BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 87 Review: Thalaivan Aari - Bagwan Kumaru!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Bala Aari
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Bala Aari

After the morning song ’Kuthadi, Kuthadi’ BB had a playful time with the HMs. He toyed with the Freeze and Release task.

Today's Bigg boss episode had 3 more families visiting the HMs – Ramya’s, Rio’s, and Somu’s! Today's episode was so live and went well. The HMs finally caught wind of Aari’s mass outside BBH! Balaji gave 2 hoots about the Freeze task rules, and will likely bring their luxury points to minimum!

Day 87:

After the morning song ’Kuthadi, Kuthadi’ Bigg Boss had a playful time with the HMs. He toyed with the Freeze and Release task.

Few interesting Freeze & release, and loop game played by the BB:

- Gabi gave crow’s sound Kaa! Kaa!

- Gabi put makeup on Somu. This was horrrrible

- Somu put makeup on Gabi

- Aari petting Bala, when he was in freeze. Ramya teased both that people preferred them fighting, to being pally.

This week, the HMs are in a joyful mood due to the freeze & release task and visits of families.

BB said freeze to all and a Pasamalar song was played.

Ramya’s brother Parasu entered inside:

Very lively person. On seeing him, Ramya was surprised, as he was in Dubai.

Pasa note:

Unmayana Akka sagodhara paasam. It looked like he came all the way from Dubai to help Ramya up her image in front of Aari fans.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo
Bigg boss tamil season 4 promo

Machaan Somu!

Important to note my friends. Parasu called all the men as anna/thambi/bro. But Somu, he addressed as machaaaan! Ramya’s brother even asked about the chocolate matter to Somu. Somu got shy and said he would discuss it afterwards, alone.

He teased Rio saying that now, he has also appeared in National Television. Loool!

Thalaivan Aari:

Next came the huge shock/surprise/shock/surprise. Parasu asked for his Thalaivan Aari! Ramy, Rio, etc didn’t know if he was kidding, or was serious! Ramya told the others that she will find out before he leaves. But Parasu clearly said that he liked Aari! Parasu went inside to meet Aari, who was in freese pose.

“Hai thalaiva”, he told Aari, and said that his Bagawan teaser was good. He then saw Bala walking around, and commented that Bala was not following the freeze task rules either, just like he does not care about the mic rules.

Then BB released all from the freeze!

Ramya’s mom, her battery, entered:

Ramya asked Parasu which bro he liked the most. He said Aari and Bala,… and then, Gabi. She is not a bro, but he liked her, he said. Then, another visoitor entered from store room – Ramya’s mother. Ramya introduced everyone to her mother, and her mother called them with their full name. Ramya’s mom was her battery, said Ramya. Touching!!

Super, duper note:

Ramya’s mom was super cool, and mingled easily with everyone. She was the exact opposite of Shivani’s mom. Ofcourse, Shivani’s image and Ramya’s image are quite different, so, in a way, it is not fair to compare. Now we know where Ramya gets her smiling face from. I have mentioned earlier (and so have all other reviewers), about Ramya’s silent killer / pediatrician traits – vaazhapazhathil oosi ethum trait. I think she got that from her mom. There was a scene where Ramya’s brother was privately talking to Ramya about her game, and was sharing his opinion. Bala was indecently standing close to them, listening in. Ramya’s mother who was a few steps away, joked that Bala was eaves dropping, and laughed! She conveyed the message well, but in a light hearted manner. This is an art. Clap! Clap!

Ramya asked her mom how her portion was being projecting outside - positive or negative. Her mom said that she won't tell, and Aari gave a hi-five to her. He commented that she was apt to join BB 5!

Ya sure. Her, and Shivani’s mom also. It’d be more interesting than this season!

Ramya’s mother advised everyone generally, to be open, and avoid talking behind people’s back.

Parasu took Ramya inside and said that in case of double eviction, she might be sent out, but assured her that she played very well. Ramya got alarmed that her position among the audience is shaky! Nalla thambi.

While leaving, Ramya’s mom said that she has made her proud in front of their relatives. Ramya has a ‘decent and ‘brilliant’ player image, which makes her happy, she said. Contrast this with Shivani’s mother’s ‘sondhakaranga enna ninaipanga?’ comment.

Ramya’s mom thanked BB and Kamal, and requested BB not to edit her thank you message. They took group picture in front of the camera.

ரியோவுக்கு மனைவியின் அட்வைஸ்... ரம்யா அம்மாவின் அன்பு... ஆரி ப்ரோவின் ஹைஃபை! பிக்பாஸ் - நாள் 87

Key point:

It could be seen from the memes and trolls that Aari army is against Ramya, as she constantly bitches about him. Parasu pandiyan posted a video a week back saying that he personally likes Aari as a social activist. He said that his sister is playing her game as per her knowledge. Hence, he requested Aari fans not to abuse or defame his sister. Even Aari won't like this, he had said.

