BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 90 Review: Kadamai, Kanniyam, Kattupadu = Kamal!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Kamal made a video call to Shivani’s mom, nailed Bala for his atrocities, pointed out Ramya’s unfairness, and saved Gabi!

Today's Bigg boss episode started with the Kamal’s mass grand entry. At the time of his entry ‘Wish you a Happy New Year’ – from Sakalakalavallavan movie was played. Friday clipping was showed, with crazzzzzy fights between Aari&Ramya, and Aari&Bala.

Kamal made a video call to Shivani’s mom, nailed Bala for his atrocities, pointed out Ramya’s unfairness, and saved Gabi!

Kamal said ’even if you are standing alone, it is ok. If you are right, you stand alone for the right’. Good note!

Then, he took the viewers to Bigg Boss House, through digital TV.

Friday’s clipping was shown.

Aari and Ramya were talking inside the rest room. Aari was sharing the conversation he had with Rio on the worst performer nomination. Bala overheard their conversation and informed Rio that his story was going on inside the rest room.

Key point:

What is with this guy and eaves dropping, and kozhi muttal! He eaves dropped when Shivani’s mom was talking to her, when Ramya’s bro was talking to Ramya, and now, this!

Latest bigg boss tamil episode review
Latest bigg boss tamil episode review

Aari vs Ramya:

Aari expressed his displeasure on Ramya was always supporting Bala. Ramya diverted the matter and said that she nominated Bala for boring performer. Aari again and again saying that he was not talking about the nomination. But in general, if Bala fought with anyone she always supported Bala, even if he was wrong. In the meantime, other HMs came there. Ramya started screaming and said henceforth she would also go recording in front of 60 cameras, whatever she wanted to convey.

Aari vs Bala:

Aari came out of the rest room and was going to sleep. Bala came out of nowhere, and started a fight. Bala questioned why Aari tagged him as ‘Kadhal Kannai Kattudhae’, and dragged Shivani’s name in it.

Aari said he didn't want to go deep into that topic again and tried to move on. Bala didn't allow, and kept diving into it. Aari got agitated and asked Bala why he didn't open his mouth before Shivani’s mom.

Bala threw the pillow and shouted at Aari, and asked him not to talk about Shivani.

It was funny, as the topic Bala wanted to talk about, was Shivani. This guy!!!!

’Vellia irunda unaku thara mariyadaiye vera’ Bala threatened Aari. ’Enna miratariya’ asked Aari. Other HMs instead of asking Bala who started the issue, tried to control Aari. Only Gabi said that what Bala did was wrong and asked both of them not to take Shivani’s name. Kedaisila Gabi might win the cup. Paathute irunga!

Bala continued shouting. Then, Aari responded back and raised his voice. Immediately, Ramya interfered to support Bala. Aari asked Ramya to take her friend Bala inside. Ramya nakkala said “ok friend” and took Bala inside.

Ramya thangala neutralnu oru vaati sonnanga. So, adha thakka vekka try pandranga.

Kamal discussed this issue in detail and nailed Bala and Ramya.

கழன்றுவிழும் முகமூடிகள்... ஆரியை எதிர்க்கும் வீடு... திருப்பி அடிக்கும் ஆரி! பிக்பாஸ் - நாள் 90

Day 90: morning

Rotis were lying on the dining table and not kept inside the fridge. Aari asked Shivani who was in the kitchen team, about this. Shivani said that she was in charge of only the milk, and hence didn't know about the roti matter.

Aari asked Somu about this. Somu said that he was not aware of it.

Aari asked sorry to Shivani for dragging her name yesterday night in the fight.

Aari opened the Hershey’s box and asked the other HMs to take whatever they want to.

Over to Kamal on stage:

Kamal Discussing on the visit of families:

Todays bigg boss tamil season4  promo
Todays bigg boss tamil season4 promo

Kamal spoke about the families’ visit to the BBH. He told Aari that his daughter became famous throughout the TN, and asked the genesis of her name, and if it was tied to Aari’s own name! Apparently it’s a mix of aaRI and nadiYA (Aari’s wife). (Riya)!

Kamal said that Rio’s and his wife’s reactions were cute.

Then he came to Shivani, and praised her for not talking back to her mom on national television, even when her mom scolded her continuously. Kamal surprisingly called Shivani’s mom on video, and told her that he was talking as Shivani’s lawyer, and asked her to comfort Shivani. Shivani’s mom spoke to her and asked her to be bold and play well. Shivani asked her mom to take care. Kamal said he would talk to her mom and went for a break.

Kamal spoke with Shivani’s mom. Her mom again said that she felt that Sivani has not taken her advise seriously. Kamal said that Shivani was dull, and he called her mom to motivate her.

Special note:

I don’t fully agree with Kamal on this here. He told Shivani that her mom spoke to her harshly as she was not playing her game well. He positioned Shivani’s mom’s angst as coming from a position of high expectations. I don’t think that is fully true. Shivani’s mom’s anger and hurt mostly came because of Shivani’s behavior with Bala. Shivani has been behaving like she has fallen for Bala. Even when Bala categorically and safely said that he does not like her, she never voiced that she does not have feelings for him. Also, the memes floating across Tamil Nadu about their relationship. I think this is what caused her mother’s anger. If Shivani had just been a generally dull player like Aajeedh (without Bala relationship issue), I don’t think her mother would have reacted this way.

After the break, Kamal asked Shivani to come back to normal and play her game.

Bigg boss tamil shivani
Bigg boss tamil shivani

Problems faced by the HMs with Aari:

Kamal appreciated Aari for his patience and self control even as others triggered him. He appreciated Somu for acting as a referee whenever there is a fight.

