BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 94 Review: Biggest loser today is Bigg Boss!

Bigg boss todays promo
Bigg boss todays promo

The ticket to finale tasks continued today, and saw some shifts in rankings. Some people’s mugathirai tore, while some people’s already torn mugathirais completely came off!

Today’s episode’s biggest loser was none other than Bigg Boss! The tasks setup and inter-linkage were so intellectually inferior that even a child starting elementary school can point out the logical loopholes. Kadavul irukara kumaru!!

Day 94:

Today's Bigg boss episode started with the morning song ‘Arambamae adiruthada’! After 4 or 5 days, Ramya danced! The reason is that, she was leading in the ticket to finale task!

Rio & Somu gossiping:

After the morning song, Rio and Somu were talking. Illa Illa. Rio and Somu were cribbing and gossiping and bitching. Somu said that up to the patty sollai thathadae task, Bala was playing an unfair game. He used to fight for everything. Afterwards he was fine. But after the family visits, he changed as his bro had asked him to be his old self. Now, after Kamal’s recent talk, he has toned down. Rio said that even now, he was not playing a fair game. Somu denied it and said that Bala was playing a fair game, while a few other HMs were not playing fair game. He said he didn’t want to mention their names. But ofcourse, we all know who he was referring to. The HM whose name starts with an A and end with an I, and has 4 letters in total!

Task five:

Wheel and ball task - HMs should keep rotating a ball inside a wheel, while also following the instructions of Bigg Boss. Rio won this task and Bala came second.


1. Rio

2. Bala

3. Somu

4. Gabi

5. Ramya

6. Aari

7. Shivani

It was a tough game, but Rio and Bala played well! Clap! Clap!

Latest Bigg boss tamil highlights
Latest Bigg boss tamil highlights

Task Six:

Kettadhuna thatti ketpen – As per the task, the HMs should point out the mistakes of the other HMs. All the 7 HMs pointed their finger at the other 6 HMs, and tried to bring out their mistakes.

Now, the twist. On completion of the task, instead of BB or a neutral judge rating and providing the rank, BB asked the HMs to rank themselves from the most nallavar to most kettavar!

Key note:

OMG! After asking them to point mistakes at each other, he let them score themselves. The plan is either so vile, and was made in strong hopes of a nasty fight, or is so stupid that BB thought about it mid-way during his sleep. It is either morally corrupt, or a huge logical flaw. Disgusting. BB could have asked to select among themselves, the nallavars and kettavars. Why all the drama in the name of task? Avlo content panjama? Very very disappointing. Never expected this cheap task, that too in ticket to finale task! The quality of BB has drastically fallen from Season 1.

Anyways, No prizes in guessing who scored the most kettavar rank. Bala got Rank 6 (next most kettavar).


7. Aari

6. Bala

5. Rio

4. Ramya

3. Gabi

2. Shivani

1. Somu

With this, today's episode was nalla velaiya over.

Key point:

Since BB messed up the nallavar kettavar task, I thought I will rank the HMs based on their explanations for others’ mistakes. I am sure you all have your own ranks. And I am also sure each of our ranking logic will be better than BB’s!

Here you go. My rank:

7. Ramya

6. Somu

5. Rio

4. Shivani

3. Bala

2. Gabi

1. Aari

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Irritating note:

Ramya, while pointing out the mistakes of Aari said that he was always talking about others mistakes and registering it in the camera. He was influencing 4 crore people, Madam said. Ramya, do you think we people are fools?

Interesting note:

Aari was placed in the least position as a kettavar.

’Intha veetla irukira makkal en pakkam illama irukalam

Veliya irukira makkal enpakkam irupangangra

Nambikaila iruken’ Aari said. Slipper shot to the HMs.

Bala was upset with his 6th rank as well, and said that he was being true to himself, and if this is what he got, he will accept it. Aari clapped and hugged Bala!! He said, kettavannu peredutha nalavanda nann, nee kettavan, nann kettavannuku kettavan! Finally Aari is openly acknowledging and talking about makkal support for him. So far he was just being hunble. Now, looks like all gloves are off!

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Final points in ticket to the finale:

Rio: 29

Ramya: 27

Shivani: 25

Bala: 25

Somu: 25

Aari: 20

Gabi: 16

As of today Rio is leading, followed by Ramya. Chances are the most for Rio. But anything can change in the last minute. Lets see what sathi leelai BB will do tomorrow!

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