BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 91 Review: Ramya saved fourth! Aajeedh evicted!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Today's episode started with Kamal’s grand entry in kadhi suit. Kamal spoke about changes in life in his introduction. He threw some political punches.

Today's Bigg boss episode started with Kamal’s grand entry followed by the HMs canvassing for their votes. Caller of the week called Ramya. Ramya was saved fourth and Aajeedh was evicted! New year cyclone was handled well by Kamal to some extent. Detail analysis is also given. Kamal didn't warn Balaji for throwing the mic. He also didn’t let Aari defend himself after he asked all the HMs to stack their grievances against him. Balaji’s power is yet to be used.

Then, entered the Bigg boss house through the digital TV.

Aari reminded Kamal about providing kadhi costume for the HMs and Kamal also assured.

Housemates canvassing for themselves:

Kamal asked the HMs to canvas for themselves for voting. However, he put three conditions. Their canvasing shall be honest, no false information shall be given, and no blabbering.

HMs had to go to the confession room one by one and speak for their voting.

Bala : “kovathe mattumae parthu valadiruken,…” He accepted his mistake for commenting on previous season winners, said he would bounce back. He blamed his parents for his anger and his behavior.

Latest Bigg boss tamil episode review
Latest Bigg boss tamil episode review

Key point:

Here, I would like to mention Gabi’s analysis of Bala’s game strategy. She said that transformation from bad to good was his game strategy. Brilliant, Gabi!

Ramya: yenaku naan unmaiya iruken. She would take only the positive vibes from the co-contestants. Hahaha

Gabi: thappa thati kettu iruken

Aari: nambala thaguthi paduthikita…, angigaram thana kidaikum

Rio: enn kadamaiya seiren, enn performance pudichiyirundha vote podunga. Ennadhu Performanceaa? Idhu enna nadagama?

Somu : He said he struggled for ten years. He gave his best inside the BBH and it would be an acknowledgement if he gets this cup.

Aajeedh: naan poi sonathe illae, niraya efforts pottuiruken

Shivani: muzhu muyarchiyila edupada rediya iruken.

Note to Shivani:

Idhu Day 1a, illa Day 91a??

Bigg boss tamil promo
Bigg boss tamil promo

Key point:

Bala is using his parents as the Trump card. Once he told his story. Fine. But every time, he cannot use his parents’ negative side as justification for his mistakes. He sought sorry for his comments made on the winners of previous seasons. At the same time he didn't ask sorry for throwing mic and pillow, especially mic. Even Kamal didn't warn him. Very disappointed. In season2, Kamal didn't allow Mumtaz to sit in the living room as a punishment for removing her mic. But why Kamal and the Vijay TV took the lenient view for Bala’s behaviour? How much power does Bala’s modeling agency have on them?

Since Aari was cornered by the HMs yesterday, Kamal asked the HMs their problems with Aari and later he asked Aari to change his tone and to give respect while talking. Was it not his duty to also ask Aari’s explanation?

I thought today in continuation of last episode, he would at least ask Aari’s response in general. Also, I also thought Bala would be warned severely and punished by Kamal for throwing his mic. But, nothing! He also didn’t touch upon the fact that the only person who followed all rules well was voted as the worst performer. Miserably failure.

Hamam Caller of the week:

The caller spoke with Kamal first, appreciating his command in the Tamil language. Then he put his question to Ramya. He asked Ramya why she was not putting her views directly to the co-contestants like Aari, and was instead talking behind their back.

Ramya said that she just realised this now, and would follow this advice in future.

Caller gave semma punch to Ramya.

Game strategy:

Each HMs would get the picture of any one HM. They should tell that HM’s game strategy.

Somu about Aajeedh: He has no game strategy! True true

Rio about Somu: Maintains good rapport with everyone. Even if there is any misunderstanding he would get it solved without making it a scene.

Aari about Ramya: She is a good entertainer. That is her game strategy. He could have stopped here. But, if he stopped with crispy note he is not Aari. He added - referring to the caller task that Ramya preferred Jithan Ramesh to Shivani, since she could not ask good questions to Shivu. Similarly, during the argument she always supports Bala even when he is wrong. If she rectified these mistakes, it would be better for her for the next two weeks, said Aari.

