BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 92 review: Gabi scored today!

Todays Bigg boss tamil episode highlights
Todays Bigg boss tamil episode highlights

Followed by the morning song open and last nominations for the week happened; The grand but highly unfair and inequitable ticket to finale tasks were conducted!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with Thalaivar Rajini’s ‘Enn Peru Padaiyappa’ song.

Day 92:

Today’s episode started with Thalaivar Rajini’s ‘Enn Peru Padaiappa’ song! Full of energy ! Ramya didn’t dance . She has not been dancing for the past two days. I think the weekend Kamal episode gave her a jolt!

After the morning song, Bala and Rio were talking about Kamal’s episode. Rio advised Bala to behave and talk properly to Kamal, as otherwise it would reflect badly outside.

Serious note:

Yes , Rio was right. Bala’s body language and the way he spoke before ‘Ulaganayakan Kamal’ was highly condemnable.

Bigg boss tamil season4 grand finale
Bigg boss tamil season4 grand finale

Uncontrollable Bala!

Then Bala went to Aari who was sitting on the sofa. Bala asked sorry for his behavior on Friday. But… but… but… He went on, and said Aari’s somberi comments triggered him. Yes, he has mentioned this several times, but again, he did. He was fully focused on triggering Aari and picking a fight. Seriously, this person is getting tiring and irritating to watch!

He then brough the kaadhal kanna kattudhu matter. Wait, I thought we finally said bye to 2020! But innum Bala sollale polrukku. Anyways, Bala took it a notch lower, and pulled Aari’s daughter in! Yes, his baby daughter! Bala asked Aari, if he would talk this way, if it was his daughter!

Hats off to Aari, for answering patiently. He said that he spoke the hard truth, but since he has a daughter, and knows the vali, he apologized to Shivani the next day.

Then, … uhm… uhm… uhm… Bala was thinking of another issue to fight about. Eureka! He then charged Aari for blaming Gabi for not doing the kitchen work well, while Anbarasi was in the house. Aari said that he didn’t say that Gabi didn’t do any work in the kitchen . Since Gabi didn’t know cooking, her love bed gang was pampering her and saving her. She was just given small work like vegetable cutting and cleaning the slab. He pointed this out, he said.

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

That time Gabi came there. Bala told Gabi that ‘Aari Una yenna sonnaru theriyuma?’

He told Gabi that few weeks back Aari charged her that she was not doing any work in the kitchen. Gabi asked Bala ‘idha yen enkita soulrae’?! Solid nose cut to Bala. Smart girl!

Then Aari said that he has seen a lot in his life and asked Bala to go away. (Aari said ‘poda’). Immediately, Bala again started shouting. Sabaah! By this time, my head was throbbing. Ivanuku thonda valikadha. He said if Aari used poda, vada he would say ‘avan, ivan’ and left. Lol! Bigg Boss Bala using Director Bala’s movie names! So comedy in this tense situation!

Bala then cribbed to Somu and said that he is yet to get answers for his questions from Aari. Somu asked him not to waste his time and do some other work.

Was Bala’s intention to ask sorry or to drag Aari to a fight. I think his key goal is to break Aari. Bala Aariya vittitu thannoda game la focus panna, he can do very well.

Unnecessarily, he fought this morning, and dragged Shivani, Gabi and baby Riya. Remember how Anitha reacted like Badrakali, when Aari just said ‘Prabha’? But Aari maintained his calm.


Bigg Boss announced that open nomination with reasons to be held in living room. BB said Rio’s name could also be included in the nomination, even he is the captain of the house. Ayyo. Vada poche!

Ramya nominated Shivani and Gabi (wow, she forgot Aari)

Bala nominated Aari and Ramya

Shivani nominated Rio and Somu (this seems so random)

Gabi nominated Ramya and Bala

Aari nominated Rio and Bala

Somu nominated Bala and Aari (Nanbaenda!)

Rio nominated Bala and Aari (Nanbaenda!)

Bigg boss Gabi
Bigg boss Gabi

Interesting points noted in the nominations:

Bala’s reasons to nominate Aari - always pointing the mistakes of others.

Aari while nominating Rio said that despite him putting 100% efforts in tasks, Rio nominated him as a boring performer. Aari said that he could not accept Rio’s explanation.

While Aari nominated Bala, he said he would be like that only - kurai solraven irundhadan nirai irukum. Like Ambi he would point out mistakes . Others do that to him, he mentioned. Aari asked Rio and Bala to correct their mistakes and he wished for their entry in the finals.

