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BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 83 Review: Aari saved first!

Big boss tamil season 4 highlights
Big boss tamil season 4 highlights

Kamal appeared on stage and advised audience that if anyone wants to show affection or respect to someone, they should do it immediately, as we never know who’d be around the next day.

Bigg boss episode started with Day 83, wherein luxury budget task points were provided. Day 84 started with the morning song followed by ‘uppu’ma matter in the kitchen. Kamal’s session with the HMs stole the show. Huge fall for Anita, from last week.

Day 84:

Kamal appeared on stage and advised audience that if anyone wants to show affection or respect to someone, they should do it immediately, as we never know who’d be around the next day.

He said that he wanted to meet Tho Paramasivam, but could not meet him. Now he is no more. His picture was shown on the stage.

He took the viewers to Day 83 through Digital TV and showed Friday clipping.

Day 83:

Day 83 started with the morning song. Anita and Ajeedh were talking. Anita said that Ramya and Aari were predicting that she would get evicted. On another frame, Aari and Ramya were talking. Just as Anita guessed, Aari asked Ramya whom she was predicting for eviction. She said that Anita would go. If there is double eviction, she that Ajeedh would also leave. Aari said that he had the same opinion.

In the kitchen, the love bed gang - Somu, Rio, and Gabi were talking. Gabi was complaining that Ramya and Anitha cooked simple items, but left the kitchen area nasty, which she (Gabi) had to clean.

Somu asked her not to clean up. But anyways, Gabi cleaned the kitchen and said that she would start packing her bag, since she was in the eviction list.

Big boss tamil contestants
Big boss tamil contestants

Day 84: 8.00AM

Day 84 started with the morning song. After the morning song, Aari while taking a breakfast noticed Upma being kept in two containers. Somu who was having his food, realized that there was too much salt in the upma. Apparently, Anitha first made the UPPUma, and since it was inedible, Anita had to cook again. But, our brainy kitchen team didn’t clear the inedible UPPUma, and left it there, for whomever wanted to eat!

As if this was not enough the original UPPUma also had a great mix of roasted and unroasted upma. Wow!!!!

Key point:

Last week, Kamal spoke about Solidarity day, and food, but this whole week, the HMs were wasting food for one reason or the other.

During Kadalaiparupu issue (Anitha soaked it and forgot to use), Anita refused to apologize as she said she didn’t like Balaji’s tone. Only Ramya, on behalf of the kitchen team sought sorry.

Today too, the team didn’t apologize for wasting the rava. Such bad attitude! Today, Kamal spent 30 minutes of the session going over the kitchen problems.

Live bigg boss tamil season 4 updates
Live bigg boss tamil season 4 updates

Over to Kamal on stage:

Kamal recalled the tragedy of Tsunami which occurred 16 years back. He insisted that necessary precautionary measures should be taken.

Through digital TV Kamal then took the viewers inside the BBH.

Anita complimented Kamal’s looks, and suit. Bala correctly said that Kamal was wearing kadhi dress. Kamal acknowledged him, and said that the weavers were working for a loss. He said he wanted to lift them financially, and asked younger generation to also contribute.

Aari requested him to send kadhi dresses for the HMs to wear during the weekend. Kamal said yes!

After joking around the first few minutes on Christmas gifts, Kamal cut to the point. He started with the Avvaiyar paadal – ‘palum, theludenum, pavum, parupum’, closing his mount when he said ‘paruppu’. Lol. No one can beat Kamal in presentation.

HMs laughed and easily guessed that Kamal would take up the kadalaiparupu matter.

Bala told his version. Anitha told her version. Anitha said that since his tone was rude, she didn't say sorry. Kamal rightly said Ramya sought sorry immediately.

Then Kamal asked Friday’s UPPUma matter. Somu complained about it. Bala also said that the kitchen team forgot to keep rasam inside the fridge one night, and to avoid argument, he kept it inside himself.

Gabi said that for past five weeks she was in the cooking team, and so, had learnt few dishes from Archana. She said that she is preparing the dinner.

Kamal commented she would be leaving the BBH with talent, and left for break.

During the break, Rio and Somu teased her that she might leave this week, based on wat Kamal said.

Bigg boss tamil todays promo
Bigg boss tamil todays promo

Kamal’s Joke:

Anita said that she wanted to make vada or kootu, and so, had left the kadalaparupu out. Kamal asked if she knew to make all this. Remember, she said that she does not know to make coffee or tea?

I thought Kamal would ask Aari about him wasting his plate of food one day. But he did not. Bala mentioned it today as well, to Kamal. Either Kamal does not know the details, (his assistants would not have told him) or as the public is becoming grumpy with his tough stance with Aari, he might have softened a bit.

Bigg boss tamil live updates
Bigg boss tamil live updates

Discussion on Aari vs Anitha fight:

Kamal asked about the fight to Aari. Aari said that so far, he feels that it is very hard to talk to Anita. She does not give space for others to talk. She would charge others, but will not tolerate an ounce of constructive criticism against her.