Then he asked Aari to sit aside and the others, together. He asked others the problem they have with Aari. Rio said that he was 100% perfect, but always pointing others’ mistake and spoiling the spirit.

Somu said he has no problem. Only thing is, Aari gets angry very often.

Gabi said that she also has no issues with Aari, except that once he spoke hurtfully. She meant the event during the Robot and Human task. Aari to break her, said she was unfit for the game. Gabi, I think, was friendly with Aari earlier, but after that task she maintained her distance.

Shivani said while talking, Aari is in the habit of pointing out others mistake and tries to register things in their mind. Aajeedh said he was micromanages even small issues.

Ramya said that Aari is very negative. He has no rapport with anyone. This week she would nominate him, she said. Kamal told her that in a Bala and Aari fight, she lets Bala talk and make his points, but when Aari responds, she cuts him off and takes Bala away, which is unfair. Ramya’s face completely changed.

When she was asked why and how she was always smiling, she once said to Kamal it was a manufacturing defect. Looks like the defect was rectified today. The smile was completely missing today.

Finally he came to Bala and nailed him on different issues. Bala complained about the cleaning problem with Aari. Bala said that even if he puts 100% effort, Aari won't accept. Bala said Aari made him clean again and again, even it was clean. Kamal asked Aajeedh if the floor was clean. He said only less garbage was there. Kamal asked how clean is clean? Aajeedh said that Aari’s tone was rude while conveying things. However, he said sorry.

Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants
Bigg boss tamil season 4 contestants

Serious note:

I felt that as Kamal asked each HM to say what they didn't like about Aari, he should have given him a chance to respond. Then Kamal said that despite the HMs’ family members giving clue that Aari has got people’s support, the HMs behaved very badly to him and targeted him. Kamal asked, if it was a way to suppress his image, and project him negatively.

Rio said that no one was doing that. Kamal asked him to talk for himself only, and not for others. Semma nose cut to Rio.

Kamal then asked others. Everyone said they didn't have that intention.

Kamal nailed Bala:

Kamal asked about Bala’s comment on ‘kadalai saptavanga winner Aanange in last three seasons’. Bala said he didn't say that. Kamal got visibly irritated. He said he was not a mic or a pillow for Bala to throw around. He has dignity, and a voice, and cannot act low, he said. Kamal asked Aajeedh to jump in. He agreed that Bala commented like that.

Kamal then said that Bala insulted the BB show, the title prize that he was trying to get, as well as the public who votes. Such comments would increase the gap between him and the people, Kamal said.

Nailing of Bala continued:

Then the Bala nailing continued. There was just so much that he (Bala) had done this week. Kamal asked Shivani about the Bala comment saying that he wont accept if Aari wins. Bala again said that he didn't remember. Shivani was trying to pacify the situation. She said that Bala told her that he wont accept if few of the HMs get the cup.

Kamal then asked Bala if Aari asked sorry inside the jail. Bala said he was in stress and didn't remember. Kamal asked if he remembered saying sorry to Bala. He said yes. He remembered his sorry, but forgot Aari’s, Kamal pointed out.

Kamal then asked about his comments made yesterday on Aari. “Veliyae vantha tharae mariyaadai vera madiri irukum:, Bala had said. Kamal asked Bala what he would do? Bala said he would talk differently. What would he talk, asked Kamal. Bala didn't give any reply, but at the same time said he won't ask sorry to Aari.

Kamal asked Aari not to worry after coming out, as they were all there to take care.

Bala said he wanted to get answers for two questions, and asked Aari about the cleaning matter, about why Aari thought he didn’t perform well. Aari responded. Bala tried to interfere when Aari was talking. Kamal controlled him.

Bigg boss tamil season4 grand finale
Bigg boss tamil season4 grand finale

Kamal’s note to Aari:

Kamal then asked Aari to note down the discrepancies pointed out by the other HMs and change accordingly. He also asked him to maintain respect and speak in a soft voice when he talks.

Gabi saved:

He asked the HMs in the eviction list to sit together. He said “Gabi saved” and left.

Over to Bigg Boss House:

Bala asked sorry to Aari. Then, Aari advised him that his play was not correct, and was just trying to help him improve. Aari said he told Rio the same thing. Bala asked him to talk only about him.

Key note:

Aari is made in a certain way. It has positives and negatives. He advices a lot, registers his opinion strongly, and talks a lot, sometimes dragging things that are even only slightly connected, to strengthen his points. Other HMs also do this, but when they talk within their group. Since Aari is not in any group, and his friends Sanam and Anita (the pre love bed Anita) left, he has no one to talk and vents it to whomever talks. And this ends up being irritating to others.

Aari should avoid this, and start talking in a crisp manner. After sometime, others would automatically come to him. ’Virumbi ponal vilagi pogum, vilagi ponal virumbi varum’.

Aari should wait for this patiently. One day will come!

Aari’s stress burster:

Aari came out to the veranda. Somu, Gabby, and Rio were there. Aari made a loud, very loud garjanai. Other HMs were shocked. Aari said it was stress burster! On seeing that scene one could feel how much stress he had!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan
Bigg boss tamil season 4 Aari Arjunan

Key analysis:

Today Kamal handled the episode very neatly. Had he done this when Bala said tharuthalai to Sanam, and showed his leg to Aari the situation would not have gone to this level. Kamal himself realised it. We could get this from his speech.

Anyways, better late than never.

Kamal was neither harsh nor mild but perfect, and a little politically correct! Kamal did his duty in a dignified and composed manner. But Bala’s responses to Kamal were quiet rude. Did he realize that he was talking to a legend? Anyways, now that Bala and Aari will remain in the house for another 2 weeks, hopefully it’s a restart for them.

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