While Gabi nominated Ramya she said that Ramya does not interfere in any fight, except for when the fight is against Aari. While nominating Bala, Gabi said that he is playing blame game.

This girl is on fire! She is the one who is truly riding on the weekend’s episode and revelations!

On completion of the nomination, BB announced that this week everyone is in the nomination list. He further said that whomever qualifies in the ticket to finale task would directly go to the finals. In case, the qualified contestant gets the least votes, the next least vote contestant would get evicted.

After the nomination, again Bala asked sorry. At this point, I was starting to wonder if I was watching the show on a loop. Anyways, Aari could have said fine and left. But this is Aari. He had to give a lengttttthy advise to Bala. He said that he knew how important this cup is for him. He said he didn’t want the cup but asked Bala to up himself enough to qualify for it. Aari’s usual dialogue.

Bigg boss tamil contestants season4
Bigg boss tamil contestants season4

Its his character to give long lectures, even if a person repeatedly makes a mistake and asks sorry. We viewers are tired. Looks like Aari is not! Reminds me of the parotta Soori’s famous parotta joke in Vennila kabaddi kuzhu. We viewers need to count the number of times Bala apologizes…, erase it (when we lose track) and recount. Gosh!!

Ramya approached Gabi and asked for clarification about her nomination. Gabi explained and said that she supports her close people when they fight with Aari. Ramya said that she has no friends. Gabi said that she didn’t mean friends, but people she moves closely with. Gabi gave example of Sam, Anitha, and Bala.

Gabi is smart. She changed her game strategy after Kamal session. Even now she is friendly with Rio and Somu. But she is projecting that she is not against Aari. Nothing wrong in it. After all This is a game show. Gabi is mature at this age of 21 years, compared to few other contestants. She is good at analyzing things.

Rio and Gabi were sitting at the dining table. Gabi was eating and Rio was cribbing about Aari’s comments when he nominated Rio. Rio said he was so attached to Aari’s daughter and played with her. How could Aari drag his own daughter’s name and try to spoil his image before people, Rio vented. Gabi didn’t respond. She was busy eating. Soru mukhyyum Bigilu!

Rio said ‘bayamuruthrar’ . He also blamed that Aari does not mingle with others and was always sitting alone. Is Rio dumb, or too smart? Does not know or understand that no one is mingling with Aari, and its not the other way round?

And, I don’t think Aari damaged Rio’s name. Aari just pointed out his dedication in the game even when his daughter visited the house, and how Rio still tagged him as the worst performer.

கீரிக்கும் பாம்புக்கும் சண்டை... ஆரிக்கும் பாலாஜிக்கும் சமாதானம்?! பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 92

Latest bigg boss tamil season 4 review
Latest bigg boss tamil season 4 review

Ticket to finale task:

Equity’ (nyayam) na kilo enna velainu kekum Bigg Boss!

Today, two tasks were held.

One was the balloon task and the other was the wooden frame task.

As usual, similar to the wrapping the rope task where new mom Nisha fainted, and hitting the colored cubes task where Ramya could hardly reach the rope that was tied high up, this task was also grossly discriminating against short, petite people. The biggest affected party was Gabi. It was as if the task result was pre-determined before it started. Kudos to you, BB!

Balloon task:

Contestants should hold the balloon filled with water and hold it straight. They should not bend their hands, legs, etc. Down below a nail box was kept. If the ballon touched the nail it would burst. Bala won the task. Rio came second.

When Rio was putting the points, Aari said that he should get the third place. Rio asked the ladies. Shivani clearly said that Somu moved his hands many times before Aari. But, Aari burst his ballon first. She clearly said it’s left to them to decide the basis of ranks. Finally, Somu gave up and asked Aari to take third position. But Rio didn’t like this. He wanted his Nanbaen Somu to get third position. So he put score accordingly. But Somu changed the points in the score board. Aari got upset with Rio favoring Somu. So Aari changed the points in the score board and changed the position. Then Somu told Rio that only Aari should be in third place and changed the points. The musical chair went on for awhile.

Today Bigg boss episode promo
Today Bigg boss episode promo

Then wooden frame and the plank task:

In this task also, Gabi had issues because of her height. She is short and could not balance the wooden plank well. Ramya won the task.

Today, two tasks were completed. Overall, Rio is in first place, Ramya is in second place, Aari & Bala are in third place, Somu is in fourth place, Shivani is in fifth place and Gabi is in sixth place.

Few more tasks are there. Let’s see who wins the ticket to finale.

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