Aari split it with the other contestants for the captaincy task. Somu suggested that Rio and he take Rs. 3000, and Aari #take Rs. 4000. Archana veetla illena ivlo nalla vishayamlam nadakuma?

BB quiz: Questions to HMs by BB:

BB called the HMs and asked a question to each HM.

Sample questions:

1. How many times Pongal was prepared in Season 4?

Options: more than 20, more than 30 and more than 40

Ramya correctly answered more than 40 times.

2. How many days Archana stayed inside the BBH.

Before BB was giving the option, Aari said 67 days.

Except Somu everyone answered in the first shot.

Those who answered got 30 seconds to pick up their gift and those who answered in second attempt got 20 seconds to collect the gift, sent from their families.

Bala and Anitha collected maximum gifts. Holding so many things in their hands, they struggled to open the door.

Bala asked BB if he could keep the packages down and open the door. BB said no. lol

Sweet moments:

Aari got a gift from his daughter. She drew a family picture, Amma, Appa and herself. Aari showed it to everyone.

Rio got the latest picture of his daughter, and two sweatshirts. Gabi got dresses. Anita got chocolates and heart shaped pillow. Anita said today was her 51st wedding monthsary, and asked the other HMs to convey her wishes to Prabha, her husband. Looks like its ok to say his name now!

Bigg Boss announced special Christmas dinner and campfire.

Christmas Carnival song was arranged. Glass partition was detected in the lawn.

On the other side of the glass, singers sang songs. It was very nice.

After this, Rio and Gabi prayed.

While cutting the cake, Aari specially said that captain Bala would cut the cake.

Aari, I think is having a soft corner and special love on Bala. Almost like Bala is the brother he never had. It is also possible that he sees his younger self in Bala.

After cake cutting, dinner was arranged. Before starting, Bala said that he learnt positive points from each HM and spoke for awhile.

Of course nalaiku kamal show aache, konjam nalla peru vanganumla!?

Anita disclosed about her secret gift to Aari. She said that gifted these, because she wanted to clear the dispute that happened between them, and asked Aari not to take anything to heart. She also said sorry to other HMs in case she hurt anyone. At least in the remaining days there should not be any personal modhal (clash) except for the task she said. How many think that Anita’s this change towards Aari is after his movie poster release!? She did the same with Rio as well, when his movie song came out. Its like she thinks that it is important to keep their fans pleased. But unfortunately, voting is already closed!

Somu as usual cut a mokka joke - modhal kadhal. Sambandhame illa. I don’t know if there would be anything between him and Ramya. But if at all they become a couple in the future, Ramya will eat him alive! lol

With this today's Episode over.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4

Today, due to Christmas celebrations, instead of key points, I have given sweet moments.

Tomorrow is Kamal’s session. Too many points for him to discuss. Those points are like Alwa for him. Only thing is, given his prachara business, did he have any time to devote to these HMs, and their internal fights?

Let's wait and see.

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