Ramya’s brother called Aari as ‘Thaliva’ to make sure Aari’s fans were happy. Do you guys think if he is really an Aari fan, or if he just said that, to pacify the public? It did work though, as Ramya’s votes have gone up and she is no longer at the bottom! Smart family!

Parasu also re-registered with the audience that Ramya has been the captain twice, not gone to jail even once, and gives her best during the tasks. He wanted to let us know that Ramya is not a mixture party!! Smart thambi!

Decent & brilliant Ramya:

Ramya is very decent in her behaviour. She hugs male contestants only from the sides, and it has not gone unnotices. She is, of course, brilliant but sometimes miscalculates, and borders on cunningness, as opposed to being plain smart. Since Kamal praises Bala every week for some or the other reason, she must have thought that Bala is people’s favorite, and taken Bala’s side. If Aari has any issues or dispute with someone, immediately she would question Aari – again, because Kamal takes a tough stance with him. Now that her family has given her clues, I think she would change her game plan.

Rio & Somu:

Rio and Somu were talking. Based on Parasu’s comments, Rio guessed that Aari is people’s favorite, and said that only one hour of the show is being telecast. So, people are not seeing his (Aari’s) full self.

Key point:

The problem with Rio is that he is short-tempered and has no patience to listen. But Aari would stress his point and would always try to fully explain his side. So, they don’t gel. Somu on the other hand, has the patience to listen. So Somu and Aari have a cordial relationship.

And Bala’s behavior was abhorrent. First, he didn’t care about the freeze task. Second, what is with the eavesdropping? Yesterday, he was listening in from the rest room when Shivani’s mom was talking to her. Today, when it was evident that Ramya’s bro is talking to her personally, he was hovering around there. Seriously, this guy needs a life lesson.

Luxury budget points would be reduced because of him. But HMs won't nominate him for the ‘boring’ performer. They won't dare to nominate him. I hope Kamal questions him about not following rules, this week.

Freezing continued:

In the kitchen, BB played freeze & release task with Rio, Gabi and Somu.

Bigg boss contestants
Bigg boss contestants

Entry of Rio’s wife:

BB said freeze to all the HMs. Rio’s wife entered in. Rio released himself and hugged her. They both were very emotional. Rio first said “sorry, I should not have agreed for this show.” But his wife Sruthi said that now, she liked him more.” They were cute. They looked like Madhavan and Shalini in Alaipayuthey!

As usual Bala released himself from the freeze. Rio commented that he was always like that - never followed rules. BB released everyone. Sruthi hugged everyone and was very friendly with all.

Latest bigg boss tamil updates
Latest bigg boss tamil updates

She teased Rio with his butler English, his favorite words ‘National Television’, and ‘Thank you, Thank you.’

She also said that his friends were not happy when he lifted Ramya a few episodes back. His friends, or she herself??

Video clipping was shown with Rio’s daughter, friends, and mother. His friends teased him that since Rio wont be there for new year, they were celebrating it in a simple manner – by going to Goa!

While leaving she asked Aari not to fight with her husband too much. Lol.

She advised Rio to maintain his earlier fun mojo. She said that off late, he was getting tensed. She said that everyone left out in the BBH is a fun person, and asked Rio to enjoy. Rio was visibly shocked, as he didn’t expect Aari to be categorized as fun! An eye opener for Rio!!

BB asked the HMs to freeze and informed Sruthi that her time was up. She wanted to stay for some more time, but BB didn't allow. Strict BB!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 review
Bigg boss tamil season 4 review

Entry of Somu’s brother:

Somu’s younger brother entered. He had nice time with everyone. He gave everyone fun names.

He named Aari - Bagawan Kumar, Somu: sogusu Kumar, Bala- thambi Kumar, Rio- beetu Kumar, Aajeedh- talent Kumar, Shivani- cute Kumar, Ramya- smile Kumar and Gabi- jobi Kumar!

Aajeedh sang June ponal song. Somu put music. It was nice.

When he was alone with Somu, he advised Somu to open up and come in the limelight. Video clipping was shown to Somu, wherein his mom, sister and his favorite dog kuttu were there. Somu’s mom and sister wished all the HMs.

Key point:

Somu generally does not get involved in disputes. He is an optimistic person. He listens to others and accept his mistakes, if any. He gives his best in tasks also. Let's see how the coming weeks work out for him.

Shivani Aajeedh
Shivani Aajeedh

Yesterday onwards Shivani and Bala were not seen talking to each other. Tonight before switching off the lights, Shivani and Aajeedh were dancing for the song ‘what a karuvad’. With this today's episode was over.

Tomorrow, we can hopefully see Aari’s, Aajeedh’s, and Gabi’s families.

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