When Kamal asked Rio for his opinion, he nodded his head and acknowledged Aari’s point! Then Kamal called Bala, ( kamal called Bala alias Balaji) and he said that he too felt the same in two or three situations.

When Kamal asked Anitha she told a lonnng elementary school story about a pasu maadu and a thennai maram! The crux of the story is, when someone does not know the subject matter of the conversation well, they will deviate and talk about what they know well. Similarly, she felt that Aari and Rio have a set mindset about her.

Then Kamal said that Aari didn't mean it in a wrong sense. Even if Aari was asked to tell now and complete his sentence, it won't be damaging, Kamal said.

However, Kamal said that Aari should not have dragged Anita’s personal conversation to Archana. Anita said that her family was her weakness and hence she got tensed.

Kamal appreciated Aari for maintaining his coolness, even when Anitha was shouting in high pitch.

Kamal’s Joke:

Kamal’s example was classy. He said that T. R. Magalingam sang ’oru nal podhuma’ at a high pitch from the first stanza, and kept increasing it. Anitha’s anger was like that, said Kamal.

Kamal called Bala as Bala alias Balaji because in the drop box, while other HMs dropped their comments on Balaji’s captainship, Bala wrote a letter asking kamal to call him Bala instead of Balaji.

Secret note:

Anitha’s personal conversation to Archana was telecasted in unseen video. Lol!!!

Anitha and Aari’s secret gift to each other.

Anita said she felt sorry for her act and that she likes Aari a lot, and so gave him a gift. Kamal asked about her gift - brush and ear buds. She said that the gifts were to symbolically remove the differences between them, and for them to be friends.

Kamal asked Aari about his opinion on Anitha’s gift. Aari said that he thought no one would gift him, and hence was happy on seeing Anitha’s gift. Kamal asked about Aari’s gift to Anitha.

He said on getting gift from Anitha, he left a gift for her, on her bed. He gave a friendship band and perfume. But Anitha returned the perfume and asked him to get her something else when he comes out, as she does not use it.

Kanal asked what he wrote on the gift wrapper. Aari said that it would be better for Anitha to say it. Anita told that it read ’Dear sister, Title winner of BB4!’.

Key note:

Anitha’s gift of brush and ear bud could be taken that she was indirectly asking Aari to remove the negative thoughts from his mind and heart.

Aari’s note on gift wrapper showed his good gesture. At the same time during his discussion with Ramya earlier on who might get evicted, he and Ramya both agreed that Anitha might get evicted. If he felt that she would leave this week, why use such decorate words on the paper? Maybe he appreciated her for her individuality!

Analyzing Balaji’s captaincy:

Kamal teased Bala about his comments to Somu asking him to stay away from captaincy. He asked him to share his experience. Bala said that he did lots of work when he was the captain than when he was just an ordinary HM. But he was selected as the best performer when he was not a captain many times, and was nominated for ‘boring’, when he was the captain.

Kamal asked the HMs to tell about Balaji’s captaincy in one line.

Everyone said that during the task as a captain, he took measures to avoid disputes between the HMs. He formed rules by himself which was welcoming.

Few HMs said he didn’t concentrate on house keeping, and focused on kitchen work. Only Aari did house keeping work, said Gabi. Soru mukhyum Bigilu.

Ajeedh said that a few weeks back, Balaji was telling that he would become the captain of the house during the peak time and set things right. But when Ajeedh was in jail, he was sitting on the bean bag and cribbing.

Aari as usual instead of one liner summary of the captaincy, spoke a lot. He gave a detailed analysis with pluses and minuses. He appreciated Bala’s efforts during ball task. First two days he acted as the captain, and afterwards, he acted as one of the ordinary HMs, said Aari. After the boring performer nomination, he went down, said Aari. So to cheer him up, he gave him a Christmas secret gift.

Saving process:

Kamal asked the five HMs in the eviction list to sit separately. Then he said

‘Thani gunadisayangal ungalai kakavo neekavo seiyum’!

He said that though Aari’s act of bringing what Anitha told Archana in private was not correct (kamal said Kutram kadidhal’) , Aari maintained cool and calm when Anitha shouted in high pitch . His act was liked by the people and they saved him, said Kamal.

He said Vanakam and left the stage.

Bigg boss season 4 tamil
Bigg boss season 4 tamil

Over to BBH:

Anitha was telling Ramya that it was obvious that she was going to get evicted. ‘Kaaka’ Aari and ‘Neeka’ herself, she told.

Ajeedh said to Ramya that he might get evicted. Ramya said that it might be Gabi.

Later Somu , Ramya, Anitha and Rio were sitting around the dining table. Somu asked Anitha if fish fingers were there. Anitha said not to ask her, since everyone said (to Kamal) that she didn’t do her work in the kitchen properly. She further said that she can not open the vessels one by one and see what’s available or not.

Meendum Vedhalam Murungai Maram aerivitadhu!

With this today's Episode over!

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