Todays bigg boss episode highlights
Todays bigg boss episode highlights

Special note:

The task was to tell about the game strategy and not to give tips or advise. This, seems to be Aari’s weekness.

Kamal in between interfered and said he was deviating the track. Ramya laughed teasingly. But Aari as usual finished saying his opinion.

Special note:

Aari should have changed the sentence and said Ramya is showing favouritism to her friends and playing a safe game which was her game strategy.

Gabi about Bala: Portraying himself as transforming from bad to good is his game strategy. Stunning analysis! She said he supports his group. He won't nominate them and they won't nominate him for eviction.

Gabi is smart. Perfect reasoning!

Shivani to Gabi: pesavendiyata edathulae pesuvanga

Ramya about Rio: safe game. Avoiding fights

Bala about Aari: Aari would always point out others’ mistakes wherever and whenever possible and hide the real facts.

Eviction process:

Kamal saved Somu first. Then he left for the break.

Introduction of book:

He introduced Shri. Perumal Murugan’s book Koozamadari. Kamal sent off the digital viewers and entered into the BBH

Continuation of the eviction process:

Then he saved Shivani. Last left over were Ramya and Aajeedh. Ramya was in full tension. Her manufacturing defect was rectified for the time being. Only after getting saved, she was relieved.

Aajeedh broke the hundi and gave most of the coins to Bala and Ramya. Balance five coins, he gave it to Gabi and asked her to share.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Aajeedh on stage with Kamal:

As usual Kamal created positive vibes and wished him success in his singing career. Video clipping was shown to him which was good.

Aajeedh met his co-contestants through the digital TV.

The points he said about Bala, Ramya and Aari were notable. He said Bala helped him in dressing, and he asked Bala to control his tongue. He asked Ramya to talk directly and open up in front. He said Aari’s advise last week helped him to open up this week. He could have taken his advise long back, he quipped. He said bye to all and left. And Kamal also said bye and left the stage.

Bigg boss Aajeedh
Bigg boss Aajeedh

Special note on Aajeedh:

I think Aajeedh is too young to participate in BBH. He did not have enough experience or exposure to be in the cut throat environment, and was easily manipulated by many. I have mentioned this in detail, in the past.

If after 5 years, Aajeedh is again given an entry into BBH, I think he will perform well. I wish him good luck.

கோபத்தால் கோட்டை விடும் பாலாஜி... ஆழம் பார்க்கும் ஆரி... நடுங்கிய ரம்யா! பிக்பாஸ் - நாள் 91

Over to Bigg Boss House:

Shivani and Bala were talking in the bedroom. Bala said that Aari provoked him by saying that he was playing dirty game and was somberi. That's why he got wild and used the words adimuttal and Beku against him. Shivani said he could have handled the situation politely. Many times he fought with Aari but it has never gotten to this stage. This time he crossed his limits, said Shivani.

Special note:

Shivani’s advise to Bala was perfect. But she forgot what her mom told and advised her.

On the other side, Rio, Somu and Gabi were talking. Rio was feeling bad about Ramya’s comments on his game strategy. Somu and Gabi comforted him and asked him to do what he thought was right. Then the trio went inside. Aari was sweeping the floor. On seeing this, Somu and Rio both said that he could have called them. Aari said that Aajeedh has been evicted. Only Bala and Aari have to clean. Bala and Shivani both saw him cleaning alone, but went inside. He said he didn’t want to call Bala and start a fight.

Next, he had to clean the rest room, said Aari. Somu asked him to do tomorrow. But Aari said he would finish then itself.

With this today’s episode was over.

Aajeedh Eviction
Aajeedh Eviction

Key point:

Aari has to handover his captain post to Rio tomorrow. Before handing over, he should complete the cleaning work. So he did that by himself.

Generally , Kamal during his session would analyze the performance of the captainship every week. Why he didn’t analyse Aari’s captainship this week? Kadavulkudhan vellicham!

Kamal also seemed to be in a rush today and yesterday, and didn’t fill the episodes fully. Other commitments?

Tomorrow is nomination day. Let us see whose names are there. So far BB has not revealed what power he is going to give Bala for the score he got in the kozi and Nari task. That is in suspense. Let’s see!

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