BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 89 Review: New year cyclone inside the Bigg Boss House!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Nomination of the Best and boring performers

Its New Year 2021, most of us expected a jolly Episode. But it was badly struck by Bala Puyal, which did massive destruction, with focus on Aari. Puyal Kamal episode kulla BBHa kadakuma, illa innum intensity adhigarikuma? Lets see!

Today's Bigg boss Episode started with the morning song ’Adiyae adiyae ivalae’!

Nomination of the Best and boring performers:

BB asked the HMs to nominate the boring performer(s) of the week. So far, BB always asked the HMs to nominate the Best performer first, and then, the boring performer. But today BB asked the HMs to nominate the boring performer first which led to a nasty fight.

Aari did the nomination first, and put Bala’s name. When he started to say the reason for nominating, Bala didn't let Aari to finish his statement. He didn't allow Aari to speak. Aari got wild and said ‘ingae vandhu pesuda’! Bala got wild and said hereafter if he called him vada poda, “mariyadhai kettrum.”

Aari finished his reasons, saying that Bala didn't get involved in house keeping work, and that during the freezing task, he didn't follow the rules.

- Aari nominated Bala and Shivani

- Aajeedh nominated Bala and Ramya (WOW!!!!)

- Bala nominated Aari and Aajeedh (Revengena adhuku artham Balatadan kekanum!)

- Shivani nominated Bala and Ramya (WOW!!!!) Some reprieve for Shivani’s mom

- Gabi nominated Bala and Aari

- Ramya nominated Bala and Shivani

- Somu nominated Bala and Rio (WOWW!!!!)

- Rio nominated Bala and Aari

Bigg boss tamil Aari Bala
Bigg boss tamil Aari Bala

When Bala nominated Aari, he said that he didn’t plan to do that. But since Aari nominated him, he was giving it back. Bala gave silly reasons. hehehe Bala said that Aari didn't fold his bed, didn't take his clothes from the hanger outside, etc etc etc. Bala forgot to nominate a second person for the boring performer. His mind was blocked and fully occupied by Aari. Then Aari said that Bala had shared enough reasons about him and asked him to go to next person. Ramya interfered and said not to interfere while Bala was nominating.

How come Justice Ramya didn’t say anything while Bala interrupted? Only Somu interfered and asked Bala to keep quite when Aari spoke.

Next, Bigg Boss asked contestants to nominate three best performers. HMs nominated Rio, Somu and Aajeedh as the best performers. BB announced that these three contestants were eligible for participating in the captaincy task.

Aari and Bala went inside the jail. Ramya locked the door. She teased them that morning show was over and that she was waiting for the afternoon show to start.

Hahaha. She is digging her own grave. At this rate, Parasu Pandian enna video pottalum edupadadhu.

Rio came to be around them, and Aari asked him to clarify the reasons for nominating him as the boring performer. Rio said that since Aari and Bala were always fighting with each other, their participation in making the house happy was less. Aari said that the nomination was for the boring performer for this week. Rio’s reasons were not relevant. Bala interfered in this conversation, and the argument turned to Bala vs Aari.

During the argument, Aari said that Bala ’somberithanama’ does not do the work.

Bala got wild and said he did in his 24 years, what Aari did in his 34 years. Bala was very angry, lost his cool, and shouted on top of his lungs. It was way scarier to watch than the Anitha shouting session a couple weeks ago. He even threw his mic at one point. Aajeedh asked Bala not to get tensed. In the meantime other HMs came to watch. Bala demanded him to say sorry. Aari said that he will take back his words, and said sorry.

Captaincy Task:

Ramya then, read the captaincy task. The letters for the term ‘captain’ were kept on the other side of the fence. The three contestants participating in the captain task, Rio, Somu and Aajeedh should take the letters through the stick from the other side of the fence. Whoever finished the task first, would be the winner.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Rio won the task and became the captain of the house. BB asked Rio to release Aari and Bala from the jail. On coming out, Aari congratulated Rio for becoming the captain of the house.

At the same time Aari said that Rio was playing a safe game and that he would tell this even if he goes out of the BBH.

