BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 95 Review: Aari attacked by 6 Housemates and Bigg Boss!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 review
Bigg boss tamil season 4 review

Bala’s special power was pending for awhile.

Today's Bigg boss episode saw the 7th and 8th tasks for the Ticket to Finale. The winner is almost certain. We also saw the 6 HMs heaving their hatred and poison on Aari, with the stage for this being set by BB. The will power that Aari has, to withstand this, is out of the world extraordinary! BB finally gave Bala his Super power. Hahahaha! I can’t stop laughing!

Day 95 Highlights:

After the morning song, 7th Ticket to finale task was held

Bigg boss tamil contestants
Bigg boss tamil contestants

Ball task:

Per the task, many medium sized balls were kept in a ring on the floor. A few yards away, was another empty ring. The HMs have to roll towards the ring with the balls, pick a ball, and roll back to the empty ring and keep the ball in the ring. They have to thus, transfer all balls from one ring to another, rolling on the floor. Then, they had to again reverse this process, and transfer the balls back to the original ring. Physically tough task.

Gabi did extraordinarily well.

Bigg boss tamil Gabi
Bigg boss tamil Gabi

Bigg Boss announced Bala’s special power which has been pending for awhile. He let Bala choose his own opponent from Somu, Gabi, and Aari. As expected, he chose Gabi, as (per Bala’s logic yesterday), women are weaker. But But But, Gabi beat him hands down!! Go Gabi!!!!

The final round came between Gabi and Somu as they both secured the same points. It ended in a tie. A rematch was held. By then, Gabi was tired, and ended up runner up.

After the task the current ‘Ticket to Final’ leads are Rio and Somu, with 32 points. Bala is in the 2nd place with 30 points.

Interesting note:

Bala’s special power was pending for awhile. During kozi and nari task Bala got more points, and BB announced a special power for him. Finally BB announced that power.

Mokka power. Iduku kudukamaye irundirkalam.

Hersheys good moments:

All HMs were sitting around the dinning table. BB asked them to share their one good moment, while having Hersheys. All the HMs shared their good moments. Whatever they shared, were shown in the digital TV and everyone enjoyed it. The video clipping was very nice.

Bigg boss tamil todays episode promo
Bigg boss tamil todays episode promo

I would like to share a sweet memory here today, of my own! Vera edhuvum perusa content illiye inniki! lol. I am presently in North America. Yesterday, I was dropping my grandson to his pre-school in Uber. Our driver was a Bangladeshi. He saw us and asked which part of India we are from. I said Chennai. Immediately, he became very happy and said that though he does not understand Tamil, Kamal and Rajini are his favorite Indian stars, and started playing a Rajini song on his stereo! That’s the reach of our stars here, even among people that don’t speak our language! I felt like a proud Tamilian!

Bigg boss tamil grand finale
Bigg boss tamil grand finale

8th task for ticket to finale:

Many phrases were written on different cards. Each HM had to pick all the cards and match the phrase with another HM. The cards were a mix of positive and negative things. Aari and Bala got most of the negative cards. Positive cards were mostly given to the other HMs.

Key point:

Initially, this task started on a happy note, but soon descended into gloom. Especially, Aari and Bala got very hurt because of the other HMs attributing the negative comments to them, sara mariya. Bala at least, got 1 positive card. Aari got all negative cards. BB said the task would continue tomorrow as well. It's not known how BB is going to validate this task and give points. Maybe he will do something similar to yesterday’s messy nallavar kettavar task?

Aari said that whatever the HMs say, he will continue to be himself. He said he will point out their mistakes openly, whether they like it or not. He said they will realize only when they go out and see these episodes. He further said that people know him and understand him, and support him, or else ready to go out. Good! The last 2 days, Aari is openly mentioning people’s support and taking solace in it. It is very understandable. He has lived with these hate filled HMs for 95 days now. The only thing that is giving him comfort is having met his family last week, and knowing from all families that people like him. He is strong, but also human.

Bala was hurt that he got so many negative cards, and said that he will remain himself too, whether inside or outside the House. Only thing, he said he would ensure others are not hurt by his style.

BB show is mostly being carried by Bala and Aari. I think this is how it will be for the remaining days. The rest are all like side actors.

Latest bigg boss tamil episode promo
Latest bigg boss tamil episode promo

Sad note:

BB could have arranged for some other physical task for Task 8. I know it is raining, but there are so many indoor tasks. With just 7 more days remaining, what is the need to hurt the contestants like this? By the time the task was over, everyone was upset. Is BB trying to break them mentally?

ஆரியின் துல்லிய கணிப்பு; ஷிவானியின் ஷார்ப் அப்சர்வேஷன்... ஆனா டாஸ்க் ஏன் இப்படி? பிக்பாஸ் – நாள் 95

Anyways only one contestant out of seven is eligible for the ticket, and that too, is just the entry to the finals. The final winner is at the hands of the public (we hope!)

அடுத்த கட்டுரைக்கு