BIGG BOSS TAMIL Season 4, Day 96 Review: Singappengal!

Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights
Bigg boss tamil season 4 highlights

Today's episode saw the continuation of the ticket to finale task. Task 8 and Task 9 were conducted. Task 9 will continue into tomorrow. Unless, Shivani or Ramya are given a huggggggge bonus point for Task 9 , Somu will be the winner of the ticket.

செய்திகளை உடனுக்குடன் தெரிந்துகொள்ள... இங்கே க்ளிக் செய்து இன்றே விகடன் ஆப் இன்ஸ்டால் செய்யுங்கள்!

Today’s Bigg boss episode started with the morning song followed by the continuation of the task 8.

Task 8 continued:

Few more phrases with positive and negative connotations were given. Most of the negative cards were as usual given to Shivani and Somu!

Just kidding… after the boring episode, I also need to have my share of fun. lol. Most of the negative cards were given to Bala and Aari. One negative card went to Ramya. But that was no other go – after last week’s caller specifically said Ramya talks behind people’s back, they could not have given it to anyone else. Rio was upset that he got one negative card. Aari comforted and motivated him.

Bigg boss contestants
Bigg boss contestants

Scores as of today –

Somu: 39

Rio: 37

Balaji: 32

Shivani: 32

Ramya: 31

Gabi: 28

Aari: 25

Number game:

Aari, Bala and Ramya were talking in the corridor. Bala was upset that he got so many negative cards and couldn’t win the ticket to finale task. Aari comforted him and said that the number game inside the BBH was now over, and people’s game has started. Slipper shot!

On hearing this comment, Somu felt hurt, and was cribbing with Rio. Rio indirectly said that Bala played the number game.

Yesterday, I said that except Aari and Bala, others are side actors. I would like to now add that Rio and Somu have taken up the comedy role!

Key point:

Bala and Aari are always fighting with each other, but when Bala is hurt and has a concern, he shared it with Aari. Aari comforted him as well!

Tasks 8 and 9 were obviously a number game. The love bed team was in one group. Ramya, Shivani, Bala were in the other. Aari was one man army. He came last!

Dabur tooth paste marketing task:

The HMs were divided into two groups. Rio, Gabi and Shivani were in one group, Aari, Somu and Ramya were in another. Bala was the judge. A large dummy tooth model was given to each group. Yellow color liquid was poured on the teeth. The HMs had to clean the model tooth using Dabur tooth paste. Since tissue paper was not available at one time, Aari removed his T-Shirt and cleaned the tooth. Bala declared Rio’s group as the winner, as they took care of the dirty tooth well. Special mention was given to Aari for his efforts.

Dabur gave gifts to the winners.

Todays promo Bigg boss
Todays promo Bigg boss

Task 9: Rope task:

As per the task, 7 ropes were hanging from a common pillar. Each HM had to hold the rope’s free end and stand without moving their legs or hands. It was tough!!

Bala took his hand within a minute, followed by Rio and Gabi. When Aari and others claimed that Bala removed his hand, he said that it was by mistake. Rio and Gabi also followed suit and informed BB that by mistake they took their hand. They said that they would continue the task till they hear from BB. BB was silent. They continued the task. In the meantime, Bala claimed that Aari moved his foot. Aari said that everyone was doing that. Aari further blamed Bala that though he removed his hand, he was continuing, and questioned him for his sportsmanship. Immediately Bala left his rope. Shivani asked Bala not to get provoked. Hahaha. Others also asked him not to get provoked. Rio and Gabi were also doing the same ‘unsportsmanly’ thing that Bala did.

Ironically, while arguing with Bala, Aari removed his hands and he himself left the game. Other HMs didn’t notice it. They thought he quit because Bala was arguing. Aari told them he removed his hand. Then Rio also left. Gabi didn’t leave, but was waiting for BB’s reply, and continuing her task.

Somu’s shoes came out of the border. Ramya pointed it out. Aari also acknowledged it. But Somu said his shoes were bigger in size. Hahaha.

Again ironically, while talking to Aari, Somu removed his hand. After Somu, Gabi finally felt guilty and left the game.

Bigg boss tamil season 4  grand finale
Bigg boss tamil season 4 grand finale


Ramya and Shivani were still playing. They both were holding the rope very strong. In the meantime, BB played ‘Singapennae’ song. Very inspiring! Other contestants danced and encouraged Ramya and Shivani. Gabi, Rio kept hugging Ramya and Shivani to show encouragement!

I really didn’t understand why they had to disturb like that mid-way. Rio’s wife is gonna give him more kuththu once he goes home!!

While the task was going on, Bala fought with Aari for questioning him about his sportsmanship. But later he himself hugged Aari and suggested they forget everything. Bala might have remembered that it is Kamal’s episode tomorrow!

Later, Bala cribbed about the comment to Rio. But Rio threw a bomb at him. He said that Bala lifted his leg as well, and that he already said that to BB. Bala moojiyil asadu valingudhu.

Bigg boss tamil Ramya pandian Shivani
Bigg boss tamil Ramya pandian Shivani

Key point:

First, Bala left the rope, second Rio, third Gabi and fourth Aari. Rio, Gabi continued playing until Aari conscientiously left the game after removing his hand, which slowly made the others feel guilty. Ideally, the right ranking in this task should be : Bala (No. 7), Rio (No. 6), Gabi (No. 5), Aari (No. 4), Somu (No. 3). But, since a few HMs played the game as if it was a children’s oppu chappa game, the ranking they gave each other was Bala (No. 7), Aari (No. 6), Rio (No. 5), Gabi (No. 4), Somu (No. 3).

Overall, Somu is leading as of now.

Bigg boss tamil review
Bigg boss tamil review

But, BB can also choose to give them bonus points for their (Ramya and Shivani) exceptional performance. If this happens, one of them might get the ticket. I personally feel they deserve bonus points. Lets wait and see what happens!

Tomorrow is Kamal’s session. May be Kamal would announce the winner of the ticket to finale.

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