Adi muttal, Beku:

When Rio and Aari both were talking, Bala again interfered. Oh god! Aari said that he was talking to Rio and asked Bala not to interfere. Bala didn't listened, and went on blabbering. Aari asked him to listen patently and not give loose talks. (olarathae said Aari)

Bala sat with Aari in the sofa at the corridor. Aari explained what he was saying to Rio. Again it turned into an argument. Bala demanded that Aari should ask sorry for calling him somberi. Aari said that he already asked when they were in jail and he cannot ask again. Bala said Aari didn't ask Sorry and Bala. The fight and Bala’s anger went over the roof and he called Aari adimuttal and beku.

Key note:

Aari just said vechiko! Do you guys think Kamal would question Bala about his behavior? About him not obeying the freeze task, yelling, throwing the mike, using bad words in national television, and above all, insulting the first three seasons’ winners and the public who voted for them!?Or, would Kamal again say that he is different from Salman Khan and Nagarjuna, and take a feather touch approach? How does Kamal’s political foray affect any of this? Some youtubers and commentators are saying that Bala’s behavior deserves red card. What is your opinion? Let me know in comments.

Other HMs took Bala inside the house.

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Rio vs Aari:

Rio and Aari were talking about the nomination. Rio told Aari that Aari showed 100% involvement in the task and that he also did house hold work well. But Rio said that his involvement in keeping the house happy was less. Aari said that it was not a valid reason for nominating him as a boring performer, which should be based on the involvement in work.

Bigg boss todays promo
Bigg boss todays promo

Aari also reiterated that he (Rio)was playing safe game. Rio said Aari was preparing for weekend Kamal’s session. Aari said even after coming out from the BBH also he would tell openly that Rio played the safe game. Bala was watching them talk, thank God, he didn't interfere. My TV cant take more screaming!

New year celebrations:

BB arranged New Year celebrations for the HMs. Music was played. They all danced, though Aari didn't participate full heartedly.

Then they cut the cake and fed each other. No one fed Aari. It was obvious that no one cared for him. Maybe it was caught in unseen.

With this today’s episode over.

Bigg boss house
Bigg boss house

Key points:

Aari got annoyed on the interference of Bala, when he nominated him. So Aari referred him vada vandu pesu. Bala got wild and shouted. Bala got triggered, and shouted but Aari maintained his cool.

Similarly, inside the jail too, Aari called Bala somberi and Bala became hyper, threw the mic and shouted. Again, Aari’s words triggered the egg shell Bala, but he (Aari) was calm and composed. Same, in the corridor as well. Aari maintained his cool.

It's evident that after seeing the family members response, everyone knows that Aari has got more public support. It has caused jealously among the HMs. Bala, Rio, and Ramya were showing it openly. Avangaloda smartness avlodhan.

Added factors for Bala to hate Aari, is Shivani’s mother ignoring him, and Aari recently advising Shivani to positively overcome her mom’s words. Everything pushed Bala to act aggressively. Will Bala break? Or, will the combined attack on Aari lead him to break? Maybe, that is the underlying tactic of the other HMs?

Rio also doesn't like Aari. Not only this time, every week he nominates Aari as the worst performer. He probably sees him as a competition, and it is also possibly the continued presence of poison injected by Anbarasi Archana.

Latest bigg boss episode
Latest bigg boss episode

Moving on to small fox Ramya, from the beginning, she didn't like Aari. She didn't want to attack Aari directly, and hence always supports Bala whenever they both fight, whether Bala is right or wrong.

Somu is far better. Though Rio is his friend, he always stood neutral, at least after Archana left.

Gabi of course supports Rio; but she is clever. She will nominate Aari either for eviction or for boring performer with valid reason only when it is acceptable.

Today also she nominated Aari as the worst performer, stating that in the Vasanth and co., task (arranging blocks) Aari didn't participate well. Aari also accepted her views. In fact Aari said that if Rio has mentioned this reason he would have been satisfied. Cycle gapla she might win the title.

Todays bigg boss tamil promo
Todays bigg boss tamil promo

Aari’s game strategy:

It is also possible that it is Aari’s game strategy to stay calm, while triggering the other HMs who are emotionally weak.

Anyways, Tomorrow - Kamal session. Let's see how he handles Aari, Bala and Rio.

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